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Maiotaku Review 2021

Maiotaku Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 22-27
Profiles 1.800.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It’s an excellent online resource for anime fans looking to find someone who shares their interests. On Maiotaku, you can find plenty of people who will be happy to discuss your favorite anime series.
  • Maiotaku is a perfect place for geeks who usually are too shy to talk to girls. This website provides a safe and comfortable environment for all kinds of introverts.
  • There is a large user base since Maiotaku first appeared back in 2009. During all these years, it has managed to accumulate thousands of users passionate about anime.
  • It’s FREE! It’s almost impossible to find a dating site without any additional fees or memberships in our materialistic world. Maiotaku breaks this sad rule by allowing its community to find a match and upload tons of pictures without paying a cent.
  • It’s a dating website and a social network that gives you a space to share your thoughts, discuss different things (primarily, anime of course), and upload photos. So, if you find yourself a chan, you shouldn’t leave the platform, like it usually happens with other dating services.
  • Mobile version. While you won’t find any mobile apps, Maiotaku offers a mobile version that you can access right from your smartphone.
  • There is a forum to create topics or take part in discussions. If you love forums, you will like this one because it’s all about anime (though you are allowed to discuss random stuff).
  • Maiotaku website’s designers optimized it for plenty of browsers and systems: you can enjoy chatting with your friends from any device as it has an Internet connection.
  • You can upload various photos from your anime collections and start a conversation with anyone.
  • It has the same chatting experience as Facebook does, so it’s easy to get used to it. You just move the mouse pointer to the right, choose one of the people online, click on their username or profile picture, and viola – you can start discussing your favorite mangas and anime series.
  • It’s easy to find new friends who share the same interests and organize some group meetings, thanks to the Maiotaku forum.
  • The website is free from viruses or malicious software. Several antivirus programs (Kaspersky, Dr.Web, ESET, among many others) checked it, so you won’t catch any viruses.
  • It has a broad audience: there are both young and more older persons in their 30s and even 40s.
  • Maiotaku has a community with members all over the globe: here, you will find friends from Europe and the US.
  • While the Maiotaku review states that the portal is free, there are still some paid features. However, they don’t give you that significant advantage over free users.
  • There are ads. While most of them aren’t annoying, it’s still like white noise with unnecessary information.
  • There are no apps, neither for iPhone nor for Android phones.
  • You won’t be able to find many unique features that most modern dating websites have.
  • Since it’s a niche site, you may miss lots of cool girls (or guys) who aren’t really into Japanese culture.

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What Is Maiotaku?

Maiotaku Review 2020 – a Place Where Otaku Can Find Their Love

It’s hard to overestimate how viral the anime culture has got over the past decades. There are millions of fans in Japan, an origin country of this art form, and the US. In today’s Maiotaku review, you will find out where to meet people to discuss your favorite anime series and drink some coffee. While there are many anime fans, as mentioned above, finding someone randomly near you still might be challenging. Sometimes it’s like trying to kill a fly using a cannon. There are specialized dating websites, and the Maiotaku review will help you choose one of them.

Is Maiotaku Legit?

It’s hard to call an almost free platform a scam. You can upload tons of pictures, talk on the forum, find yourself a new friend – and it’s all for FREE. Yes, there is a membership plan, but it costs only $3.99 per month, and it’s not critical if you don’t buy it. As for malicious software, VirusTotal shows that there are no viruses that you should be afraid of, so don’t worry. Both Kaspersky and ESET claim that Maiotaku is clean and virus-free. Dr.Web also says that it’s safe to use it. You can check it yourself by going to the VirusTotal website or just continue reading this Maiotaku review.


As you already could guess, most of the users here are anime fans. It would be weird if a website, which is considered one of the biggest Otaku social networks, would have no Japanese art fans. People on Maiotaku are from all over the world. This service isn’t limited only to the US or European residents. As for quantity, Maiotaku has been operating more than ten years already, and during all these years, it managed to make quite a large anime community online.

Sexual Orientation

According to the Maiotaku review, most members are heterosexual, and there aren’t any limits, meaning that any sexual orientation is allowed. Don’t worry about wasting your time if you’re going to find a person of specific sexual orientation on the Maiotaku website. There are special search filters that allow you to sort participants by gender and their sexual preferences. Moreover, this feature is free.

Age Distribution

Maiotaku Review 2020 – a Place Where Otaku Can Find Their Love

While the majority of anime fans are young people, you can still find dozens of users in their 30s and even 40s. Make use of filters to set your desired age range.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

It’s completely free to make a profile on Maiotaku: all you have to do is provide your email, choose the password (if you are using Chrome browser, then it can generate it for you), and select a desirable nickname. You won’t even have to confirm your profile via an email link or something like that: once you open an account, you can start browsing and look for interesting people to converse with. The only downside is that on Maiotaku, there is no Facebook profile syncing – that could save you some time by importing data from your social network.

Profile Creation

Once the sign-up process is over, you can start with the actual profile setup. Upload some photos, add your location, write something about yourself (for example, what kind of movies you like, what kind of animes you are watching, what kind of mangas you are reading, and your favorite music genre). You can also add your birthdate so that other people could find you through the filters. Finally, you can edit your list of anime shows.


You can talk to anyone you want on Maiotaku. Unlike many dating services out there, here you won’t need to pay for messaging. It’s free, as well as sharing pictures with your interlocutors. Maiotaku review readers also might find the whole process similar to what they do on Facebook: there is a panel on the right side of the screen where you can see people online. To write to some of them, all you have to do is just click on their name, and the messaging window will appear, just like on Facebook. It’s very efficient since you can open many windows and chat with several users simultaneously without switching from one tab to another. So, if you are familiar with the Facebook chatting system, then it won’t be a problem for you to get used to Maiotaku messaging.

