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Luxy Review 2021

Luxy Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 99%
Popular age 27-29
Beauty 80%
Profiles 1 850 000
About Site
Visit rate 5.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Members are Millionaires: This is a website that comprises millionaires only, and all the members over this website have an income of 6 digits every month.
  • Quality In Profiles: There is quite a lot of excellence in the profiles of the site so that one can find only classy people over here.
  • Easy To Use: Registering into the website is going to be free.
  • Premium Features: The website comprises of exclusive features, and it is straightforward to operate. The up-gradation process is going to be hassle-free, and one can also choose to skip the vouching process.
  • The dating community will be smaller than the other online dating websites because the profiles are verified and have only millionaires.
  • A member needs to be in hotspot areas like Los Angeles or New York; otherwise, it can be difficult for them to find a match.

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What is Luxy?

Luxy is one of the premium dating websites, which is meant only for the elite class. It is one of the best platforms for all the millionaire singles out there who want to find a partner for a committed relationship or just for a casual hookup. Luxy dating website is a platform for rich, wealthy people who are looking for partners who can match their chemistry, mentality, and sexual preference.

According to the Luxy review, the anti-scam system on this website makes sure that the users do not pretend to be rich, and therefore the interaction is only within classy people. The members on this platform are available with a very secure and high-end income, and the best part is that they are all verified profiles.

Over the years, the website has managed to keep its reputation high because of its high-class member selection system, which makes them the most elite dating website. On this platform, one can find members with about 500,000 USD income every month. Therefore, to become a member, a person has to have a similar amount of income.

However, there are many similar and alternative sites that one can find which has been able to make a Breakneck competition with Luxy. Namely, you can find Adultfriendfinder as well as eHarmony as the premium competitors. In June 2020, there has been a lot of development in the member log-in structure. The female users are very active on this website rather than the male members, and most of the profiles have a complete photo gallery. This is a premium quality platform in which millionaire dates millionaire, and there are a lot of eligibility criteria to fulfill.

In case if you want to become a member of this elite dating website. This article will help you to know the brief insight on the Luxy review by reviling its pros, cons, features, payment, and member’s structure and everything that you must know.

Is Luxy legit or scam?

Luxy Review

Luxy is a legitimate website, and as the name suggests, it is going to be suitable for extravagant people. The account is entirely free, and one can swipe right or left according to their convenience. If the member is looking for intimate one-on-one sessions, they will need to pay for the premium account. This website has a perfect authenticity, and there is no scam associated with it. The site has an anti-scam policy, and if one needs the exclusive features, they can go for the Luxy black membership. The anti-scam system makes sure that there is 2-step verification on every profile. Therefore, none of the profiles will be fake, and there will be no loop for disappointment.

What members are on this site

According to the membership structure, most of the active users on this web site are female in comparison to the male members. The target population is mostly millionaires who want to find the other members of the Elite Class for dating purposes. At least half of the community has an income of $500,000 every month, which is proof of the elite Society on the website.

There is no specific gender registration process, and any user can browse through the male and female profiles. Even if a person is homosexual, there should be no point of concern because the matchmaking can happen for both the genders indifferent to their sexual orientation. The majority of the users do not want to put their income on public after the income verification step, and it is up to the member whether they would want to disclose their income amount or not.

Sexual orientation

Sexual orientation is not going to be a surprising factor because the community in this website comprises of homosexuals, heterosexuals, as well as bisexuals. Here people are mostly looking for the members who can match their same mental frequency rather than passing the time.

Age Distribution

From the age range of 18 to 24, there will be more female users than male users. From the age range of 25 to 34, the number of females is considerably higher than that of males. From the age range of 35 to 44 there are very few males as compared to the female members. For example, there will be 20% of females in comparison to 5% of males. In the age range of 45 to 54, there will be around 10% females as compared to 15% male members. Last but not least, one can even find members over 55 years of age, but in that case, the male and female members are in the same five-percent distribution.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Luxy Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process on this website is going to be a little difficult than the other online dating sites. For example, you need to have at least 50% of votes from all the community members before the registration is complete. The vouching process will take about 24 hours, and it will not be a matter of minutes. But when the voting process is getting completed, one can complete the profile, including the gallery updating. The mass recommendation will be necessary for the new members, and it will help with the filtering process. To be precise, 50% approval is a must from all the community members of Luxy. In which, the members write yes or no notes to a new member before the person can start the dating process. It helps in filtering out the new members who can be a potential scammer. During the sign-up and log-in process, one can include the luxury brands inside the profile. It is helpful while taking the personality test, and the members can try clicking on the brand name.

Profile creation

Luxy Profile creations

All the photos will be available inside the member profile, and it is up to the member to decide whether they want others to check out the gallery or not. There is an excellent privacy management system on this website which does not let the third-party entities to get a share of the same. All the information will be accessible to the community members on the website, but no outsider will be able to access the same. There is an anti-scam policy system that will help in eliminating false photos and identities.

