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Dating.com Review 2021

Dating.com Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 22-25
Profiles 1.700.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Respected company and a lot of experience in the dating market;
  • One of the pioneering dating services;
  • A well-developed system of matching singles;
  • Available in many languages and locations;
  • Agents from customer support available in real-time chat;
  • Flexible payment algorithm;
  • Unique functions invented and owned by Dating.com only.
  • Advanced features require a paid subscription plan;
  • Pricey for the users who communicate a lot since every service is paid for separately.

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What is Dating.com?

Dating.com Review 2020 All the secrets of the website

There is hardly a place in the world where Dating.com has not reached. The service has been working since 1993 and managed to collect one of the largest databases of admirers globally. One of the missions that the site pursues is to link people from remote places and arrange their romantic relationships. Hence, the Dating.com review looks into the website’s mechanism to see how such a smooth and productive work for almost three decades is possible. Also, Dating.com review attempts to provide an exhaustive description of the member base of the site.

The founders of the website realized that society is changing, and people become less limited in their views with every generation. The distance does not matter anymore, and soulmates can live on the other side of the globe from each other. Hence, the site managed to help thousands of families to build their happy lives in more than 32 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia.

The company launched the site from the United States, and later their offices appeared on almost all continents. Dating.com’s teams work on improving services, introducing new functions, and fighting the possible online hazards like hacking attacks and phishing. As long as the member is not violating the code of conduct, the site can be used for free and effectively. It is one of the secrets of Dating.com success.

Is Dating.com legit or scam?

Dating.com Review 2020 All the secrets of the website

Since Dating.com has been active for more than 20 years, it managed to polish its policies to the level of perfection. Dating.com review of confidentiality and code of conduct claims satisfying results. The site uses proper software to support its work round-the-clock. The site’s support replies instantly in case users experience any inconveniences.

Besides, the site created a unique set of rules of online communication based on international regulations. If you look into the activities that users are allowed and banned from doing, you will see that the site is indeed providing dating and socializing and not more.

To be specific, any explicit content, offensive behaviors, harassment, abusive content, video, and audio materials of other people, promoting illegal activities lead to the imminent termination of the account. Dating.com policies do not tolerate any other violations, and the measures applied are strict.

However, the online world is dynamic, and it is next to impossible to get comprehensive control over all the profiles. So, the users are encouraged to use common sense when sharing the information on the site.

What members are on the site?

Dating.com Review 2020 All the secrets of the website

Dating.com review of the stats of user logins shows a lot of interesting facts. For example, the stats displayed that more than 80% of users install the app and access the site via it. The desktop version is usually used as a secondary option. The tendency changed since the time the company first started working. The smartphones improved, and now the younger generation prefers using them.

In total, the number of users on the site is about 4 000 000, with the 180 000 weekly site visits. These are people with various preferences. The intention with which users come to the site varies, some look for a hookup on the local level, but most are looking for a long-term commitment.

Sexual orientation

The Dating.com review of gender distribution shows that males and females are represented almost equally (60% to 40%). Hence, the sexual orientation is mostly straight, although the site is inclusive and everyone can register.

Age Distribution

Frequent use of the app signified the fact that a younger generation is prevailing on the site. It is particularly popular among people in their 20s. The second place belongs to the age category of people in their 30s, and there are fewer people in their 50s.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Dating.com Review 2020 All the secrets of the website

Signing up process with Dating.com is simple but should be treated responsibly. Based on the information you provide on the registration stage, the site will be able to verify your account.

You can use the existing Gmail profile to sign in or your email address. The email will be verified. During the registration, you do not need to type in much information. The rest will be filled in when you’ll be creating the profile.

Profile creation

Filling in the profile with the correct information is vital. Dating.com review of the existing profiles led us to the site team publishing some tips. They recommend putting data in the About me section and refresh it every couple of weeks. The same applies to the photo; update it as often as possible.

If you feel confident enough, upload the video introduction or any funny video to your profile. It will attract the attention of users and give more trust to your account. Profiles are game-changers for the users. While screening the site, the user can add the profile to favorites or leave likes on the photos. It is a way to start interaction without messaging.

There is also a block and report buttons on every profile in case you find the user intimidating and do not want any future contact.


Dating.com review of messaging options shows an abundance of choices. The users can interact via writing and video chatting. To be specific, the instant messenger, email, and webcam are available. Besides, the user can send winks or like. The unique feature that lets users mingle lets you post a message to multiple users at a time. It is a pre-written template that helps you find someone to talk to immediately.

Another critical aspect to know about the messaging algorithm is the way members are divided. The users with paid subscriptions can contact everyone. Meanwhile, the users with free subscription can contact certain users only. However, because the members with free and paid memberships can interact creates balance on the website. This way, all the users have enough attention and opportunities to find matches.

Platform for use

Dating.com Review 2020 All the secrets of the website

Dating has a neat and straightforward interface. It is a professional, multi-page website but it does not have any sophisticated functions.


There are desktop and app versions of the site. Both are satisfying the needs of the users who are focused on contacting members.

