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Jaumo Review 2021

Jaumo Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 12%
Reply rate 75%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 20-35
Profiles 3 250 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Matching at light speed
  • A wide array of flirt features
  • No fake profiles
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy and fast registration
  • Limited free features
  • Tons of ads
  • Unverified photos
  • A number of security issues

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Taking a Look at Jaumo

Perhaps, your desire to find a sweetheart makes you look through this Jaumo review. If you need a worthy mobile application to flirt with hot babes or guys on the go, Jaumo has a good chance to meet your expectations. It can be defined as an app-based dating service. The very idea of it is to generate random relationships, using hints, winks, and brief talks as key triggers. However, quite often, such spontaneously started connections evolve into long-term ones. If you continue viewing the Jaumo review, you will learn how to find a life partner with this service.

When using Jaumo, you will have to get used to spontaneous and quick actions. With a single tap, you can start a relationship. To some extent, it’s a game of chance: one tap – one win or loss. Perhaps, some people may find it irritating and unsteady and would like to shift to something more predictable and reliable. Others consider it extremely exciting and keep flirting this way the whole day long.

After an hour of using Jaumo, you’ll certainly learn to be quick and responsive. A promising opportunity is what you shouldn’t miss here since one tap on the screen of your smartphone can drastically change your life.

By the way, the name “Jaumo” stands for a “sunrise” in the Aramaic language. The project creators are assured that every flirt, nudge, or wink can be a sort of sunrise – a potentially new chapter in your story.

Benjamin Roth and Jens Kammerer started Jaumo in 2011. Many experts consider it one of the best in its niche. Live video streams enable it to stand out from many competitors. It’s one of the first dating mobile applications in the European Union with this feature. Video chatting gives users a better idea of what their potential partner is like, and Jaumo doesn’t impose any limits on this tool. Once a single on Jaumo starts a video, others can watch it live while chatting in a text field.

Besides, people will undoubtedly appreciate an instant jump from registration to the first matches – you require just a couple of taps to create an account. Use basic functionality at no cost, but to access exclusive perks and search filters, one should purchase a premium subscription. Moreover, Jaumo offers a 7-day free trial on paid features.

The mobile application is known around the globe, with the highest popularity in Germany – the country where it’s launched. The user interface is available in Portuguese, English, and German. Proceed with studying this Jaumo review to get more details on the subject.

Taking a Look at Jaumo

Its Legitimacy: We May Question It

Since it’s one of the most respected dating mobile applications in Europe, one can think that it’s hardly possible to get affected by scams. On the other hand, the security situation requires clarification, taking into account many safety complaints in the network.

A Few Words About the Members

Jaumo has undoubtedly shaken the Internet dating world. The project boasts up to 30 million members. The dating goals of these people greatly vary – from long-term relationships to casual sex. The audience is made up of mostly American, German, and Brazilian visitors.

Based on the country, the site has a mixed proportion of male and female members. India doesn’t provide a lot of female participants. On the contrary, Brazil is represented by over 40% of female members; US women occupy about 35%.

Sexual Orientation on the Platform

LGBT representatives can certainly join Jaumo. However, it’s not the best choice for them. Other specialized dating resources provide better conditions for LGBT people.

Jaumo Age Distribution

The service ideally fits all ages. However, the age group 25-35 dominates the site.

Jaumo Age Distribution

Let’s Register With Jaumo

For just five minutes, you can become a registered user of Jaumo. The easiest way to sign up is via Facebook. In this case, the mobile application will access your Facebook account, get all the necessary data from it, import a couple of photographs, and your profile is ready. When registering via email, specify your date of birth, gender, and let the platform access your smartphone’s location. Congratulations! You can get down to Jaumo dating. Well, if you are eager to find out more about how to make the most of your account, get back to the Jaumo review.

