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BrazilCupid Review: Meet Brazilian Singles

BrazilCupid Review: Meet Brazilian Singles
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 88%
Popular age 30-40
Profiles 780.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Genuine Brazilian dating site
  • A wide range of age categories and genders represented
  • High-level security measures
  • A chance to settle in a serious relationship with a real person from Brazil
  • Requires paid membership to enjoy all the dating options

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How Does BrazilCupid Dating Work?

The first argument in support of BrazilCupid is its experience on the market. This website was launched long ago in 2004 when online dating has only started the way to fame. It was not a popular solution back then to go online, and many people were hesitant about the legitimacy of such a service. Times changed drastically, and it is an inevitable part of our lives now. BrazilCupid review will highlight the ups and downs of the site’s way of success and establishing a strong leadership position in the modern market. It will look into the traditions and rules of dating established within almost two decades of operating. Also, the BrazilCupid review collects the tips and tricks of online dating that can be applied to the site for a better experience.

From the name, one might recognize the owners of this company. It belongs to the well-known holding Cupid Media that unites more than two dozen websites. So, how does BrazilCupid fit into the global picture of the dating world, and why is it in demand? First of all, the analysts of Cupid Media did an excellent job researching the demand. No wonder the site managed to stay afloat and become trusted by the users. It was needed. The site has found the users straight after the launch. The founders placed the bets on the population of Brazil and surrounding countries and did not make a mistake.

BrazilCupid review talks in detail about the type of users of the website and conditions that the website created for them to find their love & happiness. Brazil is a country of passion, and Brazilian hotties have many admirers around the world. As a result, the website got its global outreach and now can brag with millions of users from Brazil, China, and all other countries. BrazilCupid dating has its own rules of the game. As the practice shows, they are easy to grasp and fun to use.

How Legit Is BrazilCupid Service?

How Legit Is BrazilCupid Service?

BrazilCupid review of policies and terms of use shows that professional lawyers compiled them. The site protects its users from the online threats and warns them on possible phishing schemes. It ensures that the users on the site reach legal age and prevent fake profiles by verifying the contact details and photos.

The site has not received negative feedback from the users when it comes to legitimacy. It does not store the information of users after they delete their account. The same applies to the billing details. The website gives a chance to reinstate the account within a short period, but then it gets erased irreversibly. So, you can be sure that there will be no trace of you on the site if you decide to terminate your account.

The rules of the site forbid illegal content and abusive behaviors. Things like racism, discrimination, or pornography are eliminated quickly.

Member Quality

Since the user has to be 18 to join the website, the youngest age category represented on the site are people of 18 y.o. To be fair, there is a small number of those. The website is oriented to people who want to find marriage or some long-term relationships. In the Western countries that have specific views on marriage, the 18-year-old is rarely looking for commitment. The countries represented are, for sure, Brazil, the neighboring countries, the United States, China, Japan, and some European countries. As it appears, the Brazilian beauty reputation reaches far. The daily activity stats show about 30 000 people out of about 100 000 registered.

What Is the Sexual Orientation of the Members?

The genders are represented almost equally. The females comprise about 57% of the users. The sexual orientation of the users is mostly heterosexual, although homosexuals comprise the second largest category.

Age Representation

BrazilCupid review of member databases figured that the youngest representatives that the website witnessed are of 18 y.o. However, you cannot meet such profiles very often. The majority of people who want to settle are of the age of 30 -45 y.o. With the male population of the site, the age category represented significantly are people 35-50 y.o. It seems like the Western values presuppose marriage in the more mature age. However, using the filters on the site, one can find any desired age category.

Rules of Registration & Login Details

Rules of Registration & Login Details

Everyone willing to set up the profile with BrazilCupid is welcome to do it from the PC or mobile phone. There is an option to create an account using your existing Facebook profile or email. If you go for the email registration, the verification is not obligatory. However, save the login info for that email in case you forget the password and need to receive a new one.

The signing up takes seconds, and you are taken to the step of profile creation.

Profile Requirements

BrazilCupid review identified that the site is not urging people to fill in the profile extensively. There is full freedom in the profile set up. It is both good and bad. For the lazy, it is an easy way to set up the profile and start looking for matches. However, as the surveys from multiple sites show, the profile is vital for finding more matches. If the user opens a page and sees nothing on it, the profile does not look valid, and the chances are meager that there will be many text messages from others.

Every profile should have at least a couple of photos and a short piece about the personality. It does not require any academic skills to write the description. The good idea is to put down stuff like favorite singer/song, vacation destination, and life goals. You do not have to put it down in a sentence. You can write down notes, as long as they are readable and understandable.

How to Contact Other Members on the Site?

BrazilCupid review of the communication functions discovered a lot of exciting things. First of all, there is an instant messenger which is worth attention. The reason is video and audio functions. It changes everything when the person can send a voice message. Have you ever had the situation where you type and delete a message a hundred times because when you write it, it does not look right? If that’s the case, just press on the button and send the voice message.

Besides, there is a chat room and emailing option available. It is recommended to message online users. Every profile has a status, so you can see if the person is active on the site now or not. Note that the messaging options are available to the users who paid for their membership. For users with free accounts, they are constrained.

