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Kik Review 2021

Kik Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 4%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-35
Profiles 55.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Every person can register and create their account free of cost
  • Chatting through various platforms
  • An enormous community of people
  • Unblock unwanted contacts easily
  • Navigate the webpages while sending a text message on Kik
  • Registered participants can make video calls
  • Join group chats if you are not interacting with another person
  • Kik’s system cannot control members’ activities
  • It was created for people aged 13+ years
  • Majorly used by several individuals for child exploitation purposes, which becomes a problematic issue

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Kik is an instant messaging freeware founded in 2009 by an enthusiastic group of students from the University of Waterloo, Canada. As per this Kik review, this service has won the hearts of more than 300 million members. It has enjoyed widespread growth because of its awe-inspiring features that make chatting more enjoyable. This Kik review discovered that the main aim of launching this app was to break down the barriers because, at that time, chat between Blackberry, Android, and iPhone users was not possible. Thus, they focused on creating the service, i.e., Kik, which will allow people to communicate with whoever they want at any time. Overall, this instant messaging application is a perfect way to connect with different individuals while staying in the loop. Get to know each other better through one-on-one discussion or in the group chat.

What Is Kik?

Kik is quite famous among youngsters who communicate by sending messages free of cost and only using mobile data. This application is not distinctive; still, it targets the specific population. Kik mostly attracts teenagers because of its importance being given to privacy and anonymity. It is a cross-platform, primarily used for interacting with friends in group or private chats, not like mostly hookup sites.

This app has a unique code that facilitates its members to access the same through the settings to send an invitation to other people. If a member wants to add any individual by using a Kik code, that particular person has to click on the search icon and click on “Scan a code” to find a friend. Keep in mind that you, as well as your friend, are to allow access to your camera before scanning a code.

What Is Kik

Is Kik Legit or Scam?

Yes, Kik is legit. After analyzing and researching this site, the review has revealed that most of its members register to make friends. The information provided by people is checked duly to avoid scammers.


According to this Kik review, it is a chatting hub for teenagers and young adults. It is designed for those eagerly looking to meet new acquaintances and communicate with people worldwide. This is an ideal place for friendship and not the best option for romantic connections or dates. More than 40 % of teenagers residing in the United States have been using Kik to communicate and interact through chatting and sharing pics, videos, gifs, playing games, and many more activities.


Sexual Orientation

A person belonging to any community, caste, and creed can join Kik as it is specifically designed to make friends and interact with them globally.

Age Distribution

In the terms and conditions, Kik specifies that one must be at least 13 years of age to register. This site has come up with strict regulations for teens and young adults aiming to protect them and ensure they have a mind-blowing experience.

Sign-Up Process and Login Info

The signup process at Kik is a quick and simple task. It only requires a few minutes to register and create an account. To start, a particular person has to visit the sign-in page, fill in the details, indicating who they are and whom they want to meet. Then, that individual has to share their email address and choose a password. At this stage, Kik suggests picking their usernames after sharing all the necessary details. The user must provide their geographical location details and date of birth. Not it’s allowed to join the Kik community!

Sign-Up Process and Login Info

Profile Creation

First of all, start from the login page and sign in. Kik aims to make friends, so the customer has to share their details, such as who they are and what type of friends they are looking for. It is recommended to be honest and descriptive while answering all the questions. Thus, Kik will be able to suggest the kind of people you want to meet. So, every person must devote extra time to ensure that their page is quite attractive and click-worthy. It will surely pay them off in the long run. The complete profile shows that the owner is serious about making new friends. Upload a profile picture, which is a bait for other users. A nice photo will attract many visitors, boosting your chances of bumping into someone special.


Kik allows different people to chat in a group with other registered users. This Kik review has concluded that this is an ideal way of making new friends and sharing experiences. You can also communicate with someone privately if you don’t want to be public. A registered user can start a group chat by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. After that, tap ‘Start a Group’, allowing others to join.

Groups have been further divided into two levels: private and public. Kik doesn’t allow one to search for a private community. People can join it by scanning the quick response code. Public discussions are searchable, though, even by hashtags. Kik’s most advanced features offer voice and video chat options, thus enabling interaction on a deeper level.



This Kik app is compatible with Android, iOS, and desktop computers. Text, voice, and video messages facilitate conversations, letting people discover more about each other. If you try to open Kik in the mobile browser, you can avail of the desktop version’s features while using the smartphone.


