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Lovoo Review 2021

Lovoo Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 8%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 18-28
Profiles 70.000.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The vast audience lets you pick up like-minded friends.
  • High level of protection from fakes accounts.
  • Both random and algorithmic matches are available.
  • Free users can send one email a day and an unlimited number of flirts to break the ice.
  • The application for mobile gadgets is extremely interactive.
  • Several curious features provide users with entertainment.
  • You have the opportunity to make real coins on this platform.
  • The male audience prevails being an essential flaw for guys.
  • Profiles are not full and informative but contain just an overview of a member.
  • It doesn’t offer a distance min-maximizer in a swipe mode.
  • A credit-based model forces people to spend more and more.
  • There are ads on the free users’ account pages.

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Lovoo’s, and Why Does It Grow Fast?

If you are looking for a social dating app with a vast audience worldwide, the Lovoo review will help reveal the critical features and the nuances of using this service. Before jumping in the in-depth research, let’s consider the app as the social sites for making friends first rather than for love or marriage. However, all of us know that two friends might turn into a loving couple. The Lovoo review reveals the service’s multi-functionality and versatility, as well as the reasons for its community to grow fast.

Lovoo engages people in flirting and chatting, giving a chance to initiate romance or stay friends. The app came into existence in the early 2000s as a German dating app, and in 2017, the Meet Group, Inc. acquired this project. It has already launched several apps for mobile devices by that time, and it has several headquarters in the USA and Germany for today.

The Meet Group’s history dates back to 2005 when two high-school students created their first product – the myYearbook website. By the way, they managed to make over a million dollars just in a year. Now, the rebranded in 2017 Meet Group, Inc. continues to work on the online dating market.

The company has started from just seven developers, and now, it features over 200 employees. The service goes far beyond a classic dating app. It regularly posts exciting stories, articles, and provides the users with tons of helpful insights.

Lovoo’s, and Why Does It Grow Fast?

Is The Site Perfect Or Skeletons Are In The Closet

The Lovoo review continues with some significant benefits:

  • The vast audience lets you pick up like-minded friends.
  • High level of protection from fakes accounts.
  • Both random and algorithmic matches are available.
  • Free users can send one email a day and an unlimited number of flirts to break the ice.
  • The application for mobile gadgets is extremely interactive.
  • Several curious features provide users with entertainment.
  • You have the opportunity to make real coins on this platform.

Some cons are crucial to understand the actual value of the app and its relevance to your needs, requirements, desires, and expectations:

  • The male audience prevails being an essential flaw for guys.
  • Profiles are not full and informative but contain just an overview of a member.
  • It doesn’t offer a distance min-maximizer in a swipe mode.
  • A credit-based model forces people to spend more and more.
  • There are ads on the free users’ account pages.

Lovoo Is The Site Perfect Or Skeletons Are In The Closet

Is Lovoo Within A Law?

The platform is quite safe for computers and does all the best to track and delete fake accounts. The Lovoo platform is not a scam since it provides the users with full information about what is going behind the scene. Moreover, the platform discloses the information about its data and engineering teams, customer service, and even marketers, advertisers, and product managers. In other words, the company’s business activity is sitting ducks.

In its reports and insights, the company stresses its financial value and security. Every visitor on the website can view and know everything about the work of all the Lovoo’s offices.

What About The Community?

The next paragraph of the Lovoo review deals with the distinctive features of the service’s users. The audience comprises approximately 70 million people worldwide. Near 6,300,000 daters come from the USA, but most of the visitors are from European countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, and France. More than 6,500,000 unique users have visited the platform for the last half a year, and 90,000 daily logins make the website extremely active. Lovoo generates mostly direct traffic, meaning that people usually type in URL in the search bar to access the website or use a bookmark. So, the target audience is interested enough in the Lovoo brand to come back to their website.

The American and European audiences feature many young specialists looking for online entertainment and communication. Adult content, video games, and techs, computers, and media are in the scope of their interest. The community is notable for a lot of activity around each other compared with other dating websites. Keep reading the Lovoo review to know more about the users.

Lovoo What About The Community?

Sexual Orientation And Tastes Of The Users

The registration form and profiles on Lovoo don’t include the information about the users’ sexual identities or turns-on. People usually clarify this issue through an in-depth talk. Nevertheless, the service is tolerant to bisexual and bi-curious people, the LGBT communities, and kinks if these accounts are real, and their owners follow the websites’ rules and policies. Women can freely contact other girls, and men can count on a safe environment when they look for same-sex partners. Friendship and love are the Lovoo’s critical priorities.