No wonder the mobile app of the website got more popularity among the users. Not only it has the same functionality available but also some more perks. For example, there are discounts on the services purchased via the Dating.com application. Also, the site has online customer service. Unfortunately, only Android users can enjoy the Dating.com app. The mobile version of the site is available, though.

Design and Usability

The website has a plain design and limited visuals. No major glitches have been detected in its work. It focuses on providing the best quality communication services and does not have that much innovative design.

Among the vital functions that users need to get hold of are the searches. With the help of the search bar, one can find the perfect partner. The variety of filters includes location, age, and all the appearance traits. The website also sends suggestions. The not less critical function is viewing the people who looked at your profile before. All the performed searches can be saved for later.

There is nothing complex on the site in terms of navigation. If you know how to surf the Internet, you’ll manage it.

Dating.com Costs and Prices

Dating.com Review 2020 All the secrets of the website

Dating.com supports the system of paying for service. So, each time you use some features, you pay for it individually. It is believed that this way, the users can save money if they are not logging into the site every day, in particular. To pay for the services, the user needs to put the credits on balance. You can purchase the credits for money. The price of 150 credits is $49.99, 600 credits cost $149.99, and, finally, 1500 credits cost $299.99.

Refer to the website to find out the prices for the services as they get updated regularly. To assess the costs approximately 1 min of the chat costs one credit, video chat costs four credits, email costs ten credits per one.

Availability of features with the free membership:

  • Registration and photo uploads;
  • Sending winks and likes;
  • Apply basic search filters.

The free membership is not granted for an extended period and needs to be upgraded in a month or two.

As to the paid functions, they are the following:

  • Messaging in an instant chat and email;
  • Access to the profiles of other users with the full-sized photos;
  • Let’s mingle option;
  • Boost or highlight of the account

For mobile users, a premium account is available, and it costs $9.99. Note that for the new members, the site has some bonuses. For example, after you purchase the first membership, you will get a ten video chats (each lasting 3 minutes) for free, a boost of your profile, and a welcoming credit set.

How to pay

Dating.com Review 2020 All the secrets of the website

Note that the payment for the subscription of the premium plan is set to auto-renew. So, if you want to stop using the membership cancel timely. It is also worth getting acquainted with the prices before you buy a certain amount of credits. Assess the approximate amount you want to spend to have enough for a conversation and avoid running out of credits midway through the chat.

Payment systems

Purchasing credits for Dating.com balance is possible with the credit/debit card or PayPal. Since the website works in many countries, some local payment options can be available as well. Get in touch with the support to find out. The support agents will find the solutions for every case individually.

Safety & Security

Dating.com Review 2020 All the secrets of the website

Dating.com review of the feedback from users, and the website’s policies state that it can be trusted. However, every feedback should be treated with a pinch of salt. The users have different experiences with online dating, just like in real life. In some cases, the users got burned because they over shared with the wrong person. To prevent that, the site is enabling a lot of features for the users to preserve their privacy for as long as possible. Things like home address, personal phone number, and even email address should be kept in private to avoid future troubles.

Also, there is another widespread hazard not only with the dating sites but also with the social networks. It happens that the users receive links to unknown sources. This scheme works to collect passwords and is not supported by the website. Individual users register sometimes and promote illegal activities, which get noticed eventually.


The website is reliable and promotes respectful attitudes among users. It blocks all the illegal activities and works cautiously on verifying the accounts of the users. Also, the site is not responsible for the user’s behaviors. So, if you decide to have a personal meeting with someone, ensure your safety and avoid suspicious locations.

Special Features

Since 1993 Dating.com has introduced many unique functions. Among these functions are:

  • Let’s Mingle. This feature enables you to send a lot of messages to several users at the same time. It is not spamming but more like a call for a quick chat with people online.
  • Boost. To get more views from the users, pay for your profile to be highlighted, and top up a couple of searches. It is a temporary feature that helps you find someone to talk to instantly.
  • Video. Not only the users can text each other via instant messenger but also have a conversation on the webcam. The users can stream live videos and invite others to watch. The options let other users communicate with you and comment on the streaming. Live streaming is an option to attract attention to your profile. If you feel like no new users were looking at your profile lately, invite people to the conversation live.
  • Gifts. Dating.com allows you to send virtual presents to members. The presents are bought with the credits on your balance.


Dating.com Review 2020 All the secrets of the website

Dating.com should be convenient and exciting. The website or app is the best solution for finding a person for the relationships and saving yourself from the heartbreaks. The website Dating.com created favorable conditions to bring together people from Asia, North America, and Europe. It is available in every corner of the world. The best thing about Dating.com is its universal nature. It is not oriented to a narrow audience. It embraces the modern lifestyle and cultures of the world. The unique approach to dating, flexible, and creative system of payment lure users. Besides, the website has a good privacy policy and protects individuals who use the site, letting them stay anonymous as long as they want.

Looking for a partner is much easier than you think if you have the right tool in your hands. With the Dating.com services, your match is guaranteed.

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