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Matchbox Review 2021

Matchbox Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 4%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 30-40
Profiles 129 432
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is one of the largest dating portals for Muslim people;
  • Profiles are informative and in-detail;
  • New members have to pass an interview with a matchmaker;
  • There are video instructions about how Matchbox works;
  • The portal contains true love stories;
  • The primary audience searches for potential spouses;
  • There is a blog with dating tips for Muslim singles;
  • There is a FAQ page with precise answers about the Matchbox services;
  • The website has a great structure and is full of useful content;
  • Matches meet each other in person.
  • Registration is not free;
  • You can get strictly one match at a time;
  • Price is higher than on other dating portals;
  • There is no mobile application;
  • Members cannot search for soulmates themselves.

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Why Muslim Singles Choose Matchbox?

Matchbox is a leading dating portal for the Muslim singles in Canada and the US. Matchbox review showed that this site’s unique feature is that it stands for the offline matchmaking in the online dating universe. The portal creators are two Muslim women who realize how complicated it may be for single Muslims to find life partners, especially when they relocate to other countries. Their religion does not allow them to go on casual dates with strangers. Moreover, there are so many sex-seekers on the dating sites that it seems impossible to find true love among all this mass. In this Matchbox review, you can find out about this dating portal’s pros and cons, including its peculiarities and primary goal.

What makes the Muslim community fall in love with this offline matchmaking platform? The in-depth overview of the Matchbox advantages and disadvantages will help Muslim singles understand whether the portal is efficient.

Why Muslim Singles Choose Matchbox?

Is It Legit or Scam? Matchbox Reputation

Muslim people have a more serious approach to building relationships than other singles. Thus, when they decide to address online dating for partner search, they want to know whether a resource is legitimate and has any scammers’ signs. Matchbox review showed that this matchmaker has no evidence of a scam. All newcomers have to pass an interview with an expert to prove his/her intentions because the dominant segment of subscribers uses Matchbox for finding a future spouse. Even if some of the members had an unpleasant experience with a particular date, he/she could report it to the Matchbox team.

Members Quality: What People Register on the Site

Matchbox team has rigorous demands for the quality of its user base. First of all, only Muslim people can register on the site. It welcomes solely straight men and women; persons of other sexual orientations cannot get a Matchbox membership. The leading part of the site members are singles living in the US and Canada. They form about 98% of the total site users. The rest 2% are Muslim singles living in the UK and Australia. Females dominate among the Matchbox community (about 55% of the subscribers are ladies).

Talking about Matchbox users’ quality, they all are single people looking for a lasting relationship with the right partner. About 90% of all subscribers dream of marriage and kids. An integral part of the matchmaking process is introducing a prospective partner to your family. It is a necessary step for the Muslim person, so all matches have to pass strict verification by the site experts.

Members Quality: What People Register on the Site

Sexual Orientation of the Site Users

Matchbox offers matchmaking services strictly for straight Muslim singles. Gay men, lesbians, trans people will not pass verification by the site moderator. Matchbox stands for traditional relationships and family values and unites Muslim men and ladies who share the same principles.

Age Range of the Dominant User Base

According to the latest Matchbox review, the average age of its community is about 25-40 years old. Men make around 45% of the overall user base. Even though females dominate the platform, there is no considerable lack of male singles among the site users. The platform operates in a way that matches each lady with one potential candidate at a time. If either of the singles does not like each other, they can wait for new matches that correspond to their requirements.

How to Register on the Site

Registration on Matchbox differs from other dating portals. Maybe it is because Matchbox is the offline platform that operates in the online world. In short, to register on the site, click on the Create a profile button in the upper right corner of the home page. You need to write personal and contact details in the pop-up window, including the professional and ethnic background. Then, you need to select a package of services (standard, premium, platinum) and click on Submit.

What differs Matchbox from hundreds of dating niches is that registration here is not free. It costs $50. The site administration explains that their working algorithm differs from any other on the dating portals. They select matches based on in-depth personal analysis and strictly after a private talk with the site moderators. Interview with a Matchbox expert is an essential step for those who want to sign up on this Muslim dating platform. When you pay a registration fee, you will have a phone interview with a matchmaker. If the matchmaker approves your candidature, you officially become a member of the Matchbox Muslim community.

