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Uniform Dating Review 2021

Uniform Dating Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 2,000,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free profile set up (photo uploads, descriptions, the first list of matches);
  • More than 2 million users from all over the globe;
  • Highly daily activity rates.
  • No verification procedure during the registration.

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How does Uniform Dating work?

How does Uniform Dating work

The history of Uniform Dating begins in 2004. The tradition of wearing a uniform is ancient. People started wearing it as a sign of belonging to a particular group or organization. So, it is a symbol of a specific community. How come it became attractive? Uniform Dating review presents the data on the members of the site, their feedback, and explains what drives people to the site. This niche website united more people than one could think. It appears that people do not think much about it, but uniform dating site does influence their choice on the subconscious level. With the Uniform Dating review, all the principles of work of the platform will be identified to understand the secret of the site’s success.

There have been numerous studies conducted to explain the reason why people, females, in particular, are so attracted to men in uniform. Initially, it was explained by masculinity. Later on, more women started joining occupations that presupposed uniforms. Now masculinity is not an explanation anymore. Whatever the reason is, Uniform Dating united about 2 million ladies and gentlemen wearing or admiring the uniform of any type, whether it is a firefighter or a dentist.

On the website’s main page, the user can find the list of the most popular professions searched by the users, including dentists, marines, bikers, and surgeons. The list of all occupations with the uniform is more extended than twenty items. So, although the website is a niche, it has a lot of potential users.

Uniform Dating has all the legal rights to work on the international market. With almost two decades of experience, the site has polished the policies to the state of excellence. The website does not tolerate violation of the internal policies and conducts checks of the user activity to establish a safe environment for all the participants.

Member Overview

Uniform Dating membership base is estimated to be around 3 million. A large part of the member base resides in the USA, the UK, Australia, and some of the European countries. About 100 000 users visit the site daily. These are impressive numbers. A lot of people register every day, as well. Note that the profile gets posted, but the photo is usually held back for the verification. So, when you see the profile but no photo, it is because the user uploaded a fresh picture.

What about the sexual orientation of the users?

The overview of gender distribution on the site shows that males prevail. The females on the website are mostly heterosexual or bisexual, and the males are heterosexual. However, the site has a fair share of representatives of the LGTB+ community.

Age Representation

Uniform Dating unites people, regardless of their age. Those who wear uniforms, wore uniforms, and admire them gathered on this site. The largest age categories are 25 – 35 y.o for females and males. There are people of 45-55 y.o., and 55+.

How to: Signing up & Login Details

Uniform Dating Signing

By clicking the ‘Join now’ button on the main page, you get a couple of simple tasks to complete. These are to give the e-address and password. There will be a request to open your email inbox and click on the link you receive. The link does not take long to come.

Uniform Dating does not require much to post the profile. There is no process of profile approval, but there is moderation when it comes to photos you upload. So, read the terms of use to avoid issues. The site does not force you to use the real name, and they even encourage you to pick a nickname for the sake of your security.

How does the profile look?

How does the profile look

Uniform Dating review identified the main characteristics of the existing member profiles. To start with, they are rarely filled in completely. It is especially true about the sections in which users have to type in themselves. Luckily, the website provides the default fields with some questions. The users tend to complete the parts where they just need to fill in the box.

Some profiles have an old photo gallery. However, it is vital to refresh not only the profile information but also photos. It adds points to your profile. If the users are roaming around the website looking for someone to talk to, they opt for the profiles with pictures of a person. As a recommendation, upload a selfie where your facial features are distinctly visible and full-body photos. Note that the website only requires your content not to violate the legal norms, so it is up to you.

How-to: Interaction with other users

Interaction with other users

Your freedom to interact with other users depends on the type of membership. For the users with the unpaid membership, the winks and flirts will be available. As for the paid plan, all the options open up. First of all, the messaging in chat and private messages come in an unlimited amount.

Before you start the communication, you need to find people to talk to. It is simple when you join the chat with several users in it. What about the private messages? How to find a person who is interested in you and will reply to your messages? Start with the online people. Look through them and find someone who fits your preferences most. Use the search button; if you are a paid member, use the location filter. It will increase the chances of having a real date soon. Regardless of where you live, you can find people nearby if you are traveling, for example.

Uniform Dating start the communication

Last but not least, hint that most websites offer, and Uniform Dating is not an exception, is wink and flirt. These options are often underestimated. They are especially useful when the person you want to talk to is offline. Send a couple of winks, and they will text you first as soon as they are online. Besides, the wink is free of charge. It works well for those who have not purchased the membership yet.

Uniform Dating Besides

Specifications of the platform

Uniform Dating is available for all mobile devices and PC. It can be used on your iPad, iPhone, or any Redmi. The functionality is simple and universal, so it works on any device. The site has a straightforward design and pleasant visuals.

