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GuySpy Review 2021

GuySpy Review 2021
About Boys
Date with older guy 8%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 1,500,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Designed especially for the gay community;
  • GuySpy has a well-developed and constantly updated blog with useful articles;
  • Promotes healthy dating behaviors & ensures user security;
  • It works well finding the people nearby but also has settings to find a person far away from you;
  • Free users get a lot of ads since the site cooperates with the brands for marketing purposes.

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Background of GuySpy brand

The official date of the launch of GuySpy is 2011, although history says it was developed sooner. It became an incredible invention and was presented during one of the LGBT celebration events. The site was welcomed by all the men out there who felt abandoned by the industry of online dating apps. Although online dating has been flourishing for ages, gay dating alternatives were missing. GuySpy review looks into the story of success of the platform that attracted attention in so many countries besides Canada, where it was launched. It offered a fantastic and convenient set of features combined with a luring price. For sure, most existing apps that existed at a time felt threatened. Until now, the site and the app remain in competition with giants like Tinder and Grindr. GuySpy review looks into the achievements and failures of the site.

GuySpy developers are supporting the idea of equality of genders. Since the gay community lacks a lot of services in various industries, they decided to raise one of the essential issues. The gay dating site is considered to be a niche site with a limited audience. However, it is hard to assess how many millions of users are interested in the app. It became apparent when the app started to gain popularity in online app stores. Luckily, the developers designed various versions of the platform to enable as many users as possible to access the site.

Background of GuySpy brand

GuySpy is not a scam

GuySpy review analyzed the legitimacy of the site and identified that it is a reputable brand. It belongs to a company that has been on the market for ages, Sparks Network, in cooperation with Whistler, support the app and the website. Before signing in, take a look at the terms of use to know the rules of communication and behavior. There is a privacy policy section that supports the fact that the site is legit and takes care of the users.

GuySpy is not a scam

Quality of the Members

GuySpy review of the membership structure shows that most users are coming from the United States and Canada. However, a lot of users come from other sides of the world. For that reason, the site’s interface comes in Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, and other languages. These are the languages that most users speak, but it does not necessarily mean that they live in Europe or Asia. If you want to find a person based on your location, and it’s different from where you come from, you are welcome to change the GPS or turn it off.

The estimated number of registered users is more than 1.5 million from over 206 countries of the globe. As to the user activity on the site, it is close to 30 000 daily. It is even more with the app. About 400 000 users are active daily.

On sexual orientation

GuySpy is a website designed for gay men. A lot of users from bisexual and transgender communities join it. Some men have doubts about their sexuality, and they are also welcome to join the site to understand what they want. With the app, you can explore your sexuality and find partners or friends.

Age Ratio

GuySpy review of policies identified that the app is suitable for users of the legal age. Hence, the youngest age category on the site is 18-year-olds. The largest age group that comprises about 35% are users of 25 -35 y.o. There are a lot of representatives of the senior generation as well. There is no age limit, so all the users are welcome to join if they want to have fun and find a company for it.

GuySpy Quality of the Members

How to: Becoming a member

The registration with GuySpy takes a couple of minutes. To become a member, you can opt for two ways. One way is to download the app and register with the phone number. Do not worry. The phone number will not be displayed; it is used to verify the user and internal work of the app. With the app, you can quickly take a photo or upload it from your gallery.

The other way to go is to sign up with the site using your email. For that, you will need to verify the e-address, so check whether you have access to it. In case you forget your login details, try to reset the password via the site or contact the support agents. The terms of use state that a user is entitled to one account only, so you do not want to be banned for trying to set up more accounts than you are allowed to.

GuySpy How to: Becoming a member

Profile Setup

GuySpy review of profiles on the site shows that men treat their pages responsibly. They provide relevant information and lots of photos. The app is largely based on photo share/exchange features. Treat your profile as a brand. It shows personality and appearance. Most users upload loads of photos and keep updating them daily. It seems like the site works similarly to Instagram. It is a useful and productive strategy since the more you upload, the more chances are to get noticed by more people.

Another part of the profile is a short description. Take the time to think about the content you want to present. It all depends on the intentions you have. If you want to find a mate for a night or a party, write down something catchy. If you are looking for a long-term thing, put down the sentence that expresses your seriousness. To be fair, the site does not have many users who believe that they will find a long-term commitment. However, nobody knows how life will decide. You might change your mind after you meet the person and get to know them better.

User Interaction

GuySpy review of interaction tools shows an exciting diversity that everyone should like. It has an option for the shyest person and the boldest one. First of all, every user can enjoy unlimited messaging with other users. To start messaging, you need to find the profiles you like. A couple of tools allow you to find them. Open the map with the locations of people around you to know how good your chances are today. Another option is to use a free search filter range. It lets you find people by selecting the preferred age, or appearance criteria, and much more. You are free to look for the perfect guy with GuySpy.

If you have a trip coming, you can use the travel mode and find people on the way. With the app, you will never spend your evening alone.

When you connect with the user, you have a couple of options that help you communicate effectively. Although it is still online communication, you can still feel the reality of it. Record the voice message or even go for a video if you feel comfortable with the person. A tip on recording videos is not to include any of the personal details. Do not show your place of work if you are in the office, for example. Also, avoid showing your full name. The site does not encourage the users to exchange the info right away since it puts you at risk of getting unwanted attention.

