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Erisdating Review 2021

Erisdating Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 87%
Beauty 86%
Popular age 27-42
Profiles 710.260
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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The Eris users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • The subscribers need no premium membership or add-ons to use the full functionality of the platform. Meanwhile, payment options are available as well, to get some priorities.
  • The members are free to fill in numerous profile features, telling other users as much about themselves as possible. Note that most fields are optional.
  • The registration process is straightforward and not time-consuming. You need some 2-3 minutes to join up the platform.
  • The community is rich in members from all over the world, while the platform meets all your purposes: casual dates, friendship, or marriage perspectives.
  • This service is a social network-like, offering users multiple communication options.
  • The standard registration opens a door for scammers. According to the Eris review, fake accounts are quite numerous.
  • The service is more popular in the USA and some European countries; therefore, subscribers from other locations are somehow limited in their search.

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The Erisdating platform: general information

This dating platform aims to unite beautiful ladies and handsome men from all over the world, saving their money. The service functionality is entirely free. The Erisdating review accentuates that no strings are attached. The platform community is continuously upgrading. Aside from the web version, apps for mobile devices are accessible to users. The platform interface is unique, offering multiple unique features, while everything is straightforward and convenient. The Eris review points out the users rate this platform at 4.4 out of 5 stars.

The anti-scamming measures taken by the platform

Scammers and catfishes frequently join the platform because of the simple registration process. Meanwhile, the service takes enough steps to ban fake accounts.

According to the platform rules, the team has the right to block the following accounts:

  • subscribers, using VPN services to sign up the platform;
  • users, asking for money and donate;
  • members, publishing offensive content and nudity.

When you’ve signed up to the platform, the system sends a list to an indicated email address. Follow the link to verify your email. Furthermore, the photo verification option is accessible.

Who joins the platform mostly?

Who joins the platform mostly?

The platform attracts users globally, while the whole Eris community exceeds 5 million members. Representatives of different age groups, occupations, and ethnicities get accounts to find someone special, corresponding to interests and aims. As referred to the geographical distribution: the majority of users represent the following countries: the USA (24.7%), Great Britain (11.3%), Germany (6.9%), Australia (3.7%), and Russian Federation (2.8%).

What is the sexual orientation of users?

There is no particular specification of the platform, as referred to sexual identity. Representatives of all groups are welcome, but more than 98% of subscribers are straight, as the Eris review mentions. When the registration is completed, users are free to specify their sexual preferences in the ‘Search’ menu insert. Indicate the gender of a special someone you are looking for.

Age groups the subscribers represent mostly

The gender distribution is almost equal: the female profiles are 53% of the total number, while the remaining 47% are the male.

As referred to the gender distribution, young ladies (under 35) dominate among the female profiles:

  • under 25 years: 33.8%;
  • 25 – 35 years: 30.6%;
  • 35 – 45 years: 18.2%;
  • 45 – 55 years: 13.6%;
  • 55+ years: 3.8%.

While speaking about the male profiles, the service is popular among all age groups representatives:

  • under 25 years: 24.6%;
  • 25 – 35 years: 26.2%;
  • 35 – 45 years: 19.8%;
  • 45 – 55 years: 16.0%;
  • 55+ years: 13.4%.

This dating platform reminds the social network by its interface; therefore, young members are more interested in joining the service.

The process of getting account: a step-by-step guide

The process of getting account: a step-by-step guide

Visitors can quickly get an Eris account. The following steps are required:

  1. Visit the Eris official website or download a mobile app.
  2. Click on ‘Join for Free’ to start the registration process.
  3. Insert your email address.
  4. Create a strong password to protect your account.
  5. Fill in the password once again.
  6. Denote your name.
  7. Select the date of birth.
  8. Specify your gender.
  9. Press on ‘Register’ to complete the process.

The system sends a message to the indicated email address with the link attached. Follow that link to complete the registration and verify your email.

The whole process takes you some 1-2 minutes, which is undoubtedly convenient. To make it even much simpler and quicker, join the dating service with your Facebook. Such an option is available for both web and app version.

Which information a profile contains?

Which information a profile contains?

