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Be2 Review: What Are the Guarantees of a Perfect Match?

Be2 Review: What Are the Guarantees of a Perfect Match?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 2.300.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Comprehensive quiz to define personality type
  • A daily list of matches
  • Strict account verification policies
  • Privacy settings that allow censoring the user's photos
  • Available in many countries and languages
  • A paid membership is compulsory to use most features on the site & app
  • No trial versions available

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What Is Be2 Dating Like?

With launching Be2, the founders tried to solve an eternal question of dating. Should you look for love in places nearby or cross out the borders and go big to potentially find a match on the other side of the world? Be2 offers both and says it is the best solution. Be2 review analyzed the well-known matching algorithm that gained so much feedback from the public. An assessment of personality lies in the basis of this algorithm. Be2 review also looked into the practical implementation of this strategy and the results.

With the experience of about two decades on the dating market, Be2 keeps competitors on their toes. The site managed to attract the user base and gain many loyal customers. It is also managed to establish leadership in countries like Australia, Singapore, the United States, Germany, etc. The website is not expensive, but it managed to get the prime audience.

The personality test is a beneficial thing. A lot of scientific evidence shows that people are divided into specific types of personalities based on their perception of the world. It is not about a favorite color or dish. The test is about finding out, which means the person is using it to discover the world and interpret it. So, the basic instincts that help people are thinking, sensing, intuition, perceiving, and judging. For sure, people combine these to create their strategy to see the world. Hence, they become a specific type. The test shows what types of personalities are the most compatible ones. Be2 implemented such a model to match their user’s profiles.

Be2 dating starts with the quiz and results in getting a compatible partner that can potentially stay with you forever. The users come to the website to find a long-term relationship, so the founders are continually working on improving the algorithm.

How Legit Are Be2 Services?

How Legit Are Be2 Services?

Be2 is a legitimate dating service with established offices in many countries all over the world. The site cooperates with the trustworthy payment systems, Apple and Android operating systems, and has an SSL protected website. From a technical point of view, the site corresponds to all the international requirements. Besides, it has an extended package of policies that ensure the safety of the website’s users and founders.

It has been on the market for more than a decade, and the user feedback is positive. Its legal status has never been compromised, and no scamming schemes were detected.

Characteristics of Members on the Site

Be2 review of the users shows that it is primarily used by the United States, Germany, and Australia. It covers a lot of nationalities and races. The website is not a niche one, and a broad audience is welcome to join in. So, anyone registered and with the subscription will easily find a match. The overall number of registered users is 766.000. The users from the United States comprise about 15.000. The average number of people who log in to the website daily is 10 000 and more. If you want to check out the users from a particular location, the search option allows it. You can find users nearby as well as in any desired area. The site does not limit you geographically.

Sexual Orientation of Members

Be2 review of member base shows that mostly single heterosexuals are using the platform. The homosexuals are seen rarely. The site welcomes everyone, though. As to gender distribution, the female population prevails, comprising 57 %.

Age of Members

To join the website, one must be 18 +. Since the users who join are usually looking for serious relationships and settling, the age categories represented are older. The 18-23 y.o age category is the smallest and accounts for 5-7 % of users. The rest is divided between 28 -35 y.o, 35-45, and 50+.

How to Sign Up

How to Sign Up

For the registration, every user needs to provide a valid email address. Mind that you need to have access to that email since the link to verify your account is sent to it. Also, the email is used for the receipts and other billing needs.

Also, every member needs to select the username, and it should be approved (meaning that it is not used by someone else).

The next stage is completing the test to assess the personality type. The questions you get will require answers in the form of a rating. You get a question and need to put a mark next to it. After that, there will be a profile filling stage. Answering the quiz is obligatory.

Profile Features

The profile at Be2 contains the photo and a description. Some data that you provide will not be visible to all users, but it is vital for the matching algorithm. For example, the income will not be displayed but will be taken into account when looking for a match for you.

The profile picture can also be censored if you wish. The privacy settings enable the user to blur the face for some users and make it available to a small circle of people. Although the profile photo is not a requirement, it is essential to have it. Pick the photo of yourself that you like. No need to upload a gallery, at least one picture where the user can see the color of your eyes, hair, and facial features. Visual impressions matter. People tend to pay attention to the photos and trust the profiles that do not hide their appearance.

If you do not want to share the photo with everyone but are willing to share it with someone you like, put it down in the profile description. Let the users know that you are a real person, not a fake account.

Rules of Interaction With Other Users

Be2 review looked closely into the personality test. So, what influence does it have, and when does it come into play? Your results are converted to an index. That index is called the Be2 index to simplify it for the users. It is a complex estimation that enables the website to send you a list of matches right after you registered and passed the test.

Moving on, you are free to select a person from the list or use the searches. To contact members, see their uncensored photos, one needs to upgrade the account to premium membership. All the details of the test are private and will not be disclosed to other users only to you. The results will be used internally to find you a match.

