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MocoSpace Review 2021

MocoSpace Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-22
Profiles 1.700.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Huge and diverse 100+ million user database
  • All members can enjoy free messaging option
  • Various ways of interaction with others
  • Profile photo can look both static and as a GIF
  • Engaging games
  • Users are not verified, many fake profiles
  • Chatting is not private
  • Premium version of the app is not supported on iOS
  • Abundant ads in apps

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What Is MocoSpace in a Nutshell?

MocoSpace Review: Why This Site Is Worth Your Attention

MocoSpace is one of those social networking sites that constitute a crucial part of the internet communication nowadays. The amount of people who enjoyed the informal atmosphere of online dating on such platforms has been growing since the beginning of the 21st century. The popularity of these sites was entirely justified: users could meet and catch up with people in the comfort of their homes, create online communities. As you will see further in this MocoSpace review, this platform was one of those venues that managed to tune in and gather a community of users who were interacting, playing games, and enjoying other social features. The site claims to have 100+ million registered members who are seeking basic interaction and romantic relationships too. Being a social dating platform, MocoSpace is combining the features of a social network and an online dating site. As such, it does not focus solely on dating; it offers various features that help people communicate. If that communication results in dating or even something more serious – even better. So, keep on reading this MocoSpace review if you consider a big base of users from all around the globe a great opportunity to make new acquaintances.

Is MocoSpace Legit or Scam?

MocoSpace has been operating since 2005 when Jamie Hall and Justin Siegel, two experts in the gaming industry, decided to create a service that offered simple web-based games and subsequently added a social feature. And it took MocoSpace a little time to establish itself as a popular gaming platform where people could also meet someone interesting and special. However, with the advent of huge social platforms such as Facebook, things went south. Its popularity has somewhat decreased; however, based on reviews from various forums, it can be found that this resource remains quite popular today. But it seems that the site administration needs to take a more serious approach to existing profile verification issues as many users leave their negative reviews about this matter. On the bright side, their T&C section indicates that people under 18 cannot create an account with the venue.

Who Can You Meet Here

MocoSpace Review: Why This Site Is Worth Your Attention

At the peak of its popularity, MocoSpace saw over 1 million logins daily and has hosted over 100 million visitors over time. The site has always been proud of its diverse user database, the bigger half of which is comprised of members of Hispanic (38% of members) and African American heritage (35% of members), while 22% are Caucasian. Around 62 million are US users, while the rest comes from locations such as Australia, the UK, Brazil, and India. According to data provided by the site, 66% of MocoSpace users use the platform on their smartphones.

Age and Gender Distribution

Out of 100 million global users, 800,000 are active every week, with gender proportion being 44% (male) to 56% (female). The age group of 18-24 years old is dominating on the site. Overall, folks interested in MocoSpace are young people, with 18-24 years old users constituting 40% of members, people in their mid-20s up to 30 making up for 24%, and the third is 30 years old and older.

The Sign-Up Process on MocoSpace

The sign-up process with the site is quite straightforward, and it can be completed within a few minutes. If you want to do it even faster, you can log in using your Google account. If you opt for the longer route, you will need to indicate your username, date of birth, gender, email, create a password – and you are all set. You will be asked to upload a photo for your profile, but unlike the usual practice on other sites, MocoSpace will not review your pics. Besides, there is no obligatory email verification, so you can continue with completing your profile right after you click on Sign Up. Read more security-related information about the site further in this MocoSpace review.

How to Create a Comprehensive Profile

In your profile, you can enter information such as your ethnic background, relationship status, sexual orientation, and partner preferences. Note that the profile details can be changed at any time. Afterward, you can upload photos and headers, which can look like a photo or a GIF. You decide whether your profile will be private or public. Public pages can be seen by all MocoSpace users for free, while users with private pages are visible just to the users in their friend list. It is easy to notice that profiles are not that detailed here, with some accounts featuring photos of celebrities. The feed displays the entire activity of a member on the platform, even the liked photos, which may seem somewhat harsh in terms of privacy.