GuySpy Profile Setup

Platform Features

GuySpy app was issued in 2010, and it worked on iOS. Later on, the Android version and the desktop joined. The stats showed that the app was downloaded by approximately 300 000 people right upon the launch.

Quality of PC version

GuySpy website is created for the users to have a source of getting information and guidelines. The site contains some standard sections, like policies and contact details. The greatest thing about the website is the blog. It contains all the possible topics you can think of. It has articles on celebrities, gay dating, travel, health, etc.

Contacting support is easy. The pop-out window is located on the bottom right side. You can find options to text the support agent or subscribe to email updates from GuySpy.

As to the application qualities, it does not lack a creative approach. It is highly appreciated and rated by the users of iOS. It enables you to be on top of your game wherever you are.

GuySpy Platform Features

Layout & Design

GuySpy design is modern and colorful. It is done in black color with the sections of the blog done in rainbow colors. The site has a lot of sections. The homepage is filled with information on the services. On the top right side, you can see the login button. The top left side menu has sections to find guys, and the ‘Cruise’ option. It is possible to access the list of users via the site even if you are not registered. You can follow GuySpy on social media. It has representation on all the popular networks. You can check it out for new articles and news about the site.

How to navigate?

The site navigation is simple. The homepage has the main sections that take you to registration, login, or blog. The bottom menu includes all the additional information on the site and sections with privacy policies and terms of use. GuySpy comes in seven languages, so in case you want to change the language of the interface, find the button in the top right corner.

GuySpy Layout & Design

GuySpy fees

Everything is very simple with the prices. The site is cheap and charges only $0.99 for the upgrade. It is worth upgrading for a lot of interesting features to open up.

What are the pros & cons of free and paid memberships?

GuySpy is mostly a free website. You can easily use it without paying. It does not force you to invest. The users can register for free and set up a profile with a limited number of photos in the gallery. They can also message and use the search filters, as well as the ‘Cruise’ option.

When the user purchases the upgrade, a lot of features open up:

  • Anonymous browsing of the profiles, so the user will not know that you visited the profile;
  • Privileged access to the profiles of the users registered recently;
  • Access to the lists of people who looked at your profile, or added you to any list (buddy, favorite);
  • Create a private photo gallery for your matches.

Another vital bonus that premium members have is ads-free space. The site is quite affordable and costs a little, so its maintenance fees come from marketing cooperation.

GuySpy fees

On payment

The website is protected by SSL. It is safe to complete your payment via any payment option you select. GuySpy does not have any additional commissions, so if you are charged more, get in touch with your bank institution.

Payment Options

If you download an app, you can pay for the upgrade via Apple or Android. If you opt for the website version, use your credit card.

Safe communication online

GuySpy is not tolerating nudity, pornography, and offensive behaviors. If you notice any user promoting illegal activities, report the case to the support. The website has a team of moderators that filter the content, but they do not access private messages. In case a user texts you with the favor or complaint about the financial situation, ignore it and report/ block as well. In the same way, as the user can add people to the list of favorites, they can add people to the blocked list.

GuySpy On payment

Preventing scams on the site

GuySpy review of the policies and values that the website promotes shows only good intentions. The site is legitimate and works towards improving the user experience. The best solution that they came up with so far is a blog where all the required information about dating online, gay dating, and other vital topics are covered. Thanks to the blog, people have access to the information that changes their behavior on the site.

Besides, the site tracks the user IP, in case any incident happens the user account is terminated and blacklisted. However, note that the site is not in charge of your meetings in real life. In case you want to meet up, which is often the case, remember about the security and avoid going somewhere unknown. In case you travel, ask to meet in the central part of the town or any other crowded place. Also, do not drink a lot of alcohol and stay sober, if possible, to get yourself out of trouble. To know more, visit the blog since it has a lot of bright examples of failures and victories of dating online.

GuySpy Preventing scams on the site

More Features

Video and voice messages. One of the things people find attractive is voice. Have you ever fallen in love with the voice? You might try it out to send a voice message to a person instead of putting your thoughts into writing. It simplifies the communication and speeds it up. Besides, you can record a short video with the message, which will represent your mood to the full extent.

Sharing location. If you want to meet a person or want to let them know where you are, use the option that lets you send the link with your exact location.

Travel mode. Find guys near you when you are traveling. With the app, you can adjust the location and see the map of people who are up for a meeting in the area you are going to. It gives you a chance to plan your meeting and get to know the person in advance.

Cruise. You can find the section in the left top corner on the website. It takes you to the page with the newly-registered lads from everywhere around the globe. The list is updated daily, so you get the chance to be the first person to talk to these guys.

GuySpy More Features


GuySpy review identified that the platform rocks and the gay community appreciates the efforts of the developers. The site, as well as the app, gain more and more popularity. The users are more than happy with the services since they manage to find love in the areas they live as well as abroad. The app destroyed the borders and united everyone under one roof. Whether you are bi or gay, or undecided, you are more than welcome to join the site and find yourself. It is not simply an app that forces you to show off to your potential matches. It has a lot of interesting activities prepared. You can read the blog which contains all the relevant to your life information. You can submit your request for articles or even send in your sample if you have something special to share. With GuySpy, you will never be bored or sad.

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