VS Match: Which One To Choose?
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Tinder VS Match: Which One To Choose?

Tinder VS Match: Which One To Choose?

With both names being extremely popular in the dating world, Tinder VS Match is going to be an ultimate dating site comparison. And why not? How many times do you have to compare two dating sites coming from the same company? If you are looking for love and are confused about where to start the search, you must find out why one is better than the other. Unfortunately, most people can’t make the decision when it comes to Tinder VS Match. While Tinder is a trending dating platform of recent times, Match comes with a reputation of years since 1993. While it may seem like an option to get your profile on both, dating experts suggest settling for one platform and giving it complete attention. And thus, pull over and get started with an in-depth comparison of the two best dating sites.

Summary Table: Tinder VS Match In Points

Tinder Match
Pros: Pros:
Unmatched popularity Strong and active user base
Best at local dating Super detailed user profiles
Fastest dates A diverse mix of subscribing users
Free access to most features Advanced search filters
Quickest registration & profile setup

GOOD FOR finding the perfect match by swiping people with characteristics you like or dislike.
GOOD FOR enabling hookups, finding dates, and chatting with fellow singles ready to mingle.

Tinder VS Match: Better Match Qualities

Tinder and Match, despite being dating sites, are very different from each other. While Tinder excels at finding local matches within a kilometers range from you, Match tries to pair you with potential users who may be close to you. The match quality, or the distance of the suggested users, depends on the website’s popularity in your area, city, and country. But what comes as a surprise is that Tinder hardly disappoints no matter the location you are logging in from on the platform.

Winner: Match uses several matchmaking techniques that Tinder doesn’t. And hence the quality of matches can be highly competitive. Also, suggestions on Tinder are numerous but most of them aren’t looking for something serious. However, Match comparatively is less in numbers, but there are more marriage worthy people. So we would give it a Tie!

Tinder VS Match: Who Reaches More Countries

Both Tinder and Match boast a global audience, but while the former reaches more than 190 countries across the globe, the latter reaches 50. Now, even Match’s fifty is not enough compared with Tinder. So, it falls short in front of its competitor.

Winner: Tinder

How Many People Use Match VS Tinder?

Tinder has a huge user base of 66 million by 2020, while Match has only a tiny portion with close to 10 million. Undoubtedly, no one can beat Tinder when it comes to popularity. However, the result would drastically change if we compared the user base Match VS Tinder for over 40s. While Match is preferred by users aged 30 and above, Tinder is popular among younger age groups.

Winner: Tinder

Who Has A Better Reputation: Tinder VS Match?

Match has been there for a longer time. Hence it has established a reputation like no other. But Tinder is a rage with the young audience and there’s no competitive dating site in this area. However, Match VS Tinder Reddit reviews will keep you at a toss. While Match gets a reputation for being expensive and fewer options, Tinder gets it for popularity, fake profiles, quick dates and being free.

Winner: People from different localities have different opinions regarding the two, but if we had to summarise, Match is the preference when they can afford it. Here we will give this round to Match!

Tinder VS Match: Easier Registration Process

The complete signing up process on Match takes somewhere between 20-30 minutes, depending on how much time you take to complete the detailed profile. Comparatively, Tinder hardly takes five minutes to complete the registration. While Match doesn’t have any social integration, Tinder is all about shortcuts and auto-fills despite having the shortest registration form. You can minimize even the time on photo selection for uploading by syncing the profile with your Instagram or Facebook account.

Winner: Tinder for the smoothest, fastest, and easiest registration in the history of dating sites!

Tinder VS Match: The Better User Profiles

Now comes the tricky part! While we were thrilled about the last step, it changes our outlook on this one, and you will know why. Tinder made it easy to register because the profile creation did not need anything. The criteria for liking on the dating platform is superficial. The photos are the basis of right and left swipes that mean like(right swipe) and dislike(left swipe). Besides the photo, user profiles show basic information about the person available on the social media account they log in with. The only interesting thing about a Tinder profile is its short Bio, where users show their creativity.

In contrast is the Match profile, which is detailed to the core. There are so many questions to answer that a person is bound to start retrospecting a bit. However, since it gives a bit of an old-school scrapbook vibe, Match users love it. See the tables turning? Even though it takes time, a detailed profile is preferred for three reasons: better match quality with more compatibility, more conversation starters, and a better understanding of a person.

Winner: Match!

