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Collarspace Review 2021

Collarspace Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 70%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 19-35
Profiles 1 500 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is open for everyone to register
  • Only verified profiles can contact other users
  • All users can communicate without limits
  • Multiple means of communication and content sharing
  • Collarspace provides a detailed structure of search filters.
  • Currently, there is no mobile application available
  • The profiles are visible to all the visitors of the website
  • The page design is outdated
  • No matching algorithm, users need to search for partners manually
  • The site may contain fake profiles.

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History of Establishment of the Collarspace site?

This Collarspace review aims to introduce one of the biggest websites in the niche of BDSM dating called Collarspace. It combines the features of a dating platform, but, on the other hand, it goes beyond dating and creates a space for the community to explore the BDSM lifestyle. The platform currently has over 1.5 million users and about 500,000 unique visitors per month. Although the website does not utilize matching algorithms, it offers sex preference-based search options making it easier to find and meet like-minded people who want to find partners for dating, hookup, or friendship. Members can connect based on sexual role preference and sexual interests. The profile provides a detailed description of likes, hates, and hard limits regarding sexual activities. Many users keep journals with video and audio content. The Collarspace review will introduce the unique features of the website in the coming paragraphs.

History of Establishment of the Collarspace site?

The Legibility of Collarspace?

Those who doubt the legitimacy of Collarspace functionality can go to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy page to look for the information. The Privacy Policy was last updated on June 9, 2018.

About the Membership of the Website

The Collarspace community consists of over a million unique members who practice BDSM in their sex life. The membership is estimated to be over 1.5 million users coming from different corners of the world. Hence it is possible to register and meet friends from Asia, Europe, Australia, South, and North America. Nevertheless, about more than 50 % of users, namely 9 thousand people, originating from the USA, and about 15% from the UK. There are about 30 % of females and 70 % of males on the platform. On average, this dating platform receives 15,000 daily logins visitors.

What Sexual Orientation Do Users Have?

The Collarspace platform is designed for people interested in BDSM. The website promotes diversity in sexuality and is open to straight, transgender, gay, and lesbian sexual orientation. It gives the possibility to choose not only the kind of partner (couples, straight, gay, bi, transgender, etc.) but also allows searching for the various activities and kinks. Users can adjust the Searching settings at any time. Moreover, the member defines the purpose of their relationships by themselves. There are people open to online romantic relationships only, and others don’t mind looking for friends.

What is the Age Distribution of Members

The Collarspace website is a diverse community that welcomes members of all ages over 18.

Creation of the Account on the Collarspace site

Signing in process on the Collarspace website is simple and takes less than 5 minutes to fill out the necessary information. First of all, new members need to go to the homepage at www.collarspace.com and click “Join BDSM community.” There is no option to sign up with the Facebook account, and users need to fill out all the information themselves. First of all, fill out an email address, display name, zip code, and set a strong password. Upon entering the information, users agree with the terms of use and the website’s privacy statement. The site also lets new members know that after the creation of the profile, it will undergo the verification process, which might take from 24 to 48 hours. Only after the check users will be able to communicate on the website. The next step will be to fill out basic information about themselves. Users are required to describe their sexual preferences explicitly, their appearance, and their age. Then they might fill out the information regarding the potential partner. It is also possible to create a profile as a couple and add information about the other partner. Users are also required to write a short greeting message to provide an introduction and describe their references in more detail. The introduction needs to be a minimum of 150 characters. Finally, upload the profile picture. The website asks it’s members to upload the user’s real photo and not set GIF or images not showing the user. After filling the required information, the account is ready to browse other profiles. The next step is to upload additional photos. Collarspace allows all members to add up to 14 pictures. Pictures containing nudity can be uploaded as well.

Creation of the Account on the Collarspace site

Make Your Profile Attractive

All the profiles are public and visible to everyone for free, even for not registered users. Collarspace allows its members to create very detailed profiles. Alongside the basic information about appearance (height, weight, etc.), users can also specify their orientation, role in the sex, and add interests and hobbies from12 categories, and mark what they love, like, dislike and hate. These 12 categories include athletics, adventure, BDSM, diversions, hobbies, intellect, lifestyle, music, sports, and spiritual. Collarspace users can also mention who they would like to meet – Dominant, Submissive, Switch partner. They can specify their intention – just friends, online romance, roommates, a poly household, etc., or just add specific keywords such as types of fetish and sexual terms.

Users can also keep a journal and include audio and video content. Users who feel like openly expressing who they are and what they like can set the audio and video to be accessed publicly and displayed in recent updates. Users can add notes to the profiles they viewed and add settings to the profiles such as add to the Favorites list, block, and hide.

After the registration, as it was mentioned in this Collarspace review, it will take some time for the site moderators to review and confirm the account. Before the newly created account becomes available for other users to search, you can browse the website and get acquainted with its functionality. The only thing that is not accessible is communication with other members.

Making Contact on the Website

As it was mentioned in the Collarspace review, the communication on the website is possible only after the moderator has approved the account. The site doesn’t provide matching algorithms to bring people together. The suggestions are made based on the location rather than interests and preferences. So, in order to find someone, users need to go through profiles and read the information provided by the user.

Messaging is available for all the members of the community for free. Moreover, Collarspace offers several channels of connecting. There is a messenger that reminds the email box. Users can see sender name, date received, and whether they have responded to the message. It is possible to filter mails by keywords and username.

Additionally, users are able to set the mail control to filter out emails from unwanted people. It is possible to set filters for age, profile availability, gender. Besides, it is also possible to set a spam filter in the inbox. The website allows users to save all the email addresses in the user’s email address.