When you signed up on the site and paid the fee, you would need to login to the portal using email and password, which you selected during registration. If you do not want to enter the password every time, click on the Stay logged in button in the Login window.

How to Register on the Site

Profile Creation Stage: Key Features

Matchbox review clarifies that registration on the dating portal is not as effortless as you may expect. Besides, a $50 fee is a sufficient sum for many singles, considering that the site representatives give no guarantees that they will find the right match for you. On the other hand, the Matchbox team takes a lot of effort to help Muslim singles find their soulmates among like-minded men and women. In-detail profiles help them succeed with their goal.

It may sound strange for all fans of the dating sites, but Matchbox members do not need to fill in their profile data manually. When you register on the site, it will not ask you to edit multiple fields about your weight/height, eye color, hobbies, etc. Experienced matchmakers will do it for you. All you have to do is to select a package of services. If you cannot decide, you can read a description of each subscription type on the Matchbox website.

Someone may ask how he/she can be sure about the quality of his/her profile on Matchbox. It is pretty simple. During an interview with matchmakers, you will need to respond to many personal questions, like describing your education, job, preferences in spending spare time, relationships with your relatives, etc. In the course of the interview, you will need to describe your future spouse character traits, what you appreciate more in your potential partner, etc. If you want the Matchbox team to find the best candidates, it is better to give honest answers and not lie to the matchmaker. Remember that the quality of your profile and your future success on the portal depend on the interview result. The last thing to do is send your photos to the site moderators to complete your profile data.

Profile Creation Stage: Key Features

Partners Search & Communication Methods

Messaging with other members is one of the most favorite parts of online dating experience. But for Matchbox subscribers, everything works a bit differently. They do not need to manually search for other singles, send ice-breakers, or guess what they should write in the first message. Matchbox experts select potential candidates for each member themselves. They check how many shared interests and priorities they have and match males and females regarding this analysis.

Due to the Matchbox review, it became evident that the site experts work hard to connect Muslim singles with the right lovebirds. But how does the communication process look in reality? As a subscriber, you will receive a potential match every new week. If you like this person, you need to notify the Matchbox team about your choice. In their turn, they will show your profile to the object of your interest, and if he/she likes you back, the Matchbox representatives will send you contact details. At this stage, the two of you can start communicating personally. It is up to you to choose the communication methods, but experts recommend sending text messages and having phone calls before you decide to arrange a personal meeting.

Each member can decline ten profiles from the suggested ones. If you did not like anyone from the potential matches, you can contact the support team and set up another interview to make sure you mentioned the correct information during the previous conversation with a matchmaker. According to the terms of use, they do not refund money if you declined all candidates.

Is the Portal Easy for Use? First Impression

Matchbox review can help you understand whether this offline matchmaker is suitable for your needs in finding love. The site creators made a step-by-step guide to help all Muslim singles understand Matchbox and how it works. To reach this offline matchmaker, you need to register online first. The site creators made this process as effortless as possible.

Is the Portal Easy for Use? First Impression

How Does the Desktop Version Look Like?

Matchbox operates on the domain of yourserchendshere.com. It is not very convenient for new users to find the site without the registered members’ recommendation. The site’s desktop version is full of useful content, including video guides, dating tips, and love stories. There is an introduction part, describing the benefits of Matchbox for finding matches and a section with an in-detail description of the paid services and types of subscription. You can address an online expert if you have any questions about how to use the portal.

How to Download a Mobile Application?

Matchbox review showed that this Muslim dating portal does not have a mobile application. You can use a mobile version of the site if you cannot access the desktop one. Although a mobile app’s lack may seem like a disadvantage for someone, things work differently with Matchbox. Its subscribers do not need to search for dates manually; it is the site experts’ job, and the app may be unnecessary.

Design and Usability: Strong & Weak Points

Matchbox can win your heart with its eye-catching design in white and red colors. You will not find nudity or distracting advertisements while scrolling the site; everything here aims to create a positive and non-tense environment. The site is informative and has a great structure. There are sections with FAQ, policy rules, dating tips, blogs, and love stories. Everyone who enters the portal for the first time will find a lot of exciting stuff on its pages.

Design and Usability: Strong & Weak Points

How to Navigate Through the Portal?

