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MillionaireMatch Review 2021

MillionaireMatch Review 2021
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 76%
Popular age 29-40
Beauty 70%
Profiles 67 500
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Visit rate 7.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A team of specialists verifies the profiles and the income of every member who is registering
  • MillionaireMatch employs advisors who assist in dating millionaires
  • Special features that allow random matches
  • The site gives tips on dating and first dates
  • MillionaireMatch does not display irrelevant ads
  • No free messaging feature, and the service is pricey in general

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What Kind of Brand Is MillionaireMatch?

Since 2011, MillionareMatch has been a leading and pioneering platform that unites well-off singles. Undeniably, our society is divided into groups, each with its own values and standards, and MillionaireMatch is not an exception. What does this service promote? First of all, it is a community of wealthy people who are just like other daters — looking for partners. It is not necessarily a search for a soulmate. Sometimes, it is a desire to spend a vacation or a pleasant time with someone. This MillionaireMatch review analyzes the strategies that the site uses to provide the best conditions for the users. It appears that a lot of members stay loyal to the website for years since it meets their requirements. The MillionaireMatch review contains all the juicy details about the origin of the site and its way to success.

The name says it all, and the platform does welcome people whose earnings are higher than average. However, people with an income lower than $200 000 have been spotted as well. Hence, the conclusion is that MillionaireMatch does not discriminate based on financial status but encourages to join with the corresponding assets. Although it seems that the platform should be full of millionaires, it hosts highly professional people who are now on the pinnacle of their success.

You can spot even celebrities and models among the users, not to mention the giants of IT business and other industries. It is an excellent place to communicate and find like-minded people in the field you want to work in.

This MillionaireMatch review checked the policies and identified a lot of reasons to state that the site is legitimate. It has tight connections with the media. It was not only advertised but praised by reputable newspapers and magazines like CNN. Media acknowledgment is a verification that it is a trustworthy platform. Besides, there are thousands of stories from the couples that found true love or established the relationships they were looking for.

Check out the privacy policies and the terms of use before you jump into creating your profile. The website works on the international market, so it follows all the rules of dating and filtering the content. Hence, your page will be moderated and checked for compliance. It is one more reason to believe that it is legitimate.

Who Use This Service?


This MillionaireMatch review states that there is an exciting range of attractive, famous money-makers. Although their income is higher than an ordinary person can imagine, they are looking for soulmates in the same way as all people do. The majority of users reside in the United States, Canada, Australia, but there is a large community of Asian countries. The stats show that the majority of male members have verification badges. As to the overall number of users, it is approximately 3.7 million. Everyone is very active, in particular, female visitors. The daily activity is about 30 000 people.

Sexual Preferences

The registration form on MillionaireMatch provides only two options: a female seeking male or male seeking female. Hence, it implies that the service is for heterosexual users. The gender ratio is almost equal; about 45% of participants are males. However, women are more active, fill in their profiles better, and discuss/post on blogs and forums a lot.

Age Brackets

This MillionaireMatch review shows that the average age is 30-55 y.o, meaning this category is the most represented one on the site. When it comes to females, the age of members starts from 18y.o. Talking about men, they are quite older and aged 30+.

Registration Procedure & Logging in

MillionaireMatch Registration Procedure & Logging in

To register with MillionaireMatch, you need to have a bit of time on your hands. Another option is to delegate this task to your assistant. The procedure was designed with user safety in mind. Every stage is controlled by a human operator, and the verification of identity and photo is needed. MillionaireMatch wants you to show the official bank statement and checks the pic you upload to avoid impersonation. Since the audience comprises famous people, in most cases, the last thing they want is to see their photos on someone else’s pages.

So, the first step of your registration is filling in a short form where you indicate your age, gender, and preference. The next step takes you to another form with the questionnaire about your personality. It takes about ten minutes to complete it. MillionaireMatch recommends to take it seriously since your matches will depend on how good you invest in your profile. It can be daunting since not many people like to answer the questions about themselves, but it is an inevitable part of the process. On the positive side, such a lengthy procedure scares scammers away. As soon as the person has issues with providing their bank statement, the moderators know that it is a potential scam.

Signing in with a Facebook profile is also available. You can even import the photos from the social media to the MillionaireMatch profile.

Setting Up Your Profile

MillionaireMatch Setting Up Your Profile

MillionaireMatch, like other websites, encourages members to make their pages attractive. It is not a shame to show off here. Whether you want it or not, people judge by appearances. Hence, try to impress them with the photo and description of your qualities.

MillionaireMatch gallery can contain as many photos as you want. You can create a separate private album with limited access; it can be your little treasure that you share with people you trust.

The profile is exceptionally detailed. It lets you tell the person everything about yourself. Note that writing down every slot is not compulsory. If you decide to do it, you will face the sections that ask you about your relationships record, your business or job, your vision of a perfect date, etc. They push you to open up.

User Interaction on the Site

The role of a user page in the success of communication is often underestimated. The MillionaireMatch review of the profile activities revealed that members with the profiles complete 50% and less have fewer chances to get a lot of matches. Everyone has an opportunity to write questions to the potential candidates. By replying, they start the conversation. Also, there is a comment section on the profile, and people can write their thoughts on the ‘First Date Idea’ of the owner.

The comment block is also available for the photos that the user puts to public access. If you are browsing through accounts and notice something interesting about the person, you can create a note with your thoughts or facts about the person. For example, the member shared the name of the pet with you or a favorite place for vacation. Note it, so the next time you open that MillionaireMatch profile, remember the gist of your conversation and the main things about the user.

