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MobiFriends Review 2021

MobiFriends Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 86%
Popular age 20-21
Profiles 1.800.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It’s not only free to join, but MobiFriends also offers lots of features that other dating websites usually request money for.
  • It’s available worldwide, meaning that you can always find friends no matter where you are. It makes MobiFriends a perfect and universal dating service for tourists.
  • You can find different users on the MobiFriends website, which makes it a perfect dating platform: despite your goals, you may be sure that you will find a person that meets your requirements.
  • It has simple and straightforward registration: if you are too lazy to create a profile and fill out various fields manually, you can simply use your Facebook to log in to MobiFriends. The site will do all the rest by importing data from your social media account.
  • MobiFriends not only offers MobiFriends review readers a Facebook profile syncing but also has that social media touch, which makes it a unique dating portal. If you love social media, then you definitely will appreciate communication on MobiFriends.
  • There is an Android app, and the one for iPhones is announced to be coming soon. Since many people nowadays prefer to communicate using their smartphones, this is excellent news.
  • All profiles are real: the administration is checking every page and pictures that members upload. So, there are fewer chances to encounter scammers or catfishers
  • You can avail of usual messaging and video calls, which contribute to establishing deeper contact.
  • It’s a user-friendly website with an intuitive interface so that MobiFriends review readers won’t get confused.
  • A real-time chat will save you a lot of time eventually since you won’t need to wait until someone responds to you.
  • While the website claims to be 100% free, not all features are actually free of charge. Yes, there is a premium membership, though it’s not that expensive in comparison with other dating services.
  • You will find some inactive profiles because many people create them just to check things out.
  • There is no iPhone support in the form of a dedicated iOS app; however, the developers have promised MobiFriends users that they will release it soon.
  • Customer service could be quicker: it takes time to delete your page or cancel your automatic subscription.

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What Is MobiFriends?

MobiFriends Review 2020 — Is It Really a Free Dating Website for Singles ?

MobiFriends is a website that enjoys extreme popularity. The primary thing that makes this platform stand out among other dating services is that it’s free to use. Are you tired of paying for every action, starting with messaging and viewing who liked your page? Then it’s your lucky day because now, when you’ve found this MobiFriends review, you finally may stop springing for dating services. And there is even more: keep reading the MobiFriends review to find it out.

Is MobiFriends Legit or Scam?

The website is free to join, and there are no viruses. So, you can open MobiFriends on any device without worrying that something terrible might happen to your computer or tablet. While there are some paid features, messaging and profile viewing are free. Be careful if you are buying a membership plan: you must always remember that there is an automatic billing. It means that if you don’t deactivate it later, your premium membership will get prolonged.


While MobiFriends was primarily a Spanish online dating site, with time, it becomes an international platform that hosts many people from across the globe. If you love to travel, then this MobiFriends review will be useful to you as you can find friends and relationships in any country. Although many women on MobiFriends are looking for marriage and stable relationships, it is still possible to find someone for a quick fling. Every user is over 18 years old, and you can search for interlocutors of any desired age.

Sexual Preferences

MobiFriends Review 2020 — Is It Really a Free Dating Website for Singles ?

There are no prejudices when it comes to sexual orientation on MobiFriends. While most users are heterosexual (straight) folks, nobody stops you from chatting with a gay or a lesbian. To make things simpler, use special search filters to tell the website who you are interested in and other stuff. If you are straight, then it won’t be a problem for you to bump into a match of the opposite sex.

Age Distribution

As was mentioned in this MobiFriends review, there are no minors, so you won’t get in any complicated situations. When it comes to age, it’s a great site because you can find people of any age category. Simply specify how old your match should be, and the platform will show you appropriate suggestions. Keep in mind that women tend to conceal their age to feel younger.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

MobiFriends Review 2020 — Is It Really a Free Dating Website for Singles ?

Signing up is faster than reading this MobiFriends review: all you have to do is specify your basic information: your email address, sex, and birthdate. You also will need to tell who you are looking for and where you live. Additionally, upload some photos of yours and describe yourself a bit. But don’t worry: you don’t have to take any lengthy quiz.

Profile Creation

There are two ways to create a profile on MobiFriends (both are a piece of cake). You can choose between doing it from scratch or import from Facebook. The latter is more hassle-free because all the required details, including an avatar, will be transferred directly from Facebook. But if you don’t have a profile on Facebook, or you don’t want to share it for some reason (you shouldn’t worry as MobiFriends can’t post on your newsfeed anyway), you can go with a first option: create a page by yourself.


MobiFriends Review 2020 — Is It Really a Free Dating Website for Singles ?

