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Livejasmin Review 2021

Livejasmin Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 4%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 86%
Popular age 20-24
Profiles 1.200.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Intuitive interface. In a small combination of clicks, you can get to any section of the website quickly. No need to waste time figuring out intricate design choices, for Livejasmin is straight to the point.
  • Models have excellent working conditions. They will always be happy to work, as their hard labor is paid fairly, with no harsh contracts signed between them and the website. Comfortable models are hard-working models who sincerely enjoy what they do, which is valued by the audience. By using Livejasmin, you will support the fair treatment of sex workers.
  • A variety of payment options to all tastes and requests.
  • Fast servers that support lag-free streaming around the globe.
  • Credit prices. Livejasmin is an excellent place for models to work for, and the quality that is asked from them is proportionally high as well. So, the prices can be intimidating for some folks that are low at the moment. [Luckily, there are some free perks – more on that later!]
  • There are no Livejasmin apps on the App Store or Play Market. As can be expected, these platforms have censorship rules that prohibit such apps from being published. Livejasmin acts according to the guidelines, so they distribute the apps on their website.

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What kind of website is Livejasmin?

Livejasmin Review 2020, the best adult webcam website?

This Livejasmin review can help those who seek a great erotic experience on the web. Livejasmin is precisely what you need if you want to enjoy people of all colors, shapes, sizes, and even sexes on adult webcam. Being an adult live video chat website, it offers precisely what the term means. Founded in 2001 by a Hungarian entrepreneur, György Gattyán, the service has always adopted the latest technologies and features to accommodate the user’s best erotic live experiences. If you are considering becoming one, this Livejasmin review is worth reading for you.

It is tough to find a good adult website of any type, be it a porn website, a dating website, or a live adult webcam website. The internet is flooded with scammy alternatives and poor services overall, so reviews help a lot. By learning about the service first, you can win in the long run by making the right choices as to where to invest time, money, and mental resources trying to get used to it.

Livejasmin: scam or legit service?

Livejasmin is entirely legit since it is legally registered and can be contacted by officials if such necessity occurs. The service is not afraid to resolve the issues, be perfectly legal, and keep in touch with users through 24/7 support if an accident happens. You can always contact the website’s statutory address with an official notice if you so desire, and it seems like Livejasmin review has nothing to uncover.

Who uses the website?

There are thousands of paid website members: both users and models. Livejasmin’s Instagram page has over 67 thousand subscribers, a significant number for such a narrowly-oriented brand.

Thousands of anonymous people have been enjoying the service for over a decade. It is impossible to estimate how many users ever registered on Livejasmin, for the number would be too stretched through the years.

As models, you can check who they are by browsing the model category section and seeing yourself. Of course, you would not find personal information, but you will see the diversity in looks and nationalities.

Something for any sexual orientation

Livejasmin Review 2020, the best adult webcam website?

Regardless of your sexual orientation, you can enjoy your time in full privacy with all your tastes satisfied. Livejasmin is not a place for discrimination or condemnation based on sexual orientation, so you are safe.

If you want to be a model, do not think that men only watch the website – it is trendy amongst women and non-binary people!

Age segmentation of users

Both users and models on the website are 18 years old and above. There are hundreds of models of each age category: 18-22, 22-30, 30-40, and even 40+. If you are older than 18, you will find models of your age if you desire. If you are a model, you should not be shy of your age, for individuals of all ages are valued important for many people.

Registration Process

The sign-up process is extremely simple, consisting of just a few steps. You need to enter your username, come up with the password, and fill the email field. Support the terms of service, you can use the website straight away, with no need to even confirm the email.

It is very useful to read the terms of service, as money is involved in using the website. In case some misunderstandings happen between you and the service (for both models and users), the terms of service will help understand what to do. It is better to consider reading the terms of service as a necessary part of the registration process to save yourself trouble in the future.

Creating the Profile

Livejasmin Review 2020, the best adult webcam website?

Once you created your account, you can manage your profile. You can see your credit balance, profile picture, list of your model preferences, payment options, and more. There is not much to set up in the profile, as all the exciting things are happening during webcam shows. The user is not too distracted by customizing and editing the profile. The simplicity of this Livejasmin review section demonstrates how easy-to-use the website is.

Communication channels

Messaging occurs in the classic chat form, akin to most live video websites. If you wish to communicate with models via standard way, just type what you want in the chat during a live stream (but be sure to confirm with the policies described on the website!).

A user can message models privately online and leave messages when they are offline. It is a privilege granted to those who purchased credits, so if you feel you have something to express, you can. You will be heard by the model you have formed a bond with!

Available platforms

You can access Livejasmin with any platform that supports online video streaming. Today, most devices can do that, but you can choose what suits you the best. To do so, it is worth checking the PC and Mobile versions of Livejasmin.


You can access the whole range of functions through your desktop browser. The website is not demanding, so if you can watch YouTube, you can likely use Livejasmin. A fast computer is not a requirement, so don’t worry about it. Although fast equipment is unnecessary, do not expect to have the best smooth experience with an overly old PC. Remember that the problems on the client-side will not allow refunds in case the user requests them.

Mobile application

Livejasmin Review 2020, the best adult webcam website?

iOS and Android apps are also available, having a nearly identical design with the desktop version, adapted for mobile touchscreen controls. It is lightweight, safe, and tested by years of development. If you feel you could have a better browsing experience, check out the apps posted on the website. Expectedly, the app also does not require much memory. It takes as much power from your phone as it is needed to display quality pictures and videos. Keep in mind that streaming video drains the battery pretty fast, so be sure to have your battery charged to avoid annoying interruptions.

