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LiveLinks Review 2021

LiveLinks Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 2 360 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Starting a conversation is easy.
  • Users are not limited to searching through several accounts.
  • Getting a partner is less costly since there are varieties to select from.
  • Chatting is instant, unlike with other sites where it would take several hours or even days.
  • A user can select a partner from multiple members.
  • Talking to another member is a personal decision.
  • A conversation is through voice notes, reducing the anxiety of not getting feedback.
  • There is fun when you engage in audible conversations since you feel in touch with each other
  • Ladies can become members of this site at no cost.
  • A user is guided through how to use the site.
  • The platform is private, safe, and discreet.
  • Male users can use a free trial before becoming members.
  • The site can be used for anything, be it fantasy, relationships, flirting, etc.
  • Men must pay for membership.
  • To start chatting via text, the user has to pay for membership.
  • You might experience aggressive behaviors from other members.

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Falling in love is everyone’s dream. This is not an easy case, especially because of the attributes people look for in potential romance mates. Are you feeling not lucky in love? Do you feel it is taking forever to find your partner? If this description defines you, then it would be ideal going through the LiveLinks review. The modernization of technology has enabled almost everything to be found online. People have found soul mates and even lifetime partners through digital dating sites. By going through the LiveLinks review, you will be enlightened about this world and determine if it is worth considering.

LiveLinks is a modern american dating site that provides an alternative to the old fashioned ways of finding love. Exceptionally, the site offers people an opportunity to interact via the phone (chat line) and start your dating journey. It was established in 1990 and has been significant in matching members with partners who have even become long-long partners. The site offers a chatting platform service for singles looking for love.

What is LiveLinks?

LiveLinks has attracted multiple members and has been a leading brand over the years. Therefore, the site is genuine, as you will find a lot of real members looking for love. This dating site really works and helps members to get some new people in their lives.

What Members on This Site?

Primarily, the website is accessible to residents of North America, Canada, and the US. You can find a community of any race and background. People from all walks of life, religions, races, and society levels, can sign up for membership.

Sexual Orientation

Finding a partner is not limited by any sexual orientation. Whatever your preference is, you can always find love on this website.

Age Distribution

Like any other dating site, LiveLinks is accessible to people who are above 18 years. The majority of the users are in their mid-thirties. You could find callers as old as 80 on the website as well.

Sign-up process and login info

The LiveLinks review notes that a member’s sign up process is similar to creating a profile on the website. You access the website, hit the ‘Sign In’ area, and then the ‘Sign Up’ feature and proceed as guided. To login on the site, provide your email address and password and be open to opportunities as you explore your options.

Sign-up process and login info

Profile creation

Creating a profile on the website is this simple:

  • Access the website (Livelinks.com) and click on the ‘sign in’ feature, then click the ‘Sign Up’ tab.
  • Input your email address.
  • Create a password.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your email with a verification link.
  • Click on the link to verify.

After creating your account, here are tips on how to start:

  • Enter your password and log in.
  • Call up the provided number on its website.
  • Record a customized greeting.
  • Search for other voice greetings.

Before submitting a greeting, make sure it captures and reflects, among other aspects, the following:

  • A positive tone, confidence, clarity, and friendliness.
  • Features that describe you, for instance, passions, interests, hobbies, and traits, among others.
  • Be clear on what you are looking for; may it be a relationship, friendship, or just new acquaintances.
  • Include everything you feel is essential.
  • Your greeting should not insinuate segregation or discrimination in any manner.
  • It should not contain any intention of illegal or malicious activity.
  • A greeting should not indicate violence or intent to cause harm.


After recording a greeting and listening to several voice notes from other singles, you may be interested in someone. The next step would be inviting the member for a live chat session. This chat session is private and confidential, so ease the anxiety of someone eavesdropping. A member can also have notifications settings enabled to be sent via text messages. This setting allows a user to be notified via text when logged off.

Alike, you may get a message from a member you don’t feel interested in. Ideally, you can ignore them and move on without reaction. However, if this keeps recurring, you can block a user by pressing the number ‘7’ on their message. You can as well flag their messages to avoid further nuisance.

LiveLinks review notes that there is an option to send a voice message, allowing members to listen to greeting from members that could be present on the chat line or even offline. A user can save such messages for future references.


Platform for use

Unlike other dating platforms, accessing this site and using its services is effortless. A user records a voice note and submits it to the platform for connections. This can be done by calling the number 1-800-916-1090.

To find a partner, one must log in to the website, where several other singles are available. After logging in, you will access and listen to different recordings from other individuals who are also online. Essentially, a user initiates a conversation by recording a voice greeting. The extraordinary thing about this feature is that there are a lot of people on board waiting to try out their luck at any given time. In a nutshell, the procedure is highlighted below:

  • Calling a phone number (1-800-916-1090);
  • Record a greeting;
  • Access and listen to other member’s greeting;
  • Choose who you want to hook up with and start conversing;
  • Decide if you wish to move things to the next level.