Convenient Messaging Features

MocoSpace Review: Why This Site Is Worth Your Attention

On MocoSpace, you will see no limits in contacting others. Sending messages is free of charge for everybody. However, you may find the process of communication on the platform a little bit awkward, as people are messaging each other directly in public chats. To initiate a conversation with any user, you can join an existing chat room or create your own. The MocoSpace chat room feature tends to help a lot in meeting new people. In this section, you will see hundreds of rooms dedicated to many topics, including age, hobbies, ethnicity, etc. Although there are dozens of people chatting in these rooms, there are quantity limits set for the members.

There is another section of the site called “Groups.” As it is with chat rooms, you can enter any of them based on your interests. Any user can type a message that will be visible for all group participants. You can also chat privately with any user by clicking on their icon.

Where to Use MocoSpace?

MocoSpace developers have thoughtfully devised an app for mobile devices that can be installed from the Google Play and App Store. Both the desktop and mobile versions perform satisfactorily in terms of convenience and optimization; they are responsive and fast.

Desktop Version

MocoSpace Review: Why This Site Is Worth Your Attention

Those who still prefer a larger screen, can effortlessly access the site from any PC browser. On the user dashboard, you will see the navigation bar that provides direct access to the Meet People section, the messaging feature, the Street Wars game, chat rooms, and groups. Besides, the MocoSpace offers a timeline feature. You can view posts of all the site members, not just those on your friends list. Such a ‘publicity’ can quickly become an issue, so it is advisable to avoid posting any private details on the site.

Mobile Application

Given modern trends, MocoSpace is primarily focused on providing a seamless mobile experience, with its app resembling the web interface a lot. After downloading and opening the application, you will find yourself on the “Meet People” page where you can perform a search and reach out to other users. Although the app is free to download and use, free members will receive irritating popups with advertisements almost every five minutes, which can significantly spoil their experience with MocoSpace. To deactivate the ads, you can purchase the premium app version for $1.99. Keep reading, and you will learn more details about pricing in this MocoSpace review. However, if you own an iOS device, you will have to stick to the free package, as the premium app is available exclusively on Android.

Design and Usability

As soon as you open the homepage of the site and look around a bit, you will probably agree that the trivial and plain interface of the MocoSpace website requires some design modernization and fresh look. However, what concerns the practical component of the website, they have done a good job. In general, the website is easy to use and intuitive. What is more, you can also use the services of a tutorial bot and watch videos that can answer your questions if any arise. Your feed will be full of updates from other users. The games available are very entertaining to play.

How to Navigate the Site

MocoSpace Review: Why This Site Is Worth Your Attention

This MocoSpace review aims to provide you with all the necessary information to facilitate your navigation on the site. So in the upper part of the screen, you will see a space you can fill in with a status update or add a photo. Right under that section, you will find three tabs: “My Friends,” “Everyone,” and “Near Me.” Choosing the category will allow you to see the bigger portion of the respective news feed. Browse this timeline pretty much like on Facebook, with seeing no end. In case you tap on My Friends section, you will be shown the posts of your MocoSpace friends and their status updates. The Near Me category opens you access to posts and updates of users who are close to you geographically, no matter if they are have befriended them or not. If you want to check how diverse people on MocoSpace are, go with the Everyone category.

One more thing: as it is both on the website and in mobile version, your search options will be somehow limited so that you can only filter users by age, gender, last login, and location. As mentioned earlier, you indicate your personal information, including your ethnicity, relationship status, etc. on your profile, which means these details are not considered during the search.

What Is the Cost of MocoSpace?

MocoSpace Review: Why This Site Is Worth Your Attention

If you decide to broaden your dating and social experience, your options are to get yourself a premium plan or purchase gold. The latter is the local currency to be used for activating various features of the platformer in games. The funds are exchanged according to the rate of one credit for $0.01.

The one-month MocoSpace VIP membership will cost you $7.99 per month; you will have to pay $6.99 per month ($20.97 in total) for a three-month access; if you really like it here, no problems – get yourself a six-month package for $5.99 per month ($35.94 in total) to save some money ultimately.

The Moco gold currency is calculated as follows: $4.99 will grant you 500 Credits, for $9.99 you will get 1,250 Credits, for $19.99 – 2,750 Credits, for $29.99 – 4,325 Credits, for $49.99 – 7,500 Credits, and $99.99 will bring you hefty 15,500 Credits.

Prices for the platform services indicated in this MocoSpace review are average.

