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Muslima Review 2021

Muslima Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 74%
Popular age 18-25
Profiles 7 300 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The website is considered to be the largest matrimonial website for Muslims.
  • Members can upload profile pictures and also profile videos.
  • Every new member has to verify their profile before signing in. This proves to be an essential step to ensure genuine users.
  • Muslima has a user database of over 7.5 million. So, you can be sure of finding the perfect partner.
  • The website allows messages to be translated into other languages. This proves to be a great boon to foreign language speakers.
  • The valuable services of Muslima are available, especially for people who are Muslim or are willing to convert to Islam.
  • Users are given the option to sign up with the help of their Facebook or email accounts.
  • The app is not available for iOS.
  • Gold and Platinum membership are required for Instant messaging, translation of messages into other languages.
  • Free members are not allowed to send, receive, or watch video profiles.
  • The user is not able to save searches for later.

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An insight into Muslima

Many people prefer to spend their entire life with a person with whom they can share their beliefs, ideologies, and cultural practices. Muslima opens the door to such Muslim people. This online dating service allows Muslim youth to match their perfect partner anywhere in the world. The Muslima review dives deep into every aspect of the website. Over 7.5 million people are currently using it. Every nook and cranny of Muslima is described in detail in this Muslima review.

An insight into Muslima

Is Muslima a fraud?

One thing you might ask yourself is, is Muslima a fraud? Well, this review has the answer to that. Muslima has launched in the year of 2006. Since then, the creators of the website have worked for years to built and polish this website. The services offered to you are of premium quality and that too at a reasonable price. Any suspicious profiles are kept under scrutiny and are banned from the website. Also, this website is backed up by Cupid Media. Cupid Media is a vast online technology company that operates several other dating websites. So it is advisable to sit back and relax.

Heterogeneity of the members

People are allowed to find their partner from anywhere in this world. Muslima has helped countless singles to build up the spark and to get married to their soul mates. Your bride or groom can belong to any country or any province. Some of the countries where the members belong are United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Morocco, etc.

Supports All Sexuality

Yes, you heard it right. Irrespective of sexual orientation, a person can use Muslima. The website gives a variety of options for its users. Whether you are homosexual or heterosexual, you are assured of finding a partner. Muslima provides an online platform to find the right match for you, no matter how hard it is in real life.

The Distribution of Age Groups

One needs to be 18 years or higher to sign for the matrimonial website. Muslima has 50-50 gender proportions, which makes it very impressive. Equal activities of males and females are constant for all age groups. Most active members fall under the age group of 25-44 years. Activity is comparatively less for the age group of 18-24 years. It further reduces people who are 45 years and older. People of age within 40 years are also pretty active and looking up for a match. It does not matter for Muslima if you are single, separated, divorced, or widowed. You will not face any problem in finding your match.

Supports All Sexuality

Ways to sign-up

Muslima ensures that the process of signing up for a new member is kept simple. The website aims to create a free and easy way for new members to join. The only thing that the member has to do is fill up some simple information, and Muslima takes care of the rest. Users are given the advantage of creating a profile with the help of their Facebook account. By following this method, he or she can upload the profile pictures from Facebook. Also, one can create an account before verifying the email account. But this must be kept in mind that if an account stays unverified for a long time, it can lead to suspicion within the regulating bodies. All these options are put forward by the creators to make the experience better by ten folds.

Steps for Profile creation

Thinking of how to create a profile? Don’t worry; this Muslima review has got you all covered. The website asks a few simple questions which need to be answered, and in the end, the profile will be created. You will be asked about your physical appearance, lifestyle, background, cultural values, religion, and nationality. It asks you to write a brief essay in which you are expected to describe the kind of person you are, describe the qualities you want your partner to possess. Muslima enlists a few questions you want to ask to your ideal match. It further questions regarding your personality and the various interests you might have. You will be asked to add various ‘CupidTags’ or keywords about your personality and interests. This step ensures that the other members can easily connect to you once they search for those ‘CupidTags.’ Finally, you must upload five photos and a video of yourself for the world to see. Make sure to use valid email id and validate it with the website.

Getting connected

With a well built messaging structure within Muslima, it is easier for users to connect worldwide. The instant messaging feature is not available for free users. But they can reply to messages sent by other users. If one is willing to pay for a membership, then a whole new door is opened. The user will be able to do messaging, video, or voice chatting to anyone and anytime. With a premium account, the user can be the first person to initiate a conversation for the first time. The voice and video chatting features are unique to this website, thus making it different from others.

Getting connected

Creating a platform for widespread use

Muslima has a lot of services to offer. In this Muslima review, let’s explore those possibilities together. The internet acts as a big area where people can actively come online and do whatever they want. Here in Muslima, a user is given a platform to make connections built relationships, and, hopefully, make some new friends. The large number of testimonials mentioned on the website shows its high success rate.

The PC version

The PC version of the website seems to be faultless and unique in its way. There is the presence of a search bar that enables you to search for people having similarities with you. Thus helps you to connect with anyone whom you remotely like. Navigation from one page to another is effortless and quick. The website looks very organized, and you can view the website in languages like Portuguese, English, French, etc. The layout of the PC version of Muslima is arranged so that a layman can also use it with great ease.

