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Xmatch Review 2021

Xmatch Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 1 400 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site encourages all kinds of sex, including the kinky types as well.
  • The site has video streaming and calling services that lets you have virtual sex.
  • The site has a voting system based on the hotness of a person.
  • It has a straightforward registration process.
  • There is not much you can do as a free user.
  • The site has no matching algorithm. It shows random profiles for matching.
  • The platform does not have an app that is compatible with iOS.

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About Xmatch

Xmatch is a hookup site that also has porn like features. It means that the site primarily aims to connect people who want to have casual sex and hookups. On the other hand, the site also allows its members to host videos to do sexual acts. It can even be two people having sex. The commencement of this site dates back to 1996. Since then, Xmatch has come a long way. This Xmatch review will give you as much information as possible about this platform. The site endorses all kinds of sex. It means you can even find people who are into kinky alternative sex. The site has gained enough traction over the years. It is primarily based in Australia. Since it is a site where people look for casual hookups, it is not the place for those who are trying for a serious, committed relationship. They should look for some other site that provides this service. However, if you want some no strings attached sex, this site can be the savior. This Xmatch review will give an accurate and fair view of this platform.

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Is Xmatch Genuine or Fake?

Xmatch is a site that was started in 1996. The website was not much popular then. Unlike now, it was pretty much in the shadow. However, it came with new features and updates over the years. After 24 years of being online, the site has gained prominence among of adults looking for casual sex dating apps. People today are more into no strings attached sex. However, there are not many sites that provide this. Xmatch has a lot of experience in this field. It strives to provide a safe experience to its users. All of this points to the fact that the site is genuine. It honestly tries to connect people for casual sex.

Moreover, video streaming is another added feature. It is safe to conclude that the platform is a safe one for its users. However, they should also take some precautions and safety while interacting with other members.

Member Composition

The platform has more than 8 million members. It experiences a lot of traffic on its app and website because more than 1.3 million people visit it monthly. The members are broadly spread across Australia, the USA, Canada, and a few other countries. The site is not suitable for people looking for a long and committed relationship. It is open for people who are into all kinds of sexual practices.

Sexual Preferences

Xmatch does not have any special reservation regarding the sexual orientation of people. The platform is open to gays, lesbians, and bisexuals as well. There is no restriction regarding the sexual preferences of members. The site does not discriminate against its LGBTQ members in any way.

Age Composition

This site is strictly for adults. There is no upper limit regarding the age of the members. There is no information regarding the age bracket that has the most number of members. Most probably, the site will have maximum members between the age brackets of 24-35.

Age Composition

Registration Process

The signup process of Xmatch is very simple and straightforward. The site is for people who are into casual sex and hookups. After opening the signup page, you first have to provide your gender and the genders of the people you are hoping to meet. It is followed by giving your email ID and creating a password for your account. It is also when you choose a username for your profile. There are two tips here that you may wish to take or pass. While giving the email ID, it is better to provide a new ID exclusively for this. These sites tend to span your inbox with their mails. Hence, it is better not to include your work or home email ID. The second tip is that try to come up with a username that reflects your personality. Do not go for something cliché or creepy. The last step is where you have to provide your location and date of birth. With this, you are done with the registration process.

How To Create Your Profile?

After setting up your account, the next step should be to set up your profile. You may straightaway wish to find matches, but it is best to set up your profile first. By doing this, you can find better matches. Dating and hookup sites usually have long essays that need to be filled for this. However, in Xmatch, you just need to answer a few questions in brief. The questions relate to what you like in sex and what is your idea of an ideal match. It is best to answer all the questions for the best results. You can even upload a photo to give people an idea of your appearance. You might find this a waste of time. However, it is better to go through all this. If you don’t do this, the site will show you random matches that are not good.

How To Create Your Profile?

Communication Methods

To message people, you first need to find them. You can initially look for matches under Members Near Me. You can also use the Who’s Online option for finding members. Once you find a person you like, you can draw their attention by sending gifts, flirts, emailing, or hot listing their profiles. The site has an in-built messaging or chat system. After becoming a match, you can start with your conversation with these people. You additionally have video calling features to see your match. It leads to more understanding and intimacy,


This Xmatch review will now focus on the platforms that are available for accessing the services of Xmatch. Accessibility of a dating or hookup platform is crucial as they tell us how a user can avail of the website’s functions. Ideally, every dating platform must have both an app and a website. It is less harmful not to have a website. However, in this era, every person is glued to their smartphones. Having an app is the perfect way to grab their attention for a longer time. Not having an app or a website would mean that the platform lost the opportunity to tap on a section of its potential members.

Moreover, it can so happen that you may be unable to access the platform through one method. It can occur due to some technical glitches. Having only one way to access would mean losing a customer. However, having a second option gives the user an additional way to enter the platform. So multiple options of accessibility not only retain the customer but also attract new customers.



The website of Xmatch is not too good; neither is it too bad. The color scheme of black, red, and white looks pleasant to the eyes. The visual of the website may look a lot like that of a porn site. The moment you enter the site, you will find all kinds of nude girls looking desperately. It is not a site you can open in public or with your family and friends. It is the only thing that brings down the visual appeal of a hookup site. Hookup sites are not porn sites, and a distinction is necessary for terms of what is shown in them. Other than this, the design of the desktop is simple and looks well organized.