The Users’ Estimated Median Age

The platform caters to the lifestyles of the youngest people from 18 to approximately 45 years old. It looks like a fussy online metropolis full of contrasts and surprises, unexpected meetings, and unlimited opportunities. Well, naturally, people rarely accept this style of interaction. Look at the tab to see the age distribution:


  • 18–24 years old: 9%
  • 25–34 y. o.: 8%
  • 35–44 y. o.: 4%
  • 45–54 y. o.: 2%
  • 55+ y. o.: 2%


  • 18–24 years old: 19%
  • 25–34 y. o.: 22%
  • 35–44 y. o.: 15%
  • 45–54 y. o.: 10%
  • 55+ y. o.: 9%

Except for the age, the Lovoo review draws your attention to the gender issue. There are 25% of females and 75% of males on the website, making it quite challenging for men to find a soul mate. However, it’s not a big deal for those looking for friends.

Lovoo The Users’ Estimated Median Age

Does The Registration Require Fee

The signup process is fast and straightforward, allowing you to use your email or Facebook account to register. The application form asks you to type in your name, city of residence, date of birth, and gender. Then, provide Lovoo with the email and create a password that should contain digits or special characters. Click in the relevant button to confirm the signup and check your mailbox for the link to verify your account and become a fully-fledged member of the family.

Once you access the personal dashboard, enter the relevant icon in the right upper corner to join the chat room, and read the greeting message from Lovoo. The system asks you to answer three questions and write a couple of paragraphs about yourself. No specific data is required, and you are free to disclose anything you consider essential.

How Quality Are The Profiles?

The following Lovoo profile’s info is already visible to others once you’ve registered on the website:

  • Your name and age.
  • Online/offline status.
  • Hometown.
  • The badge of a verified account.

It’s crucial to add several photos to get more messages, and you can also optionally verify your profile. It’s possible to adjust the information anytime, providing other members with valid data:

  • Who you are looking for dating.
  • What type of interaction is interesting for you – messaging, dating, or acquaintances?
  • You height and body type.
  • Whether you have children.
  • Habits (smoking).
  • Religion.
  • Living situation.
  • Education and profession.
  • Language for communication.

Besides, you can write a short paragraph about yourself. Then, other members’ profiles become available to look through them and choose favorites. Each new profile you’ve chosen appears as a pop-up window where the user’s photo takes near half of the screen.

Lovoo How Quality Are The Profiles?

How To Start Messaging?

Log in Lovoo and enter the “Discover” section to start your manual search. Click the preview to access full information and use the “Like” button to initiate a communication. There is also the “Chats” button near the photo to start messaging. You can send the so-called “ice-breaker” once a day, get unlimited access to flirts, and message if you upgrade the account.

Standard messaging is the only communicative tool on Lovoo, but you have some other entertaining features on the website. For example, you can opt for random Tinder-style matching in the “Play” section. When you enter this web page, a photo of a man/women appears in front of your eyes you can click the left “cross” button to reject or the right “heart” icon to approve a potential friend/partner.

Lovoo invites you for the unlimited number of rounds to let other people discover and like you on the platform.

Compatible Platforms

The following paragraphs of the Lovoo review deals with the portal’s technical issues to let you know about its compatibility and usability to preliminary assess your “life” within the club.

The portal is available for both desktop and mobile devices despite the operating systems they are based on. It loads fast everywhere and is accessible from any valid web browser. The resolution of the monitor doesn’t do the trick, since the imaging is always decent and, besides, there are no video-chat options on the website.

Quality Of The Desktop Version

Lovoo looks excellent on a large screen, providing clear images and readable fonts. It’s easy to operate with the buttons, links, and sections and access the necessary information in a minute. The desktop website is a real salvation for those who cannot get used to tine mobile keyboards. The laptops and personal computers are the choice of home-sitters and older people.

Mobile Application – Benefits And Bugs

The Lovoo mobile app is famous for the abundance of the interactive elements. It’s straightforward to use and navigate, and free to download from either Google Play or Apple Store.

The app features additional functionality that doesn’t exist in the desktop version. First, it is about the Radar option that displays potential partners in your locality. The interface looks like a mind map with your photo in the middle. When Lovoo members appear nearby, you’ll see their pictures around your picture. However, some reviewers note the lack of settings to change the distance and repetitive profiles.

The Live feature on Lovoo is the Facebook-style opportunity to host your video streams and enjoy watching other user’s streaming. Moreover, in the case of an essential number of views, you get “diamonds” to convert them into either gifts, credits, or real money.