To use Kik on the desktop computer, just install an Android emulator like BlueStacks. Then, open the application, type Kik in the search bar, and install it. Once the process gets completed, open the app and fill out the required details to start using this service.


Kik offers all the functionality suitable to use on Android, iOS, and Windows phones. As per the Kik review, to use the application, you must create an account or sign in to the existing one typing your credentials. Once signed up, you would be able to open your list of contacts on the phone and check who uses Kik. This app is user-friendly as it allows members to navigate through the pages effortlessly. You will unlikely face any difficulties or confusion while browsing it.


Design and Usability

Kik’s design is very attractive as the emojis and stickers scattered across the page attract people’s attention, encouraging them to chat. This Kik review ensures that the service boasts inspirational interface and visuals.

Kik has added a menu for its customers, which is easily accessible with a swipe from the left side of the screen. Thus, users can quickly jump between pages and text chats. Kik has an integrated web browser that allows users to navigate to another site while using the app.

Kik Costs and Prices

Kik is free of cost, and any person can download it without paying extra, as well as install it on their mobile or desktop device. But, it will use mobile data or the Wi-Fi network. The only thing you will have to pay for is the Internet connection.

Kik Costs and Prices

Kik provides its services to registered members worldwide. Thus, they can download, install, and use the messenger application on their mobile device or computer. As for the paid access, it facilitates the use of the services provided, which they purchased within the Kik messenger application, i.e., some in-app products. Everyone must cover mobile data charges whenever they use Kik or update it to the latest version.

How to Pay

If any individual wishes to avail of the benefits of Kik’s paid membership, they can go ahead and make the payment with their credit card.

Payment Systems

Kik does not charge any membership fees from any person who has created an account. Only mobile data is required to send messages. Thus, you can pay for it whenever you make use of third party services. There are two types of membership offered by Kik: free and premium. The latter involves a payment because it is related to third party’s services, such as a premium bot. The prices vary from $5 to $15, depending on the group’s number.

Safety and Security

Regarding Kik’s safety and security, a user has to follow the guidelines mentioned below to keep their accounts properly safe and secure from scammers:

  • Do not reveal sensitive or personal information to strangers on the Kik site. It might result in a data leak.
  • Be careful with what you post on Kik because the forum threads have not been monitored.
  • According to the Kik review, any person found soliciting money from others or engaging in malicious activities will be banned permanently.
  • People can report any incident to the help center, especially if someone is harassing them.
  • Users should not post, send, or store any other member’s content if it breaches Kik’s policy, is harmful to minors, or promotes illegal activities.

Safety and Security


There are no scammers mentioned on Kik because people working on back-hand have full control over the platform.

Special Features

Special features of Kik are discussed below:

  • This site is available only in English, but a member can avail of the bot translator to translate a text into 90 languages. For that, start a chat, type @translator_bot in the conversation box to activate the translator. Then, the message will automatically get translated into the language of your choice.
  • Kik has a unique code that almost looks like QR, i.e., Quick Response Code that can be accessed through the settings, enabling people to find or invite others.
  • Another feature is a bot shop, specifically created for teens. They can participate in quizzes, learn fun facts, read the news, fashion tips, meet new friends, and play lots of games.
  • One can chat in a group, accessing up to 49 other dating sites.
  • This Kik review has figured out that this app has an advanced browser so that people can open another site while still using Kik.
  • Web history shows a list of all the websites that a particular member has visited while being online in the messenger.
  • Kik collaborates with the crisis text line so that teens can contact experienced counselors to discuss their problems while remaining anonymous.
  • Finally, Kik has come up with video calling. There is a one-on-one video chat-calling function (private and group video chat).
Special features of Kik


Kik is a perfect site for teenagers and young adults to make friends from all across the world, communicate with each other by sending text messages, meet through video calls, and interact via voice calls. It has been concluded that Kik is growing widely, therefore enabling people to connect with a representative of any country.

Kik is a perfect ground for those who want to communicate anonymously. It is a thrilling experience for visitors curious to meet new acquaintances and share experiences. Overall, this is a nice instant messaging app, similar to WhatsApp. Kik enables its members to send unlimited messages to anyone without worrying about the extensive bill every month as it is free of cost.

The major advantage of this service is that it allows youngsters to connect and interact with the help of unique and eye-catching features. Launched by the Canadian company, Kik is loved by all those using it. The distinctive feature is the Bot that can order food or products for you. It is a fabulous application specifically designed for crazy teenagers to socialize and never feel lonely.

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