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TSDates Review 2021

TSDates Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 18-25
Profiles 100 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Transparent pricing policies, no hidden fees
  • Diverse membership pool
  • Good-quality profile (informative, descriptive)
  • Diverse contacting options
  • Limited capabilities of the standard membership
  • Pricey features

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What Is TSDates?

The launch of TSDates in 1996, pleased the transgender community and served as a significant contribution to its development. Believe it or not, the community is still surrounded by stigma. So, the society needed this niche site badly. TSDates review will analyze how the site managed to satisfy the demands of the worldwide transgender community. Also, this TSDates review enables the users to avoid troubles and learn the ways to navigate around the site safely.

So, what is the purpose of the site, and what philosophy does it pursue? The site is open for men, women, couples, and groups who are united by the same idea of looking for a transgender partner. All individuals belonging to the third sex are going to find a partner on the TSDates dating service for sure. It is a place where people look for hookups, one-night stands, enjoy adult content, and everything related to dating. The site is decorated with excellent visual materials of models. Its design sets a good mood and creates favorable conditions for couples and singles to interact. Hence, the membership activity stats are higher than on any other website. Read on the TSDates review to find out more about the types of user profiles on the site.

What Is TSDates?

Is TSDates Legit Or Scam?

It is a wise decision to look into the TSDates review of policies before you finish up your profile. The registration does not require disclosing a lot of information; however, in the process of using the site, you might be tempted to share some private details. So, remember that the site deals with adult content, and it is not a crime to let a person you like to have a glance at your nudes. However, the site cannot control what the other users might do with your files. Modern software allows users to take screenshots as well as record video conversations. Stay on the safe side and open up to the users you 100 % trust.

The site requires your email address and photo to set up the profile. The e-address can be used for promotions and newsletters, sending the TSDates review of events and updates to you. The site’s policies do not presuppose any other use of your personal information. So, in case someone is asking for more information, contact the support to clarify whether it is not a scam.

You will also need to give your payment details for purchasing a membership. The payments are transparent and protected. The site does not have any hidden charges, all the updated prices are published regularly, and the transaction is handled by the payment system you opt for.

Is TSDates Legit Or Scam?

Who Are The Members Of The Site

Members of TSDates are proud members of the LGBTQ+ community. These are women and men who want the freedom of expression and seek good-quality dating. TSDates offers the registration form where a member needs to specify the gender and the gender of the preference (male, female, couple, gay couple, group, etc.).

The estimated number of users of the site is 90 million people. A couple of millions are coming from the United States; the others are from German, the United Kingdom, China, and Thailand. These countries are the leaders, but there are more nationalities present on the site. The daily activity is estimated to be a million people.

Sexual orientation

The dominance in the gender distribution belongs to single male transgenders, and the second place belongs to female transgenders. The less represented categories are couples and groups.

Age Distribution

The dominant age group on the TSDates is 25 – 35 y.o. It is the largest group, and the others are represented almost equally. The rest categories cover the public of 36- 41 y.o, 45 – 55 y.o, and 55+.

Age Distribution

Sign Up Process And Login Info

It does not take much time to become a registered member of the website. TSDates sign up is swift and smooth. All you need to do is indicate the password and email and set up the profile. Make sure to verify your contact details since every account needs to be checked. The moderators take the account validation seriously since it is one of the ways to ensure the safety of online communication on the site.

There is nothing like a personality test on the registration stage, so the user does not receive the immediate matches. Besides, the profile can be finished later, as well as the photo upload.

Profile Creation At TSDates

A couple of options are available for managing your profile. The opportunity to edit the profile enables the user to upgrade the membership, change the preferences, and add more pictures or videos.

There is an exclusive option on the profile that makes the site different from all others. It works as a personal blog. There is a space that does not limit the word count, and the user is welcome to share thoughts, stories, and exciting facts there.

Another thing to remember is the visibility of the profiles. The TSDates review of profiles figured that only members with the gold membership could see all profiles. In other cases, you can view the profiles of a person who is chatting to you or like you.

The section that is called setting on the usual sites is called ‘my stuff’ on TSDates and enables managing the profile. Also, the company sends you an email with offers to upgrade the membership. It is not a must but recommended to enjoy more functions on the site.


TSDates communication means are available to the paid members. It is the only drawback. However, the messaging at TSDates is worth every dime you spend. So, what kind of messaging systems are offered:

  • Instant chat
  • Chat rooms
  • Email messaging

You can start a chat with the users, and luckily their status is visible on the profile. Another option to find people to talk to is to use a search bar. One of the most popular filters used are locations. It is recommended to text people who are online, and that way, you will save money and get the replies instantly.


Platform For Use

TSDates is keeping up with the times and updates the platform as often as possible. It is currently compatible with all the operating systems on smartphones.


Initially, the site was created to be used on the PC and laptops. Back in 1996, smartphones were not that capable and accessible as they are now. With the modern users turning to their phones more often, the site adjusted the site for mobiles. Hence, the users can open the site on their browsers, and the app is still in the process of development.

All the functions that the site offers to the PC users (messaging, search, blogs, etc.) are available in the mobile version of the website.

