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FlirtHookup Review 2021

FlirtHookup Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 95%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 21-26
Profiles 760,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • FlirtHookup is a source for adults and has licensed adult content;
  • High daily activity rates;
  • International member pool.
  • To access all the communication features, one needs to get a paid subscription.

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What is FlirtHookup?

With the help of FlirtHookup, you can have the best night out with the wildest dreams implemented in reality. The benefit of it all is that you will not have to commit to the person or people you did that with. The platform provides a space for everyone looking for satisfying the immediate needs without establishing serious emotional and physical bonds. Open-minded, horny, and sexy people visit the site to find like-minded individuals and have a good quality time with them. FlirtHookup review looks into the success of the service and its relevance to the needs of modern society. Is it in eal demand? How many people are using it, and what countries find it acceptable? With the amount of adult content on the Internet, is it worth registering on a specific platform, or can social network replace it? FlirtHookup review identified the unique features that make the service stand out.

The philosophy of the site promotes free communication, no-strings-attached relationships, and stigma-free environment. The website does not label people, and it lets them open up in any way they desire. Hence, the users are welcome to post any content they create. As long as the content belongs to them, it can be displayed on the site.


Is FlirtHookup legit or scam?

FlirtHookup is a secure platform. It has all the options for the user to feel safe, starting with the swift registration procedure, finishing with the simple account termination. In case the user feels like pausing the interactions on the site, the content will be deleted and the account erased.

FlirtHookup review identified reliable protection of the site and the conscientious work of the fraud prevention team. The company employs real professionals who know how to monitor the activity on the website that contains adult content and not many restrictions. The scam-preventing policies on the site are well-developed, and a reliable payment system handles the payment. Besides, the app users can easily install it without getting into any trouble. The leading operating systems accept and acknowledge it.

What members on this site

FlirtHookup review of member structure shows around two million of users. The daily activity is estimated to be twenty thousand people. The site operates successfully in the USA, Canada, and Europe. There is a fair share of users form more conservative countries, and with the help of a location filter, one can find a match from any country. In general, people use it as a way to relax and have fun. Since the site is rarely used for establishing serious relationships, many members became loyal and have been with the site for ages.

FlirtHookup What members on this site

Sexual orientation

FlirtHookup review of the gender policies shows that the site is LGBT-friendly. It welcomes males, females, groups, and couples. Heterosexuals and homosexuals equally represent the community of the site. Some of the users are bisexual. It is possible to find a group or a couple of both homosexual and heterosexual sexuality.

Age Distribution

The average age of the user on the site is 26 y.o. The largest age groups are 21 – 26 y.o, 27 – 35 y.o, 40 45, and 55+. There is no age limit, except the user is under 18. The users of the age category of 60+ are abundant as well.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

By registering with the FlirtHookup, the user agrees to follow the code of conduct. It is one of the vital things to remember. The site collects certain personal information and the content that is posted. It also requires some billing details which the site stores for the duration of your activity on it.

For the account setup, the user needs to give and e-address, password, date of birth, and gender. After ticking the box that you agree with the terms of use, you are taken to the profile fill in stage. The site informs about the potential newsletter and promotional emails that users agree to receive by putting a tick in the registration form.

FlirtHookup Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Profile creation

FlirtHookup review of profiles identified that most profiles, to be specific about 80%, are filled in. They have a lot of information in the description section and full photo gallery. The photo gallery is at least 50% full with all the users.

The profile sections contain the info on the appearance, preferences, hobbies, and miscellaneous. FlirtHookup offers a couple of tips to follow if you want the profile to get more attention. First of all, the fact that the information is present in most sections tells users that you are active on the site. Even if you are offline, the users can come in, like the photos, and add you to their hotlist. If your profile is empty, the user will not bother to go back to it.

FlirtHookup Profile creation


To communicate with other members, FlirtHookup developers designed a couple of options. Some are direct, and some are indirect. First of all, you can message a person. There is no guarantee that they will reply. It is crucial to know certain rules of communication if you want to start messaging.

Start with the membership. If your membership is not paid, you cannot contact every user on the site, and the same applies to other users. The chances are that you text the user, and he/she does not have a paid membership to reply. What to do then? Check out whether the account has a star icon. This icon means that the user is a Premium account holder. Also, remember to check whether the user is online. A green dot should be visible on the account.

There is a set of indirect options to let the members know that you like them and want to talk. Use the search button to find the members you are interested in. Let’s say you are looking for someone in Texas, age category 25 – 30, female. Click search, and you will get a list of at least a hundred women. Look through their profiles, check out the photos, and add the ones you like to favorites or your hotlist. Also, send winks to the ones you like most. These are for free, so be generous.

The last but not the least feature of interaction is ‘Matches.’ Go to the section and have a look at the offered candidates. Like or dislike them, and as soon as they reply with the mutual reaction, you will get the notification. You do not have to start chatting with matches right away. You can begin by adding them to the hotlist or sending a wink.

There are specific rules to follow if you want to be successful in your communication on the site. A lot of users, and you might experience it personally, use cliché phrases. It does not mean that someone is spamming you. Unfortunately, some users have poor imagination, and they Google the so-called ‘catchy phrases.’ As a result, you get the same message from a couple of people who searched for it and clicked on the first link they were offered.

