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LDSPlanet Review 2021

LDSPlanet Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 6%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 600,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There is an advanced matching mechanism.
  • Every profile includes a personal questionnaire.
  • The prices are not high.
  • The user interface is easy to navigate.
  • The user database is active.
  • There is no mobile application for now.
  • The site does not have a direct email for customer support.

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What Kind of Services Does LDSPlanet Offer?

LDSPlanet is a trustable and quite popular online dating platform, which caters to single men and women who belong to the Church of the Latter-Day Saints. This service helps religious people find perfect partners for serious relationships. By reading this LDSPlanet Review, you will discover that it is the right place to look for special people who share the same religious beliefs. Let’s be clear, it is the biggest dating website for Mormons. You should read this LDSPlanet Review to discover all the available features and prices for such services. LDS Planet is a magical place where plenty of happy couples find each other and build strong relationships. Your story can start here too if you register and start your search for a perfect match.

Should You Worry About the Legitimate Aspect of LDSPlanet?

You should not have doubts on the legitimate side of the LDSPlanet website. This platform caters to single LDS Church devotees. All people you meet here share the same lifestyle and values. All the members understand each other easily because they have a common point. LDSPlanet offers plenty of handy features, which give excellent results. One of the best features is called “Flirts,” which allows you to virtually track what members flirt with you. Another remarkable feature called “Favorites,” which will enable you to see what potential matches added you to their favorites list. All single Mormons should try this website to find a prospective life-long partner. It is much easier to follow the tradition with a like-minded partner who is ready to support you in stressful situations. It is time to find your compatible partner.

LDSPlanet What Kind of Services Does LDSPlanet Offer?

What Members Are Waiting for You on the Site?

  • There are 500,000 registered members from the USA.
  • The gender distribution is 60 % of female users and 40 % of males.
  • Every member gets his or her profile.
  • You can find matches with similar religious values.
  • It is a safe place to meet Mormons who want to build serious relationships.
  • You can get spiritual advice here.

The LDSPlanet website serves the needs of Mormons. You will meet men and women who belong to different age categories. You can join the site if you are 18 years old minimum. There are a lot of young people who look for spiritual advice and mature people in their 50’s. They want to build a family but are too busy with their career. Modern people lack the free time to go outside and look for partners. That is why many choose online dating platforms to find new contacts and start friendships or relationships with like-minded people. If you are too busy with your career or church activities and do not have enough time to meet the wrong people, try LDSPlanet, which can solve a lot of time management issues. A lot of prospective dates are waiting for you to register and start interacting within the community.

Sexual Orientation: Can Non-Traditional People Join the Site?

LDSPlanet focuses on the spiritual side of relationships. The sexual orientation of most of the members is straight. However, there are no restrictions on other sexual preferences.

Age Distribution: What Is the Most Active Age Category?

You can join the LDSPlanet website if you are 18 or above. All dating sites are closed for minors, and this one is not the exception. There are all age categories here, but the most active one is 35-44 for both female and male users.

LDSPlanet What Members Are Waiting for You on the Site?

One of the Simplest Sign-Up Processes Ever Saw

  • Every user has the option to choose their preferred gender for dating.
  • You have to mention your country and zip code to the site.
  • Every new member has to give the necessary details to join the community.

The signing-up process on the LDSPlanet site is not complicated at all. Every single LDS Church, men, and women have to give a valid email address, a unique username, and a safe password. The site never bothers you, asking to give nonessential details. It is optional to reveal details about your personality. The site has a few questions to know the level of devotion to the LDS Church and Mormon lifestyle. Filling out such a questionnaire is optional. You should tell other members how you feel to be a Mormon, how you like to participate in the regular church activities, and other standard details. Your answers will help other single Mormons to know you a bit better before starting messaging you.

