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Connecting Singles Review 2021

Connecting Singles Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 20-22
Profiles 1.700.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There are a plethora of features available on the platform.
  • Users are thoroughly questioned about their personalities and background.
  • All features and services of the platform are 100% free!
  • Verified profiles.
  • A mobile application version is also available.
  • Advanced Search option available on the platform.
  • Commendable privacy and security policies.
  • The mobile application is only available for Android devices, not for iOS users yet.
  • No live chat option.
  • An account can only be used once approved or verified by the technical staff.
  • The mobile app’s interface is a bit crowded, which leads to a negative impact on the user’s experience.

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What is Connecting Singles?

Connecting Singles Review 2020

After reading this Connecting singles review, you will have a clear vision if you want to indulge in an app like this or not. This is a new-age online dating platform for singles worldwide to find a date, a hook-up, or even get a serious relationship, and that too for free. The platform claims to be better than other online dating platforms by making all its services and features free of cost, which is also the website’s unique selling point. Another aspect of this excellent platform is the complete feeling of being a part of a community that Connecting singles facilitates through its Blogs, Poems, Forums, Games, Puzzles, and many other exceptional features available on the platform.

Bringing in so many features and activities for people to enjoy together, the platform has bridged the gap between people who earlier had a problem initiating a conversation with others. Using games, movies, puzzles, et cetera as an ice breaker is an exceptional idea, and it also includes two people at once, hence taking the pressure off one’s back. This platform is not only limited to people of the straight sexual orientations. People belonging to the LGBTQ+ community can also use this platform to find romance, love, and excitement in their lives. It is an open site with the courage and ability to socially accept people belonging to all beliefs, cultures, religions, sexualities, et cetera under one platform. Everyone needs romantic or sexual satisfaction and a feeling of being complete, leading to a more calm and concentrated mind and body. And if this is what you need, this Connecting singles review will clear your head and help you make the best decision and even guide you on this platform’s dos and don’ts.

Is Connecting singles legit or scam?

Connecting Singles Review 2020

Before commenting on whether Connecting singles is legit or a scam, let’s talk about what the site offers and then make an informed decision. This platform’s privacy and security policies are one of the most trusted and elaborate out of all the other online dating websites. All users are verified on the platform, and this verification process is so detailed that the user ends up filling a lot of information about them. Then the profile is approved or refused as per the platform’s guidelines and security policies. Hence, this step does two essential things; first, it verifies all its users; thus, most profiles are genuine. Second, it reduces the chances of a scammer or fraud entering the site due to the extensive verification process.

The idea behind this app’s launching is brilliant, and one could even say it is based on some out-of-the-box thinking. Playing games, watching movies, and solving puzzles act as a substitute to that nervous first text, which many users turn shy of sending. The icebreaker’s role in such a smooth manner is a creative thought of a genius.

Coming back to the question of whether Connecting singles is legit or a scam, the platform according to this Connecting singles review seems more legit than it does as a scam. Apart from this review, many users have shared their feedback based on their experience on the website.

What members on this site?

One thing that differentiates this platform from other online dating platforms is that it has genuine users. They use the site in the way it was meant and built to be used, mostly because of its extensive verification process. Most users on the site want to find a partner so they tend to maintain their profiles to the highest level. From intimate personal information and good profile pictures to hobbies and interests, all users maintain a decent standard to be noticed which in turn keeps the platform up and running. According to this Connecting singles review, over 10,000+ users are active weekly. There are around 50,000+ registered members from the United States of America itself. The user base of this platform is diverse in all its aspects. People belonging to all ethnicities, religions, faiths, colors, and sexual orientations are welcome aboard on Connecting singles. A useful tip for using to attract people on the platform is to truly be you since that is the essence behind the platform’s workings.

Sexual Orientation

Connecting Singles Review 2020

All forms of sexual orientations and preferences are welcome on the platform. The platform hosts males, females, couples, and members of the LGBT community alike round the clock and free of cost to indulge in a fantasy of their choice.

Age Distribution

The platform is mostly filled with users belonging to teens and young adults since a lot of features on this platform, like playing games and watching videos appeal less to the elder members. This Connecting singles review brings you the most transparent figures and statistics to keep you well informed about users’ age distribution on this platform. Although it is well known that the gender ratio on the service is a bit uneven. There are more female users in the age group of 18-44 years than male users on the platform, which is highly unusual for a completely free site. However, this feature has proven beneficial for male users on the platform.

To use Connecting singles or any of its services, one must either be

1) 18 years of age or

2) the age of consent under the laws of the territory you reside in or are using for accessing the platform.

Sign-up Process and Login Info

Connecting Singles Review 2020

This Connecting singles review will tell you all about the sign-up process. The sign-up procedure on this platform is unique and elaborate compared with other websites having the same intentions and targets.

There are three steps involved. The first is a fundamental segment where the user needs to enter very basic details about themselves like username, age, e-mail, country, and city of origin. You also need a password and pass a captcha to ward off any form of robotic presence. The second part of the sign-up process is a lengthy one and requires entering elaborate details about the user before entering the site. This segment comprises filling in more information like facial features, religion, income, marital status, personality traits, and answering some questions related to one’s job. Next, a user also has to write a brief yet engaging bio for them and have to describe their ideal match and what they are looking for. The third and most crucial step is the verification step. The technical team works round the clock to ensure to its fullest that all users entering the site are genuine. The approval usually takes no more than 24 hours, and once a user is done with all three of these steps, they can now freely enjoy the features and perks that Connecting singles offers them.

