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Gleeden Review 2021

Gleeden Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 95%
Popular age 28-33
Beauty 67%
Profiles 2 350 000
About Site
Visit rate 5.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A free registration
  • A chat option
  • Sending virtual gifts
  • Only a few people are ready for real-time chatting

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What Is the Purpose of Gleeden?

This Gleeden review is aimed at getting you acquainted with one of the most discussed platforms for adults. A couple of married women decided to end their unhappy marriages by starting an unusual project. It was not anything like therapy or something that could help ladies to support their relationships. On the opposite, they initiated the Gleeden portal that allowed people to escape from boring routine and try something new. Despite much of misunderstanding and judgment, the platform becomes more popular every day. If you want to know more about it, then go on reading the Gleeden review.

What Are the Site’s Pluses and Minuses?

Do not waste time searching for a perfect dating platform. Each has its own pluses and minuses, and Gleeden is no exception. So, you’d better learn them before taking the final decision on the matter.

Does Gleeden Comply With the Law?


Most potential users are wondering whether the website is legit. It is not surprising; a question of security is crucial when it comes to the online experience. The developers of Gleeden states that the portal operates in accordance with all necessary laws and doesn’t break any rules. Hence you can breathe a sigh of relief and continue reading this Gleeden review.

Who Are Registered on the Site?

The portal has a huge user base, and the majority comes from France and the rest of European countries. In total, there are over 4.5 million registered members who look for some online commitment. Due to the main concept of the site, most of its subscribers are married; still, some singles do not mind dating people who are in relationships. Most profiles are detailed and contain photo that means you can trust a particular person. In general, the community is reliable, friendly, and warm, so each newcomer member will easily and quickly become its frequenter.

What Sexual Orientation Is Welcomed?

Gleeden Sexual Orientation Is Welcomed

Gleeden is very tolerant of people of all sexual orientations, and it means that you can join despite your preferences. The best thing is that you can reveal your tastes at the very beginning while filling the registration form. Here you can say who you expect to meet online and do not be shy of who you are. Simply put, Gleeden welcomes straight, lesbians, gays, etc. You have a wide range to choose from. With online dating, you can start realizing your hidden dreams at last. It is especially important for people who can’t share them with their spouses.

Peculiarities of Age Distribution

It will not be a big surprise to know that the most popular age group on Gleeden is 30-55. This is an exact gap when people already have a family and may seek some excitement. They know what they are missing in the relationships and try to find somebody who can fill that void.

How to Register an Account?

Gleeden Register an Account

It is necessary to go through a signup process and register an account to get access to the website’s functionality. First of all, visit the site and look at the registration form. You will not have to spend much time on filling it. Be ready to mention username, country, gender, the gender of the person you are looking for, and press the button “Register for free.” Afterward, you will be directed to the next page where you must add some more personal details such as birth date, city, password, and email. The provider will also ask whether you agree to all terms and conditions; make sure you read them, as well as the “Privacy Policy” section. Next, you are expected to mention a captcha code to go through a security check. Finally, you will need to activate a newly registered account with the help of an email address. In case you do everything correctly, your page will be created within a few minutes; hence you will be able to start enjoying the dating services, according to this Gleeden review.

How to Create a Profile?

Profile creation is an important part of any dating experience. You should spend some time filling it with all the necessary information. The Gleeden profile is made up of a few sections: its left side includes a profile image, the completion in percentage, and some more buttons. Next to it, you will find an introductory paragraph and three buttons: Gifts, Chat, and Messages. You can use them to get in touch with a person you are interested in. Below, you will see some personal details like status, location, and appearance. Besides public and private albums, there are points on the relationships you are looking for, sexual preferences, etc. Finally, the profile includes the section “Psychological Profile” that reveals your hobbies, favorite sports, and interests. Do your best and try to be honest. If you choose to pretend to be somebody you are not, then your chances to meet the person you are searching for are incredibly low. Arrange all information well to attract the attention of other people from the first moment they browse your page.