Messaging is available in instant chat as well as offline messages. So, when you see that your interlocutor is offline, you can still text them. By purchasing the account upgrade, you have a chance to see whether your message was read. Another valuable tool is erasing the photos and messages you sent. In case you made a mistake of sending the wrong picture, rush to delete it. You can manage your inbox sorting it by the sender, read/unread, or date.

Despite private messaging, there is an option to express your thoughts publicly. You can do it on blogs and forums. Select the issue you like and enjoy adding comments. Note that a moderator is checking them to prevent abusive behaviors and rules violations. The last option to interact with others is to send a wink. There is a limit of 50 winks for free visitors. To communicate via messages, though, the membership is required.

Platform Characteristics

MillionaireMatch Platform Characteristics

MillionaireMatch is a well-developed platform with a rich set of features. It comes in an app version, as well as the desktop one. The website is considered to be more popular among the community.

Desktop Version

The site runs smoothly, and there are no bugs detected. It contains the necessary information about the service. You can find the media presence of the brand and the stories from the former daters who found their destiny on MillionaireMatch.

Layout & Design

The design is classy and has luring visuals that express the atmosphere of this place. The main features for communication and profile management are located on the top menu. The page looks well-arranged and is divided into sections.

How to Navigate?

This MillionaireMatch review analyzed navigation tips and concluded that it could be used intuitively. You do not need many explanations about the features and the way everything works. The profiles contain all the exhaustive descriptions of the member and the buttons to contact them. You can either block or report a user or add them to the list of your Favorites in your messages.

MillionaireMatch Pricing Policy

MillionaireMatch Pricing Policy

MillionaireMatch paid package is a vital thing for fruitful results. You are offered to get a plan for a month for $70. If you opt for three months, it will cost you $135 in total. The six months plan is $240, and the yearly membership costs $400. You may notice that the longer the subscription, the cheaper is the price per month. Keep in mind that all the offers go as a one-time payment.

Another bonus feature, not included in any of the packages, is boosting your visibility on the site. It costs $1.99 per thirty minutes. You can also get them in bulk, and the price will decrease.

Is It Worth Getting a Paid Membership?

Considering the fact that a free participant cannot message others but only respond to the texts received from premium subscribers, the membership is compulsory. Although there are many free features, it is not enough to enjoy MillionaireMatch to its fullest:

  • Profile setup & uploading photos (including private photo gallery)
  • Getting access to other private albums
  • Winks
  • Respond to the texts received from the users with paid membership
  • Comprehensive access to all the search filters
  • View other people’s pages, including commenting on the section about the first date
  • Write comments on photos of other users
  • When it comes to the paid membership, the list looks more attractive:
  • Access different categories of users (VIP, verified, certified, etc.)
  • Unlimited chatting options
  • See when your message was opened
  • Extended privacy settings
  • Information about when the user last logged in to MillionaireMatch
  • Instant reply from the customer support and priority in solving your issues
  • Check who viewed your profile, liked it, and added to Favorites

Payment Process

MillionaireMatch Payment Process

MillionaireMatch realizes its responsibility to provide the community with all the options to pay for the membership. Since there is a team that checks income statements, the payment process is also monitored. Besides, the site can brag about a wide variety of payment methods and robust security protection. MillionaireMatch has a GeoTrust badge, so there is no doubt concerning the safety of transfers.

Payment Options

Note that MillionaireMatch shows prices in USD, and if you are accessing from other locations and with a different currency, there will be the conversion that the website does not carry responsibility for. There are no additional commissions, but your bank may have some. You are free to pay with the credit card, bank transfer, or other payment options. If you are not sure whether you can pay, contact the support team.

Online Communication: Safety Rules

Since MillionaireMatch verifies every profile, there is not much to worry about. The universal rules of communication apply to the site: stay private and refrain from disclosing too many details about yourself. The last thing you want is to have someone following you on social networks and asking to be friends. Use the service as the firewall that protects you from the attention of people you do not like. Take time to decide if the person is worth your attention.

Scam-Preventing Techniques

MillionaireMatch Scam-Preventing Techniques

MillionaireMatch prevents scams using the two-stage verification, which is available to the customers with the premium subscription. So, note that free users are the ones that should be less trusted. If the customer applies for verification, they need to send the documents that prove their income and identity. After that, their photo undergoes the reviewing process. As a result, the person gets the diamond that you can see on the profile. This badge signifies the trustworthiness of the account holder.

Additional Features

Spark. It is similar to the Tinder-like dating apps that let you like or dislike someone by swiping to the left. If you are bored of searching for matches, use the list that is already compiled for you.


MillionaireMatch Summary

Whether you are a millionaire or aiming to become one, MillionaireMatch is a place to make your dreams come true. If you are a wealthy person and life seems to throw dodgy people at you, the platform is where you can be sure that people, as well as their intentions, are verified. Since this MillionaireMatch review informed you that applications require proof of income, you have some guarantees that people are of the same financial status. The rest is up to you, and whether you are easy to start a relationship with or not, the platform gives you all the means to try your luck.

You are not limited in your communication and desires. Select the age category of a person and your vision of the future lady/gentleman you want to date or go on vacation with and dive into the countless member profiles. It should be easy to find partners since MillionaireMatch has gathered so many attractive people together. It is the main competitor of similar sites and is much better in terms of security than its alternatives. With the spread of online apps, people tend to lose hope in their effectiveness since many of them do not consider your needs. The niche platform of this type is all about approaching every person individually to satisfy everyone’s desires and give advice if needed. With MillionaireMatch, you get comprehensive support and guidance.

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