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Bristlr Review 2021

Bristlr Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 4%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 25-45
Profiles 67.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Up-to-date interface;
  • Specific category of users;
  • A lot of free features.
  • Not detailed profile, the emphasis is on the photo

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What is Bristlr?

With the growing number of niche websites, Britstlr’s appearance was not a surprise. The site targets the needs of the bearded population and the admirers of facial hair. The beard became extremely popular within the last ten years and got to the point of fetish. People not only admire it, but bearded men became modern beauty symbols. Bristlr review shows the essential functions the platform performs and its relevance to the needs of potential users. It examines the userbase in terms of age and gender distributions. Finally, Bristlr review aids with the practical recommendations on how to use the site most effectively.

The launch of the site dates back to 2014. It is an idea of John Kershaw from Manchester. He became a symbol of the service and the brand advertiser. Being a bearded man himself, he decided that these people deserve admiration, and the platform is going to be successful since people like to stroke beards. Hence, the news about the site traveled quickly, and it gained fame in every major city of the globe.

Bristlr review provides a manual on the set of features that help you find a partner. The only question you need to answer when you register is whether you have a beard or you like beards dating. Besides, the site does not have a solemnly dating purpose. It is a social network for communication of like-minded people. So, you can easily find people around you and go for a beer with someone without calling it a date.

Is Bristlr legit or scam?

Bristlr received media attention right after its launch. It was mentioned in the British The Guardian, and other reputable media publishers. The feedback was positive, and the site was described as a revolutionary idea.

Hence, the Bristlr review of policies and legal aspects shows that it is not a scam but a licensed source aimed at adults. The app is not involved in any commercial activities. It does not throw ads at users. Moreover, most features come for free, and only a couple require a subscription for a very symbolic price.

The concept of the site is exciting and fresh. It is fun to try it. However, the chances of facing online scammers exist. For that, the founders warn users to get acquainted with the rules of the site. Read on the paid and free services and standards of communication. Look for the red flags when you talk to others. These are pressuring to meet before you are ready, asking favors, or offering to shift the conversation to other platforms. Mind the sharing of visual materials. The site does not store your info, but the other user can easily screenshot everything you send.

What members on this site

It is a website created for bearded men primarily. The founder comes from the UK, but the app did not take long to become popular in the USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries. Within the first year of work, the app managed to get a million users. It became the most downloaded app in iOS. The daily activity on the site reaches 98 000 people.

What members on this site

Sexual orientation

Bristlr review of members shows a high percentage of women. The male population is homosexual and heterosexual. Women meanwhile are heterosexual. The percentage of the male population is about 45%. In most cases, people come to the site to find a hookup, yet the stats say that at least one wedding happens a month. So, the chances are that you will meet your destiny with the app.

Age Distribution

All users have to reach the age of 18 to become Bristlr members. As for the other age groups represented, the largest one among both males and females is 25 – 35 y.o. The next large group is 35 – 41 y.o. A smaller one is 18-23 y.o.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

It takes a regular set of info and a couple of minutes to register with Bristlr. One of the options is to go via Facebook. Note that if you do connect your accounts, some generic information will be transferred as well as the photo. After you finish the sign up with Facebook, go back to the profile edit option and double-check if you are satisfied. There will be a section with the information that is missing on Facebook. For example, the section with the preferences in finding a certain partner.

The other way to sign up is to use your email. You will need to verify it, log in to your inbox immediately, and look in the spam folder if you can’t find it.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Profile creation

Bristlrs review of profiles shows that about 60% are not filled in with the text. However, about 90% are full of photos. Hence the conclusion we can make the users pay more attention to visuals. It is recommended to refresh the images from time to time.

Although users ignore it, there are sections to fill in. They are on your biography and preferences. Among them the vital one is preferences. Take your time to think about a catchy text to attract the attention of users. Do not be boring; write down some jokes or funny stories. The users appreciate it.


Bristlr review of interaction tools shows an excellent set. To start with, the user logs in to the site or app and gets the first recommended searches. They are not very precise and serve as an aid to adjust. The next step for the user is to go to the section ‘Browse’ and type in the preferences, for example, 21-35 years old, within100 miles. The search results are presented in columns. To read more about the profile, you need to click on the main photo. It will take you to the description and photo gallery of the user.

The other section available is ‘Rate.’ Unfortunately, it does not work by swiping; you need to click on the profiles. The point is to rate the photos of bearded users. Later on, the users with a high rating mark will receive an icon on their profile.

Note that if you accidentally pressed dislike or ‘X’ button on the profile, you will get an offer to ‘Undo’ this action. It is a massive bonus from Bristlr.

