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Manhunt Review 2021

Manhunt Review 2021
About Boys
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 86%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 23-24
Profiles 1.600.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • This website allows the video chatting feature to its users to quickly understand whether the potential match is perfect or not.
  • The sign-up process is going to be quick and secure, so you will not waste much time.
  • There is a piece of proper healthcare information so that one can be sure about the potential partner.
  • The verification process is strict, so you will not be able to find many fake profiles.
  • There are thousands of active members to talk to, and there is no scope of feeling bored while visiting on the website.
  • There is 24/7 customer support, so that seeking assistance is never a problem.
  • The safety of the site is top-notch and has end-to-end encryption.
  • On the free subscription, you can send only a limited number of messages.
  • There is a confined number of active users, so the interaction allowance is quite limited.
  • The geographical distance between the users might become hard for people to find partners from different geographical locations or even a country.

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What is Manhunt?

Manhunt Review 2020

The Manhunt dating website is one of the very first vintage dating services for gay individuals that came out in the year 2001. According to the Manhunt review experts, it is a pathfinder that helped the gay individuals find reliable partners. At first, the Manhunt brand came out first as a telephone dating service, established in Boston, but the developers wanted to bring out a new website. It is the pioneer of digital gay dating evolution and has created a benchmark in this dimension. It is mostly suitable for individuals casual dating as well as one-time affairs.

According to the Manhunt review, there have been many websites, but no one has been able to compete with it. Since the day of the launch, there has been no looking back for them. Their popularity has made gay members indulge in their exclusive features and services. It is a straightforward platform for the people who want to go for virtual dating before a face-to-face meeting. Moreover, the dating experts have given an overall rating of 6 out of 10, which is pretty good.

Amazingly, in June 2020, it has seen quite a lot of upsurge in their member growth. Indifferent to the time of the visit, one can see thousands of people active. There is a total of fifteen hundred thousand people from the USA, and you will be able to see at least 30,000 people with daily login. The article will discuss its pros, cons, features, usability, and the registration process.

Is Manhunt legit or scam?

There is a lot of controversy regarding whether it is a legitimate website or a scam. Unlike the other hookup websites, it is legitimate and comprises proper authentication. The reputation is something to look forward to, and it has a sound security system as well as 24/7 customer support. The two-step verification process makes sure that there are very few people who can do the scanning.

The website asks for the HIV status as well as the details of the genitalia. It helps narrow down the preferences for an individual, and there is a lot less scope of disappointment.

There are many active members on the website, and one can have impressive interaction with them. Therefore, you will not have to give much effort for a very casual hookup session. One can share the fantasies and thoughts with the other people in the community without any judgmental tone from the other side. It is not going to take much time before an individual can find the perfect nightstand partner.

What members on this site?

Manhunt Review 2020

Most of the members are from the United States, and the count is around fifteen hundred thousand. About 6 million worldwide users, and about 80% of them are looking for a casual hookup. There will be 20,000 active users from New York State, and the website gives around nine language options. In the last month, the site has been able to witness around 8.5 million visits.

The unique thing about this website is that it can beat any other website in competition. All the users will be able to give a direct message to the profiles of their interest and go for the video chat session. Not only that, but it also has the bad form for various community services for the users. But to get all the exclusive services, a membership goes for the premium account.

It is going to be unfortunate if someone gets the free standard membership. That is because the specific individual will not be able to send more than ten messages per day. The most significant backlog of the site is that the exclusive features are only available for the people who will pay for the gold membership.

While having a conversation with any user, the message tab is easily accessible on the website’s homepage.

Sexual orientation

Manhunt Review 2020

Manhunt is indeed a great dating website for all the single gay individuals out there. The easy user interface is something to look forward to, and homosexual and bisexual individuals have a registration on this website. About 80 to 85% of the members are looking for something casual because commitment is not easy. Any individual will be able to get through to this website’s exclusive features with a little bit of expense. The sexual details of any individual are on the website so that the choices can be more straightforward.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

The sign-up process on this website is incredibly easy, and the initial registration is free. It is hardly going to take a minute or so, and one can get access to the website. There is no need to put the credentials because one can add it as per their convenience. Also, instant messaging to the other members is going to be easy, and the profile can have more than one photo. Only one photo is required initially, and after that, photos can be added later on.

There is an in-depth registration process in which a person has to spend about 10 minutes. Any profile with a perfect profile picture is a verified one, and it will not seem fake. The photo should be of good quality so that the face is easy to understand. It will be great to work through the registration because in-depth credentials will help with the matchmaking even better. There will be no problem of time-waste, and the individual will get access to the username and the password. If needed, a person can save the password in the browser, but they have to be sure that the device is not accessible to anyone else.

Profile Creation

Manhunt Review 2020

In a single profile, an individual can post up to 16 photos. It can be a photo of the face or even the genitalia like most of the profiles. It is effortless to complete, and the profile quality will be simple and engaging. There are many details in the profile so that it is easy for the individuals to shortlist their partners. Not only that, but the profile picture will be visible to everyone so that the matchmaking becomes more straightforward.

