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DateHookup Review 2021

DateHookup Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 20-25
Profiles 1.900.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It’s easy to sign up there: registration on DateHookup is simple and will take just a few minutes.
  • It has a social media vibe: DateHookup review readers will see some kind of a newsfeed on their profile once they finish registration.
  • Messaging is free. Unlike many dating websites out there, DateHookup provides you with a free messaging feature, so you don’t have to pay to communicate with someone.
  • You also may find a forum where you can read different threads or post yours.
  • If you like communication, then you will love chatrooms.
  • You can watch other profile pictures for free.
  • There are apps both for iPhone and Android users, so nobody will stay overboard.
  • An enormous user base means that you 100% will find someone to meet: over six million visits per month worldwide and more than a million users from the USA.
  • t’s possible to find some bugs while using the website (technical problems).
  • It’s effortless to get into it because DateHookup is user-friendly.
  • Long-term membership plans offer a significant discount.
  • Payment options include month-to-month option: it’s great if you are not sure how long you are going to stay on the site.
  • The mobile version allows you to browse beautiful women and rich men without getting an app.
  • Depending on your goals, you can find different people here: some will be happy to become your wife, while others will be glad to have quick casual sex with you.
  • Moderators aren’t checking profiles that people create on DateHookup so that you might encounter some fakes or scammers.
  • As mentioned above, there are some fakes: DateHookup review authors have spotted some of them.
  • Profiles on the website aren’t very rich in terms of information.
  • Some features require money, so it’s not fair to claim that DateHookup is a free dating platform.

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What Is DateHookup?

DateHookup Review 2020

It doesn’t matter what exactly you are looking for: wife or just a girl to spend some time with because DateHookup will do good in both scenarios. Thanks to its enormous user base, every DateHookup review reader will find someone to meet. It also has a social network flavor, so it’s possible to find some friends there, not just a girlfriend. Are you excited to hear more? Then continue to read this DateHookup review!

Is DateHookup Legit or Scam?

While DateHookup is a legit website, there are some fake profiles, so you should be careful and never forget about your safety. This rule applies to any kind of social media, not just a dating platform. Also, DateHookup review authors checked that website for any viruses using VirusTotal services and couldn’t find any malicious software there. That’s why you shouldn’t be scared of any viruses while using DateHookup to find yourself a girl or boyfriend. Still, it doesn’t mean that someone can’t send you a malicious link. Always check links that someone messages you before you click on them. Overall, this site is safe to use; you can meet singles from all over the world there.


While most of the portal users are males, there are still plenty of females looking for a friend. It also has more than a million visitors from the US. It’s important to remember while reading the next part of the DateHookup review: the majority of members aren’t looking for long-term relationships. It’s not like it would be mission impossible to find serious relationships there, no. It’s just that finding an easy hookup or a sex buddy is much more comfortable. Of course, all users are over 18, so people shouldn’t worry about wasting their time messaging someone for weeks to find out that he/she was an underage person.

Sexual Orientation

DateHookup Review 2020

DateHookup was designed primarily for heterosexual people. That doesn’t mean though that bisexuals can’t use it to make new friends. After all, who doesn’t like to experiment? Considering that it’s also a social network, not just a dating platform, you can find many like-minded individuals. It’s also possible to specify who you are searching for in your profile settings or during registration.

Age Distribution

To join the site described in the DateHookup review, a person should be at least 18 years old. Most of the users are young men and women who haven’t found their special ones yet. But there are some older users who got divorced or just looking for casual sex to make life brighter. You can come across some nice-looking and sexually liberated women, as well as wealthy gentlemen. Eventually, it’s totally up to you who you would like to connect to, don’t you agree?

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

It takes much less time to sign up than read the DateHookup review. It’s a piece of cake to create a profile on that website. All you have to do is to fill a few fields with information about who you are. Those fields will require you to specify your gender and the partner you would like to find. Then you must provide your e-mail address, so it would be possible to recover your password if someone hacks you. After that, you choose a desired nickname and password. Finally, you add your date of birth, the country you live in, and upload your photo. That’s it! Dive into online dating without wasting time on verifying your account.

Profile Creation

DateHookup Review 2020

When you create a profile, the best option would be to upload a quality photo of yours. Choose your avatar wisely because it’s a dating website, and a pic is the first thing that people pay attention to when they view a page. You should also write something about yourself: what books you like to read, favorite music or movie genre. It’s also important to note what kind of relationship you are looking for, do you want to marry or not. Or, perhaps, you will be happy just to flirt or have a penfriend. In any scenario, there always is a chance that you will change your mind, and a penfriend can become your spouse. You also should spend some time adding your beliefs, marital status, drinking and smoking habits.


Making contact on DateHookup doesn’t cost anything, which is quite uncommon in the online dating world. You can find new acquaintances by visiting a forum where users are posting various threads and start discussions. But there is a downside: while free messaging, in particular, is a good thing, many young people misuse it by trolling other members and sending them nude pictures.

Platforms to Use

DateHookup Review 2020

There are 2 platforms to access the DateHookup dating website: desktop and mobile. Eventually, it all depends on your taste and preferences.


