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Milfaholic Review 2021

Milfaholic Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 93%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 18-35
Profiles 830,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The process of signing up is simple.
  • Registering on the website is free.
  • The site has a simple design; it is easy to navigate through.
  • The service will make you remember all your friends that had beautiful mothers.
  • The premium membership allows you to view live sex cams.
  • With a premium Milfaholic account, you will access the instant messaging feature.
  • You will know the people who review your account.
  • You will only find straight users on the website.
  • There are a variety of amazing people from various nationalities.
  • The number of fake accounts on the site is high.
  • You can find automated communication bots that entice you to subscribe. You might even chat with someone, but you will never meet that person because he or she is not real. The site has specified in its terms of use that there are bots used to lure people to join.
  • Gays, lesbians, and bisexuals are not allowed on the website.
  • The site contains many ads. Even with a paid membership, you will still keep seeing ads when you use the website. And the ads on the website are not just sidebar adverts. They are moving GIFs that distract you from paying attention to what you need from the site.

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What is Milfaholic?

Adult dating online services are many these days. From the Milfaholic review, you will learn that most people these days prefer dating online than looking for partners in real life. People prefer that because they just want to have fun with lots of people and not stay committed to one person. With the cougar dating website, you only have to communicate and meet the woman you like. There are additionally endless cameras you may watch to get the satisfaction you require. The Milfaholic review describes milf dating site as a casual meeting place that focuses on Cougars and MILF-seeking people.

The site centers on people looking to hook up and enjoy less-serious relationships. You will meet many good-looking people here. Young men are guaranteed to meet many beautiful, sex-starved older women ready to have a good time. The people on this website are not interested in serious relationships; they just want to have fun. So, if you are looking for a serious partner to settle down with, this site won’t suit you.

But again, if all you want is casual sex with older women, is this website the perfect one to use? You are going to find out from the Milfaholic review. Everything you need to know before joining will get explained in this article. So, keep reading to find out.

Is Milfaholic legit or scam?

This Milfaholic review cannot describe this website as a scam just because it attempts to lure users with fake accounts. The use of bots has been made clear in the website terms and conditions. And generally, the site is a safe place for anyone interested in older women. The site is worth joining because you will have access to thousands of experienced females who want to have fun. The website also offers a variety of services and monitors all profiles, thus lowering the number of fake members.

What members on this site

Presently, the Milfaholic website has over one million users. The online community comprises of people from many places around the globe. Most members are from nations like America, Australia, and Canada.

Milfaholic What members on this site

Sexual orientation

The cougar site only allows straight people.

Age Distribution

This service is for adults only. You have to be above eighteen years old to use this website. Most men on the site are between eighteen and thirty-five years, and the women are above forty years.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

The process of signing up at the Milfaholic website is simple. You first need to go to the site homepage, which is where the registration form is. On the registration form, you will enter your gender, username, password, and a working email address. Within no time, you will receive a verification email. When you click on the link in the verification email, you will get directed to the site as a free user. You do not need any technical experience to register at this site. The registration process is free.

Milfaholic Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Profile creation

The quality of profiles on the Milfaholic website is impressive. The site administrators ensure that all profiles are legit before approving them. Verifying profiles lowers the number of fake users on the site. Every profile has good content, pictures, and videos.

To build a profile, you can start by giving your location, talking about your sexual fantasies, and describing your personality. To stand out, consider writing an introductory message too. Also, ensure the pictures you upload on your profile look attractive.

There is a lot more you can do to stand out on the Milfaholic website. The service has excellent functions that will assist in customizing and personalizing a profile. So, with a little creativity, you will get more attention. You don’t have to be a premium member to customize an account.


Getting the perfect older woman to talk to is not hard. If you have the premium Milfaholic account, you only need to ensure that you approach the women you like the right way. One of the best ways to make the females talk to you is by asking them to tell you about themselves. Also, make them feel like you are interested in them. All this is made possible by the site messaging features.

You can message someone using email, flirts, phone chat, or even by sending gifts. The Milfaholic site also allows people to send each other pictures. And if you like to see the person you are talking to, you can use the video chatting feature.

If the person you send a message to does not reply, you can always look for a different interlocutor. There are millions of people on the site; you will never fail to find someone interested in interacting with you.

Platform for use

This service can be accessed both on desktop and mobile devices. They are both simple to use and have the same features.


The Milfaholic site is easy to use. You may sign up and fill out profile details without paying. You may even search for matches using options like age, location, and gender. The service offers all the features you require to get a suitable partner.

Due to the high number of users, the website creators decided to create a mobile app. The Milfaholic app gets installed on mobile devices and is used separately from the desktop site. Most people who have used the app say that it is excellent. The app is indeed lovely because you will never have any challenges navigating the site. And with the app, you can have a good time with the older women you like from wherever you are. All the features offered on the desktop version are in the app.

Design and Usability

The Milfaholic website has a good design. Unfortunately, the site takes time to load. If you have many open tabs when using the website, the browser might crash.

But generally, you will love the website homepage, which introduces you to all the features. The site also allows new members to register with just four simple steps, and the verification activity gets done with just a click.

Milfaholic Design and Usability

The Milfaholic website is simple to navigate. The registration process is straightforward and takes only a few minutes. Once you provide your basic details and receive a verification email, you will access the website. The first thing you will see when you enter the site is pictures of beautiful women from around the world. But as stated in the service terms, the women you will see on the website at once are fakes. They are just there to entice users.