Available Platforms

Maiotaku Review 2020 – a Place Where Otaku Can Find Their Love

You can use this anime dating website on multiple platforms: keep reading the Maiotaku review to find out more.


The desktop version works perfectly on several browsers and operating systems. The website is light and loads quickly: just a second, and you are ready to explore a world of anime with your online mates. The great thing about using the Maiotaku desktop version is that you can save your phone battery life.


Some of the Maiotaku review readers might get disappointed because there is no dedicated app, either for iPhone or Android. It’s most likely because one person runs a project, and app development costs a lot of money. Since there aren’t many ads, and premium membership price is relatively low, there is no mobile counterpart. But you shouldn’t be too upset about that because Maiotaku has a mobile version of the site so that you will have all your favorite features right on your phone’s screen.

Design and Usability

Maiotaku Review 2020 – a Place Where Otaku Can Find Their Love

It is evident from the review that the largest anime dating website on the planet has used Facebook as their primary inspiration source. That’s why, if you are familiar with Facebook messaging, it will be easy for you to use Maiotaku and chat with people there. The platform has got an intuitive and user-friendly interface, so it will be hard to get lost here. Also, as it was mentioned above in this text, Maiotaku isn’t overloaded with any unnecessary stuff, so it opens quickly.

How to Navigate

It’s not much to tell about navigating Maiotaku: there is a special section called Otaku Search, using which you can find yourself some anime lovers: set your gender, age, and sexual preferences. There are Select buttons that can show you new messages and notifications once you press them in the upper corner. On the right side, you can see your friends online. Click on their username and avatar to start a conversation.

Maiotaku Costs and Prices

Maiotaku has an extremely cheap membership plan compared to other online dating websites: just for three bucks a month, you can get yourself an ad-free webpage with more precise matching algorithms. Moreover, you will be able to upload unlimited photos, chat with any member you like without paying even a cent. In case if you decide to upgrade, it will cost you $3,99 a month. You can also go for three months: then it will be only $9,50 for you. It’s a great deal, considering that Maiotaku isn’t only a dating portal for Otaku. It’s also a social platform, so you will most likely continue using it even when you find yourself a chan (unlike many other dating services that do not have that social community element).

Maiotaku Review 2020 – a Place Where Otaku Can Find Their Love

So, what are the pros of paying for Maiotaku’s membership? One of the reasons is to support your favorite anime community to grow and become even more significant. The next feature would be to save your private messages forever and get more highlights when matching happens. Some tools are not released yet, but soon they will be available to premium users: less captcha and the possibility to send crushes to others. Another advantage of the premium membership would be to see recent matches by browsing people who visited the site recently. You also get more exposure because when you pay for premium, you will get on pages of the Maiotaku website and become some kind of a local superstar.

How to Pay

Maiotaku Review 2020 – a Place Where Otaku Can Find Their Love

To buy a premium membership on the Maiotaku platform, click on the Upgrade link in the upper panel. Then, you will be redirected to the Premium page to buy one of the plans.

Payment Methods

To get yourself a premium pack, you need to have a PayPal account. Before you pay for it, make sure that you have your payment’s system email address attached to your account.

Safety and Security

Maiotaku Review 2020 – a Place Where Otaku Can Find Their Love

Maiotaku is entirely safe for users. It has got no viruses nor any malicious software. While there are ads, none of them will hurt your computer or your privacy because the owner uses only trusted advertisers. You must also be careful when someone sends you some links because Maiotaku developers don’t read your chats, and someone can fool you with malicious content. So, your safety is your responsibility as well. There are cases when friends send a link, and people open them, not even suspecting that their friends got hacked. So, you should always be careful when clicking on something on the Internet. Since Maiotaku is part of the Web, the same rule applies to it. One more advice: enable the firewall and use some antivirus to be on the safe side.


Unfortunately, scam is common not only in real life but also on the World Wide Web. But with Maiotaku, you get what you pay for, and the total membership fee is meager: it’s like two cups of coffee. You can check out the site for free and make sure that there are no limits on the number of uploaded pictures, along with other great features that alternative dating platforms put behind a paywall.

Unique Features

Maiotaku Review 2020 – a Place Where Otaku Can Find Their Love

The main feature of the Maiotaku website is that it aims at Otaku (anime fans). It provides a safe and comfortable environment for casual anime lovers to find a buddy. You can look both for guys and girls of different ages and sexual orientations. The great thing about it is that Maiotaku shares different things: it has something from old-school PHP-forums, something from Facebook and social media alike, and finally, it’s a dating website and community for anime lovers. It’s also unusually cheap: in fact, it offers such an affordable membership that it can be easily called a unique perk. It also gives plenty of tools for FREE; for example, you can chat with anyone you like and upload hundreds of photos. As a free member, you will have to deal with lower status and some ads only, which aren’t too intrusive, by the way. Well, now that’s a catch, isn’t it?


Maiotaku Review 2020 – a Place Where Otaku Can Find Their Love

So, this website has everything: forum, social network, and even a dating service. It’s like a three-in-one. Maiotaku is a place to discuss your favorite animes, along with searching for your perfect chan. Considering that you won’t find many services that combine anime community, social network, and dating platform, Maiotaku might be the best version of itself. Well, at least you can’t take its uniqueness for granted.

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