Paying Attention to Your Profile

To attract enough attention of potential partners on Jaumo, you’d better make your profile detailed enough. To achieve this effect, specify your relationship status, occupation, religion, body type, education, photos, etc. Fortunately, here you don’t need to spend a lot of time filling out numerous fields. Since it’s a mobile app, they have made it a fairly compact thing. Just don’t forget to add your preferences.

How to Contact Your Matches

When it comes to communicating with other users, Jaumo comes up with a standard messaging system. It would be foolish to complain that it’s too regular because even the best software always remains somewhat inferior to any desktop version. It’s simply light, and the developer has had to cut something out to save the space.

Getting Familiar With the Major Platform Versions

The review of any site should begin with a close acquaintance with its two major versions. As a rule, these are a mobile application and a desktop version. Continue scrolling down this Jaumo Review to discover more.

How to Contact Your Matches

No Desktop Version

As was mentioned, this dating platform exists only in the form of a mobile application. Perhaps, Jaumo will come up with a desktop version after a while, but the developer hasn’t uncovered such an intention yet.

A Detailed Glimpse at the Mobile Application

Jaumo is one of the best app-based dating solutions for modern singles. It boasts trouble-free and quick registration, great usability, and it can be downloaded at no cost. It naturally attracts newcomers, the current number of which exceeds 30 million. It supports live streams, which makes it a suitable solution to present your personality to a huge crowd online. It may result in gaining a slew of worth matches.

The app offers you to master the ancient art of flirt using modern technology. If you opt for VIP status, you’ll be granted more views. What’s more, you will be allowed to look through photographs and pages of other VIP members. You can send virtual gifts, flirts, likes, not to mention text messages.

A helpful tool of Jaumo, dubbed “online radar,” will come in handy when searching for matches. It features a feed of members who are currently online. The radar also shows how far away from you these folks are. At any time, you can change search filters and add new ones such as distance, sexual preferences, gender, hobbies, age, and so on. Moreover, it’s up to you to decide who has the right to invite you to chat rooms or contact you.

Free users can only view the member’s age, name, location, but they can’t see pictures. Purchase a premium subscription if you want to assess the partner’s images. To get a match, tap on the X or checkmark. So, if you mutually like each other, then a match is complete. You can immediately get down to communication at no cost.

To demonstrate your special interest, you can have the chosen profile superliked. By the way, free members are allowed to do it only one time. To get more freedom here, consider upgrading your membership.

How Stylish Is It?

It’s hard to find something special in the design of a dating app. As a rule, all of them have much in common. So, here you will see a standard layout. It comes without any revolutionary new features or catchy visuals, but it works, and users don’t expect anything else.

Smooth Navigation

Anyone who tries Jaumo notes its outstanding user-friendliness. All the basic elements are rationally arranged. On the other hand, you may find it somewhat unoriginal. In terms of design, it resembles such famous brands as OkCupid and Tinder. From them, Jaumo inherited a popular mechanism, “March Percentage.” However, there’s nothing bad in that similarity. The main thing is that the product meets the highest expectations of 30 million users worldwide.

Smooth Navigation

How Much Are You Expected to Fork out?

If you are willing to buy a premium subscription, get ready to pay the following amounts based on the chosen period.

  • $75 – 12 months
  • $25 – 3 months
  • $13 – 1 month

Jaumo offers its clients to take advantage of their 7-day trial premium account. Respectively, if you are satisfied with the quality of the services, you can consider purchasing any of the packages offered. Keep in mind that your membership will be renewed automatically if you do not bother to have your current subscription canceled within 24 hours before its expiration.

Free Membership Versus Paid One

These days, many dating platforms provide two key types of subscription: paid and free. Jaumo does the same. To learn the reasons to become a paid member, continue reading this Jaumo review.

Free visitors can:

  • Register an account
  • Communicate with others in online chats
  • Watch live videos

The main advantage of paid subscribers over free ones is a greater communication capability. So, paid members can:

  • View and send messages without any limits
  • Get to the top of search results
  • Have any profile superliked
  • Get informed of the viewed status of their mails
  • Enjoy dating without ads

Buying Premium Features: How to Pay?