The Truth About Messaging Options

This Gleeden review states that the portal works in a similar way to other niche websites. After finding a suitable match, you can get in touch with a particular member by writing a message or inviting to a chatroom, if the member is online at the given moment. Females can send messages for free, while males will have to pay at least five tokens. But there are several alternatives guys can use without spending even a cent. Crash alerts and virtual gifts are some of them and do not require any investments. You can also add the member to a list of Favorites to watch his/her activity or contact later when you have such a desire and time.

What Platform to Use?

Gleeden Platform to Use

Most providers offer the opportunity to navigate the portal on both the PC and a smartphone, and Gleeden is not an exception. The company takes care of its users and tries to create all necessary conditions for pleasant and comfortable communication. Let’s look in detail at both desktop and mobile versions and how they can meet your needs.

Desktop Version of the Portal

If you prefer to perform all actions with the comfort of a big-sized screen, you should definitely pay attention to a PC version. It has a nice clear design and all the necessary options for having a good time. You will be able to create an account, fill in details, search for matches, get in touch with others, browse photo albums, and many other things. Moreover, replenishing an account is recommended to do on a PC because all the buttons are conveniently arranged, and you will not feel confused.

Features of a Mobile Application

If you appreciate your time and do not want to waste it, then a mobile application of Gleeden is what you really need. You can download it in the App Store in a matter of seconds. As a result, you will become a part of an active community and avail of the following:

  • 100% real subscribers interested in meeting someone like you
  • 24/7 high-quality support system
  • Advanced protection measures

According to the Gleeden review, users can benefit from its quick speed and well-arranged interface, so if you want to get in touch with favorite members, then download a mobile application, and unwind with its top-quality services.

The Website’s Layout

Gleeden Website’s Layout

Initially, the developers aimed to create a safe and simple-to-use design. That’s why they didn’t use plenty of striking colors or complicated elements. Visiting the portal for the first time, you will be impressed with how successfully an interface is arranged. It contains different boxes to keep all sections well organized. Gleeden’s designers included two menu bars; the first one is on the header. Here the functions are represented in the form of icons. Below the header, you can see another bar with the text. You can check who is online on the right side of each page, and initiate the communication if you want. Here you can also see your current conversation. There are several extra capabilities on the left side. The first one is “Feedback” that you can use to send a message to the administration and let it know about your impressions from the delivered services. Another one is “Notepad”; here you can type any notes that will be saved automatically. Overall, Gleeden has a straightforward design that will not make confused even novice daters. Before starting using it, it is recommended to look around and check what options it offers.

Is Navigation Across the Site Smooth?

You are not going to have any problems with reaching a necessary category as everything is arranged well. The pages of Gleeden load quickly without any interruptions. The developers tried to do their best to come up with a clear interface, using which is a real pleasure if you have a stable Internet connection. You will easily navigate from one section to another and enjoy user experience for sure. With so an attentive support system, simple interface, and friendly community, it can be stated that the website is user-oriented.

What Are Costs for Gleeden Services?

The pricing system of Gleeden differs from other niche websites. You can purchase any amount of credits you want and spend them as you wish:

  • 25 Credits $0.60 per credit or $14.99 in total
  • 100 Credits $0.40 per credit or $39.99 in total
  • 400 Credits $0.25 per credit or $99.99 in total

For example, you must pay a credit every time you ask a person to open a private album, and if the request is accepted, it will cost you 2 credits. In case you want to get in touch with a particular person, be ready to pay 5 credits for sending the first email, and 3 — for the ability to open and read the received message. Are you eager to start a chat session with an online visitor? Prepare 4 credits to enjoy these options and 3 credits to respond to the request. This system helps you be attentive and check your balance each time you decide to perform some actions. Finally, note that you will have to pay for chat and messages only once; all further operations will be free of charge.

