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Cuddli Review 2021

Cuddli Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 26%
Reply rate 78%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 25-40
Profiles 930 680
About Site
Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It's a user-oriented app.
  • It connects people with the same interests.
  • The Cuddli app is free to download and use.
  • The platform provides the highest level of data protection by the leading developer, an online security specialist.
  • Location-based matching principle;
  • Communication with one user at a time is possible.

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Cuddli Values and Standards

Cuddli Values and Standards

The geeks of the world have been waiting for an app like Cuddli for ages to come out and satisfy their dating needs. A geek or nerd is a person with an obsessive interest in a particular intellectual activity. Some geeks know everything about programming and video games. Although these people often create platforms, they feel a lack of dating apps for nerds for quite a while. Hence, the Cuddli review will highlight the benefits of the beloved by nerds apps. It will also look into the member pool and how the interaction is organized. It appears that the app is not a simple tool for finding a person to talk to but like a wingman who helps to plan and set up a real date. Cuddli review will discover the drawbacks, and there are always some, and there is no flawless service.

Cuddli creators targeted a small and picky community when they designed this app. There is a peculiar feature of geeks that makes them unbearable on the traditional dating sites – they are skeptical. This app must have won their hearts since it has not received negative feedback and managed to gather a solid user base.

A couple of companies chipped in to develop the app, and these were Verizon, Microsoft, and NBC Universal. The companies are quite reputable, and they would not allow a scam under their name. Although the head offices of the mentioned companies are located in Silicon Valley, the team developing Cuddli resided in a cheaper location in Croatia. So, the officially registered address comes up as Croatia.

One of the founders of the app is a geek himself. Robert Walker was an MBA student when he moved to Europe and started using dating apps to find a girlfriend in 2017. His experience was frustrating, and he decided to put his knowledge into practice and save the nerd community.

Cuddli Is Not a Scam

The review of Cuddli policies and background proves that the app is legit. It provides a legal address, and the owners are actively communicating with the users and media. The Apple Store and Google Store approve the app.

The app does not collect much of your details and, on the opposite, encourages you to share less. It pursues solemn functions to find a match and nothing else. It does not offer any other services and has no annoying ads.

Member Structure of the Platform

Member Structure of the Platform

The review of Cuddli’s member pool shows a variety of age groups and sexual orientations. It connects everyone regardless of their race, ethnicity, and gender. The users mostly reside in the USA. A large membership base is located in Europe in countries like the UK and Italy. The overall number of users is approximately 100k.

Members’ Sexual Orientation

The Cuddli shows a diversity of member sexuality representation. The number of males on the site prevails. They comprise about 60 % of users. The male part of the member base is usually represented by straight (68 %) and homosexuals (32%). When it comes to females, most of them are straight looking for males (80%).

Age Groups

To join Cuddli, the user has to be of legal age, 18 and in some places 21. So, the most popular category of users is those of the age of 18 – 25 y.o. It is the same about both genders.

How to Register on the Site?

How to Register on the Site?

A registration procedure on the Cuddli platform is short. Since it is connected to Facebook, all you need to do is type in your phone number and password. The next step will be the verification of the number and profile set up.

Note that the phone number and the IP address are not disclosed to other users. This is the internal information that helps the site team enhance the website and set up your profile and matches.

Profile Qualities

Profile Qualities

Cuddli’s profile has a photo that takes almost 80% of the screen. It also has a username, age, and a short description of a person. Most users indicate their geeky preferences. It can be the game they like or the team they support in the game, a movie, or a book. Since it is a genuine geek community, the admirers of Comic-con appreciate these descriptions. The more details you use while writing it, the more attention you will get from users.

Instead of writing down a long list of interests, there is an option to use small images or icons to designate these activities. The icons are like keywords that describe you.

Initiating Conversations

Cuddli app provides its users with the messaging options identified the instant messaging feature. The users can swipe and find each other using location. The app collects GPS data and finds matches nearby.

