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Cybermen Review – What To Consider Before Using This Site

Cybermen Review –  What To Consider Before Using This Site
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Date with older guy 60%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 20-40
Profiles 560.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The app is free to register
  • The main features of the app are free
  • The premium membership is not very expensive
  • Your security is a big priority for the developers.
  • You can use the app without disclosing valuable info.
  • The design is not very good.
  • There are very few users worldwide
  • There is support in only a few languages.

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What Is Cybermen?

Cybermen reviews show that this is a dating platform that aims to join gay men. It was created by French company 123multimedia and currently gathers more than 50 thousand users. It is available in the whole world in different languages. The app presents itself as a safe place for all gay men around the world. In this Cybermen review, you will know whether the app is safe or genuinely accessible.

What Is Cybermen

Is Cybermen Legit?

At first look, the platform seems to have been abandoned. The design is weak, although usability is ok, everything on the app is just too basic. It does seem like a scam, right?

However, this Cybermen review has the agreement of letting you know the truth. Plus, the truth is that this dating platform is legit. It is supported by 123multimedia, a company that works with a lot of other apps. Developers and support teams seem very open to questions and to help users with their experience, even though you might think that they abandoned the dating app/site.

Is Cybermen Legit

Members On The Site

There are about 50 thousand users on the site. Most of them live in France, and there is a bunch in Morocco and Algeria too. There are users in other countries as well, but not as much as on these.

The low number of users occurs because of two factors:

  • The app is a little polished, very unattractive.
  • There is support to only English, French, Arabic, Hindi, Italian, and Spanish.

Because of that, there is a limitation on how many people feel attracted to join the site. And even those who get interested initially might eventually leave the app because of how bad it looks.

Members On The Site

Sexual Orientation Of Members

This dating platform was made, especially for men who are looking for other men for romance, friendship, or fun. That being said, there are only men on the site. And all of these men are gay or at least bisexual.

Age Distribution

This Cybermen review could not find any available data regarding the most represented age range among the site users. Still, if you take a look at the app, you will see that there are people of all ages. The minimum age required to register is 17.

Whether you are young or old, you can take a chance at this site if it fits your interests.

How To Sign Up And Login

When you read some old comments from users, it becomes clear that Cybermen has changed its registration process. It seems that it used to ask a lot of intimate things to allow members into the site. That might have caused the app not to attract many members. But now the registration process is straightforward and does not ask for any information.

There are two ways to register. You can register on the app or your browser. If you want to register through the app, you first need to go to the app store of your phone (be it Android or iOS) and download the app. After installing the app, it will ask for you to enter the following info:

  • Birthdate
  • Country
  • Region
  • Email
  • Username
  • Password
  • Kind of date: friendship, serious, fun (you can check more than one)

There is a box to check where you can choose to keep yourself informed about the app by mail. And there are two other mandatory boxes to check: “I accept the conditions of use” and “I accept the Privacy Policy.”

If you want, you can also select to register with Google or Facebook. By choosing any, the app will connect your Google or Facebook account.

When you choose to register on the browser, the registration process is the same. After you register, you will receive a verification email with a link to confirm that you are registered under that email address.

When you leave the app/browser and want to log back, you just need to click on “Log in” to enter your email and password.

How To Sign Up And Login

Creating Your Profile

This Cybermen review aims to be as honest as possible about the app. It is very frustrating how the whole interface of the app is little polished, even on profiles. Finding a profile is easy, and editing yours is easy as well. But profiles are not very detailed and do not look very beautiful too. The app offers little to users.

What you can edit on your profile so others will see is profile picture, description, public album, private album, location. At least the site checks if pictures are depicting real people. To be sure, a meme image was uploaded while trying out the app, and it was rejected. If any person wants to create a fake profile, he will still need to upload a picture of a real person. But most profiles do not have a profile picture.

Descriptions need to be validated as well. But most profiles do not display any description. The site looks very abandoned, but if you still want to try having some success, you can upload pictures to your public album. That way, other users will see how you look and want to talk to you.

You can add more intimate pictures on the private album that you might want to share with someone you have intimacy. Adding your location makes the difference only when there are users around your city. If you live somewhere in South America or Oceania, per example, you will probably see a lot of users from France and Morocco before finding someone near you.

Creating Your Profile

Messaging System

Many dating apps charge their users so they can have access to the chat. Gladly, Cybermen does not do that. When you want to chat with someone, you just need to find the person’s profile and click on it. The option to send a message will appear immediately.

Though it is easy to send messages on this app, the messenger does not look good, just like the whole app. The whole focus of the app seems to make the chat available to everyone. When you click at someone’s picture, you immediately see the option to send a message. It is a place where things go fast. It would be nice if the app had more support because the idea is surely good.

Platform To Use


If you want to use Cybermen on your computer, you can register just like on the phone. Or you can even remain anonymous, which is not possible on the phone. This is a great possibility that this site offers. But then if you are the one chatting with an anonymous profile, you might not be able to find the same person again.

You can edit your information on the browser version exactly like on the app version. The site looks a little better than the app. Although the design is the same, it looks better on a larger screen.