Last but not least section is ‘Blog. It contains all the possible information about beards, bear products, etc. It is written by specialists and gets a lot of daily visits.

As for communication with other members, you can only type a message to a user if your interest is mutual.


Platform for use

Bristlr review of the app and website shows that both work well. They perform the same functions and serve the purpose. Bristlr has a neat design and nice visuals. It is focused on visuals when it comes to users as well.


Bristlr desktop version has a couple of main sections in the top-right menu. On the bottom of the main page, all the additional information on the service and licenses can be found. It also has the contacts of the support and the founder in case you have any issues or suggestions. The site does not have any pop-up ads, only relevant information.

Bristlr app is available via Android and iOS. The app has quite positive feedback from the users and gets regular fixes and updates.

Design and Usability

The app comes in a user-friendly and simple design. It is modern but not filled with sophisticated functions since it is a low-budget app as well.

Design and Usability

There are four main sections. They allow users to browse, edit profiles, play a rating game, and look at the matches. For the free account users, some features will have a lock on them. To open them, a subscription is required. The site does not support the swiping option, so to open every profile, the user needs to click on it.

Bristlr Costs and Prices

The app is predominantly free; however, an upgrade for a moderate amount is possible. The account becomes VIP with a monthly fee of $4.80. The price is quite moderate, so there is o much space for doubts.

Bristlr Costs and Prices

The membership upgrade with Bristlr is cheap. The price is lower than the average. By purchasing it, you get access to an exciting set of features. It boosts your capabilities of finding someone. First of all, you get access to the section with the list of people who liked you and visited your profile. The upcoming features for premium members are calling via the app.

How to pay

The site’s policies on payment processing are transparent. It does not charge any hidden fees, and the subscription itself if affordable. The site has an SSL certificate, so any third party cannot access the data.

Payment systems

Bristlr is an app for Android and iOS; hence payment via these systems is available along with the credit or debit card. Choose the convenient one and make a payment.

Safety & Security

Dating has shifted to the online world significantly. Most people find it a time-saving and effective activity. The apps are striving to satisfy the growing demand for dating platforms by packing them with extra functions. However, the main criteria for choosing the platform to use should be safety.

Start with opening the website and checking whether any issues appear with loading the page, whether your anti-virus alerts you of something. The same comes to an app, and it should be accessible via a trusted source. If there is no app in the official store, it is potentially not acknowledged by major sellers.

Bristlr has all the international permissions to work and is actively operating in more than one hundred cities. It showed an excellent standard of privacy policies. The users are not required to share much on the registration stage. The users’ IP and location are collected since the app uses it to find matches and conduct internal stats.

Although the site guarantees some basic safety, there is always a threat of encountering online offenders. So, users need to be cautious about their data and protection. Mind that the site is not collecting any fees except the account upgrade, so avoid discussing financial favors on the site. Its purpose is to find a friend or lover, not a sponsor.

Safety & Security


Bristlr review has not identified a specific verification procedure. The profiles get approved instantly, and there is no need to upload your credentials.

It is a website for adults, so everyone is supposed to use common sense and think about privacy. The site lets you hide your contact details, and pick a username. These simple measures protect you from scammers.

The users have a ‘Block’ button in case they want to prevent someone from contacting them. There is also a possibility to suspend your account if the user does not want to log in for some time. In case you decided to stop using it at all, you can terminate the account and all the information about your activity will be deleted.

Special Features

Lothario detector. The site prevents users from spamming. It detects the messages that have been taken from the Internet or sent to multiple users.

Reverse. The swiping feature has never worked more effectively. It allows users to reverse the members they skipped.

Rating. One section of the service offers you a list of bearded men. You have to give them a mark from one to five. As a result, the men with the highest rate will receive an icon that signifies their success in the rating game.

special Features


Bristlr is one of a kind niche website created with sincere intentions. It was designed and is looked after by a person who is passionate about the idea. The platform is modern and compatible with many devices; it can be used on your phone, laptop, or iPad. The set of communication features might be modest, and there are not many unique functions. However, the unique feature of the site is its member base.

Bristlr is a fun way to meet someone. It is more likely to be a hookup site. However, you never know when you will fall in love. The profile settings and matching algorithm on the website are not sophisticated, so it is up to the users to take control of the matches. The service offers you matches daily, and if you are not happy with them, adjust your search and try to reach a better result. Not to mention the price that is affordable to anyone. You will not even notice the expenses on dating with Bristlr. The app is currently in the process of spreading, so the isolated locations and small towns might not have a million matches for you. However, the location setting is editable, so modify it to the closes megapolis, and you will be fine. Bristlr is a way to go if you want to have a bearded boyfriend.

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