There is a chatroom that all users can join where you can exchange pictures. But you need to have Java runtime installed in the browser to be able to use the chat feature. Since chatroom is a public space and hundreds of members can join it, the site reminds users not to open not checked links. Alternatively, users can also talk through video-chats.

Access of the Platform?

In using Collarspace, users agree to comply with Privacy Policy, as well as any applicable terms of use for the platform. Users are informed that personal information about users to provide them with services. The platform has made sure that its customer can access the website from PCs, laptops, smartphones.

A Few Words About the Desktop Version?

Currently, Collarspace has a web version accessed from browsers on PCs and mobile phones. The web version is fully functional and contains all the features and functions of the platform. Unfortunately, the platform does not have a desktop application.

Is There Any Mobile Application?

Currently, there is no Collarspace mobile application available. However, the website is possible to be browsed from mobile devices. For that, click the Mobile Interface tab on the left side of the navigation bar. However, the mobile interface does not function quite as well as the mobile application.

Is There Any Mobile Application?

What About the Collarspace’s Design and Usability

It is hard to say that the website has an attractive design. It looks outdated, but, on the other hand, it is not hard to follow. The blue and gray colors dominate the page. Main buttons, icons, and significant sections are highlighted with black font, and non-active buttons are in gray font. Text fonts are readable and are not distractive.

Lets Examine the Site’s Navigation

Despite the old look, the navigation on Collarspace is not that complicated. The homepage looks like the social media website with the main menu found on the left. However, it can not be said that Collarspace is user-friendly. It may take time to get used to navigation of the website to find some necessary functions. Besides, the tabs of the main menu are not organized thoroughly. In the middle of the page, users can see the pictures of other members. When pointing on the image, the primary profile information can be seen.

Costs and Prices on Collarspace

The fascinating news worth mentioning in this Collarspace review is that all the services provided on the Collarspace are free of charge. All users can contact each other, view profiles, pictures, add one another to friends freely.

Is there a Paid Access to the Website

The great news is that access to the website is free and all members can use the website on equal conditions.

How to Pay for Services

Users don’t need to worry about payment, the access to Collarspace is free.

What Payment Methods are Accepted

As mentioned above, all services are free on Collarspace.

What Payment Methods are Accepted

About the Security Measures on the Website?

All members of the Collarspace community should remember that all the information provided in the profile is public and accessible to all the website’s visitors. All users can use the nickname on the site and may choose what information to post about themselves, so everyone can choose what information about themselves they want to disclose. The website states that any information provided in the profile or forums, as well as all the graphic content posted on the site, is considered public information, and the website will not act to provide the privacy of such information.

Nevertheless, the Collarspace website ensures it takes all the measures to guarantee the safety of the community members’ sensitive data and protect them from people who might abuse the service. However, the site also warns members that no system is entirely secure from cyber-attacks. That is why every member should take additional precautionary measures and make sure that the profile contains no sensitive data. Also, Collarspace reminds that members can modify the information provided during the sign-up process. For this, they need to contact the Customers Service team using the Support link on the bottom of the home page.

Finally, all the members can block other users from accessing their profiles. You can see the block button on the top of the user’s profile page. The company also advises its members not to ask, send, or offer any money to other members, as well as provide or seek for illegal activities such as prostitution services, and drugs. Mentioning homophobia, criticizing others are not allowed, and personal contact information should not be included in the profile. The site warns that no discrimination is tolerated, and users are asked to respect boundaries.

Does the Website has Fake Accounts

As Collarspace review has already mentioned, new accounts need to undergo the profile verification, after the registration. Otherwise, members will not be able to access their inbox and send messages. This procedure reduces the number of fake profiles. On the other hand, one of the Collarspace platform’s pitfalls is that it has no paid subscription to reduce the amount of non-serious members. Members should keep in mind that due to the fact that the site is free and has open access, it can attract different people who are not necessarily serious about looking for that specific type of relationship and just curious. That is why it is always wise to check profiles before answering to other people, take additional safety measures, and be aware of the spam.

Does the Website has Fake Accounts

What is Special About This Website?

As it was already indicated in the Collarspace review, despite there is no smart matching algorithm for matching suggestions, the search filter is very detailed, and all users can make use of it to search for people they are interested in. In the search section, users can set various fields regarding the sexual orientation, sexuality, gender identity, destination, distance, ethnicity, age range, weight, height, what the potential partner is looking for, photo, and video availability. Users can also search for people willing to travel.

Members can add others to their Favorite list. Since all users can see who favorited them, they can add to favorites to show their interest in others and attract attention. This is a pretty useful feature for starting a conversation with new friends or simply shy people who don’t know how to break the ice with a potential date. If you want to mark the profile anonymously, you can use the “Notes” feature for that.

Users can view different content on the Collarspace website. There are video streams, displaying live videos of others, and cinema. In the resources section, users can find various educational videos, articles, and other useful links and materials connected to the BDSM lifestyle and community.

A Few Lines to Sum Up

As proved in this Collarspace review, the website is a popular BDSM platform where members are provided with a variety of ways to express themselves. Users can find like-minded people based on personal preferences that are centered on sexual orientation. All profiles are open and visible even for visitors without the account. So, users need to be careful not to post personal information if they want to stay anonymous on the website. Members can use the username. Collarspace protects the personal information used during the registration. Since the website is free, the functionality is limited, and the design is not that attractive compared to paid-for sites. The website does not offer smart matching and makes recommendations based on the zip code. To find people you might be interested in, users need to look manually by studying the profile information. Further, there are various channels for communication at the platform, including video-chats. Finally, taking into account that the website is free, users need to be aware of fake accounts and scams. Nevertheless, Collarspace has a lot of real accounts and is worth looking at.

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
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