Profile creation

Connecting Singles Review 2020

Creating a profile is the same thing as the second step in the sign-up process. It requires one to fill in extra details about oneself and describe specifically as to who they are and what they want in an ideal match. It is a fun task since it depends mostly on filling out personal details, likes and dislikes, hobbies, interests, and passion. Although the sign-up process hardly took any time to get over with, this part of creating and completing a profile could take up a bit of time. It involves self-introspection and sharing what the users know about themselves. Spending time on this section of the app can significantly increase one’s chances of finding someone suitable. The best part about it is that other people might be able to find what they are looking for or as well.


In order to meet someone and find an affinity between both of you, making contact is essential. This can be done through the instant messaging feature, which can be used by all members of Connecting singles. Anyone can send messages to anyone till the time the technical team has approved them. However, the messaging feature on apps like these is quite obsolete nowadays. In order to successfully satisfy one’s romantic and sexual cravings, they need to see the other person or at least hear their voice. Hence features like voice chat and video chat play an essential part in making people’s time worth it on the platform.

Platform for use

The platform is available as a desktop website and is also available as a mobile application but only on Google Play Store for just the Android users.


Connecting Singles Review 2020

Yes, the platform is available as a desktop website and is also available as a mobile application. The website has been remodeled a lot since its start, and the result is very pleasing and promising. The way this website is designed makes the users feel accepted from the very start. People can relate to the images on the home page; the color scheme chosen is calming and comforting at the same time. Additionally, the users can also use the website’s mobile version if they don’t have a laptop or a PC to use.

Although you can read this Connecting singles review on a website, the platform is accessible for users through its mobile application, which works well on Android. The app is very user-friendly, and the interface is simple to use with a hint of modern in it. Users find the app to be more convenient than having to use a website since they can stay logged in and find other users according to their changing location. The only drawback to the site is that users will have to scroll down a lot in the app if they are looking for a particular feature. It is somewhat hard to look for the functionality that a user wants to use because they will have to scroll through a long list of features.

Design and Usability

Connecting singles website is designed, keeping in mind the intention behind creating this platform. It is easy to use, and features are placed where it is the easiest and the most beneficial. The app is developed to make the users navigate easily through the entire platform, still maintaining the touch of modern through its font and color scheme, attracting people.

The mobile application on Android is very user-friendly, and hence it is no tough job to navigate through the platform. When you log in to this app, you see different tabs and columns dedicated to each feature that Connecting singles has to offer. You can easily click on any link or bookmark that will take you to that particular thing that you were looking for, so you need not worry about ever getting lost looking for something. Users can make contact easily and even contact by messaging and inviting others to play a game.

Connecting singles Costs and Prices

The main motive behind being such a successful platform is that it promotes the free usage of a website. It is a 100% free service, and no feature on this platform costs the user any amount of money, no matter where they operate the website or the app from. It is a completely free website created to find love, romance, and some excitement online.

The difference between free and paid access

There is no difference between free paid accesses since all its features are 100% free for all its users.

How to Pay

Connecting Singles Review 2020

Again, the platform is free, so you don’t need to think about this as well as worry about your banking details leakage.

Payment systems

If the service ever decides to charge, we’ll let you know how to make the payment.

Safety & Security

Connecting singles is extremely diligent about its user’s security. It has published all the documents that are related to their protection concerns. There are terms of use of the cookie policy and everything. It made easy for its users to report any other user who is found abusive and dangerous. The support team is always online and monitors users’ activities throughout the day. The staff of the platform is devoted to maintaining the given reputation and for long. One of their core areas of focus is making sure no profile on the platform is a fake or has been inactive for too long.


As on all online dating platforms, there is some amount of fake profiles present on Connecting singles as well. Some of them are inactive, but some have intentions to scam users via fraudulent techniques. The latter profiles are very less, and the support specialists run constant checks on all profiles that either seems inactive or automated.

Special Features

This Connecting singles review informs you about all its special features. Mostly there are only genuine and properly verified users to be found on the app, making it more trustworthy and appealing. Multiple features make this app special. Playing games, writing blogs, solving puzzles, watching movies, attending forums, et cetera are all unheard features to be on a platform meant for dating. This is an excellent place to have a good time and make new friends.


Connecting singles is an online dating platform for single people worldwide to find themselves a potential partner to date, hook-up, or have a serious relationship with. One of the most significant advantages this platform has over others is that it claims to be 100% free for all its users no matter where they log in. The sign-up platforms process has two parts; first, where only the basic information is asked, and the other where a more detailed questioning about one’s personality and background is done. One thing that indicates this platform’s genuineness is how well all the features are planned and put out. According to this Connecting singles review, a lot of time and thought have been put into the making of this platform. The website doesn’t look outdated, and the design is impressive. This platform is one of the few decent online dating websites that genuinely help people find love, romance, and excitement.

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