The members will be able to upload 16 of the most amazing photos, and it is up to them to choose which one will be public and private. Also, the members will be able to get the encouragement to write an introduction about themselves so that people can get to know them better. Not only that, but all the fields will be available, and it is up to the user to describe according to their convenience. It is essential to check the sexual activities from the list of profiles, and it will help in understanding what the individual is looking for.


Instant messaging is one of the most amazing features of the website, but the free users will be able to send only ten messages every day. The expert recommends getting a premium membership so that there is no confinement on messaging service. It will be straightforward to do the messaging, and there will be an option on the profile only. If there is an instant reply to the message, the person can start to chat or to go for a video call. Then the conversation can end in something productive, or else there will be a new search.

Platform for use

It is one of the most amazing platforms that will help with the gay matchmaking process. Even the individuals who are very curious will be able to get the best out of this website. It is not only for homosexuals but for all the single bisexuals out there with interest in men. The site is a communicative platform, and individuals can interact with the help of chatroom or private messages. It is unlimited for all the members, and there is a proper e-mail verification process for sending the messages. The people with free or standard membership will be able to have conversations with only 50 members every day.


Manhunt Review 2020

The desktop version is going to be easy even for the beginners who are not so tech-savvy. It will be available on the desktop as well as the laptops and it is compatible with all the browser versions. Most of the visitors are from the United States, and mostly one can find people from Argentina. There are about 1.5 million members from the United States, and the search is mostly for casual hookups. The design is going to be brilliant, and it also has a mobile application.


The only backlog in the Manhunt review about the mobile application is not available for the iOS platforms. For all the Android users out there, the web browser will work with efficiency on the mobile device. Another thing to remember is that there will be no push notifications on this application, but it has a very trendy design. The function is similar to the other dating applications that you will find on the internet, so the navigation is going to be hassle-free. All the features will not be available on the app, and a manual check is essential for new messages.

Design and Usability

The website has prominent and big icons as well as the traditional layout, and it looks very innovative right now. While logging into the website, any individual can understand that the page loading time is minimal, so there is hardly any time waste. The rest of the page will comprise features as well as advertisements, and the additional settings are also perfect. It will be able to include all the necessity for the beginners; the usability is going to be top-notch.

Manhunt Review 2020

Navigation on the website is going to be easy because all the items and features are available on the homepage itself. It is not going to be rocket science to understand how the website works, and even the most non-tech-savvy person will handle it. If, in any case, an individual gets stuck, then there is customer support to handle the issue and resolve it.

Manhunt Costs and Prices

In the review, it is said that for a week-long membership of the website, a person has to pay 7 USD weekly. If it is for a month, the membership will cost 12 USD. 3-month membership will take all total price of $30, which is coming to $10 every month. If somebody plans to go for a six-month membership, the total amount will be $55, and the cost will come down to 9.17 USD every month. For the 365-day membership, a person has to pay 99 USD all total, and it will come to 8.25 USD per month. Therefore, this is a recommendation to go for the year-long membership to save a lot of money.

The free version of the website comprises of the following features:

  • Any individual will be able to view the profiles but will have limited access.
  • One can have unlimited conversations, but it will be restricted to 50 every single day.
  • There can be one start conversation and about two weeks of conversation history.
  • A person will be able to have 20 friends all total.

The paid version of the website will comprise the following features:

  • Any individual will be able to check out a full-size photo from the profile gallery.
  • One can get access to the video chat community room.
  • There will be retention of an extensive history of the conversation.
  • There will be about 1,000 friends for a single individual, and also, he or she will be able to block 1,000 members.
  • The premium member Holder will be entitled to Advanced Search as well as updating the username.

How to pay?

Manhunt Review 2020

If any member wants to get hold of the premium account, they can pay through their credit card. After payment, the individual will be able to get hold of the exclusive features of the website. The payment is going to be completely secure.

Payment systems

The payment system is completely secure, and there will be no confidential breach regarding the monetary transaction details. There is also an auto-renewal process, and that comes handy when a person finds it difficult to remember the last subscription date.

Safety & Security

Manhunt Review 2020

According to the Manhunt review, the website’s safety and security come first in the priority, and you will not have to think about the confidential breach. All the chats have an end to end encryption, and even the video chat will not leak out. The security and safety are top-notch, so it is okay to act naughty on the website.


There has been a lot of contradiction regarding whether this website is legitimate or a scam. According to the review experts, it is quite a legitimate website. But it is an excellent option to remain alert because after all, the conversation is going to be with the strangers.

Special Features

  • Video Call: The video call feature is one of the most amazing features to look forward to. It helps the users do face-to-face meetings via private chat, which further helps create a stronger bond.
  • Messaging: There is also an excellent messaging feature that allows every message to arrive in the inbox. Moreover, the chats are going to be instant and will save a lot of time.
  • Tracking the Profile: The person will be able to see who has stalked their profile. The tracking feature is exclusive to the premium members.


Manhunt Review 2020

According to the final verdict of the Manhunt Reviews, it is quite a legitimate website. The working mechanism is quite smooth and easy for the beginners as well as for the old members. Moreover, millions of active users look forward to this dating website, which is why there is a high success rate and high popularity. This website is worth a visit at least once! Also, the experts have suggested that if an individual is looking to make a casual or even a serious relationship in real, this website helps to find a reliable, trusted gay partner easily. All the members here are active as well as they are looking to make serious or casual relationships.

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