When browsing through the greetings and finding one that interests you, you can instantly invite the member to a private chat. You can do this by sending a request to connect in a private conversation.

LiveLinks review cites that there are several safety tips provided to users who opt for this service. They include:

  • Do not disclose your personal information unless the trust is established.
  • If you notice aggressive behavior, report the user.

Platform for use


The experience is quite comfortable as there are no popup adverts that can destruct a user. Besides, you are assured of minimal interference when browsing. You can easily switch from one tab to the other.

From the LiveLinks review, you can tell that there is no assurance that a mobile application can serve a user’s demand. Therefore, users can be contented with the website experience to meet their demands. There are no official apps for this service so far.

Design and Usability

A user can easily switch to preferred tabs without difficulties. Here is a look at the features:

  • Ice-breakers: this feature is ideal for users who are afraid to initiate a conversation. The option makes it easier for users who may be introverts singles or who have no idea where to start.
  • Hotlist: when you hit this tab, you can add a member you want to express your interest in.
  • Offline messaging: a feature that allows you to listen to other users’ greetings even when you are offline.

Design and usability

A user experiences comfort while using this website. Navigating it is easy with features that precisely describe what action you need to take. Male users have the option of trying the site and its effectiveness for free before they decide to join. As for the ladies, membership is free of charge. A person can become a member by either using the website or accessing it on the phone.

In the LiveLinks review, you can note that there is a free membership for ladies and a free trial of about 60 minutes for the men. After this, men can choose from several subscription packages available. These packages are:

  • 120 minutes: $29.99
  • 30 minutes: $9.99
  • 10 minutes: $4.99

Notably, there is a one-time offer for members who are making a first time purchase, costing at $9.99 equivalent to 60 minutes.

While ladies can access this service free of charge, men have 60 minutes free for trial. Then men are required to purchase a suitable subscription if they want to proceed. Regardless, men can utilize free minutes and find out what they are looking for without paying. Paying for subscription only intends to extend your options on the website, especially if you didn’t find what you were looking for.

Paid vs. free access

How to pay

To pay, you must submit your credit or debit card details after choosing a package that suits your budget or needs. The price for the package is deducted from your account, allowing you to access and browse all websites’ features. If you reside in the US, you can, as well, make payments via Check-by-Phone or Discover. An SSL protocol secures payment. If your option is a credit card, then your credit card’s statement will highlight ‘teligence,’ indicating that it is private.

Payment Systems

A user who intends to become a member by paying can make payments via the following mediums:

  • Credit card
  • Pre-paid credit card
  • Western Union (check and cash)
  • PayPal
  • Check-by-Phone
  • Mater Card
  • American Express
  • Visa Card

Payment systems

Safety & security

The significant plus of using this website is that your details are kept anonymous. Also, a caller is free to decide what information can be shared and what cannot. Conversations are kept private, and no one can intrude or snoop into an ongoing call or chat.


Connecting with members is real, as everyone on the website intends to find a partner. Successful stories that have started on this website authenticate its services. Furthermore, the site assured you of talking to people communicating on the chat line. The service earns from happy clients; thus, the developer does the best to keep users satisfied.

Besides, the freedom to choose and decide who you want to date is on you; the site does no matching. You are the only one to judge as no one influences your choice. Chatting with multiple singles without a limitation is a plus, as you can consider more options.

Special features

The LiveLinks review asserts that there are special features on this website, making it exceptional. Here is a list of what makes LiveLinks unique:

  • Anyone can access this service.
  • The service is free for women.
  • Men can use free 60 minutes to try the website’s effectiveness.
  • Every member is genuine, thus no bots, scams, or fake profiles involved.
  • Every user is anonymous, hence secure and safe.
  • A team of moderators keeps up with the website to ensure that every member adheres to the rules.
  • The site has a blog that cites tips on dating, ranging from phone call dating tips to website tips.
  • A new caller’s greeting is always reviewed to ascertain its authenticity and accordance with the site’s requirements.
  • A caller can add another user to the ‘hotlist’ to engage in a conversation sometime later.
  • Recorded greetings can be saved to listen to them once more.
  • A message can be recorded and sent to another member even when they are offline.
  • There are no advertisements to distract you, thus enabling you to focus on your main goal.
  • There is a ‘blocking’ option for callers who are a nuisance.
  • You can also hang up if you find a conversation annoying.
  • Prospective callers who have no idea where to start from have the ‘Ice-breakers’ feature essential in initiating a conversation.
  • Dates can be set outside the chat line, ensuring there is privacy.

Special features


While most people prefer the old fashioned methods to find love, online dating is becoming a norm. Technology has spearheaded establishing such sites, including LiveLinks, which has been significant in linking singles to find love. By going through the LiveLinks review, a person can consider giving it a try, and that may bring your search to an end. Who knows what the site has in store for you? You can try your luck out and see if your story would be a success.

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