That is the reason for the majority of users to opt for a mobile version of the website: the app features over 50,000,000 installations,

Lovoo Mobile Application – Benefits And Bugs

Layout And Usability Of The Portal

Both desktop and mobile versions of Lovoo are comfortable for the entire audience despite the members’ age and computer skills. The design is not too bright, and it can hardly be called the masterpiece. Still, it features all the necessary options to provide a flawless experience. The layout is clear, and there are relevant sub-categories in the sidebars. Each section has drop-down menus to facilitate the search of the needed options.

Is Navigation Friendly Or A Stumbling Block?

You might have zero skills to navigate Lovoo due to its intuitive interface. The buttons are in their right places; the icons have no captions, but their design is relevant to their meaning. The only flaw is some distracting ads that are a little fly in the ointment. The platform makes it possible to access any section in a click and, besides, join the communities of several social media networks via widgets at the bottom of the website.

Is The Lovoo Portal Affordable?

The cost of the membership on Lovoo is just average and typical for many other similar services. You can start as a non-paid user to test several features and then upgrade your account. Here are the prices to make a point:

Premium Package

  • One month – $9.99/month
  • 3 months – $8.33/month ($24.99).
  • 6 months – $5.67/month ($33.99).
  • 12 months – $5.83/month ($69.96).

Credits ($0.01/ Credit)

  • 300 Credits – $3.49.
  • 550 Credits – $5.49.
  • 2,500 Credits – $17.00.
  • 8,000 Credits – $33.60.

Is The Lovoo Portal Affordable?

Free Options And Benefits From Upgrades

The interaction on Lovoo is partially available for free, and, frankly speaking, the set of options is impressive compared with many other dating services. You can traditionally sign up for the website and create a profile without paying a dough. Moreover, you can send “hearts” and “ice breakers” (one message a day) to show your interest to either non-paid or VIP members, and create your list of favorite members. Except for these ordinary options, you have the right to host and view free live videos.

If you want to enjoy a fully-fledged messaging and get rid of ads, it’s necessary to upgrade the account. In this case, you’ll be able to identify users that have viewed your profile already and like your presence. Your profile will rank the top, and the opportunity to stay invisible during the search appears. Besides, you can cancel swipe in “Play” if you’ve changed your mind.

Nuances Of Payment

The Lovoo website offers several payment options to your taste, including the in-app purchases. Note that your opportunities are different within the desktop and mobile versions. The direct debit or usual bank transfer is impossible from both the website and app. Note that you should use the same email for registration on the portal and your bank or any other provider.

Lovoo Nuances Of Payment

Payment Services

The Lovoo club members can use one of the flowing processors to initiate the transaction from the desktop device:

  • PayPal.
  • Stripe.
  • Visa/MasterCard (Stripe and Paymentwall).
  • Mobile invoice (Mobiamo).

The on-the-go users might opt for the next systems:

  • Apple’s iTunes.
  • Google Play, including Google Play balance.
  • PayPal.

Lovoo’s Level Of Security

There are no reasons to consider Lovoo a scam. It’s a safe platform with a consistent set of strict terms, rules, and policies for all its users. It implements the email verification and optional profile verification to reduce the number of unsavory elements. You can file a complaint to managers, and a report with the profile ID is you face a scammer or abuse. Besides, you can easily block the harasser in a click.

Are Their Scammer On The Portal?

The number of scammers on Lovoo can hardly exceed the amount of freaks on most dating services. You should watch your wallet and keep personal information to yourself to stay safe from dirty and crooked users. Don’t disclose the information about your bank providers, cards, relatives, family members, etc.

Lovoo Are Their Scammer On The Portal?

Some Extras To Enjoy Better Experience

  1. Discover

    The dedicated section displays other members’ profiles for browsing. The users near your location usually come first. The search results depend on the information you’ve pointed out on your profile page.

  2. Play

    If you like surprises and want to dive into adventures, the “Play” section is at your disposal. It offers random matches to decline the proto or to accept it. In the first case, you see another profile for review, and in the latter one, start messaging and dating.

  3. Live Videos

    This unique feature allows you to see other users in their natural environment. Their look, manners, and other visible stuff will help understand the personality and make the right conclusions.

  4. Radar

    Enjoy the real-time map to see the Lovoo members near you. The feature helps to get a date faster without traveling to another area.


While summarizing the Lovoo review, let’s say that this service takes a worthy place among the best dating platforms on the market. It suits people that are not focused just on marriage or specific kinks. The portal is friendly to the open-minded people that haven’t used to seem forward. The Lovoo website is right for you if you perceive love as an adventure that might begin with a chance meeting. You’ll enjoy the portal if you are always glad to make new friends and open up new horizons.

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