Description of Paid and Free Services

Gleeden Description of Paid and Free Services

Gleeden, like most other dating platforms, is packed with both free and paid services. If the person is not sure that this place is what he or she needs, it is recommended to start with free access that includes:

  • Signing up and creating a profile
  • Adding a member to the list of Favorites
  • Browsing pages of others
  • Sending a crash alert

These are standard options that anyone can enjoy without spending a real fortune. If you think they are not enough to receive a decent experience, consider upgrading your profile to a Premium one. In this case, you will receive some advanced perks:

  • Writing and sending messages
  • Joining a chatroom
  • Sending virtual gifts
  • Looking through photo albums

How to Pay for the Membership?

Gleeden Pay for the Membership

If you have already decided to join Gleeden as a paying member, learn how to do it. While visiting the provider’s website, you need to choose the option “Purchase Credits” and select the most suitable offer. After selecting it, you are expected to fill in all the required banking details and confirm the transaction. Do not hurry and be attentive. All in all, your account will be replenished with a certain amount of credits.

What Payment Systems Are Available?

It is not a secret that people like it when they have a wide choice. Unfortunately, in terms of payment methods on Gleeden, you will not have many variants to choose from. The platform accepts credit cards only. Be ready to provide the name of a cardholder, card, security numbers, and expiration date. If the funds were not transferred for some reason, it is recommended to check the provided data, make sure that everything is good with your card, or get in touch with a support system if you didn’t find the reason for a problem. Finally, you can spend purchased credits as you like without any obligations or responsibilities.

Is the Site Safe?

Gleeden Pay for the Membership

According to the Gleeden Review, the provider insists on taking advanced security measures for creating a safe and user-friendly environment. The administration has published a strict “Privacy Policy” rules that everybody is expected to learn before becoming a member of the portal. The developers have also included such important buttons as “Block” and “Report,” which you can use at once without wasting time for unpleasant communication. Everybody who will break the rules is going to be deleted forever. Hence, it is recommended to read all the terms and conditions of Gleeden attentively and follow them. Thanks to such a strict policy, the creators have managed to arrange a convenient and safe dating atmosphere for meeting somebody special and having a good time.

Are There Any Scammers?

Though the admin team has an effective safety policy, there are rare scam cases you can encounter when using Gleeden. It is a well-known fact that getting rid of scammers for 100% is quite a difficult task for each provider. Still, the administration is doing its best to decrease their number. If you notice or come across some suspicious activity, then you can report it by clicking a single button on the person’s page. Or, you can get in touch with the support team and tell what problems you have faced. Joint actions will help achieve the advanced safety of online dating. As a result, you will be able to enjoy communication with a particular user without worrying about your own security and the protection of your personal information.

What Are Special Features?

Gleeden Special Features

Every experienced dating provider realizes that a visitor expects high-quality services when deciding to join the site. That’s why the administration of Gleeden has added special features to the portal’s functionality. Among the most popular ones are:

  • A list of Favorites. Here you can include people you are interested in. Having them in one place, you will be able to contact everybody at any time.

  • Notepad. This option allows you to save important data on the meeting or any other details that you do not want to lose.

  • A panic button. It lets you exit the website immediately, just by pressing it. You will be directed to Google by default, or you can change the URL in the account settings.


It is high time to conclude this Gleeden review and say the final verdict. The dating platform is very popular with people from most European countries. They join the portal hoping to make the days more colorful by communicating with like-minded people. The provider included all necessary features and guaranteed the best possible security so that no spouse could find out about your affairs. All in all, Gleeden makes a positive impression, and you will probably want to return here again and again. However, it is better to see once than hear a dozen times. It is recommended to navigate a PC or a mobile version and check everything on your own to know what to expect.

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
MS, RD & Writer
Pamela is a relationship expert and language analyst. Thanks to her Bachelor’s in Journalism, Master’s in Linguistics, and past encounters with heartbreak; she empathizes with her clients and helps them to understand and convey their emotions in an effective and optimistic way to their significant other.
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