There is quite a lot of detail on the Luxy review for the profiles, and the members will be able to change the information as per their convenience. If a person chooses, they can also add the albums later on. There is a vouching process during the registration, which helps in completing the profile. If the profile gets a lot of positive ratings, then the community decides that perhaps the profile is not fake. Even if after the registration, someone becomes a scammer, then the community has the right to ban the profile entirely from the website.


The Luxy review by the experts suggests that the messaging service is something to look forward to on this website, and one can try group messaging as well as private messaging. It is going to be an instantaneous thing to do, and with the help of this feature, one can also try to send messages to their shortlisted profiles. It becomes effortless for all the profile holders to communicate with each other, and one can remain connected on the go with the help of the application. The usability is straightforward; that is why it is going to be good for the beginners as well as the experts.

Platform for use

According to the Luxy review, it is an interesting platform with a smooth working mechanism. The design and usability are brilliant, and the developers have created a good forum for dating, which is meant for the elite class. It is a very smooth working platform that has been able to get a lot of popularity.


The desktop compatibility is quite good for this website, and it is very convenient as well. Moreover, the features have multifunctional abilities, and big icons are something to look forward to. One can get a distinct look at all the desktop versions’ profiles, and it will not cause any lag on the device. It is suitable for all the millionaire singles out there, and they can even try to go for the website option on their laptops.


Anyone will be able to use the application, and it is easy to verify the profiles as well. The multifunctional ability is available on the application, and it has an elegant and clean design. This is an application that is available for apple devices as well as for the android. It is going to be completely free to download, and the app has more than a 4-star rating. The overall look of the application is perfect, and it works very smoothly on the website. One can easily find all the different functionalities in the application, and there is a clear look at the profile album. In some cases, it works even better than the desktop version.

Design and Usability

Luxy Design and Usability

According to the Luxy review, the website has its design in black and gold colors that provides a look of luxury. It is an excellent looking dating site, and the buttons have a stunning flower design. The developers have been able to give attention to the intricate details, and it looks even more appealing because of the same. One can easily carry out the command with only a few button clicks, and it does not have to be complicated at all. Even the beginners would be able to get a hold over the application because all the features are easy to understand.

The navigation on the website is straightforward, which is why it is not going to be a problem for even the beginners to look at the nook and corner. The icons are very big and beautiful looking, so anyone can check out the features without having to search hard.

Luxy Costs and Prices

For one month, the luxury black membership will cost about a hundred USD. For three months, the same membership will cost all together 240 USD. That comes to 80 USD per month. Last but not least, for six months, the entire cost will be about 354 USD, which comes up to 59 USD per month. Now let’s come to luxury tune membership! For this membership, one has to pay around 13 USD per month. The coin collection must use the credits and make the best out of the website.

Luxy Paid vs Free access

The free membership services comprise the following features:

  • Creating an account is going to be completely free when you are using this website for dating purposes.
  • Among the free services, any member will be able to send a rose to the other person without any payment.
  • One can view all the profiles along with their details, and there will be no restrictions.
  • A member will be able to see the entire photo album which comes under the free service.
  • If a member wants to, they can use the search tool as well as they can send messages to a potential match.

  • The paid membership will comprise the following features:

    • In the paid membership all the members will be able to get hold of the verified profiles first.
    • The members will be able to send a bouquet of roses as well as messages to anyone they want.
    • The profiles with the highest income will come initially, and there’s no restriction on the search option.

    How to pay

    If anyone wants to get inside the luxury black account, a member can try to make the payment using the PayPal app and through credit/ debit cards too.

    Payment systems

    Before checking out, the member should know that the payment system will be secure, especially when it comes to paying through PayPal. The payment system allows its members to check through the Luxy coupon as well as from the promo code option.

    Safety & Security

    Luxy Safety & Security

    The Luxy review explores that the website’s safety and security have been considered the highest priority of its developers, and there will be no private information leakage. One can easily protect privacy with the use of special features as well as the anti-scam policy. Even in the message option, there is end-to-end encryption so that one can easily share their thoughts without any potential problems.


    The website is very authentic. According to the experts of the Luxy review, this site comes with a proper design and neat usability; and there is no way a member can face any fraudulent activity.

    Special Features

    There are a series of special features that the members will be able to get:

    • Skip vouch: It is an exclusive feature in which one can easily skip this process during the registration. With the Luxy black membership, the skip vouch will be an easily viable process for sure.
    • Black message- The Luxy black membership comes with a perfect messaging option because here, the member will be able to send messages with a person who does not come under the match section.
    • Search with location- All the members on this website will be able to search the profiles using the geographical location, which will help in the dating process in a similar city as well as the area.
    • Who likes me- This is another exclusive feature in which the member can check the notifications to understand who likes him.
    • Hide profile- This is a feature in which one can become invisible so that the other members will not be able to check out his profile.

    • Anonymous visitor- Under this feature, any other member will not be able to see that you have been stalking their profile.
    • Face me- Face me is a feature in which one can get hold of the video date option. One can have a video call with the other members as well as can have a private video chat with the help of this exclusive feature.


    According to the final verdict, Luxy is a website with great potential for matchmaking. It has been able to get a lot of positive Luxy review, and since then, there has been no looking back. This website is worth a visit if you belong to the elite class, and there are many reasons one can get addicted to it.

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