Looks and convenience

Livejasmin has a strict & straightforward design with clean aesthetics. You will not find overwhelming ads popping up everywhere – the website is straight to the point and pleasant to look at. The usability of the site is also minimalistic and straightforward, making it user-friendly for anyone.

The website is themed around the rose-red color, which is often associated with desire and love. By being active long enough, the color became the de-facto trademark of Livejasmin.

Navigating the website is as easy as the modern use-case conventions require. You sign up, buy credits if you wish, and go straight into searching models that you find enjoyable to watch.

The website’s top block has the account tools, the application download link, and the list of top models.

The left side is devoted to categories: model category: girl, transgirl, soul mate, etc.); price; willingness; age; language; ethnicity; hair; appearance; show type. Each of the categories is available for Girls and Boys, respectively.

The rest of the screen is a minimalistic cascade of clickable stream icons, each for a different model. Here, you can appreciate the photos the models placed for users to choose and visit their stream.

How much does Livejasmin cost?

Livejasmin Review 2020, the best adult webcam website?

As previously discussed, prices can be a bit stiff for folks with lower incomes. Livejasmin has a system of credits, a virtual currency that allows using paid services of the website (watching streams with no time restrictions, sending gifts, using special features, and more). These credits can be purchased in bundles:

  • 28 credits for $33.99, with one credit going for $1.21
  • 68 credits for $75.99, $1.12 per credit
  • 98 credits for $106.99, $1.09 per credit
  • 158 credits for $169.99, 1.08 per credit

Even with the smallest purchase, you will have the basic feature set. The amount of money you need depends on how generous you want to be with the models. There is an option to buy them symbolic gifts as expensive as 5,000 credits. So, rest assured, your generosity will be noticed.

What you can get with and without credits

Free access allows people to complete registration, fill their “favorites” sections with models, vote in model competitions, check models’ galleries, freely write in the chat. Most importantly, it gives 10 minutes of free watch time per each broadcast so you can decide to go for paid access features.

Each purchase grants premium access for one month. You have unlimited watch time, the option to chat privately with models (even send them offline messages), visit private streams, and photos models chose to hide for free users.

You can spend your credits by giving surprise gifts to models and interacting with their toys (VibraToy service). Cam2Cam (the model can see you too during a stream) service and private shows can be performed individually for a user.

How do I pay?

It is effortless to pay for anything at Livejasmin. Once you complete your registration on the website, you will unlock an option to buy credits. At the payment page, you will be offered the credit package that suits you, and the payment method of your desire. Once the necessary details are filled, the payment is processed. As easy as it gets, the payment process involves no personal approvals because the process is automated.

Available payment systems

There are plenty of systems you can use to get paid services Livejasmin offers. You can use classic bank transfer., direct debit, and credit card. If you prefer safer options and give your trust to European Bank Wire Transfer, SOFORT, European Direct Debit, or another system on the list – Livejasmin accepts it. If even that makes you nervous about your anonymity – Bitcoin is an option.

Data and payment Safety & Security

Livejasmin has a lot of space for the safety & security of its users. First of all, you do not need to upload your photo, which is a strength when it comes to live webcam websites. You don’t need to provide any personal information whatsoever if you do not wish to do so: all the functions will be available.

Livejasmin emphasizes the data safety of its users by having its billing platform conform with international PCI DSS requirements, and Verisign & McAfee validation process. Therefore, no passwords will leak, and nobody will ever know that a particular email is associated with the object of this review,

Is it just a scam?

Livejasmin Review 2020, the best adult webcam website?

Reputation is vital in such business, so Livejasmin values it. The website started in 2001 to become one of the top cam sites in the world. It is impossible to prove the absence of anything, but common sense and years of stable service work in favor of Livejasmin is a scam-free website.

After all, you can use the first 10 minutes for free, so you can make sure all the models are genuinely there, streaming and reacting to the chat.

If Livejasmin were a scam website, they would not have had as many followers on Instagram, and would not have been officially registered in Luxembourg.

Logically speaking, there is no point for them to be a scam if models really exist and can be interacted with. Scamming people would mean losing the money in the long run while users can become attached to models and be constant credit buyers. So I would say that the chances for them being a scam are non-existent.

The list of Special Features

Among the special features that Livejasmin offers is the personalization of displayed models. You can set your preferred list of appearances (age, hair color, skin color, build, and more), and save time looking for models of your taste. There are hundreds of models, so being able to find one according to one’s taste is an excellent feature for an adult webcam site.

Also, there is an innovative feature called VibraToy – a feature that offers extra interaction between users and models through controlling their sexual toys for credits (if a model enabled the function).

If you ever wanted to interact with webcam models on a whole new level, Cam2Cam service is for you. It allows communicating with the model directly by enabling the model to hear and even see you if you pay for it. So, it essentially creates a platform for virtual sex without providing any personal information. You can familiarize yourself with models before deciding to go virtual with them, a neat feature.

Being able to pay with Bitcoin is something not all the adult websites accept, and in this Livejasmin review, you might have guessed that the service values its customers’ privacy. Anonymity is crucial, so Bitcoin payment is a feature that has not to be underestimated.

To sum it up

With that said, this Livejasmin review has explored all the major features and characteristics of the website. Visiting it is up to the user, but the website owners made sure the user has enough data to make an informed decision. After all, every user can watch considerable chunks of streams for free.

Is it worth checking out? Absolutely. Read the Livejasmin review and familiarize yourself with the flexibility, quality of service, availability of payment options, security, and anonymity the service provides.

While the website is just a solid, straightforward platform that just works, it is a virtue considering the number of low-quality live adult webcam websites. Certainly, Livejasmin review reveals the better part of the web.

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