Smartphone Application

Xmatch does have an app of its own. While this is undoubtedly a plus for the website, there is another aspect to this. It does not have an app for Apple users. Now, this is disappointing as Apple users make a large proportion of potential users. The brand is losing out on people who could have been part of their member base by not having an app. It may be possible that the people behind this are thinking of coming up with an app for Apple users soon. The Android app looks similar to the website. The makers correctly translate everything from the site into the app. Overall, the app seems precise and easy to use.

Layout and Convenience

The design of both the website and the app is excellent. Everything is placed correctly, and the layout of the site and the app looks simple and effective. Moreover, the color schemes of the platform complement each other. The only flaw looks like the nude images of the female models and members. It is disturbing because people think of it as a porn site. However, it is not so the case. When members feel that, it means the makers have failed to convey their idea of a hookup site to its members through its design. The rest of the website and the app looks pleasing to the eyes. The rest seems aesthetic and well placed. The usability of the site is effortless. It gets even more straightforward when you operate the app. You don’t need to be someone with excellent technical knowledge to work on the website or the app. You just need to give yourself a few minutes with the platform, and you are good to go.

Ease of Use

It is not very difficult to navigate through the site. Everything about the site is out in the open on the homepage itself. There are simple tabs and links that take you to different pages of the site. It is doubtful that you will find any complications while working your way through the site. The website’s simple design and layout make it easy for people to navigate and mind matches on the site. Operating the site is no brainer when it comes to Xmatch.

Ease of Use

Xmatch Subscription Types and Price

In this part of the Xmatch review, you will know how much you have to pay to take premium membership. In Xmatch, the premium membership is known as the gold membership. If you wish to get the gold membership for a month, it will cost you $20. If you extend the plan for three months, you will have to pay $60. However, the 12-month gold membership subscription comes at $180. There is pretty much nothing you can do as a free member. Subscribing to gold membership is worth the money as all the features of Xmatch get unlocked.

Duration Cost per month Total Cost
1 month $20/month $20
3 months $20/month $60
12 months $15/month $180

Features of Free and VIP Membership

It is essential to analyze what the site offers if you are a free member or a gold member. This Xmatch review will bring to you what you will enjoy as a free or gold member. It will help you analyze whether you should get a gold membership or not.

  • Free Membership

  1. You can join blogs and chat groups as a free member without any restrictions.
  2. Free members can chat in chat rooms.
  3. You can upload photos and videos without any restrictions.
  4. You can view, like, and comment on other photos.
  5. You can search for users with the necessary parameters or by username.
  6. You receive technical assistance within two days of asking for it.
  7. Free users can have up to 200 members on the hotlist.

  • Gold Membership

  1. Gold members enjoy everything that free members enjoy.
  2. They get technical assistance within 12 hours.
  3. Gold members can have a maximum of 1000 members in the hotlist.
  4. They can send flirts and friend requests to other users.
  5. Gold members can watch unlimited live webcams.
  6. Gold members enjoy the luxury of using advanced filters to get better matches for themselves.
  7. Only gold members can initiate, read & reply to messages.
  8. Gold members have access to all the full-sized photos and videos on the website.
  9. Only the gold members can look at the entire profiles of other users.

Features of Free and VIP Membership

Payment Options

The most viable option to make payments for premium membership is through your credit card. However, there may be situations where not everyone has a credit card. Sadly the alternate options available are not good enough and involve too much work. The next option is to make a cheque. The cheque needs to be made in the name of Various, Inc. The amount should be in US dollars. The other option is to send a money order to the address of Various, Inc. Again, this method is not in line with modern techniques and requires a lot of effort.

Steps to Pay

You just need to go to your Account setting, and you will find your way through to the plans and payment option from thereon. There is nothing complicated in making the payments. Remember to turn off the auto-renewal if you wish, like not continuing with the membership in the next cycle.

How Safe Are the Members?

Xmatch is quite serious when it comes to the safety of its members. Members must verify their accounts before starting with the platform. Such a verification process limits the number of fake profiles on the website and the app. It has some strict safety policies that need to be followed by the users. However, since it is a dating and hookup site, there are chances of fraud users. These users may try to extort money from you. Always be aware and vigilant. Do indulge in any conversation with members out of the facilities of the website/app. You have all the right to report or block a user in suspicious, creepy, or vulgar behavior. As per this Xmatch review, the platform is secure and tries to make it as safe as possible.

Fake Profiles

The chances for fake profiles are low due to the verification process. Every member needs to verify themselves through the email ID that they provide while signing up. It ensures a way to trace members who might be fake.

Exclusive Features

Exclusive Features

  1. The site has a separate and dedicated section for people who are looking for kinky stuff.
  2. The site has a feature known as a hotlist, which can list your favorite users.
  3. Premium members have highly advanced filters that give a more refined search result.
  4. The site has got various other aspects for learning like Group, magazine, and Sex Academy.
  5. There are chat groups on the site for members to have discussions out in the open.


This Xmatch review has tried to cover everything about the platform. It is a good site for those who want to have casual sex and hookups. However, there are still some aspects to work on. The site’s experience has helped it come up with a successful platform for no strings attached sex.

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