Besides, every day the list of matches renews. The candidates will have a Be2 compatibility index. The green and red circles signify the similarity and difference levels—the higher number in the green circle, the more similarities with the candidate you have.

Another option similar to swiping is available in the right sidebar. It offers photos of potential matches that you can like or dislike.

Platform Design

Platform Design

Be2 comes in mobile and desktop versions. Both contain a similar set of functions and designs. A personality test is obligatory for both versions.

Be2 mobile application is available for download free of charge in the Apple Store and Google play. If you struggle to find it, visit the website, and find the links on the main page. The mobile version of the site is available for other operating systems. The only difference between the PC and app versions is the absence of a chat option in the app. Also, the layout is a bit different from the mobile app. Due to the size of the screen, the functions are placed into the collapsible menu. The list of matches is presented in two columns. One contains the descriptions; the other includes photos. When you open the profile, the user’s photo will cover most of the screen, so scroll down to see the description.

PC Version

Be2 review of the PC version shows that it is done neatly and professionally. The website has an SSL certificate, which means your data is protected, and payments are secured.


The website is modern and meets all the expectations. It is a premium website, and its functions are well-developed and compelling. The matching algorithm works perfectly. The user profile layout looks neat and contains enough information.

How to Navigate the Site?

To navigate the Be2 website, open the main page, and log in. The menu with the features needed to communicate or find matches is located on top. The other sections with useful information, tips on dating, terms of use are located at the bottom.

Be2 Prices Review

Be2 Prices Review

Be2 review of the pricing policies shows that the platform is of a premium class. The prices are explained by the algorithm developed by professional teams of psychologists and dating experts.

The site offers three types of subscriptions:

  • The basic type lasts three months and costs $57.95 per month ($173.85).
  • The classic type that lasts six months and costs $34.95 per month ($209.70).
  • The committed type that lasts one year and costs $31.95 ($383.40).

To start interaction with other users, one should be a premium member. What services are available to free members:

  • Registration & Photo upload
  • Personality test
  • Test results & list of matches
  • Viewing open profiles
  • Using a search bar.

A premium membership needs to be purchased when the user is ready to start communication with the members. It enables the user to:

  • Receive and send an unlimited number of messages;
  • Use a swiping matching system;
  • Create a list of favorite accounts
  • See the list of visitors to your page.
About Payment

About Payment

Note that the Be2 subscription is set to auto-renewal mode, and in case you forget to cancel before it expires, it cannot be refunded. So, make sure to set the reminder. Be2 name is reflected on your receipt.

Payment Systems

As the Be2 review shows, the payments are accepted via PayPal and credit card. However, if you are not satisfied with these options or are not available in your country, try contacting the support for alternative solutions. The website is one of the largest dating services, and the support agents speak many languages or will direct you to the help center that can sort out your issue. As long as you have a Visa or MasterCard, you should not experience any troubles.

Is It Safe to Use This Service?

Be2 is a reputable online dating service founded many years ago. It improved the services significantly since the time of the launch. At the moment, the mechanism works smoothly, and the matching algorithm implemented by Be2 proved to be very effective.

Scam Prevention Policies

Scam Prevention Policies

Be2 does not have a profile verification procedure via moderation. The user can indicate the email or phone number and get to matching. However, without purchasing the subscription, the user will not be able to bother others. So, the website has no fake profiles since scammers would not pay for the membership.

Besides, the site has a report/block buttons as well as accepts complaints. There is customer support and risk assessment team that monitors the complaints users send in and generally the activity on the website. Note that the site has a strict policy not to spread illegal activities and treat other users with respect. Otherwise, the profile will be terminated.

More Features

Picture Voting. Similarly to a Tinder principle, the user gets photos and has two options. One is to like and start communication, and the other one is to ignore. The list of these matches is sent to you daily.

JustAsk. This function is a type of ice-breaker. It is an aid for people who feel unconfident and do not know how to start a conversation. The user can select a question from the list and send it to the other user as a conversation starter. Note that when you receive these questions, it does not mean that a fake account or bot is texting you. It is a person who did not have a phrase in mind and used the easy solution.

Be2Index. Based on the personality test results, you will be assigned a Be2 index. The index helps to match you with other people. As a result, when you receive a list of matches, they will have the index for you to know how compatible you are and whether it is worth getting to know each other. It will indicate the percentage of differences and similarities between you and the candidate.



If you feel fed up with the cheap swiping games on the apps, and settling is your next goal, visit Be2. It is a place where users are willing to pay a moderate price, not for the profile set up but the personality test compiled by the professionals. Be2 offers an assessment and compatibility algorithm for people set to succeed and leave the website with the ring on the finger. This platform works in multiple countries and has the same reputation in Brazil and Iceland. Find your partner for life without putting much effort into it. Be2 is acknowledged by the inspiring stories of its users.

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