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PussySaga Review 2021

PussySaga Review
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Profiles 28000000
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Pros and Cons

  • Well-designed game & available in multiple languages;
  • No censorship on nudity;
  • A wide range of characters;
  • A high-quality and realistic sound effects;
  • Simple rules of the game.
  • No interaction with other users during the game.

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History of Pussysaga

History of Pussysaga

For those who got tired of watching standard porno videos, Pussysaga was introduced as a magic wand. It is a service that lets users use imagination and take absolute control of their dating. No doubt, it is a game for adults only. It contains a lot of nudity, sensitive content, and naughty language. A perfect mix for someone who likes games but also wants to get more pleasure from playing. Pussysaga review examines the way the game is built and its fees. It looks into every feature the game offers and characterizes its pros & cons. There is always a downside in every game, either free ads block the screen or bugs slow down your progress. What are the hidden secrets and undiscovered benefits of this game? This Pussysaga review will unveil everything you need to know about this porn game.

To start with, it belongs to a family of games created by Hooligapps. The company was launched back in 2012. It offers a wide range of games for adults. The game does not need to be installed and does not require a very good Internet connection. The plot revolves around the babes or main characters of the game and their naughty lives. To be precise, the game aims to make them nasty, so they could complete the tasks you give them. Since a monster kidnapped the main Goddess of Pleasure, your mission is to get her back. The monster is required to give him babes before he sets the hostage free.

Pussysaga review of policies emphasizes that the game contains adult content and cannot be used by people less than 18 y.o. It has a lot of sensitive visuals and sound effects. However, the game does not promote violence and serves as a type of adult entertainment. It has elements of soft porn, but all the content is authorized for use on the site. The site does not have visuals of real people.

Qualities of Member Pool

Since the online games industry is full of competition, Pussysaga’s ideas do not present a lot of new concepts. It is a classic game with the addition of soft porn. However, the affordable prices and good-quality design attracts the attention of many users globally. Besides, the game is available in languages like Russia, English, German, Chinese, and others. Hence, these are the most popular country-residences of the users. Only after the registration stage the user can start setting up the character.

What is the most common sexual orientation of users?

Pussysaga review identified that the game objectifies the female characters. Most of them are either hetero or homosexual. So, the game’s primary audience is the male population. The second place belongs to bisexual females.

Age Restrictions

Pussysaga Restrictions

The game is banned for people of illegal age, 18 or 21, depending on your country of residence. The largest age category represented on the site is people 18 – 27 y.o. The second place belongs to people of 36-45 y.o. However, the simplicity of use and interactive features lured males of all age categories into the game.

Registration guidelines

Although you need to be 18 to register, the site does not conduct any verification. The user needs to give an e-address and verify it by clicking on the link. After that, the password and username chosen by the user are sent in an email. As soon as you log in, you get access to the conversations between characters and the first heroine.

User Profile

Pussysaga User Profile

The Pussysaga review of the profile shows that it is not a regular profile, as you can find on a dating site. There is no compulsory requirement to disclose your identity at all. More emphasis is placed on the heroine. The account options have main stats, skills, store, and home button. These options let you get a character, improve it, and play the games. By playing the games, you get coins and other bonuses that let you enhance the account.

Find the button ‘All girls’ in the left bottom corner. It takes you to the list of girls or heroines you had, used, and have not used yet. In what ways can you use the characters? These are the girls you ask on a date, have virtual sex with and upgrade. As soon as you reach the next level, new heroines become available, and if you gained enough bonuses or purchased the currency, you can buy a new one.

You aim to build a town and make the girls work and bring you more coins. In a nutshell, you play a game as a local businessman or pimp, in other words. All the girls are different in appearance and have specific needs.


In terms of interaction, the user does not communicate with other users. The communication is happening between the user and the characters. The game has branching dialogues, and they are focused on tempting the user and spicing up the setting. Pussysaga heroines are openly seductive, and their talk is a provocative, sexy conversation. The characters talk to each other and the users. It is possible to take the girl on a virtual date and even have sex with the character. There is no censorship, so the user can freely manipulate the characters as long as the balance allows it.

Platform Specifications

The game was created for browsers. Its popularity and high demand inspired the developers to develop an app.

PC version

Pussysaga is a browser platform. Follow the pussysaga.com link, and the window with the signup form appears. After the quick signing up process, the user is taken to the window with the nasty fairy giving instructions on how to play the game.

Is there an application?

Pussysaga review of the app shows that it is currently compatible with Android only. So, other users have to opt for the browser version.


All the game functions are easy to use. It takes one click to open them. The game is quick, and it does not take long to load different pages. The layout of the playing setting is the following:

  • Left side menu (with the daily tasks to complete);
  • Right side menu (sales, discounts, other offers);
  • Top menu (business, Bank, skills, balance)
  • Bottom menu (all girls, photo gallery).

Tips on navigation

Tips on navigation

‘All girls’ and ‘Manage my business’ are two main buttons for navigation since they take you from one setting to the other. The section with girls is your admin areas where you sort out the character, work on its improvement, and check your stats. Meanwhile, the business section is the one where all activities are happening.