LDSPlanet One of the Simplest Sign-Up Processes Ever Saw

It Is Time to Create Your First Dating Profile

  • Every new member gets a profile for his/her personal information.
  • You can add your brief bio in a particular text placeholder.
  • There are several optional questions about your faith and religious beliefs.
  • The majority of the users’ profiles are complete and pretty detailed.
  • You can update your profile when you want.
  • You should add photos carefully because they are visible to all members.

It is straightforward to complete the profile section on the LDSPlanet website. There are a few questions to answer effortlessly. This platform asks all new members to provide his/her primary details. If you skip this particular step, it will be impossible to proceed with the registration process. You should not feel shy to give some comments and explanations when you give answers to personality questions. You can see a specialized field in your profile, where you should mention the essential details about your religion and devotion to the Church. You do not do it for a higher rate in the search results. Completing your dating profile, you demonstrate your serious intentions to find a like-minded partner on this platform. Other singles will have a positive impression of you. Make sure that you respect other members and provide authentic and valid profile information.

How to Use the Messaging Feature?

  • Registered members can receive/send private letters.
  • You can use advanced search tools with filters.
  • There is a live chat room on the site.

LDSPlanet’s website has an efficient messaging feature to search and interact with people. You can find a like-minded person by entering his or her specific username. The site allows you to check what members are online at the moment to have a live chat session. If you have found a nice person, you can start a conversation by sending a private message. It is essential to mention that this option is available to those users who have a premium subscription plan. However, it does not mean that standard users can’t access messaging features. They just have some limitations. They have the right to view profiles and all people they like to their favorites. It is important to keep your contacts well-organized. Do not lose your chance to interact and possibly meet in person with other Mormons. Premium users can check whether a message has been read already. You have to use the “Message Read Confirmation” section.

LDSPlanet It Is Time to Create Your First Dating Profile

How to Use the Dating Platform Efficiently?

You can observe many positive things after getting the first dating experience on the LDSPlanet platform. It is a rare niche-based dating platform, which works properly without any technical or safety issues. The LDSPlanet community focuses on a specific religious group of people known as the Mormons. By using this dating platform, you will meet many people who belong to the LDS Church. This religion has a more personal type of evangelism. Mormons love to visit church-related meets and participate in the church activities. Most modern Mormons have to combine work and church activities, which make their daily routine very busy and time-consuming. It is challenging to find enough free time to go on dates. LDSPlanet allows you to meet like-minded people without even leaving the comfort zone of your home. Using such dating services is pleasant. Even after spending quite a lot of time using this online platform, you will not feel overwhelmed. The site has an honorable mission to help singles find love and share their devotion.

Desktop Version: Explore Smooth Functionality

All registered users can access LDSPlanet services only on their desktop computers. This version works perfectly. There are no complaints in terms of functionality, loading speed, or bugs. You will have a top-quality dating experience.

Is There a Mobile Application Available?

By writing this LDSPlanet review, the team could not find any official version of the mobile application. Let’s hope that the current situation will change soon, and the developer will present an excellent app for people on the go.

LDSPlanet How to Use the Dating Platform Efficiently

Well-Organized Web Design and Efficient Usability

The web design of LDSPlanet looks pretty and well-organized. The developer decided to create an uncomplicated site for non-tech-savvy users. You will have no problems navigating. Even new members get familiarized with all the features easily. The site has a specific target audience, and the theme is quite appropriate for this niche-based baptist dating platform. All devotees of the LDS church feel like home on this platform. The web designer chose perfectly matching color combinations and fonts that are easy to read without making your eyes tired fast. The good thing is that LDSPlanet does not have any annoying advertisements. You can see it yourself that the user interface is 100% user-friendly. The straightforward approach makes the LDS Planet site much appreciated and widely used by Mormons. It encourages single men and women to join the community and enjoy its simplicity, yet high functionality.

Learn the Basics How to Navigate the Site

This section of the LDSPlanet review speaks about navigating the platform. If you want to check your profile status, you have to go to the “Settings” menu, press “My Account”> “Account Status,” and finally press the link called “View Account Status”.