Communication is key: you can’t make a meeting if you don’t talk to that person first. MobiFriends gives you plenty of ways to do that: there are a real-time chat and even video calls! What makes it so great is that MobiFriends won’t ask you to pay for that, while the majority of dating platforms try to rip you off. The site has an instant message feature similar to what you have on Facebook and other social media messengers. You don’t have to refresh the page to see a new reply: it’s way more comfortable and saves you tons of time. As for video chats, it’s an excellent tool to hear a person’s voice, how they laugh, etc. Moreover, it’s way harder to do catfishing.

Where to Use

When it comes to choosing a platform, it’s all about your taste and preferences.


Desktop PC (or a laptop) is an excellent choice if you are an old-fashioned type of person who prefers using phones to make calls and send SMS only.


MobiFriends offers an app for Android users. But if you are using iPhones, don’t feel like they left you behind because the website is mobile-responsive, which means that you can browse it on any gadget. Of course, using the application has its own advantages: it gives you another experience and push-notifications. But don’t worry; MobiFriends promises that soon they will also have the one for iPhones. Meanwhile, you can use a mobile version of the site.

Design and Usability

MobiFriends Review 2020 — Is It Really a Free Dating Website for Singles ?

MobiFriends looks like a modern website and follows all current trends. As it was mentioned before in this MobiFriends review, the platform has got social media touch. There are also some features, like instant messaging and video chats, that you won’t be able to find on old school dating portals. Thanks to the responsive design, it’s straightforward to use the website to find yourself a partner. If you are a fan of social media, then everything on MobiFriends will look familiar to you. Unlike social networks, you won’t notice any ads trying to sell you some stuff. Advanced search filters also make things much easier: it will take you only a few clicks to find yourself a match you dream of.

Every element on MobiFriends has been placed appropriately. Nothing will distract you from searching for a partner. The website is multilingual, which means that you can always switch to a different language (another option would be to use a Google Translate though it’s not that comfy). You can see who is online and their profile pictures. You can search for people by age and their goals (marriage, penfriend, casual sex, etc.). It’s hard to get lost on MobiFriends because everything is in the right place.

MobiFriends Costs and Prices

MobiFriends Review 2020 — Is It Really a Free Dating Website for Singles ?

While MobiFriends claims to be 100% free, it doesn’t. Well, yes, some features you will get for free, but others will cost your money. How much? Let’s see.

  • If you buy a premium membership for a week, then the price will be 2,99€ (€11,96 per month).
  • If you want to use premium perks for a whole month, it will cost you 8,49€.
  • The three-month pleasure of being MobiFriends VIP-member will cost you 19,99€, which is €6,66 per month.
  • If you like MobiFriends and think that this is a perfect dating website for a person like you, you can go for a 6-month premium, which will cost you 29,99€ (5€ per month).
  • And finally, the cheapest option (in the long-term perspective) would be to get yourself a premium for one year – you will pay 49,99€, but eventually, it will cost only 4,17€ per month (now isn’t that a deal?)

Why fork over if you can use MobiFriends without buying a membership? Well, while most of the tools will be available for free (like messaging and liking), a premium offer gives you great extras that you should consider.

  • Incognito mode – you will be able to check out different women without them knowing about it. It’s a great option to learn more about someone without showing your interest.
  • Your photo will be on top –you will get more exposure, and if the picture is perfect (that’s why it’s so important to upload only quality photos), some ladies might even text you first.
  • Become invisible – it will be possible for you to go “invisible,” so nobody can see whether you are online.
  • Say no to ads – ads are a scourge of modern Internet. Website owners put them to pay off their resources. You can remove all advertisements on MobiFriends by switching to premium.
  • The system will notify you about newcomers, so you will be the first to message them, meaning that you will have almost no one to compete with.
  • You will be able to monitor who has visited your profile recently, added you to their favorites, and whether they have read your text.
  • Your messages will get a higher priority. If you send someone a word, it will appear above all other conversations with free users (even if they wrote them first).

Another option would be to buy credits. You can use them to get the attention of women by sending her a virtual gift. So, do you need a premium or not? It depends on your goals and how much time you are willing to spend. If time is a luxury for you, you should go premium because it will help you achieve your desired results faster, thanks to the broader selection of options and higher visibility.

How to Pay

MobiFriends Review 2020 — Is It Really a Free Dating Website for Singles ?

To get yourself a VIP membership, you can use your credit card. Pay attention that there is automatic billing. If you decide to leave this platform, you should cancel your subscription not to get charged in the future.

Payment Systems

You can use your credit card to get a membership. Simply provide your name, credit card number, expiration date, and three digits on the back of your card. To make things faster, you can attach your credit cards to your Google account, so you won’t need to fill those fields whenever you make a purchase online. Another advice would be to get some additional credit cards for online shopping, including MobiFriends VIP.

Safety & Security

MobiFriends Review 2020 — Is It Really a Free Dating Website for Singles ?