Design and Usability

It is simple in use, hence modest in design. TSDating does not offer any sophisticated features. As a silver lining, the site has a lot of adult content, which sets the right tone for the users. The multiple photoshoots of transgender, transvestite models fill in the pages of the site.

Navigating TSDates is fun. It has entertaining sections full of fantastic content. The top bar contains the Browse, Join, Forum, and Live segments. In the section Live, one can find a chat and shows that amateur models stream. TSDating forum is of a particular interest for the avid readers. It is divided into erotic stories, discussions, and personal blogs.


Costs And Prices At TSDates

TSDates membership is a ticket for opportunities. It is required to get access to messages. However, free users get to peep into the best practices of the site.

You have an option to get a membership or purchase features separately. The membership can be of a gold or standard type. The gold membership costs $40 per month, $81 per 3 months, and $240 per 12 months. Meanwhile, the standard membership costs $20 per month, $36 per 3 months, and $108 per 12 months.

Another option you can entertain yourself with is a private chat room. It costs $9.95 for a month, $20.85 for three months, $35.70 for six months, and $59.40 for a year.

You can also purchase a subscription for watching adult movies in good quality. Later on, you can go to a forum and discuss them. Another option is to set up a virtual movie date and go into the live chat after watching it. The price of a monthly subscription for movies is $18.95 and $26.85 for three months. For other purchases on the website, one can get credits that cost $1 per one credit.

Pros and Cons Of TSDates

The free account does let the user go far. To message, watch live shows, and participate in group chats, one needs a membership. To be specific, the free account features are the following:

  • Register & set up a profile with the photo
  • Watch the feed of other users activities.
  • Read the magazine
  • Reply to the messages you received
  • Use the search option.

The fun part comes with the paid membership account. The user gets access to these options:

  • All range of filters to find precise matches
  • Access to the full profiles of other users with the full-sized photos
  • Comprehensive access to messaging
  • Access to video content
  • Access to the shows streamed live by the models and amateur users.
  • Add as many members to your hotlist as you want (max 1000)
  • Get your issues sorted by the support in a priority order.
  • Participation in sex academy
  • Be a top fan of your favorite user or model.

Although you can purchase some features separately without getting a membership, the practice shows that it is more cost-efficient to have a paid account. In that way, you do not need to go through the payment process every time you want to use some features. It is still a considerable advantage that the services are available, not in bulk only.

Pros and Cons Of TSDates

How To Pay

So, the payment details you provide are not processed by the site but a payment system you are using. If you get a subscription, it will set itself for auto renewal, so remember to cancel it if you want to stop using the services. Make sure to cancel in time because the membership fee is nonrefundable according to the terms of use.

Payment Systems

TSDates review of pricing policies shows that the site is working with the reputable payment options, and no hidden fees were detected. It often happens the websites charge commission when they process the payment. This issue is eliminated since either Stripe (for credit cards), or PayPal are handling the payment. You can see the amount you paid in the receipt. In case any questions arise, you can always address the support for clarification.

Safety And Security

To be sure of the safety of using TSDates services, dive into the review of its privacy policies and confidentiality agreement. TSDates team is conscientious with the account verification and moderation of user activities.

Safety And Security


No doubt, online scamming is a widespread issue, and every online service has to deal with it sooner or later. In the case of TSDates review of policies, it looks like the site made sure to protect the rights of the users and state who is responsible in case of damage.

The moderators, along with the fraud prevention team, are working to identify the suspicious behaviors of the users, look into the complaints and reports on the accounts, and delete them. In case they find proof of breach of contract, the account is removed, and for the time of the investigation, it is suspended.

The site also instructs the users on the code of conduct. For sure, TSDates was created for free people who want to practice their freedom of speech. However, if the user’s actions violate human rights and disrespect someone’s dignity, the user is going to leave the website. The site does not encourage or support any illegal activities. With that in mind, all users are recommended to filter the information they share on the platform.

Special Features

Regardless of the membership type, TSDates introduced the set of services that can be bought independently. These features are:

  • Points. Call it points or credits or, in simple words, the website’s currency. You get them to buy virtual services from the site.
  • Adult Movies. Some good content is uploaded in HD quality. Most of the movies are recommendations from the users. These are erotic, romantic genre movies. After the movie session, it is possible to go and start or join the discussion in one of the chat rooms.
  • Private online party. If you are a paid member, you can create a chat room and have it locked for all the users. Only the users who get the code to it will be able to access it. Mind that the code for the chat room should be different from your password to the TSDates account for security reasons.
  • ‘What is hot?’. By picking this option, you get access to the list of hottest materials and users on the website. If you feel too lazy to go and look for hotties, just go to that section, and they will be brought to you on a plate.



TSDates review of confidentiality, services, and quality of the website points out the affordable price, friendly support team, and practical dating features. The site seems to have everything one needs to feel good on a lonely Friday evening, or during a tedious working day, It is a platform that collects various types of information from erotic movies to articles with health recommendations. It is worth visiting the site for the sake of having fun watching the models perform live and communicate with like-minded people. TSDates is, for sure, an excellent place to find a match.

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