Pussysaga Fees

Pussysaga offers a lot of products in the game. First of all, every character costs a certain amount and requires to reach a particular level in the game. After you get a character, it will ask for different goods needed for its functioning and development. Since all the heroines are females, they require a lot of accessories. Besides, some boosters help you jump from one level to the other quickly. Hence, the spendings are controlled by you. You can get a membership. It often offers you good deals since the site has a friendly discount policy. You can also pay per each item separately. One thing is for sure: the game stops at a certain level if you do not invest in it.

When you open the game, you will see the ‘Business’ section in the left top corner. It shows your options. You can get some good for your character if you have the currency. There are coins, crystals, and nectars. For example, 50 crystals cost $4.99, 440 crystals cost $19.95, 780 crystals cost $29.95, and 1400 crystals cost $49.95. The prices get updated regularly, and you can often find the items on discount.

Nectars come for the same prices but different quantities. This currency has less value. The 250 nectars cost you $4.49, 2200 nectars cost $19.95, 3900 nectars cost $29.95, and 7000 cost $49.95.

The bucks or coins have similar prices. For the 500 bucks, you pay $4.99; for 6600 bucks, you pay $29.95; for the 13000, you pay $49.95, and for 19600, you pay $69.95.

What are the benefits of paid and constraints of free membership?

Without purchasing the good in the game, moving on to the next level is impossible. The whole idea of the game is to complete the levels. So, sooner or later, the user has to spend some dollars.

The benefits of getting coins, nectars, and crystals on the site are enormous. They enable you to:

  • Boost the character qualities;
  • Move up to the next level quicker;
  • Set up your business in the game and gain profit;


Pussysaga review of payment options shows that the website cooperates with SegPay. It has a link that refers users to the payment system’s site to clarify the billing details.

What are the payment options?

SegPay is entirely responsible for processing your payments and the site connects the data from your credit card to the profile for the sake of not typing in the data every time you buy something.

Note that you can find the payment options in the game, in particular in the section’ Bank.’ Also, it will appear every time you attempt to purchase something. The types of credit cards accepted are Visa, Maestro, Master card. Besides, you can use a Qiwi wallet.

Are there any safety measures?

Since Pussysaga does not need to be downloaded to your laptop or PC, you are not facing any online hazards. It requires the Flash Player to be on and is compatible with all browsers if they are updated to the latest version. You are in charge of your login details. The site is not tolerating usage of one account by many people, so make sure to protect your login details.

customer support

The app is constantly fixed, and you can find the latest updates in the Google store. The app’s first release is dated 2017, and since then, a lot has been improved. The quality of heroines and backgrounds have been added. So, the developers take into account user feedback. You can contact their customer support via website or app, and they reply within 48 hours.

Scam Prevention

Since only the website team has access to your account, the chances of being scammed are limited. Note that Pussysaga does not process the payment, and SegPay is in charge of it. Since SegPay is a trustworthy payment option, the risk of being charged unfairly is next to zero.

Also, the site does not collect much of your data. It is an email address that you can register specifically for the game, so personal or work email remains separated.

More Features

Pussysaga review of features presented a lot of exciting findings. The game offers an impressive set of options that make you like the game more.

Build a porn studio business. On the way to achieving the main goal and setting the Goddess free, you can build your empire. The business you are going to develop is a porn studio. To get it, you need a lot of bucks. You can buy out different businesses in town one by one to get profit from them. Also, you need to employ the heroines you get every time you reach a new level in the game.

Set up a date. You can invite out your characters. You need to treat them to a nice dinner, give presents, and ‘have sex’ with the character on a date. It is the name of the final level in the game. All of that requires you to have money on your balance. Besides, you can improve the character, so it becomes more profitable for you quicker. This option is available in the section ‘All girls’. By clicking on a heroine, you get access to the stats on her. Select improved personality, and the options to improve her beauty, sexuality, or romance will be available.

Daily Events. The game prepares a challenge for you daily. By completing some tasks, you get the bonuses and money. The task can be to take a girl out on a date, or get a gift.

Gallery. It is no secret that the models in the game are all curvy and busty. They wear not much clothes, and you are free to change their attire. Besides, they can take selfies for you. As a result, you get a gallery of nudes sent to you by the girls. Every time you go on a date with a girl, she sends a photo. By the ‘date’ in the game, one means to play a match.


An escape from reality or training for your imagination? Call it whatever you want, but Pussysaga is a game that can spice up the private life of males, females, and couples. It has colorful heroines that evoke imagination and leave even the most reserved person wondering what is under the skirt of that naughty babe.

The game resembles a lot of features of other popular online games, but it is evident that founders added personal spin to the plot. It is an engaging and seductive game. You can easily spend an hour or half of the day playing it. It gives you control over the ladies, the business, and the town. Besides, the more often you visit the site, the more discounts you will catch. The game has sales almost every day. With Pussysaga, your virtual date always goes by your plan.

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