The website allows you to modify your LDSPlanet username only one time. To modify your registered location, you have to go to the “Settings”> “My Profile”> “Edit.” You can see the menu where you can choose the needed country. You have to enter your zip code and press the “Save” command. It happens that some images get rejected by the site. Make sure that you add images, which are not bigger than five MB. Also, the moderator checks the content, and if you add something inappropriate, it gets removed immediately. Anyways, you should read the official guideline before you start uploading your photo content. It is essential to add photos where other members can see your face. Your images must belong to you and not violate the copyright issues.

LDSPlanet Well-Organized Web Design and Efficient Usability

LDSPlanet Costs and Prices: Affordable Membership

LDSPlanet Review: Premium Subscription Plan:

  • The one-month plan costs you $16.99
  • The three-month plan costs $36.97 or $12.32 per month
  • The six-month plan costs $53.94 or $8.99 per month

The pricing policy of LDSPlanet is 100% cheap compared to similar niche-based websites. So, you’ve got your lucky ticket. Knowing that the prices are affordable, you should not hesitate to upgrade your membership.

What Is the Difference Between Paid and Free Access?

LDSPlanet review will not be complete if you do not compare free and paid services.

Free Services:

  1. You can like and write comments on users’ photos
  2. There is a primary search tool to look for potential dates
  3. All standard users can upload pictures to their profiles

Paid Services:

  1. You can access a search tool with advanced filters
  2. The messaging feature has no limitations
  3. You can enjoy talking to single Mormons via Live Chat
  4. You get access to the feature “Flirts.”

LDSPlanet Costs and Prices: Affordable Membership

How Can Registered Members Pay for Premium Services?

A lot of registered members do not trust online services. They are afraid to disclose their credit card details not to lose all their money. LDSPlanet is safe and never gives you problems like that. However, you can always pay for your premium subscription plan via PayPal. The site accepts this payment option. Alternatively, you can pay for your membership using any money order or check.

The LDSPlanet allows all its clients to view their payment history anytime. All detailed information is available on your account. You have to go to the “Settings”> “My Account”> “Account Status”> “View Account Status”> “More Account Status Changes”.

How Can You Choose Your Payment System?

There are several payment options to purchase a premium subscription plan on LDSPlanet: credit/debit card, PayPal, check, or any money order. Choose the one that suits you the most.

Safety and Security: Is There Something to Worry?

LDSPlanet is a 100% safe dating community. You will meet single men and women who have important life values. The site has a well-trained team that verifies all new profiles and detects any kind of abusive or suspicious activity.

Is There a Risk to Get Scammer Attacks?

While writing this LDSPlanet review, much feedback was checked. As a result, not so many complain about scammer’s issues were discovered. However, if you have a situation like this when one of the members behaves suspiciously, you can always block this person, and he/she will never contact you anymore on the LDSPlanet platform.

LDSPlanet Is There a Risk to Get Scammer Attacks

What Special Features Does the Site Provide?

This part of the LDSPlanet review is about its exclusive features. They make this dating platform unique and efficient for single men and women who follow the Mormon religion. Use them if you want to meet your potential partner and create a beautiful union.

  • Flirt: the site allows you to flirt with people you like. Also, you can check who sent you the flirts.
  • Live chat: It is a powerful tool you should use to interact with singles online. Chatting is fun and saves you from impatient waiting to receive a private message back.
  • Yeses to me: you can use this unique feature to know who would like to meet you for a real date.

LDSPlanet What Special Features Does the Site Provide

Conclusion About the Biggest Mormon Dating Community

LDSPlanet will satisfy the needs of single men and women who belong to a religious organization. It can be challenging to find a love partner with the same religious beliefs. The site makes it possible to find your soulmate among the Mormon community. You can easily access numerous efficient features. However, you will achieve better results if you are a premium member. One of the most significant advantages of a paid membership is unlimited access to messaging and chatting features. If you are a basic user, you can still connect with singles by liking/commenting images. This way of communicating is quite efficient. You should try LDSPlanet if you want to quit with your solo lifestyle.

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