All the necessary information considering the site services, introduction, pricing, and operation principles is visible at the home page, so there is no need to scroll pages in search of an answer. Matchbox creators deserve the highest respect for such a mature approach to site navigation. Video guides can give you a helping hand, while an online consultant will answer any question.

How Much Matchbox Subscription Costs?

Matchbox is not cheap; even registration on the portal requires an additional fee ($50). The portal offers several types of paid subscriptions depending on a set of services that you select: basic, premium, and platinum.

How Much Matchbox Subscription Costs?

Key Differences Between Free and Paid Membership

Matchbox has no free services, but the portal offers three types of paid subscription:

Basic subscription

It costs $50 and includes registration on the portal and interview with a matchmaker. Members who purchase this subscription do not receive a list of potential matches. Still, if their profiles correspond to another (premium) member’s criteria, a Matchbox representative will contact them to arrange a personal meeting.

Premium subscription

It costs $250. As a premium member, you receive a list of prospective matches weekly. The matching compatibility involves filtering by location, personality traits, financial status, etc. Once the Matchbox team finds the right candidates, the representatives will contact you to discuss the details. If you like someone from the list, Matchbox will provide you with contact information to arrange a date.

Platinum subscription

It costs $500. The set of services is the same as with the premium subscription plus several bonuses. Matchbox experts search for potential partners using additional resources, like affiliates, brother sites, and networks. Their psychologists will make an in-depth analysis of your preferences to select the best partners. Platinum subscription is a useful option for Muslim singles with more specific needs.

How to Pay for the Paid Subscription?

Matchbox always tries to find a personal approach to each client, and it refers to the payment as well. Members can select the most appropriate payment method to pay for the subscription. Many clients ask the same question before registering on Matchbox – what are the guarantees of finding love? The Matchbox policy states that the site does not guarantee that you will meet your perfect match here. They would not make a refund if you did not find a partner. As a premium or platinum member, you have a right to decline ten profiles. If you did not like anyone from the matching list, you can renew your subscription and make another payment.

How to Pay for the Paid Subscription?

What Are the Available Payment Methods?

Payment methods include credit cards, PayPal, and banking transfers. If none of the suggested methods is suitable for you, you can always contact the Matchbox team to discuss the alternative payment systems.

Matchbox makes the client safety its main priority. The matchmakers conduct phone interviews with new members to be sure about their serious intentions regarding relationships. Matchbox experts analyze your answers, and if they doubt your goal on the site is to search for love, they can decline your application. Such strict policy rules keep all scammers and gold-diggers aside. Another vital point is that Matchbox never passes your personal and contact details to other users without your permission.

How the Portal Fights With Scammers?

There are no proven signs of a scam on Matchbox. A phone interview with the site matchmakers helps separate real people with serious intentions from scammers and suspicious accounts. One-to-one introduction with a potential match helps connect people based on their compatibility. If a person does not correspond to your criteria, the site experts will never set you up together.

How the Portal Fights With Scammers?

What Makes the Site Unique Among Alternatives?

Matchbox is, to some extent, a one-of-a-kind dating niche because it provides offline matchmaking services via the online platform. All members have to pass an interview to prove their serious intentions. There are no manual search, flirt, virtual gifts, and webcam chats here. Dating experience with Matchbox resembles that in real life, the only difference is that professional matchmakers will do the entire job for you. You can relax and wait when they find the best partners, corresponding to your expectations.

What Makes the Site Unique Among Alternatives?

Conclusion: Is the Portal Effective for Matchmaking?

The Matchbox dating platform is of high demand among Muslim singles, living in the USA and Canada. The portal differs from hundreds of dating sites presented in the market due to its original matchmaking approach. Matchbox experts select couples based on a detailed analysis of their personality traits, lifestyle, financial status, and relationship goals. Bystanders and gold-diggers will not pass a strict signup process with professional psychologists, because they will fail an interview stage.

If you like surfing profiles with attractive photos and searching for matches by yourself, Matchbox is not the right choice. Besides, the portal provides all services purely under a paid subscription, and its cost is expensive compared to alternatives. Nevertheless, if you are a Muslim single, searching for a lasting relationship and a potential spouse, the portal can help you succeed. Successful love stories of the former members prove that the Matchbox strategy may be very efficient.

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