In general, the MocoSpace site features are in free access to anyone without any need to upgrade to a paid membership. Purchasing Moco gold is just a way to not limit yourself during your leisure time on the platform. Besides, you can watch ads, complete surveys, and get paid with small amounts of Moco gold. A premium package, in turn, grants you a completely unrestricted experience. You will enjoy an entirely ad-free access, see who visited your profile, hide your online status and browse the site in the incognito mode, emerge at the beginning of Meet People rankings, your profile photo will be labeled with a VIP mark, and MocoSpace will provide you a priority support. If you buy Moco gold in addition to obtaining a VIP subscription, you will be entitled to an extra 50% in gold. For instance, if you purchase 500 gold for $4.99, you will get 750 in gold in total, and so on and so forth.

Available Payment Methods

MocoSpace Review: Why This Site Is Worth Your Attention

The site offers very few payment options for its users, to say the least – solely through a credit card. You can only secure yourself access to the premium packages by providing your credit card details. If you are an attentive person, you can also read a text written in fine print stating that MocoSpace has the right to charge its members without any prior notice or person’s consent. Yes, a lot of dating platforms renew user plans automatically, but this wording looks suspicious.

Safety & Security

Considering the wide multicultural reach of the site, MocoSpace could be safer. Some of the most gullible visitors are easy prey for fraudsters and scammers. Fake profiles are numerous, and this is clear evidence that the process of verification could be more thorough. The MocoSpace support team appears to respond promptly via email, and there is also a detailed FAQ section for those who cannot wait to get a response.

Is There Scam on MocoSpace?

All in all, the site is very user-friendly in terms of registering an account and ease of meeting people around. Anyone can create a MocoSpace account without confirming it through the email. On the one hand, this is convenient, but on the other hand, there is complete freedom for fake profiles. If someone looks suspicious or fake to you, you can inform the site about this issue. Many users claim that majority of users in the chatroom are fake, and you cannot know who you are talking to.

Special Features

MocoSpace Review: Why This Site Is Worth Your Attention

MocoSpace is a community that has numerous games on offer where you can not only play but also make friends. For instance, there is an interesting Street Wars feature, represented in a game format. The aim is to win a cyber fight with other members. To do this, you need to use credits, which are turned into the game points. Truth be told, if you come to MocoSpace to make contacts with people, you will not benefit much from playing this game. This one seems to be designed to generate revenue for the site but not for helping users communicate.

Besides Street Wars, there are other activities on MocoSpace. Another interesting feature is Friend Shop, which allows you to ‘trade’ your online friends. The Meet People option mentioned earlier in this MocoSpace review helps you to conduct searches on the platform based on specific criteria, such as age, gender, location, and frequency of activity on the site.

There is also a useful Match Me available, which allows you to discover people. It is similar to swiping present on some dating apps, but here on MocoSpace, you simply push “yes” or “no” buttons. The platform can also boast a forum section, which is divided into interest categories, but instead of threads and posts, you will see a usual feed of social media.

Your conversations with other users can be brightened up by using stickers that look like big emojis. You can use them in instant messages, chats, offline messages, posts, and comments. Certain stickers come free of charge, and you need to pay for better ones with Moco Gold. One-time payment provides you with constant access to the bought stickers.

You will also encounter the Daily Spin feature on MocoSpace that can only be used once per day. It provides you with the opportunity to win various prizes such as 100,000 in Gold, up to 200 trillion in Street Wars currency, extra free spins, and much more. There is no way you will leave empty-handed: every spin grants you a prize, which is either added to your active games or the Moco Gold balance.

And finally, let’s take a look at the MocoSpace backstage feature. It lets site members to add new photos to their private album, and others can pay a set price in Moco Gold to view these photos. The user themselves earns 30% of the cost paid by those members.


MocoSpace Review: Why This Site Is Worth Your Attention

Hopefully, this MocoSpace review gave you an insight into the activity of a pioneer among social dating platforms. It is difficult to say the main purpose of this site as it delivers a fine dating and networking experience to its users. The bottom line is that MocoSpace managed to evolve into something unique. Many people logging in to play games, establish friendly contacts, and have some fun. And although dating is not a priority, there is a huge user database, which contributes significantly to your chances of finding a perfect date while being well entertained at MocoSpace.

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