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Whatsyourprice Review 2021

Whatsyourprice Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 23-24
Profiles 2.100.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The website is straightforward to use.
  • A very unique concept from any other in the dating niche.
  • Money is paid to the women as a date incentive. The bids are generous.
  • It is easy to register on the site. The registration process is free.
  • Payment is after the meeting, and some people may not keep their word.
  • The site will help you meet people who you would other not meet on a typical day.
  • The date may not be what is in the photo.
  • There are no guidelines on how to determine the value of a date.
  • While as there are so many genuine people, it is easy for women and men to abuse the system for their benefits. E.g., women for money or men go for dates and not pay.
  • Some people may see it as an anti-equality site where women are expected to be paid better than men or the same as men, but men pay for dates.
  • Since men and women do not communicate until the bid is made, it is not easy to tell what it would cost to get to the date until it is a bit late.
  • While it is a no escort site, the concept is open to misinterpretation. Most people feel it is a glorified escort.

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What is Whatsyourprice?

Whatsyourprice Review 2020

It is a dating auction where women get reimbursed for their effort, and time it takes to prepare for a date by attractive gentlemen. It facilitates dating by offering incentives. Whatsyourprice brand promise is to simplify dating and make it rewarding for everybody. The site was founded in April 2010 by an MIT trained Brandon Wade. The website is operated by W8Tech Cyprus Limited (“W8Tech”). The founder of this site has a sister site named Seeking Arrangement; hence some links on the Whatsyourprice page will take you to seek an arrangement page. It is strictly an online dating site and prohibits escorts. They have physical offices in both Hongkong and Cyprus. They also have contacts for the press in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Is Whatsyourprice Legit Or Scam?

There is no sign the website is a scam. Real people are looking for genuine companionship, friendship, and actual dates. From time to time, you may encounter machine-generated profiles in every dating site for management purposes, but for this, you may ask for a refund.

You may, however, encounter people who are out to use the site to make money. There is no way of filtering whether commercial sex workers use the site or not. Moreover, some members may be using the website to get sugar daddies.

It is essential to set your expectations before going on a date for some men may mistake paying for a date to paying for sex.

What Members On This Site

The women are mostly young college students and early career professionals. The men are older and well established may be intelligent. These may be the men next door or just traveling for business and need company.

There are over three million members and about five million bids to the first date.

Sexual Orientation

The site is mostly used for heterosexual relationships. The terms used are generous and beautiful. However, the term beautiful may have been dropped to accommodate various categories of members. The gays and lesbians are not locked out either. There is, however, no specific promotion of any sexual orientation. The community guidelines have been amended to be more accommodative.

Age Distribution

About the age of users includes much older men in their late thirties to fifties. The beautiful members are much younger college-going women or women starting their professions.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

To register, you may fill the usual profile tables or sign in with Google. You sign up for free in a two-step process. An online dating shortcut is available on the home page. You will need a valid email address. You create an account as a man or a woman. Do you want to make bids or receive bids? The company states that they balance demand and supply. You also specify whether you would like to meet men or women. Choose your preferred display name and your city. You must be from a limited number of cities in the USA. You may also allow your computer to access your location for accuracy. If the computer cannot access your place, you can input it manually. Date of birth is also part of the mandatory information that you have to provide.

The activation email is sent to your address. I may take longer to get the inbox. If you don’t get the email on the mailbox, please check the spam folder. In the message, you are encouraged to update up to three unique photos. From the email, click on “Yes, I want greater security.” If you do not verify, they cannot recover your account. Once you get to the website, you can complete your profile and add more photos.

Once you send the first message, you will get a second message on your email explaining the website’s objectives and the unique dating process. They also promise you more tips and examples that will help you succeed on the site. There is a link to the FAQ on the email. This will help you access answers to frequently asked questions.

Your photos and profile will be verified. Before then, you can use minimal features on the website.

Profile Creation

Whatsyourprice Review 2020

You can add more details about yourself on the website, including specific location physical attributes of height and body type. You can choose up to two body types. You also get to include your preferred partner details. The options range from dating, friendship, long-term, discreet affair, casual, and mentorship. The other details are optional. You can choose to tell information about your habits, habits, family, occupation, and income. There is an opportunity to personalize your message on who you are and the person of interest. It is where you increase your chances.

A public photo will be available for everyone to see. It will also increase your chances of being noticed. Private Photos are only visible when you send or accept an offer. When the offer is canceled, the photo is hidden. You can also add a photo as public, then make it private and vice versa. It takes about one hour for photos to be approved but can sometimes take up to one day. Before your profile and photos are recommended, you can browse the site. You can also save members you like as “favorite.”


Messages between the generous member and a beautiful member will only be allowed when the generous member has unlocked the offer after the beautiful member agrees to a deal. The top of the site has a double envelope icon that keeps a record of all your messages. You can filter the conversations based on most recent, unlocked, locked, archived, and unread.

Platform For Use

To use the site as a generous member, you need to create a profile. Then you send offers. Once the offer is accepted, you pay and start communicating with your date. You make a deal. You unlock the conversation and proceed for the first date. The women can give counteroffers to offers by the generous member which they can accept or ignore. Besides paying the beautiful member for the first date, the generous member is expected to pay for the expenses of the first date.

As a beautiful member, you create a profile, accept dates. You can also name your price first before the generous member. You then take the deal from the generous member and go out on the date. The generous member pays you once you get to the date. The terms of use on the website only bind the members for the first date. If they continue to meet beyond the first date, they may choose who to pay for the i. t Whether the generous member should continue to pay or not. The whole aim of the site is to get the first date.

