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Meddle Review 2021

Meddle Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 6%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 29-40
Profiles 123 421
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It’s a fun concept. Your friends know you better than you know yourself and they can find a good match for you.
  • You get to know your friend’s opinions and approval before dating.
  • If your family's approval matters to you, you should go for Meddle and let your family play the cupid.
  • If you are looking for something serious like long term meaningful relationships or commitments, then Meddle is one of the best dating apps.
  • Most important pro: Meddle is free to use! No costs involved.
  • You can nudge your single friends' and even give their love life a boost.
  • No lengthy questionnaires that would ask for personal information.
  • Phone number verification makes it safer.
  • The success rate of Meddle is higher in matchmaking than other dating apps, as there are other people involved.
  • If you want to mess around, have fun, or just date casually and flirt, Meddle may not be the right choice for you.
  • Being set up by your family or friends might put some pressure on you to fulfill some expectations. Many people would rather not use this due to the obligations involved.
  • Some people may not like it when others meddle in their personal life. If you are one of those people, then Meddle is undoubtedly not for you.
  • The mobile app is a little slow and can lag sometimes. This can be irritating for some users.
  • Meddlers and not algorithms make the matches. Hence the fundamental compatibility of the match gets discovered only after the singles talk to each other.

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What is Meddle?

Let us take a quick peek at what it is before getting on to the main discussion about Meddle Review. So, Meddle is a dating website and app with a cool twist. Meddle does not use any fancy algorithm (AI) to match people but rather relies on the user’s friends to find the best matches (which means you do not have to go through the annoying questions asked by the AI). You will get a detailed Meddle Review here.

This gives your wingmen and wing women a chance to find the perfect date for you. They are the ones who know you the best; they know what you need and know about your dating history. Meddle was created, keeping this in mind.

A user can appoint one or more “meddlers” who can swipe people left and right on their phones and find perfect matches for the users.

What is Meddle?

Is Meddle Authentic or Scam?

Let’s take a look at whether the app is authentic or not before getting on to the Meddle Review.

This is probably one of the most important considerations before you decide to sign yourself up. The rising number of cybercrimes and the increasing awareness about data safety and privacy have given rise to scepticism in internet users.

But with the right apps and websites as well as keeping in mind the safety guidelines, one can overcome these worries about cybersecurity.

Meddle is as safe as any other dating site or app. An older version of Meddle used Facebook sign in for profile authenticity, and the newer version requires a phone number verification. And while signing up, Meddle also asks the users to provide a valid email address. So the website has authentic profiles.

As phone numbers verify the profiles, scams or frauds are rare.

Users should go through the app permissions, privacy policy, and cookie policy before they sign up. You can also check up some reviews and even other alternatives before deciding upon Meddle.

Is Meddle Authentic or Scam?

What kind of people would you find on Meddle?

As mentioned earlier, the people who sign up on Meddle are usually the ones looking for something serious, like long-term relationships or commitments. So consequently, the majority of the people on Meddle are in their early twenties and range up too late thirties.

The profile quality is pretty good as you get to see the pictures of the profiles. The birth date allows you to know the age of the person. And with the distance range feature, you can meet people who are near to you, within your local network.

Sexual Orientation of Users

When you register yourself, you are asked to provide your gender as well as the preferred gender of your date. This means that the app is designed for all sexual orientations.

Average Age of Users

People who sign up on Meddle are usually looking for long term relationships and even commitment and marriage. Typically, people in their early twenties, as well as those in their late thirties, look for long-term relationships and commitments. So the popular age group of users is 25 to 35. However, people who are above 18 can sign up and use the app.

Average Age of Users

Sign Up Process and Log In

This Meddle Review will help you with the sign-up process as well. And now, let’s talk about the sign-up process. It is pretty simple, and most of the users will do it without help. The whole process takes up about 10 minutes, depending upon your typing speed.

First of all, you have to download the app, which is available for both Android and iOS. You can sign up as a single person or a meddler.

Then, you have to choose your location, that is, the country in which you reside. Meddle will ask for your phone number and send a verification code to confirm if it’s you. After verification, you get to choose a display name. Here, you choose a quirky user name or keep it simple. You will also have to provide a valid email address on this page.

Once you have gone through the above process, Meddle will ask you if you want to sign up as a single person or a meddler. If you want to look for a date, choose ‘single,’ and if you want to look for matches for your single pal, go for ‘meddler.’

You will then have to upload a photo of yourself. In the next step, you will have to enter your gender as well as the preferred gender of your date. You will also have to set up a preferred mile radius (for example, a 20-mile radius from your location).

The next step will lead you to an “about me” section where you can put up a cool bio. You will also have to mention your date of birth here. Meddle will ask you on the next step that how you got to know about the app. You can then invite your friends to join the app.

Later on, you can change the settings if you are single but also want to meddle for your friends. You can also change the location radius range in the settings later.

You can start meddling right away!

Profiles and Settings

Profiles and Settings

As mentioned above, the sign-up process is really easy and takes up a few minutes. You do not have to answer a lengthy questionnaire for some complex algorithm. You just need to sign yourself up along with some of your close buddies. At least one meddler is necessary to match you up with dates.

You can change your photo. You can also change your meddlers and even add or reduce the number of meddlers. Meddle allows you to change the distance as well.