If you want to get the maximum pleasure from using this mobile application, you will have to become a premium user. The given move suggests buying any of the offered plans. To choose a suitable payment method, get back to the Jaumo review.

Selecting the Right Payment Option

Jaumo offers to pay using any of the following payment methods:

  • Mobile phone
  • Credit cards
  • PayPal

Buying Premium Features: How to Pay?

How to Be Safe Here

The project team pays much attention to security. Typical safety measures taken include SSL encryption and the possibility to report any suspicious activity on the platform. For this purpose, people require clicking on the Report button. The site team closely watches the user activity round the clock to timely detect any fraud.

Despite these serious precautions, numerous reviews online point to some security issues. Users complain about extortion and blackmail when using the service. They say that from time to time, hackers threaten to publish some defamatory data. On the other hand, no one guarantees that these reviews aren’t fake posts left by the rivals. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be on the safe side. Take these precautions to date safely on Jaumo:

  • Carefully review the info you are going to publish in your account. Ensure it doesn’t disclose anything compromising your confidentiality.
  • You’d better use only trustworthy platforms to download the Jaumo mobile application.
  • Mind your digital hygiene: stay away from free Wi-Fi spots. Mobile data would be a safer option.

Stay Cautious With the App

There’s an ongoing buzz about security on the Jaumo dating platform. Certainly, if you intend to become a client of this service, you can’t ignore rumors or facts having to do with the situation.

The dating project doesn’t bother its community with a complicated registration procedure. Anyone can easily sign up with Jaumo. Although it’s a good thing for an average user in terms of convenience, it makes the program vulnerable to fraud attacks. So, people with malicious motives can join the dating project and harm other users. The admins should pay more attention to the situation and come up with adequate measures to protect the Jaumo community from scams.

As you see, a storm of great features of the mobile application is somewhat offset by its problematic security. However, if you are cautious when seeking matches on Jaumo, you’ll be able to prevent typical fraud issues.

One shouldn’t exaggerate security concerns because a constantly soaring number of users worldwide (already 30 million) may mean that when choosing between functionality and security, folks often stick with the first.

Have a Better Dating Experience: A Bunch of Special Features

Like many other dating resources, Jaumo also offers a wide array of exclusive functionality. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Live Video: it allows members to stream exciting videos. Well, here they can do whatever they want, but it shouldn’t be anything offensive. That’s a great way for them to drastically boost their popularity on the mobile dating platform since other participants can back such streams with their likes.

  • Liked List: in most cases, modern dating platforms urge their audiences to purchase a premium subscription, so they could be aware of who are interested in their profiles. Fortunately, Jaumo appears to be a very pleasant exception – it provides this service free of charge. You are welcome to get familiar with the list of folks who swiped right on your page. That’s a 100% sign that you have enough good matches within your reach. Respectively, don’t delay contacting them.

Have a Better Dating Experience: A Bunch of Special Features

Let’s Sum up

Jaumo appears to be one of the most popular dating mobile apps worldwide. Its outstanding functionality and advantages definitely outshine some security issues. The app enables members to have profiles filtered using various criteria, such as physical parameters, hobbies, marital status, sexual preferences, and so on. What’s more, it allows people to look through pages without registration.

Jaumo is already integrated with the most popular social media, including Twitter, Facebook, etc. Users have an opportunity to cancel the last action, which allows them to avoid unwanted consequences of a rushed move.

Despite a number of security problems, the team ensures sufficient safety to enjoy the services provided. The massive community (over 30 million) proves that it’s not the worst solution in this regard. The app receives security updates on a regular basis. So, possibly, security complaints will vanish in the network soon. The administration strives to improve the situation.

If you choose Jaumo, you will have a good chance to get laid tonight or find a lifetime partner. Just be cautious, a few security shortcomings will not be able to spoil the positive impression.

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