There is a blog that is well written. It explains the idea behind the Whatsyourprice, the goals, and purpose. It also gives you hints on how to navigate and use the website towards success. You are also able to see the various levels of bids.

The offer page helps you see the offers that you have received and those you have sent to others at a glance. You can see whether they are pending, accepted, or rejected.

You can also view your profile, make changes, add and remove photos. You can buy credits and update the settings of your account.


The desktop is friendly with mostly two colors, a shade of blue and pink. It is effortless to navigate and use. It has very accessible buttons. To communicate with members, you can make an offer or a counteroffer for those that have offered. You may choose to wink at them or respond to a wink they sent to you. When you click on the company logo in the shape of a heart, you go to your dashboard. You can see all your recent activities, the newest members, and members online on the dashboard.


This service does not have a mobile app by the time of this review. There is, however, an app mentioned in terms of use and agreement. There is also an app with a similar name online with a different logo by a different company and has over a 1000 downloads but only six reviews. This site has no app available on Google Play or App Store.

Design And Usability

Whatsyourprice Review 2020

The design is simple, with two corporate colors. It is straightforward to navigate around and use. The serious stuff of policies and guidelines are found at the bottom while the core business is at the top. The About page gives the mission and vision of the organization, the founders, and the history. The active social media pages provide users with a sneak peek of the experiences of other members.

From the account settings page, users can choose what notifications they wish to receive on email. You will need to add the alerts@notifications.Whatsyourprice.com and hello@email.Whatsyourprice.com.

You also get a chance to set up your in-app alerts. You also can grant permission to show desktop notifications.

The help center enables members to create a ticket. You input your email address and user name. You will then write your message and click on the “Submit Ticket” button.

The site has filters based on all the parameters of the profile. Besides, you can search using profile keywords. When you select all your preferences, apply filters.

To deactivate the account, click on “settings” located on the upper right. Click on the “Deactivate my Account” button, and your profile will no longer be available for other members to see

Whatsyourprice Cost And Prices?

There are several packages available. You can either buy

100 credits @ US$ 0.5 per credit

450 credits @ US$ 0.33 Per Credit

1000 credits @ US$ 0.25 Per Credit

Free members register, put all profile details and photos. They can browse photos of others and view their profiles. As a free member you can send winks to people you like. The site is free for women, but for men, they have to pay to make offers. The business model is such that the members cannot communicate unless a bid is placed and accepted.

For you to bid, you have to use money, usually between 8 dollars to any amount upwards.

How To Pay

The payment is via PayPal and Credit Card.

When you pay with your credit card, you will see either of the following as recipients.


The company refunds when they remove your profile while you still have active credits, or your interest is of an automated security system. For refunds, you will need to contact the support team. If refunded the credit card history will show.

Payment Systems

Generous members bid to get a first date. When you offer, the money is paid to the person you meet for as per the contract. If they do not show up, then you are not obliged to pay. However, if they show up and are not who they say they are, you cannot continue with the date and not pay, but if you sit to you, you need to honor the contract.

Safety And Security

The website gives you the option of blocking a user. It restricts a user from sending you offers, messages, or even viewing your profile. You may also report a member to let the company if the user is violating terms and conditions set out for the service. From the user’s profile, click on the “Block Report” link and select either block or report users.

From the terms of service, the site owners prohibit illegal activities that include unlawful use, including human trafficking, prostitution, and escorting. Ensure you maintain confidentiality.

While the company has put several significant provisions on service terms, they have no way of performing background checks or controlling the conduct of members. The company takes no responsibilities for any risks that the members may get into while interacting with members online or offline.

Violation of user agreement will lead to the removal of the profile.

From the settings page, there are some security and privacy settings that you get to set. You may request a copy of the information that the company is holding on you.

The community guidelines guide how members relate to each other on the site. Minors cannot use the site. The company is Genera Data Protection Regulation (GDPR compliant)


Whatsyourprice Review 2020

From the website, press briefings, and social media pages, the site seems to be legit. There are minimal negative reviews on the site. Be sure to read the tips given on the website for dating safely. It includes using your names, photos from other social media sites. You are encouraged to video chat with your date before finally meeting to reduce the chance of dealing with a catfish.

Although the company applies all necessary precautions, it is essential to note that they have no control over their members’ behavior, so you need to exercise caution. Be sure not to disclose so much. While as there are many genuine members. Some may join with ill intentions.

The site has also been covered by several internationally respected press, among them Daily Mail, Dallas Observer, The Mirror with real case studies, and in-depth research of people who have used and benefited from the services.

Special Features

If a person winks at you, they expect you to make the first offer. The site has a few great features on the search and filter. The tool for age and height is some bar you drag to get to the age instead of the usual selection.

The site also has a lucrative affiliate deal that one can sign through https://partners.reflexmedia.com. Affiliates payments are every 10th of every month as long as they have made over $25. There is no maximum amount one is allowed to make.


The concept behind Whatsyourprice is unique. Different people may understand this site differently based on their religion and understanding of money in dating. The creators believe that everyone has a value. The service has no way of verifying the members, so you have to trust your guts and exercise caution. Although the site owners insist that they do ban escort services, the stories covered on different social media sites and reputable publications are very similar to escort services. Any reader will struggle to tell the difference.

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
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Pamela is a relationship expert and language analyst. Thanks to her Bachelor’s in Journalism, Master’s in Linguistics, and past encounters with heartbreak; she empathizes with her clients and helps them to understand and convey their emotions in an effective and optimistic way to their significant other.
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