PC version specifications

The PC version is classic. It does not involve any sophisticated functions, and intuitively, all the buttons on the site can be used. The website is created with the user in mind. It will not be challenging to use for a person of any age and from any country. Also, the site can brag with the absence of ads, which usually causes many issues.

Is there a Uniform Dating App?

Is there a Uniform Dating App

The Uniform Dating review of the versions identified the app for Apple. The other operating systems will have to use the mobile version, which is less convenient. Note that if you have Apple, you will have convenient access to payment since you can do it via Apple pay. The users of the mobile version need to use the card.


Uniform Dating Functionality

On the positive side of the Uniform Dating review of functionality, access to free interaction means should be noted. The users have no limits in how many messages can be sent per day, or time restrictions (how quickly the other user needs to respond before the chat disappears). All the functions serve the purpose of making people comfortable. So, the final verdict on functionality is satisfying.

How-to: Navigating on the site

Becoming a member of Uniform Dating is quick, just use the form on the main page. The website takes you to the sections you need to fill in, and nothing is technically complicated with the website options. Note that if you scroll to the bottom of the main page of the site, you will find the directions to the website sections devoted to each profession with uniform or the most popular locations. You can see dentist dating, army dating, etc. It will take you to a user base that you want to find.

Membership Costs at Uniform Dating

Uniform Dating review of pricing policies includes three package types. The first one is a one month plan that will be the most expensive option. It costs $34.99. By purchasing the three months package, you save already, and pay $19.99 a month and $59.97 in total. Last but not least, the cheapest option is a six-month package, which costs $15.99 a month and $95.94 in total.

What comes with the free and paid membership plan?

According to the Uniform Dating review of policies, the site members are divided into categories according to the status of their account. So, you can be a Guest, and it means you are not registered. With this status, you can get access to the sections with the information about the service and customer support. You can be a free user. It means that the registration is completed, but the membership plan is not purchased. With the free account you can:

  • Login to the site & search for users;
  • Check the users with the online status;
  • Participate in the compatibility test.

However, to move on to the communication on the platform, you need to purchase the membership. It will enable you to:

  • Create lists and add users to your customized lists;
  • Message with the users (including SMS);
  • Have your profile highlighted, so it becomes in the center of attention more often;
  • Open additional filters for searches.

Payment Processing Overview

If the user got the trial version first, the site would ask for an upgrade. If the membership plan was purchased, it would renew itself on the expiration of the previous plan. The same plan will be prolonged for the same duration, and the user will be charged. Note that this is a point indicated in the initial agreement all users sign but often comes as a surprise to many customers. Uniform Dating review of terms of use shows that it mentions the recurring subscriptions.

On top of that, this process is irreversible and non-refundable. So, set the reminder if you plan to cancel the subscription or cancel it long enough before it expires. To do so, open your profile setting and find the billing section. Look for the button that cancels repetition of billing.

Payment Methods

Uniform Dating accepts credit/debit cards and bank transfers in some cases. Stripe powers the card transactions. In case any issues appear with the payment, address the customer support of the site. You can also purchase via your app.

How safe is it to use the website?

Every time you use online services, pay attention to the sections hidden in the corners or at the bottom of the site. They usually contain the vital information about the service. These are not the marketing pitches but the real situation. Uniform Dating review of the policies shows the standard set of rules that international dating sites follow to secure the platform for all the users.

Using dating services is not allowed to people younger than 18. By joining the website, the person confirms the age. A user is entitled to one account that should represent the real person. No profit gains are allowed and no promotions or advertising in the messages. The site does not encourage adult content, so it is forbidden to sare nudity on your profile. The private conversations are encrypted, and the website does not control the content there. However, public information like a profile photo cannot have any banned content.

Detecting Scams

To prevent scams, the website fraud team is verifying the accounts. It is not a necessary step on the stage of registration. However, later when the user uploads the photos, they cannot be posted instantly. The team is checking the correspondence to your profile and the code of conduct of the site. If the images do not violate any of the restrictions, they will become visible to the public.

More Functions

See me, hear me. It is a tip from the website and also a function available. If you want to check that the person on the other end is real, ask to send a photo or video. With this function, the website lets you use your camera, so you do not need to record it and then upload it. It will record and send the video from your account, and you will not need to share your details with the other user.

Quiz. No wonder Uniform Dating does not require to have a filled in profile. The users can call up each other and pass the quiz on compatibility. All the questions about appearance and personality will be sorted out in a questionnaire.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a single soldier on a long tour or policeman, you should check out the platform where you get the most appreciation and admiration for what you do. It is not a site where people get together to play role games. These are the real people who wear uniforms to work, and at times, they hate it. If only they knew that there is an army of fans waiting for them at Uniform Dating.

There is an undeniable fact about people who wear a uniform. Their jobs are usually time-consuming, and they have limited social life and free time. Since you cannot seduce the policeman who is giving you an exceeding fine on the street, you have more chances to meet him online—the intention to create the platform for these people reflected in the launch of Uniform Dating services.

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