You should never underestimate your online safety and security. It means that you shouldn’t give any sensitive data to a stranger (for example, your location). The staff will never ask you for such information. SSL-encryption is there to make all transactions as safe as possible.


While there might be fishy profiles out there, the platform is safe to use. As was mentioned, no service representative will ask for your personal information. Most of the features are free, so MobiFriends doesn’t force you to upgrade your membership.

Special Features

One of the few unique features that you will find on MobiFriends is Mobis – branded stickers that you can send as a gift. Another nice tool is video calls. They will help you spot a fake account because nobody can fake a live video. At least yet.


MobiFriends Review 2020 — Is It Really a Free Dating Website for Singles ?

MobiFriends is a modern social network/dating website both for millennials and older people. It has an intuitive and user-friendly design with lots of free features. But if you want to make the most out of it, it would be worth considering getting a subscription (especially when it’s not that expensive). MobiFriends provides you with video calls to make sure you interact with a real person before you agree to date. That alone might save you lots of time. There is also an app for Android users. Unfortunately, right now, iPhone owners can’t appreciate the pleasure of dating on-the-go, but website owners claim that soon they will launch the dedicated application. Finally, there are many people from all over the world, so it’s worth trying out.

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Customer reviews
David Green
by David Green Nov 27, 2021
The web based dates regarding website have become a superb and attention-grabbing experience personally. It does the job completely for my own self-confidence and let generating new connections. They're not interaction so far but check guaranteeing. Additionally, it is actually pleasant personally to split the ice and talk to folks from any region i love. Scanning kinds is actually engaging, both. It's usually fascinating to see just how consumers prove when shopping for intimacy.
Sharon Alexander
by Sharon Alexander Nov 20, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual individual and adore experiments. I'm definitely not monogamous, at minimum currently. Really, my lifestyle is significantly from old-fashioned social norms, but usually believe unhappy even among nearest and dearest or best buddies. Most of them are actually married, and I also'm supposed blend nuts when I really feel their particular meaningful appearances. Very, admittedly, it's fairly difficult to get a hold of and chill with like-minds as soon as you inhabit a big city, wherein men and women are way too bustling which will make latest links. Very, this sort of a mess 's the reason for signing up with website. And my favorite feel try seamless. I managed to find those who desire alike points and see my desire to remain free of charge, without engagement, anticipate, as well as this different hooey. One more cool factor is the fact that there I've satisfied some bi-curious parents. Everyone loves the functionality regarding the website since it's quite plenty of for primary telecommunications. Perhaps, people wants way more rewards, however in my opinion, you should get a date if you prefer extensive relationships. While browsing pages, we spotted a lot of blank data. I wish someone could pay out more focus to their particular appeal on the webpage. Talking about the site's show, all things are ok. No troubles with log in, emails, etc. Support services is very effective and it's accessible 24/7. I'm grateful to bring an online location for my own preferences and dreams. It's fantastic if the neighborhood don't impose their beliefs it is on a single web page.
George Smith
by George Smith Nov 19, 2021
I'm widowed and really craved to receive another possibility at adore. Give thanks to this site for allow since I have got my want. We do not produce excessive long-lasting programs and just enjoy friends. You date, vacation, and share numerous recreation. This is actually the most incredible part of our personal interaction. I really like the lover and expect our very own love will build up and go directly to the next stage. Lots of people want spouses at marriage on-line companies, and usually, that type of abstraction is actually stressful due to the fact seem like products in look computers running windows. This application is not the same. Chances are you'll start with communicating and end up in the religious. This service membership features good complex qualities. I take advantage of your website mainly back at my laptop, but often We get in touch with customers and check your actions from my personal new iphone 4. No troubles in any way. I've observed no bugs . every thing is helpful, without glitches. Once I sign in, I prefer the site provided Needs without disturbances and annoying reloads. I'm hoping they continues to be that way, and they keep good quality. If only everybody all the best since my has already determine me.
by NikkiRalphs Nov 12, 2021
The dating site is straightforward, and navigation is a breeze. We receive an adequate lots of information and insights for consumers that appear attractive to myself. In all honesty, I do take pleasure in located on this incredible website. I really couldn't come across my own present good friend till now. Nonetheless, i discovered a couple of fascinated visitors to communicate with. I feel cost-free and comfortable while emailing them. I suggest this great site to all or any that's looking for great companionship, no matter the sorts of connection.
by Nicholas Nov 07, 2021
Great thoughts. I have found a good amount of ready and interesting consumers and a few freaks . that's a norm when you're on line. Some meets weren't with my venue . that's why we kept buddys. I ought to claim that this particular service offers numerous technology to help different users bear in mind a person. First of all, it's enough room to construct your very own member profile and provide enough the informatioin needed for your appearance and characteristics. Consequently, messaging are okay. Commonly, one receive whole online correspondence and certainly will create a date whenever if you're prepared meet your preferred in real life.
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