An App for some extra convenience

The app ensures that Muslima is available at your fingertips and helps you to get online at any time of the day you want. The app is possible to be downloaded from Google Play for free. It is easy to find and will provide you with a lot of conveniences. The app may be a bit different from the web version, but it is equally easy to use. Browsing through profiles is simple to do. The app is also rated on Google Play store and thus ensures that any under-aged child is not able to download it. Also, the app has a small size, which will consume the minimum amount of space of your phone memory. The app offers the button for ‘messaging’ on the top of the screen so that you do not need to waste your time behind navigating through the app. It also provides a button with the help of which you will be able to ‘send interest’ to a particular person. This means you are letting that person know that you like him or her. If the person likes you back, both of you will match and start messaging for further conversations.

The User Friendly Design

This is the opportunity to tell you that Muslima has managed to create a website that can be efficiently used by anyone irrespective of their age and knowledge. The creators have worked for gruesome hours to provide us with the best they had to offer. The website’s design is elegant and does not have any colors that can irritate the eye.

Users Saved from the Headache of Bad Navigation

The website has been well planned and well executed for you. It helps you to save yourself an ample amount of time. After logging in, you will see how the website has added different tabs and columns dedicated to each available feature. It has been designed in such a way that you can’t get lost. When you take your mouse to someone’s profile picture, it unfolds many options for you to choose from. There is a search button that enables you to search for the keywords or ‘CupidTags’ you like. In this way, you can find new people with whom you may match in the future. Each search takes a few seconds, saving you a lot of time and energy. You can save some profiles that might be to your liking.

Users Saved from the Headache of Bad Navigation

The price tag of Muslima

Muslima has made a line-up of offers for users to choose from. They propose two kinds of memberships which can again be divided into different plans. All the costs and tenure of the plans are listed down below.

Gold Membership is one of the memberships offered by the website. The features provided by Gold Membership include instant messaging, live chats, no Ads, etc. Rates are as follows:

  • $30 for a month
  • $60 for three months (at a rate of $20 per month)
  • $100 for six months (at a rate of $16.66 per month)
  • $120 for 12 months (at a rate of $10 per month)

Premium Membership is the other kind of membership that Muslima has to offer. Along with all the features of Gold Membership, additional features provided are advanced searching, translational services, instant messaging, and many more. Rates are as follows:

  • $35 for a month
  • $69 for three months (at a rate of $23.33 per month)
  • $120 for six months (at a rate of $20 per month)
  • $150 for 12 months (at a rate of $12.50 per month)

Contrasts between Paid and Free access

Paid users get a wide range of services that the unpaid or free users are deprived of. The Muslima review brings forward all such differences so that potential users gain all the knowledge before using the website. The paid users have the benefit of translating the text messages from the mailbox into other languages. The languages available for translation are French, German, Italian, Dutch, etc. They are given the privilege to be the first to start messaging. Unpaid or free users can reply to the message, but they cannot be the first to message. They cannot contact all members and avail of the benefits of advanced search.

Modes of Payment

Minds behind Muslima have ensured that their users are offered a variety of payment modes to avoid problems. If a user wants to opt for gold or platinum membership and is willing to pay, there is nothing to worry about. One can pay by credit or debit card, bank transfer, Western Union, Paysafecard, Ukash, or PayPal. Even international users are given the option to pay in their currency. Also, the membership plan gets auto-renewed after completion of its terms.

Step by step guideline of Payment

The step by step guidelines of payment for membership is explained in this Muslima review. Follow the guidelines, and you will be able to complete payment in no time. The mode of payment must be decided and selected first. Muslima has to offer a wide array of payment methods so that users do not face any problem. Select the payment method; enter your credential details, including card number, security number, OTP, etc. Hit the ‘PAY’ button and voila! Your payment is complete. Irrespective of the kind of membership, users have the liberty to cancel membership anytime.

Step by step guideline of Payment

Safety & Security for users

Muslima makes sure that the users are clarified on the terms of use. The contact details of the authorities governing the website are provided in the primary statement. When a user has been reported against his or her profile is deleted. The person is also banned from making any more profiles on the website. The cookie policy and community guidelines are also mentioned within the website for users.

All the information that is provided to you in this Muslima review symbolizes that the creators of Muslima are providing you with world-class services. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, you do not need to worry about scams. Have fun and explore the different options that Muslima has to offer.

Specificities of the site

A new member must give a complete description of his or her religious values and beliefs during signing up. This gives other interested people to read the person’s ideologies before matching. Muslima gives divorcees a second chance in trying their luck in finding a perfect partner. The website is completely devoid of any Ads. Users with a Gold or Platinum membership account can get ahead from other free members by receiving many benefits.

Final Words

Final Words

The world is not a big of a place. Everyone has been designated with a soulmate by the supreme power. Time and patience are needed to find the person. There are plenty of people who have used Muslima over the years and are continuing to do so. The website has proven to be a one-stop solution for finding the perfect match. Hope you get to explore and eventually find your loved one. Hopefully, this Muslima review helps. All the best!

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
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