Tinder VS Match: User-Friendly Interface

When Tinder entered the online dating arena in 2012, it caused a new beginning. Its interface was one of the reasons to cause a stir. While all the dating platforms launched post Tinder followed the app as an inspiration for design, structure, and features, older platforms changed their format to follow it. Match was one of them, and after the takeover of Tinder by the Match group, the transition only became more effortless. So currently, the app interface is on similar lines.

On the other hand, websites differ significantly because of the difference in the number of features between the two. While both are user-friendly, the upgraded design of Match looks quite good, despite packing so much content on screen. However, the very new website of Tinder might seem a little disappointing for a website experience.

Winner: If the website version is considered, then Match!

Tinder VS Match: Take On Hookups & Serious Relationships

Here comes the exciting part! Most people looking for a dating site forget to consider their purpose and end up being disappointed. But it is a significant consideration that determines your experience on a dating platform. For example, for many years now, Match has been branding itself as a matchmaker for serious relationships and mainly matrimony. However, Tinder is precisely the opposite. The very design and features of the popular dating app represent casual dating. Think about it, would a photograph be the only criteria when looking for a serious relationship? And if you look at the profile bios, then having a serious relationship would be the last thing in your mind on Tinder. But does it mean exceptions do not happen?

Winner: The winner of Tinder VS Match for actual relationships or, rather a serious one, is Match. Tinder is your go-to app for hookups and casual dating.

Tinder VS Match: Best Choice For Men

It depends on what requirements you have as men. If your focus is on Match VS Tinder Milf, you should register with Match because Tinder is not very popular with 30 and above. On the other hand, if you are fond of women and sex, Tinder can satisfy your urges and fast without any user judgments. And finally, if gay dating is what you are looking for, you are in for a treat because both platforms are equally great for gay dating. However, the quality of matches varies from location to location. is remarkably better for longer-lasting relationships while Tinder may be great for hookups, the suggestions for gay dating are not very satisfactory.

Winner: Match

Tinder VS Match: Best Choice For Women

Similar to gay dating, one can do lesbian dating on both platforms. However, the quality of matches differs. On Tinder, you will need to tweak the settings to show women as your match suggestions. Again, however, there is no guarantee of the sexuality of the women. Match, on the other hand, is far better with results, be it any sexuality.

Winner: Match

Features: Tinder VS Match

When it comes to features in a battle of Match VS Tinder, Match has to win. Tinder glorifies speed with simplicity which Match can’t. On the other hand, the Match dating site is all about advanced dating algorithms, extensive features, etc. Therefore, it is only fair to do a comparative listing to show what each one offers.

The features of Match include notifying about profile visits and likes. Besides the notifications, one can get match suggestions through daily matches, top profiles, and requests. One can even make calls, video calls, and text messages for faster communication through the platform without actually sharing their contact number. The unique feature is a recent addition on the dating site keeping the pandemic in view. And since one can see profile visitors, Match also allows anonymous browsing for those who want to admire secretly and play hard to get.

Tinder, however, has a limited number of features. The unique thing about Tinder is all of its main features are available for free. The subscription plans only upgrade the already available features instead of adding new ones. So, for example, you can swipe to like and dislike for free, but you can use likes that get a faster like-back with a subscription. You can also rewind your action like undo.

Winner: It could be a tie, but since Match shows variety, the round goes to it.

Tinder VS Match: App Comparisons

The dating site Match can never win the competition of the best app when it’s Match versus Tinder. No one can be against the trendsetter of the era. Even though the upgraded version of the app is pretty cool and intuitive, one cannot deny that it is copying Tinder.

Winner: Tinder for the best app interface and experience.

Tinder VS Match: Best Price

It would be fair to comment on the price after showing Tinder Vs. Match subscription price range.

Validity Tinder Match
Tinder Gold VS Match Premium
1 month $29.99
3 months $71.97
6 months $112.99 $119.94
12 months $149.99 $197.88
Tinder Plus VS Match Standard
1 month $19.99
3 months $59.97
6 months $74.99 $107.94
12 months $99.99 $191.88

Match VS Tinder subscribers must remember that the prices may vary seasonally and with a location change. Also, besides the subscription mentioned earlier, Tinder has another platinum plan, and Match offers Boosts to its users. Also, Tinder has different rates for users below and above 30 years.

Winner: Tinder for cheaper subscription rates.

Tinder VS Match: The Winner & Final Impression

After a very close call, the battle winner is Match, with the score being 5:6. However, when comparing Tinder VS Match users, we found an evident differentiation between them. It means despite the results, Tinder could work better for you if you are below 30 and looking for a pocket-friendly dating site for a quick hookup or casual dating in your area. But if you are aiming to settle down with a relationship, Match would be a more appropriate choice!

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