While most people nowadays prefer to use dating platforms on their mobile phones, there are still some benefits of using the good old desktop version. For example, it doesn’t drain your phone battery. Moreover, you can always close the tab and leave all distractions while on the mobile app, you will get notifications.


As for now, apps are not available to end-users, but DateHookup members can avail of a mobile version of the website to browse it from their phones. One great thing about dating applications, in particular, is that they can send push notifications when someone likes you or sends you a message. But it’s a double-edged sword because those notifications might distract you from other activities. Also, apps eat batteries, so you will have to charge your phone more often.

Design and Usability

For an extended period, DateHookup had been using quite an outdated design. Lots of members were complaining about that. But now things have changed for good: it offers you a modern and intuitive experience. It has an advanced yet straightforward search feature: you can find people by the country they live in (for example, there are lots of beautiful girls from Ukraine who would love to go abroad). You can also check their marital status (whether they are engaged or not), their religious beliefs, bad habits, etc. You may filter those who got children and specify the desired age range.

It’s easy to navigate the DateHookup website, thanks to its user-friendly design and advanced search filters. Members can upload many pictures, so you can see not only their faces but also the body type. It’s effortless and enjoyable to browse DateHookup on mobile phones because it has a responsive design.

DateHookup Costs and Prices

DateHookup Review 2020

Nothing is free in our materialistic world, so the fact that a popular website like DateHookup has some membership plans isn’t a serious flaw. While the membership plan itself isn’t very expensive ($9,99 per month), there is a credit system. For example, if you create a profile, you will get 20 credits for free. You can use them to write to someone, which makes it a free feature. But once those credits are used up, you will have to buy new ones. This system isn’t for everyone because paying for each action might be a little lavish. But if we look at it from another perspective, it makes sense if you are not going to stay too long on the DateHookup resource: in this case, it will be cheaper to buy some credits. If you opt for three months, it will cost you just 7.62 USD per month. Those who will purchase a pack for half a year will enjoy their premium just for 5.95 USD per month.

What is the difference between a paying member and a non-paying one? Let’s take a look.


∙ Create your DateHookup profile and upload photos to start chatting with beautiful singles.

∙ Get 20 credits and converse with others.

∙ Find some matches.

∙ Participate in a forum.


∙ See who likes you.

∙ Get a VIP badge that will make you stand out.

∙ A higher position in search results.

What does it mean? Fee-based services give you a greater chance to be seen by beautiful ladies or handsome men. It also provides you with better exposure in search results and ensures a delightful user experience. Finally, it gives you that priceless feeling that you have supported the website you love.

How to Pay

DateHookup Review 2020

While the price of DateHookup’s premium membership can still be arguable, everything is simple with the payment method. Enjoy a VIP status just for 9.95 USD per month by using your credit card. But before you do that, you need to know one thing: there is an automatic billing. What does it mean? Whenever your membership expires, it will be automatically prolonged. If you get tired from meeting hot women every day and decide to quit, you can stop that automatic billing by going to your profile setting and checking corresponding check-boxes.

Accepted Payment Methods

The only way to pay for a premium membership on the DateHookup website is by using a credit card (VISA or MasterCard). If you want different options and alternatives, you can contact the site administrator: perhaps, they will help you out.

Safety & Security

DateHookup Review 2020

Is using DateHookup safe for you? Well, VirusTotal test says yes: this website is clean and virus-free (though it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use antiviruses or firewalls). One more way you could protect yourself even more would be to provide only your REAL e-mail address. This way, if you forget your password or someone will eventually hack you (for example, if you are browsing from the unknown computer), you can always restore your account. Only make sure you do it fast before intruder didn’t change your e-mail address in your profile settings. Another advice: be careful when strangers send you some links: always check them with VirusTotal before you click anything. Sometimes, you can receive malicious links from friends even; most likely, they were hacked.


There is no scam from DateHookup owners’ side: everything is transparent, and all prices are clear and shown on the billing page. Some people claim that asking money both for the premium membership and credits is a scam, but it’s not: it’s called a business policy. But if you are afraid of scammers, there is one advice: pay attention to profile pictures. If they look unnaturally good, like from magazine cover, and woman flirts right from the start, then it could be a sign of a fake person talking with you. On the other hand, you shouldn’t go too paranoid; otherwise, you will lose all the fun.

Special Features

DateHookup Review 2020

One of the most significant special features that you will find on the DateHookup website is an advanced search with plenty of filters. First of all, choose what you would like to get from the platform: a penfriend and carefree flirt, or you are seriously thinking about marriage. Once you finish with that, start looking for people. You can apply different parameters to find a match who suits you best. For example, if you hate smokers, you can exclude smoking users from your search. The same goes for children: if you are child-free, adjust filters accordingly so that every person with children won’t be shown to you.


DateHookup Review 2020

What can DateHookup offer such users like you? Plenty of beautiful girls from all over the world (lots of them are from Ukraine, though) and great user experience. Different search filters that you will find on the site will help you to find the right woman. Even if you don’t find yourself a wife on DateHookup, you still can be sure that you will have plenty of a great time if you join it today.

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