How to text someone on Meddle?

Okay, so the million-dollar question – How to message somebody on Meddle. Well, Meddle has it sorted when it comes to texting.

So, here’s an explanation. Hypothetically, if the meddlers of A swipe right on B and B’s meddlers swipe right on A, then it’s a match! Only then A and B can chat with each other.

The meddlers of A cannot text B and vice versa. The singles cannot text other singles unless they are matched. This prevents spamming and also keeps you away from random texts.

Where can you use Meddle?

This Meddle Review will tell where you will find the app.

Meddle is available for both Android and iOS. You can easily install the app on your phone from Google Play Store or the Apple Store. You can use it on your phone as well as the computer, depending on your habits and preferences.

Where can you use Meddle?

Desktop Experience

You have to get the app, even if you are using it on your phone orcomputer. The desktop site is easy to use. Both have the same simple interface and the same features. It is up to a user were to use the app. Some users may like it sorted out on a big screen while some may like to keep it compact on the phone.

Mobile App

It is necessary to add the website vs. app section in this Meddle Review was it makes it easier for the viewer to choose between the two.

Having the app on your phone has its perks. Like you get to carry it around anywhere you go. You can access it any time you want. Plus, you stay signed in rather than accessing your laptop again and again. You can check the notifications and texts on the go.

App Design and Usability of Website

The website of Meddle is pretty much attractive. It has a cool design, as it provides all the necessary information in decent yet pleasing-to-the-eye colors. This gives the site a “professional” yet a welcoming and friendly look.

All the necessary information about the workings of the app and FAQs is provided in cartoon illustrations along with easy to understand examples.

The sign-up process, login procedure, and even the experience of using it are simple and user friendly. Meddle provides lucid and clear guidelines to the users.

App Design and Usability of Website

About the website

The website has a cool interface. It is easy to browse and informative. It tells you what to expect from the app and provides a detailed guideline about the workings of the app. It has illustrated the instructions and information with adorable cartoons to explain their points to the users.

Meddle Subscriptions and Prices

Let’s consider the ‘free vs. paid’ debate in this Meddle Review.

The app does not have any extra or special features because there is no paid version.

Just like it was mentioned in the pros, Meddle is free to use. There are no restrictions or limitations on its use. You can download the app for free.

How to pay?

This app is free to use so you need not worry about the payment procedure.

Payment Systems

You can save your money as this app is free to use.

Payment Systems

Is Meddle safe to use?

It is of utmost importance to include the safety and security aspect in this review was it is of utmost importance today.

Cybersecurity is a chief concern for netizens. Nobody likes their sensitive data leaked. And on top of that, people are especially skeptical about dating apps. This is because most of the dating apps and sites ask for sensitive and private information to filter through profiles and get you compatible matches.

Meddle is safe to use, and rarely any frauds were reported. The website clearly states its privacy policy. Meddle does not ask for much information as it is not based on any algorithms that ask for such information.

The app is free to use, and hence you do not need to enter any of your net banking, e-wallet, or credit card details.

As mentioned earlier, for creating an account on Meddle, users have to go through a phone number verification as well as provide an email address.

The app has clear guidelines as to who can message who. You can even block a user if you do not feel comfortable.

Also, it is important that the users be vigilant and not to share any personal information or sensitive data unless they meet the person or cross verify their profiles on other social media platforms.

Meddle has provided their contact information on the bottom of their web page. Meddle is available on Instagram, Twitter, as well as on Facebook. They have a blog as well, which you can access from their website.

In addition to this, the website provides a customer support email where you can send your grievances, report abuse, share your Meddle adventures, and even submit your feedback.

Were there any scams?

As of 2020, there are no reported scams or frauds over Meddle. As the profiles are verified, the chances of fraud are very less.

Were there any scams?

Special Features of Meddle

The highlight of Meddle is that it does not depend on any complicated algorithms supported by Artificial Intelligence. The makers of Meddle believe that your close ones know what is best for you.

The age, birth date, and location of the users are given on the profiles. It is unlikely that you will come across a total stranger since your friends are meddling. The location settings allow you to find matches near you.

It is based on a different concept and takes traditional online dating to the next level.

Special Features of Meddle


And now let’s take on the most important question (the long-awaited question and basically, the point of this long discussion) what should you do?

The answer is pretty simple. As discussed, all the merits and drawbacks of the detailed review, you can see that it is safe to use and absolutely free. It is based on a unique concept.

You can get your buddies and family’s approval, and it is fun to look for a partner with buddies rather than swiping left and right alone. In addition to this, everyone have that one friend who is excellent at judging people. Let that buddy be your matchmaker and see the magic. Even your married friends can help you find the right match.

However, the app is a little slow to load. You can only add one image.

But before deciding upon Meddle, you have to consider your requirements first. What is it that you expect from a date? Would you like it if your friends or family set updates for you? Would you be pressured or obliged by your friends or family? And most importantly, what kind of relationship you want.

If you want to settle down and get approval from your friends and family, then Meddle might just be the thing you need.

If you are looking for casual dates or just want to mess around and do not have any plans of getting committed, you should reconsider your decision to join Meddle.

Other than that, it’s a cool platform to look for the ‘one’ with your close buddies.

Hope the Meddle Review was informative and helped you clear your doubts about the website.

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