But as you start searching for a match through the searching feature, you will find real people you can contact.

You can move around the website comfortably to see beautiful women. You can also upgrade your membership, watch live sex videos, send messages, use the video chat feature, and more.

Milfaholic Costs and Prices

Just like all other dating services, this site offers both free and paid features. You can register for free, but with the free membership, you will not have access to most of the best features.

The cost of this dating service is a bit high compared to most similar services. If you feel that you are not ready to invest much money on a dating service like this, consider the 3-day trial. The website offers a three-day trial for 8.90 dollars. Choosing to test the site first is a great idea.

If you wish to have more fun, there is a one-month membership that costs 29.95 dollars. This payment gets renewed every month unless you cancel it. If you do not cancel it, you will keep paying for the service even when you are not using it.

The Milfaholic site also has a two-month and three-month payment plan. For the two months plan, you will pay 49.95 dollars. The three months plan costs 69.90 dollars. And unlike most dating services, there is no one-year payment plan on this site. Maybe it is because the site owners believe that the members will have found what they want within a short period.

Milfaholic Costs and Prices

Free membership features:

  • Creating an account;
  • Building a profile;
  • Searching for a match by using filters like age, gender, and location;
  • Sending messages.

Premium membership features:

  • The phone texting feature: You can share your phone number with the person you like so that you can get texts on your phone.
  • Quickie feature: If you do not have time for long conversations, the quickie feature allows you to hook up with someone quickly.
  • Virtual gifts: You can send virtual gifts to any person you like. Sending gifts spices up conversations in the Milfaholic site. The rewards get bought using tokens.
  • Three months payment plan: With this plan, you get three months of great fun.
  • Porn movies: The premium membership gives you access to porn movies, and you can even watch live sex cameras on the site.

How to pay

Making a payment on this site is very simple. The site keeps customer financial details safe.

Payment systems

You can pay for this service using your credit card. The payment gets renewed automatically every month, after two months or after three months, depending on the plan that you choose. To stop the auto-renewing option, you must cancel your subscription.

Safety and security

Each Milfaholic review you will ever come across emphasizes safety and legitimacy. The site follows all policies specified in the current law. So, you should not have any doubts when choosing to join. Ensure to follow all site safety guidelines to be able to date successfully with no trouble.

The website also collaborates with cybersecurity companies. SSL encryption gets used to protect users’ data. Scammers will not access the details you provide on the site.

And since most people on the Milfaholic website are older females who might have challenges using the service, the site offers support 24/7. There is an excellent team of customer support representatives who attend to every user who has an issue within the shortest time possible.

Milfaholic Safety and security


There are no scams on this site. There is not even one Milfaholic review that describes the website as fake. The site verifies new users, and the profiles are checked from time to time to eliminate fake members. The service is safe to use, and it is one of the leading dating sites for cougars. One thing that makes it stand out is its members. There are over one million of them on the website. Most similar sites only have a few thousands of users. If this site were a scam, there wouldn’t be many people using it. More and more people keep registering because they know the chances of finding someone to hook up with are high. So, the site is not only safe but also guarantees to get a hookup.

Special features

There are a few unique features that the Milfaholic review must cover.


The search feature is common in all dating services. But the search function on this website has certain tricks. You can use it to look for women by age, name, where they live, and even the recently registered ones. With that, you can send a text to a local female who has just joined the site and is looking for a fine young man to give her a good time.


This Milfaholic website feature is rare. The feature helps you to find a match quickly. It uses the site’s scientific matching procedure to connect you with the most suitable older lady.

Friends Network

Just like Facebook, this site allows you to add friends. After adding friends, you can browse them in your network, and with time, you will have the courage to start communicating with them and tell them you like them.


The Milfaholic site lets you include the individuals you like to your favorites list. The favorites list is what you will go through whenever you need someone to keep you busy on the site. With this list, it is simpler to find someone to write a text than using the search feature. Messaging is also simplified with the favorites list since there is a quick messaging button.

Seeing people who check out your profile

The Milfaholic site lets you see the names and profiles of the people that visit your profile. You will know who looked for you and who is interested in you enough to go through your profile. If a person takes time to go through your page, it means he or she is genuinely interested. Knowing who went through your details helps you come up with a list of potential partners. When you contact these people, the chances of them responding are very high.


This Milfaholic website feature displays the messages and statuses of other individuals in real-time as they write. With this feature, you will know who is active and what they are doing. Seeing what one is doing or thinking about enables you to determine how to start a chat with them. Initiating a conversation becomes easy because you know what an individual currently has in mind. On this website, people are often in a sexy mood, and they make that clear through messages and statuses. So, if you react fast to someone’s update, you might find a date more quickly than you thought.

Milfaholic Special features


As you have seen from the Milfaholic review, the website is likely to offer you what you want. The service is one of the best sites that provide cougar dating services. Whether it is the best communication features, real meetings, or leisure time with the person you like, you will find that here. Safety is guaranteed too. Besides that, if you have the premium membership, you will have unlimited access to pictures, recordings, and cams. Everything offered on the site contributes to the development of people’s private lives. You will never regret joining this website if you love older women. So, register on the Milfaholic website today and get the most incredible and memorable feeling.

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