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Loveroulette Review 2021

Loveroulette Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 86%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 20-25
Profiles 1.600.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • An impressive variety of video chat options available for free;
  • Active users;
  • Presence of both genders and range of sexual orientations;
  • Excellent video and audio quality provided by the technical characteristics of the website;
  • Users can select the gender of the partners;
  • Uninterrupted live streams.
  • Random users sometimes are scams.

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What is Loveroulette

Loveroulette Review 2020 - Expectations & Reality

The functioning of Loveroulette dating service differs from the traditional options most online daters are used to. It has been active since 2012. The company implemented the idea that the focus should be placed on visuals. Hence, all its features require the webcam. Loveroulette review looks into the site’s operating procedures and its popularity among users of all age categories and countries. Another thing Loveroulette review attempts to assess is the pricing policy and any hidden points of terms of use if such exist.

The site is built on webcam capabilities. It offers various types of web camera chats. For example, one can turn on the camera and wait for random people to appear. The conversation does not necessarily have a topic. There is no requirement to join if you want to enter the video streaming unless you are not 18 y.o.

Among the unique features of Loveroulette is a connection with the users on a random basis. The users can either set the criteria or leave the matching to the site. The developers work on improving the system regularly. All the bugs and glitches are fixed, but also the features are enhanced. Loveroulette is an online service that seeks to hold a leading position on the market, so the website founders claim to conduct the research and polish the functions for better user experience.

Loveroulette allows the adjustment period for the user. So, the webcam options have a trial period which any guest of the site can use. It is not even required to fill in the registration form to get it.

Is Loveroulette legit or scam?

Loveroulette Review 2020 - Expectations & Reality

Loveroulette review of the potential risks shows that the site carries minimal danger. It is no different from the social networks that people use with the same frequency.

It is worth looking into the safety tips before you use any online services. The Loveroulette review of functions shows that a webcam is an essential tool that the website user needs. So, assess the risks of using the webcam. Make sure to avoid the users who might record your information without your knowledge. Modern software allows screenshots and screen recording. So, before you get to open with the users, think about it.

Loveroulette does not require you to share a lot, and it can be used as a website for watching materials. It is like a Netflix with adult content. Besides, that content is streamed live.

What members on this site?

It should be noted that not all the users of the site register right away. The site gets two types of users, some are guests, and some are registered members.

Loveroulette allows the trial option for the users to get to know the services and find out how fun it is. Later on, the registration will be required.

The members of the site come from all over the world. The users can enjoy international video chatting at any time. You can meet users from the United States, Russia, Japan, Thailand, and many more countries.

Sexual orientation

Loveroulette Review 2020 - Expectations & Reality

It is an inclusive service that lets you meet all types of people. Loveroulette does not have gender limits. The recent stats say that the site is used by homo and heterosexuals more often. It is used by groups and couples as well since it allows the streaming of events. Various types of adult entertainment videos can be streamed and watched at Loveroulette. You can even find swinging and exhibitionists gatherings and join them virtually.

Age Distribution

People of legal age use the site. So, the age category that prevails in numbers is 25 – 30 y.o. The second place belongs to the age group of 35 – 45 y.o. The stats are not precise because the users register regularly, and some use it without signing in. So, you never know the age of persons on the other end, unless you use the search filters. As practice shows, the users prefer Loveroulette for its random choice option. The tendency is that the couples and groups who use the website are usually older, and the singles are of the younger age category.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Note that the camera connection will not work if your webcam is not on. When you open the main page, you will see options on the top bar. Pick one, and the left sidebar will have a registration or login bars. To register, one can use the Facebook or Google account.

Another option is to use a password and any email address. To be on the safe side, use any free service to set up a new email for the notifications from Loveroulette. There is also a bar to manage your wallet with coins on the left side of the screen. Upon the registration, you can upload the photo for your profile, although it’s not a must since you will be chatting with the camera most of the time.

Profile creation

Loveroulette Review 2020 - Expectations & Reality

Loveroulette review of the profile shows that it largely depends on the reasons why a user came to the site. The profile contains extended information on preferences, hobbies, education, and personality with users who want to find a commitment.

The users who seek casual conversations, sexting, and no-strings-attached relationships usually leave out a lot of personal details. The empty profiles can also be explained by the fact that people have live conversations a lot in video chat, and there is no need to write much.

Loveroulette offers a questionnaire to fill in. If you want to tell more about yourself but do not know how to put it in words, simply put down the answers to the questions.


It is a webcam-centered website, but the texting option is available as well. The users can talk and look at each other simultaneously. It is especially convenient if users speak different languages.

As to live conversations, they are far from standard. The difference between the cameras is based on the users that you meet there. A couple of options are available: Wematcher, Naked Models, Flirtymania, Bazoocam, and Chatrandom.

Depending on your preferences, you can set up the filters and talk to people of a certain age, gender, and origin in the webcam chat, or watch the models without turning your camera on.