You can choose to download the app or access the site on your phone browser. But accessing the app is fastest and less troubling. The app looks ugly and does not have many options. It seems like a beta version that the developers forgot about. That summed up the fact that most members do not have a profile picture makes it look that the support team indeed forgot about the app/site. When photographs are not accepted, it is probably a bot doing the job.

Both the site and the app are not very good, and it really does not matter much which you choose to access the platform.

Platform To Use

Design And Usability

The design of this dating app is the worst thing about it. It has a bland design with no personality at all. Everything is white with black words and only red details here and there. No wonder Cybermen has few users.

Fortunately, it is easy to use since there are few functionalities. But you can get lost sometimes when you try to visualize your messages for the first time. The app notifies you as you received a message, but it is only showing that your conversation is still open.

Although the design is not very impressive, the site/app is perfect when it comes to usability. It seems that the servers are still up and running tight. Also, it is hard to find a bug on the app. On the research conducted, there were not found many reports of the app suddenly closing or doing something else than it was supposed to do.

Design And Usability

There are not many things to navigate on this platform, so it is easy to find what you need. When you register or login, you will see a white screen with you at the top and then all the other men who are online. At the top of the screen, you can see the exact number of users online. It usually is around 500, which is not much for a dating site/app.

There are three stripes at the top left corner of the screen. When you click on it, you will see the following options:

  • Online members: here, you will see all online users.
  • My advantages: here is where you will find the paid packages.
  • Search: you can improve your search with search filters.
  • New messages: see all the new messages you received.
  • Ongoing chats: change between your current conversations.
  • Near me: see which users are in the same city or cities around you.
  • My contacts: users who you already know.
  • Settings: find and adjust account and profile configurations.
  • About: find help and info about the platform.
  • Log out.

The three stripes symbol is always on the top. That means that when you select one option, you can quickly find the other options and change between them.

Cybermen Costs

Cybermen offers four different ways for users to improve their experience on the platform. Here are the packages and their costs:

  • Premium Pack – $7,99 per month
  • Direct Call – $2,99 per month
  • Top Message – $2,99 per month
  • No Ads – $1,99 per month

Free Features And Paid Features

The research necessary to put this Cybermen review together showed no significant difference between remaining a free user and acquiring any of the packages. Of course, these packages do improve the overall experience, but just a little bit.

The features the site offers for free members are:

  • Chat
  • Public album
  • Private album
  • Search

Then, if you want to improve your experience, you can buy one of the packages. To be sure, the Premium Pack includes everything the other three packs offer. Just see below:

  • Direct Call: 1-hour call/month
  • Top Message: Message filtering, message delivery and read reports, high priority messages
  • No ads: Chat without any ads

It does not seem like a significant advantage to get any of these, especially when the site does not have many active users.

How To Get A Subscription

If it is the case that one of the paid packs interests you, getting one is easy. You just have to find the three stripes at the top of the app. When you click on it, you will see many options. The “My Advantages” option is where you need to go to acquire one of the paid services.

How To Get A Subscription

Paying For Your Subscription

In the app, once you choose the package you want, click on the price, and you will see an app store window pop up. That window shows all the details of the transaction. You can see how much it costs in your local currency and the payment options. Google Play, per example, accepts different forms of payment depending on your country. The most common is through credit cards.

Is Cybermen Safe?

The site and the app seem to be pretty safe. The platform does not collect private information from users, and transactions are not even made directly through the app. If you receive suspicious links from any user, you can simply choose to not click on them.

When any profile tries to be harmful to you, you can block and report it. If you have doubts, questions, or need help, you can reach the support team through their email: cybermen@hotline.center.

Does The Platform Has Scam?

The platform itself is legit and very safe. But sometimes there might be harmful people using it. Unfortunately, that is for granted on the internet. When you receive suspicious links from other people, simply ignore those links. Then block and report whoever sent you such links.

Does The Platform Has Scam

Special Features

The site does not have any features that can be called extraordinary. The only thing that comes close to that is the possibility of making calls when you acquire the Direct Call or Premium Package packs. But many apps such as WhatsApp already offer calls for free.


The app presents itself as offering its users the possibility of finding partners for casual sex or building a healthy relationship. It also allows users to form lasting friendships. It is one of the many niche dating sites that offer gay men a place to meet and chat. Men of all ages, countries, and ethnicities can get on the app as long as they are looking for other men. The real story is not that beautiful.

The best thing about Cybermen is its cool name that might attract Doctor Who fans (in case you are not a nerd, there is an alien race called Cybermen in Doctor Who, a British TV show). That is to say, Cybermen (the dating platform) does not deserve attention from men who want to find other gay or bisexual men.

The platform is sloppy, the interface is poorly designed, and most profiles can very well be fake. Since they do not have profile pictures. Everything gets worse with the fact that they allow minors to join (you can register if you are at least 17 years old).

It is hard to imagine why there are still people using Cybermen, given that there are much better dating platforms out there. The only niche appeal is that the site/app is made for gay men, but there are other apps for gay men that are much better.

To finish this Cybermen review: the platform is definitely not recommended for anyone.

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