If two users are interested, they can shift to a romantic couple’s mode to ban them both from texting someone else. Another benefit that Cuddli offers is a connection to Foursquare. It is a good idea for people with poor imagination. If you want to set up a date, Foursquare will recommend the juiciest locations in your area and according to your preferences. To set the reminder, use the Google calendar built into the app.

Platform Characteristics

It is undoubtedly a new and innovative platform. It has cutting-edge design and functionality.

PC Version

Cuddli is available as an app. It does not have a desktop version for users, but it has a website with information about the services. Use the website to find a detailed description of the code of conduct and privacy measures.

Is There a Mobile Application?

Cuddli is compatible with iOS devices as well as Android. It was initially launched with Android, but the founders understood that extension to Apple erases limits for any mobile platform users.

Functionality of the Mobile Platform

Functionality of the Mobile Platform

The left sidebar contains all the main features of the app. It has the following sections: Matches, Stickers, Settings, Let’s Dance feature, Calendar (My dates), and the user’s name on top.

The app is innovative and well-designed since it has a lot of features incorporated like Google Calendar, Foursquare, and synchronization with the games

How to Navigate?

How to Navigate?

To navigate the Cuddli app, download it from the app store and install it. Then, complete the registration. You will see the screen with a left sidebar that has all the features you can use. The matches can be seen on the main screen, and if you want to like or dislike them, there will be a red and green button correspondingly.

Costs Of Cuddli Membership

Luckily the dating geek paradise, unlike gaming, is free of charge. It is unnecessary to go through the payment process to enjoy the variety of dating tools that the site offers.

Is It Worth Purchasing a Membership?

It is a free platform, so every user, both males, and females can enjoy dating without obstacles and limitations.

Billing Info

Since you do not need to pay for the membership, you are not obliged to share any private details, including the billing address.

Payment Options

The website does not offer any payment options since there is no need to pay for its services.

Safety Measures

Safety Measures

Cuddli’s review of policies did not identify any suspicious activities conducted by the app. It stores the IP address and the personal information the user indicates on the stage of registration. However, the app informs about it and claims that such info is used to set up the account. It also helps them calculate the stats of user activity and improve the service.

Scam Prevention Strategy

The app does not have any extraordinary ways to verify the account. Like all the dating apps, Cuddli does not have a right to run a background check on all the members; it would violate privacy. So, the app puts as many obstacles for scammers as possible.

Since the app is attached to the phone number, it is verified to check whether you are the user who registered. If the user is on the blacklist and still tries to subscribe, the site’s risk team will block such an account. Note that you are not allowed to share your account with someone else. You are the owner. Hence you are responsible for the content uploaded to your profile.

If the user shows suspicious signs, the other users can block and report the profile. It will, later on, be handled by the risk team of the app. The app is free, so nobody should ask you to pay for any services.

Cuddli is not a platform for charity or commerce, so any financial transactions are impossible and should not be discussed.

Additional Features

Additional Features

My Dates. There is no way you can forget about the upcoming date since Google calendar keeps track of those. The option is located in the left sidebar of the app.

Icons. As an alternative to writing your interest in the profile description, the site offers icons that designate different activities.

Smiles and gifs. Messaging is enhanced by many stickers and gifs related to famous video games and characters of cartoons.

Let’s Dance. Like Tinder, you can view a list of candidates whom you can like or dislike. If you click on a green button, you express your interest. In case of mutual interest, both of you receive a notification.

Game stats. You can allow the app to copy your stats if you play any games. It will be shown in your profile.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Since almost every person in the world has access to online dating and social networks, there is no point in waiting for a prince or princess’s real meeting. By registering on the dating site, you get access to the pool of all people who become your potential matches. Distance and age do not matter. There are no more gaps between you because you can contact anyone with an Internet connection anytime.

Cuddli is a creation that served its purpose for people who had a particular interest and did not want to waste time on online platforms with the users who were most probably of different views. In the end, we all want a soulmate and a like-minded person. For the geeks, Cuddli served as a paradise.

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Metz is creative, open-minded, and perceptive. He has a background in Higher Education and is passionate about mental health and wellness.
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