Platform for use

Loveroulette review of the versions compatibility with various devices shows that there is a mobile app for Apple and a PC version. The other users are welcome to open the browser and use the mobile version of the site.


Loveroulette was initially designed for the PC. However, the spread of mobile devices forced the developers to create the application. The stats show that about 40 % of users opt for the mobile app. The same features are available in both versions, so it is only a matter of preference in the device.

The mobile application is free to download on your Apple devices. It has the same functions as the PC version and the same prices. One of the benefits is that with the application, you can pay for the services using Apple pay. It is probably one of the reasons why so many users opt for the app.

The users of Android or other operating systems are welcome to open the browser. It is convenient to use the browser for the simple reason that there is usually not much texting going on, mostly the video chats or observations.

Design and Usability

Loveroulette Review 2020 - Expectations & Reality

Loveroulette review of the design and usability shows positive results. First of all, the site is made to serve the purpose. There is an SSL certificate, which means it is safe enough to use. It is also connected to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It simplifies the registration process and makes the user experience more pleasant. The design of the user profile is also beneficial.

To navigate the site, one needs to know a little. All the functions are easy to use. The top bar on the main page has a set of clickable buttons. The user needs to select the option and click on it. The window with the camera and chat will open up. The additional information on the services can be found on the bottom bar of the site.

Loveroulette Costs and Prices?

Loveroulette review of the services shows moderate prices. There are opportunities to get standard and premium memberships. There is also a demo version available, and it costs $2.99. The standard subscription for one month will cost $34.90; Power subscription costs $24.90 per month (lasts three months); a one-year subscription is $199, and the last one is a week plan for $9.99.

Loveroulette offers free registration. The next step is to get the trial version of the services or stay on the free account. The prices for the standard membership are affordable, and they enable the user to get a better experience.

If the user plans to remain with the free account, it will not be possible to view other profiles, and generally, the access to the users will be limited. The profiles and galleries will be hidden, and the user will only be able to access limited functions.

If you want to use the free chats and talk to attractive young ladies, you can use the free chat without paying. However, to teach specialized functions like Bazoocam, Coomeet, or Milf and teen chat, you need to get the subscription plan.

How to pay

Loveroulette Review 2020 - Expectations & Reality

Loveroulette allows you to process the payment via Apple pay or credit card. It accepts online payments only.

Payment systems

Since Android users are not eligible for the app, payment cannot be processed via phone, so the user can opt for a credit card or PayPal. The payments are secured, and an SSL certificate protects the website.

Safety & Security

Loveroulette is a secure website that operates on the market for almost a decade. The site processed online payments securely and protected the personal data of its users.

Loveroulette does not require any documents or payment details, so in case the individual users request it from you, avoid replying to them. There is a block button, and if you find that the user is showing abusive behavior, you can leave the chat and block the user.

The site invests enough time and resources into developing a safe environment for the users. However, online dating, especially with the camera, has natural hazards that the website is not in control to eliminate.


To prevent scams and protect the users, Loveroulette offers people to use nicknames and avoid clicking on unknown links sent by the users.

Note that the site has professional models that perform in the chats. If you want to watch them, you can select the ones you prefer and enjoy the show. They also might engage in conversations with you. These are not scams but standard procedures on the website. However, they are also not allowed to ask for personal data, money, gifts, etc.

The user is free to send presents if it is a voluntary decision, not a demand from an unknown user.

Special Features

  • Chatrandom. All features on the site are unusual. Every feature involves video cam and the participation of multiple users. However, the type of user you can meet in every section varies.
  • Camchat. It is a chat that works on a system of random matching. You need to turn on the camera and wait to be connected with someone. The site shuffles everyone who visited this section and connects them.
  • Chat rooms. In these chats, people can connect with users from different locations or based on specific preferences. For example, the user can select women only or women of a certain age only. In comparison to other websites, Loveroulette has many options to chat with the women and men of exclusive and highly popular profiles for free.
  • Bazoocam. This video chat works from any location in the world. You can connect with people from the most remote areas. The site has all the needed technical characteristics to maintain an uninterrupted connection between the two of you.
  • We matcher. With this function, the user gets two options. The first option lets you be matched randomly, and the other one gives you a list of partners. You can see the profile photo, age, and country on the small icons. You are free to connect with any of them.
  • Naked Models. It gives you access to the erotic shows of the models on the site.
  • Random Girls chat. In this section, the girls are looking for males and females. It is a naughty chat where you will meet people for sexting.
  • Flirtymania. For the admirers of naughty, erotic conversations with Milf housewives, this section is a paradise.


Loveroulette Review 2020 - Expectations & Reality

If you find real-life dating stressful but do not like texting, video chat is an obvious solution. If you feel nervous about showing your face right away, there is a way out as well. Register with Loveroulette and get access to the pool of gorgeous, seductive ladies of any age. It is a place where people come to let their hair down and have fun, casual talk, or a naughty sexting session. You are in control of everything; at any moment you feel like finishing the chat, click on the button. The system will find you a replacement immediately. Loveroulette is a way to have fun dating.

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