The Eris review accentuates that profiles are quite detailed. Users are free to tell about themselves as much as they wish. The system offers the following fields to fill in:

  • Basic information:

Such an option includes your date of birth, gender, and location. Specify your country and region, allowing the system to offer users nearby. Subscribers are available to tell more about them and to describe a person they are looking for. Be precise to help others understand whether your interests and views correspond to each other or not.

  • Appearance info:

On the one hand, users upload photos where appearance is well identified, but the system offers to fill in the following fields: hair and eye color, eyewear, body type, body art, ethnicity, height, and weight. Members are accessible to choose their best features.

  • Lifestyle:

Appearance is undoubtedly essential, while speaking about both casual dates and long-term relationships, while lifestyle is frequently underestimated. Your interests and beliefs should be mutual. The system offers to denote sexual orientation, drinking and smoking habits, relationship status, occupation, annual income, living situation, interests, activities, books – kindle other users’ interest.

  • Background and cultural values:

Such a field includes information about your education, spoken languages, religion, and star sign.

All fields are optional, but note the more information you provide, the higher is the interest to your personality.

Subscribers are accessible to upload photos and webcam videos. The system bans a profile if a user uploads somebody else’s photo.

Available communication options

Members have their images of the right person; therefore, use the search filters before starting to seek for your special one. The platform offers the following searching options:

  • gender and sexual orientation;
  • age (starting from 18);
  • relationship status;
  • country;
  • height (from-to);
  • weight (from-to);
  • religion.

Some additional filters, like ‘seeking travel’ or ‘has photo’ are accessible as well.

This dating platform bases on the social network principles; therefore, a number of options to show your interest in other members are available:

  • Send your message to a user. Add emoji and images to your message, making it more attractive. Note that phone numbers and other contacts are forbidden to be sent inside messages.
  • Ask a member out. Select a place and date, sending the request to a user.
  • Make an audio or video call.
  • Add a person to your friends list.

Furthermore, the platform offers to leave a ‘like’ under a user’s photo. Comments are accessible, as well.

While wishing to show your special interest, send a gift, selecting the best one from the list. Note that such an option is available for the premium subscribers only.

The platform usability

The platform usability

At first glance, the service reminds a social network: the ability to evaluate and comment on photos, diversity of options, a lot of exclusive features. The Eris review accentuates the platform is multifunctional – i.e., suitable for all purposes. You may join this platform to make new friends, for instance.

How functional the web version is?

Subscribers consider the Eris web-version as an entirely user-friendly. That is compatible with all web browsers. Using this version of the platform, you are able to get the full profile information and slide-show containing users’ photos. On the other hand, to stay always online, applications for mobile devices are free to download.

Available applications

The platform has launched apps for both Android and iOS devices to attract the maximal audience. Those apps provide even more features than the web version; therefore, their popularity is rapidly growing.

The Android app requires at least 4.4 version of the system and 39 MB of free storage space. The users rate this application at 4.0 out of 5 stars, based on more than 40 000 testimonials. As referred to the iOS app, it requires the 10.10 version or later. This application needs 89.2 MB of free storage space and is compatible with all devices run by iOS.

Mobile applications are the only way to get premium membership. The web version doesn’t provide members with such an opportunity.

The platform interface overview

The platform interface overview

The platform does everything to catch the attention of all age group representatives. Persons over 35 prefer the web version that combines more traditional white and black. Such a smooth and relaxing design is rich in multicolored icons that are quite distinct. Fonts are large enough. Subscribers are available to find whatever they are seeking for in one click. Furthermore, users are accessible to select the preferred theme for free.

As for the apps, those are oriented more to the younger community. Pink background prepares a user for hot content, while the combination of pink and black looks exceptionally sexual. Members are still accessible to get necessary features in just several clicks.

Both the web version and applications are available in several languages. Select the preferred one from the 15 available options.

The platform features: what do users obtain?

The platform menu is grouped into two sections to make it easy for users to find a necessary feature in just several seconds.

The left-hand section contains your personal information. Users are accessible to change their profile settings there and get information concerning received messages, gifts, friendship requests, and so on.

The upper section is more functional, offering the following features:

  • My Profile. View or edit your profile, enter the platform settings.
  • My Lists. View your notifications, friends, block list, etc.
  • My Applications. Take part in forums, video conferences, add webcam videos, etc.
  • Search. Specify your searching process.
  • Online people. View members who are online at the present moment.
  • Photos. View photos of members nearby.
  • Travelers. Ask someone to travel with you and enjoy your time.
  • Videos. View videos added by users nearby.
  • Chat. Communicate with different members.
  • Help. Type your questions and send them to the customer support service.