FlirtHookup Messaging

Platform for use

The overall design of the platform does not look very modern. It is not a cutting-edge platform with sophisticated features. On the opposite, it is an average platform suitable for any age category. It has modest visuals and plain colors. However, a huge benefit is the absence of irrelevant ads.


The website deserves the title of a user-friendly platform. It is not filled with irrelevant information; it does not scare the user away with the nasty visuals; on the opposite, it contains insight into the site’s life. When you open the main page, a couple of profiles are visible, so you can get a clue of what you are getting into.

The mobile app for FlirtHookup is available in the App Stores. There is also a mobile version of the site. The users highly appreciate the app. It has a slightly improved design comparing to the desktop version. It allows users to chat, send and record videos, take selfies, get a membership, and virtual gifts.

FlirtHookup Desktop

Design and Usability

FlirtHookup options include a variety of entertaining functions that make dating fun. They assist users with the stress-relief and help overcome their insecurities. In case the user does not feel confident enough to text someone, many other options can replace that action. They can send a wink, a virtual gift, or add to the hotlist.

The website, as well as the app, is easy to navigate. They are developed with the user in mind. The push notifications help the user not to miss anything important. The top bar menu contains the sections vital for the user (profile, chats, matches). The website requires login info to enter. Then the user is taken to the profile page. The main sections are ‘Matches,’ ‘Profile,’ and ‘Search bar.’ For the information on the services, the user can address the support team via the corresponding button on the bottom of the page.

FlirtHookup Design and Usability

FlirtHookup Costs and Prices

To download the app, the user needs to simply go to the app store and get it for free. The subscription can be purchased via the app. To be specific, the VIP upgrade is available via the app, and it costs $19.99. Purchasing the membership package via website costs $30 per month and reaches up to $120 per one year.

FlirtHookup memberships come in two types. The free users can create a profile and have a look at other profiles. They can even receive the messages, but as long as they are from the Premium members. So, to have full access to all the communication tools, the user needs a paid package. The other features that open up with the paid package are access to the section with the adult video content.

FlirtHookup FlirtHookup Costs and Prices

How to pay

The site charges for subscription on the autorenewal basis. So, if you got it once, it will renew itself. If you paid via Apple pay, then they will be responsible for the refund. However, note that the refund is not possible if the membership started. Make sure to cancel it at least two days before the current one expires.

Payment systems

FlirtHookup takes care of user privacy, and so far, the safest way to process the payment is Paysafecard. Hence, the users of Visa, Master card, or any other card are welcome.

Safety & Security

Unfortunately, scammers are lured to the dating sites. FlirtHookup review of anti-scamming policies is published on the site in the section FAQ. The site warns that the fraud prevention team is battling the scammers daily, but some managed to get through. The potential hazards you might encounter online are credit card fraud and hackers collecting emails and other contact details. They later use it for advertising random products or other illegal activities.

To avoid scammers, the site has strict policies on protecting personal information. First of all, the contact details you give to the website are not shared with anyone. The site prevents users from posting any contacts on the profile, photo, or in private messages. There is no reason for someone to ask for your phone number since all the communication tools are available via FlirtHookup. So, suspect a scam when a user gets too curious about you. In that case, use the ‘Abuse’ button.

FlirtHookup Safety & Security


FlirtHookup review of protection measures identified a strong technical support team. The site developers maintain the proper level of protection with the firewall and an SSL certificate. On the technical side, things are well-organized. The scammers get wiser, though, so the users have to be educated on online communication security. In particular, the simple things like protecting your login information, not following the random links, and not sharing your credit card details matter.

As the surveys show, many users fall for the advertisements. It often happens that you receive a link that says you won a bonus, and if you click, the reward will come to your balance. Note that FlirtHookup only has the promotion campaigns and discounts on the main page or sends them from one email address to your email address. Avoid clicking on the links from unknown users.

Special Features

  • Sexy mode. The website has a lot of adult content, and most users come for it. However, if you want, the content can be hidden. If you switch on the mode, the photos and videos will come up and disappear when you turn it off.
  • Matches. When you look through profiles, you have an option to like them. In case the person gave the same reaction back to you, you become a match. There will be a notification to inform you about it, or you can visit the section ‘Matches’ to find all candidates that liked you back.
  • Hotlist. This section contains all the profiles you marked as hot and added to this list.

FlirtHookup Special Features


FlirtHookup is a website for adults. It is a platform for people feeling shy to be naughty in real life, looking for a place to let their hair down. It is also a place for people who have a ton of secret fantasies and have nobody around to share them. The platform accepts adult users only and allows full freedom of expression to people of all genders. Besides, it is an international platform, so it is never boring there. It has a daily activity rate that increases rapidly.

It is a naughty equivalent to social media. However, the user will not be judged for any content published. It is not a page that your relatives and work colleagues follow. FlirtHookup lets you be your nasty self and have an army of followers admiring you.

The support of the site is worth appraisal as well. Whenever a user has a concern or question regarding some features, the agents are quick to reply. The FlirtHookup team is always helpful and friendly. It creates an atmosphere of comfort on the site.

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