Platform Specifications

Platform Specifications

Talking about BrazilCupid design, it is impossible not to notice the similarity with other Cupid Media offsprings. It is stylish and minimalistic. All the options are given self-explanatory names. The user of any age or from any country would easily understand how to operate it.

There is a mobile version, and it serves as an efficient addition to the website. It aims at people who live a hectic lifestyle and spend most of their time on the phone. So, the functions available in the app are the same as on the website. You can upload photos, purchase goods, and communicate. It is free of charge to download from the online store of Android and Apple.

PC Version Characteristics

The PC version is user-friendly and well-organized. It is not a cutting-edge design platform, but it does its work well. The site is doing well with a considerable number of active users. It works quickly regardless of the function you are using, whether it is sending a message or photo upload.

Platform Design

BrazilCupid website, as well as the mobile application lack improvements, It is apparent that they were not updated for quite a while. The users would appreciate a new design, more visuals, and maybe a new function.

How to Navigate?

Every option on the site opens in one click. There are a top and bottom menu. The top one contains the immediate functions you need to use when you open the website. These are login/register, chat, search. As to the bottom menu, it contains the supporting information in case you have questions about the service.

BrazilCupid Fees

BrazilCupid Fees

BrazilCupid presents the users with the choice of one of two membership plans. Both vary in duration and can last from one to twelve months. The membership plans are called gold and platinum. The gold membership for one month does not eat into the users pocket and costs $29.98, the three-months plan costs $59.99 (which is $20 a month), and the yearly plan is $119.98 (only $10 per month). As to the platinum membership, it costs a bit more, and one-month plan will take $34.99, for the three months of use it charges $69.98 ($23.33 a month), and the year costs $149.99 ($12.50 a month).

BrazilCupid review of prices shows the pricey options, but the economy is significant if the user gets a more extended membership plan. So, there is always a silver lining, and this service has one as well.

Pros & Cons of Purchasing the Membership

The site charges members for the usage of the website, and the fees are quite fair. The site balances the quality and price quite well. So, what does it offer to the members who do not pay:

  • Reaching out to members with the paid plan only;
  • Sending likes and interests;
  • Matching.

As to the paying members, their plans include more opportunities:

  • Unrestricted communication with all the users of the website;
  • All communication options available;
  • Advertisement free website;
  • Profile highlighting options for other users to find you quicker;
  • Anonymous mode of searching on the website;
  • Translation services.

Although it seems like the free options are enough to use the website, the annoying adds and constant limitations on the number of messages that can be sent and opened will prevent you from enjoying it. The dating with the paid plan is much better and, most importantly, useful.

How-to: Payment

How-to: Payment

BrazilCupid is considered to be a website with moderate prices. The users are recommended to get the subscription if they have serious intentions to find someone and not just to socialize. So, the website established connections with trustworthy payment systems for the user’s convenience. The methods were selected, taking into account the fact that the users come from all the countries around the world. So, the internationally supported options were chosen.

What Payment Options Are Available?

As a result of the BrazilCupid review of the payment options available, a couple was selected. So, the users are welcome to pay via PayPal, make a bank transfer, use a credit card, or Paysafecard. Note that the website is not charging any additional fees for processing the payment. Contact your bank or payment system to find out about the commission.

Security Measures

BrazilCupid review of the security policies found a solid legal basis for the website’s functioning and protecting the users. It has clear instructions on how to conduct yourself while using this dating service. The policies of terminating the accounts are strict. The risk assessment team is working skeptically to eliminate the profiles that cause the slightest suspicion.

A lot of help is coming from users. As soon as you use the block/report button, the team is alerted and looks into the issue immediately.

How Does the Site Prevent Scam?

How Does the Site Prevent Scam?

The website does not tolerate fake accounts. All users are encouraged to provide some documents for identification and receiving the badge of a verified account. However, it is not an obligatory option. One of the scam prevention measures of the site is a weekly check of the user activity (content uploaded, complaints made and received).

Note that the website warns about the usual dangers of online activities. As much as the moderators try to control the site, they are not looking through your conversations. So, if the user is messaging with the request for some financial support or gifts, make sure to inform the website risk team.

Also, protect the login details of your account and do not share your billing information. It takes one click on the unknown link to be scammed and have your passwords stolen. Overall, treat the website as you would treat any other online source.

More Features

More Features

Cupid Tags. The person can put badges on the profile. Like, ‘good sense of humor,’ or ‘introvert.’ These will be the keywords that people use when they search for potential matches. So, if the user is looking for someone who is ‘introvert,’ your account will be among the top ones because you specified it with the Cupid Tag.

Chat rooms. The practice of joining the chat rooms is especially popular among the newbies on the site. They address the chat to see what kind of people are on the website and understand if they came to the right place. Also, in chat rooms, people find a lot of information about the site.

Verification Badge. BrazilCupid does not require much on the stage of registration, but if the user is willing, he/she can send the ID and get the badge “Verified” on the profile. It is a guarantee to increase the visitors on your page.



If you are trying to sort out your life and finding a partner is vital for your happiness, consider online dating. It is not only an excellent way to save yourself from the frustrations of a breakup but also save money and time. By getting a membership for a year, you save a lot of money and get the guarantee of receiving matches regularly. It rarely happens in real life that you meet a new person every week. So, if your intentions are genuine and serious, try BrazilCupid dating.

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