Thus, the platform is undoubtedly convenient in use. Features are grouped in categories to help to find the necessary one.

Prices for the Eris premium features

Prices for the Eris premium features

The platform presents itself as entirely free, meanwhile, some add-ons exist. What does it mean? Subscribers are accessible to initiate contact with other members, facing no limitations. Add-ons are aimed to provide you with some priorities.

The platform suggests purchasing the premium membership for 1, 3, or 6 months, while the prices are totally affordable. The platform is among the most low-priced ones.

Premium membership package Prices
1-month premium membership $6.00
3-months premium membership $4.00 per month ($12.00 totally)
6-months premium membership $3.33 per month ($19.98) totally

Which features do require the premium membership?

The standard account owners have access to the following features:

  • viewing other profiles information, full-size photos, and videos;
  • communicating with the help of all available methods, including audio and video calls;
  • partaking in forums, sharing interests with other members;
  • liking and commenting on other subscribers’ photos;
  • using all available filters to make your search more precise;

The premium subscription unblocks the following options:

  • sending an unlimited amount of gifts to persons you are interested in;
  • searching users in other countries, aside from your location;
  • inviting users to join you in traveling.

The Eris review accentuates that users face no limitations while using standard accounts, but premium features increase their chances to find someone special.

How can users get the premium subscription?

How can users get the premium subscription?

While a member wishes to upgrade an account, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Press on the ‘Settings’ icon placed next to your thumbnail photo.
  2. Select ‘Settings’.
  3. Click on ‘Upgrade’ near the ‘Membership Type’ field.
  4. Select the preferred package from three available options.
  5. Confirm the payment.

Note that such an option is available on mobile applications only.

Which payment options are accessible?

The platform recommends subscribers using credit or debit cards launched by VISA or MasterCard to purchase the premium membership. You just need to insert the necessary payment information (cardholder’s name, card number, expiration date, CVV code) to complete the transaction.

How safe and protected are users?

The system requires no real names to keep subscribers private. When some personal information is obtained in the process of the registration (via Facebook), the system doesn’t show it in public.

The Eris review indicates this dating service protects a user’s anonymity and strictly follows the ‘Terms and conditions’.

Both standard and premium members are accessible to change privacy settings. Decide on your own either to accept other users to comment on your photos, send audio and video messages, media calls, or not.

When you wish to suspend your account for some reason, enter the Settings menu and select the appropriate option.

Are scam cases frequent?

Are scam cases frequent?

Users from all over the world are welcome the platform, and the Eris team cannot require the strong verification taking into account the whole community exceeds 5 million subscribers. That is why scammers and catfishes sign up to the platform among real persons.

The platform gives some recommendations on how to understand a user is real. Members are accessible to show their profiles to verified people only – tick the corresponding box in your settings. Moreover, VIP account owners are mostly real members.

Exclusive features suggested for users

According to the Eris review, members appreciate the platform is unlike many other dating services, offering a wide range of exclusive features. The following unique options are named the most prominent:

  • audio and video calls;

Messages are a quite affordable and useful way of communication, while audio and video calls are undoubtedly perfect when your interests are mutual.

  • random webcam;

Use this option to meet some casual friends or something more.

  • forums;

People are welcome to participate in different topics and share their opinions, interests, and beliefs with other users.

  • travel seekers.

Traveling is a perfect way to get unbelievable emotions and memories, but those are about to double when you are voyaging with someone who corresponds to your interests.

The Eris platform summary

The platform invites members aged 18+ globally. The registration is entirely free and straightforward, taking you some 2 minutes. Aside from the web version, applications for mobile devices are accessible.

As referred to the verification system, the system requires to verify your email address only. That attracts scammers and catfishes. Meanwhile, the option of photo verification is available to show you are real.

The platform interface is suitable for all age group representatives. Young subscribers prefer apps that provide extended functionality, while mature users love the web version with a more conservative design.

The system is entirely free, while some exclusive features demand the premium membership. The Eris platform is low-priced.

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