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Ohlala Review 2021

Ohlala Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 87%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 25-38
Profiles 2.500.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Verified accounts and users
  • Serves as a platform to earn money
  • The quickest way to have a real date
  • It is a pricey platform
  • The user cannot contact others without buying the subscription

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Ohlala Dating Rules

As a relatively young company, Ohlala is still in the process of gaining fame. Its headquarters are located in Germany. The company was launched in 2015. Ohlala review presents a detailed description of the philosophy, strategy, and functions of this service. Also, Ohlala review aims to assess the relevance of the service of this type to a modern setting and its legitimacy.

Ohlala dating is going to become a new concept in the dating industry. It is not a traditional website as you know it. It does not try to set up people and charge them for subscriptions to gain profit. It serves as a platform for people to date and earns money on it.

The website attracted the attention of critics and fans with the controversial philosophy. Women get paid for going on dates with men when the date is arranged via Ohlala. Is it a business scheme or convenient dating? As the Ohlala review of the policies shows, the site does not violate any international laws. It is legitimate, and the users who join it give their consent by signing the agreement on the registration stage.

The main thing all potential users need to know about the service is that it is common to find someone for casual dating or a one-time fling. If you are looking for a serious commitment, be prepared to get disappointed. It is the website for people who want to satisfy their physical needs or need a partner for a social event. Men often use the service to find a person to go to a charity event with or simply to a friend’s wedding. It is not excluded that intimacy is happening. However, the course of actions during the date is planned and discussed by the partners privately. The authority, as well as the responsibility of the website, finishes where the real-life begins.

Is Ohlala a Legal Service?

Ohlala review of policies shows that the website activity is not illegal. On the opposite, it is a legal way for women to be protected when they date. First of all, every user is informed about the way the website works. They sign the consent form. Also, there is no obligation for the actual date to happen.

The women come to the site and are handed a lot of opportunities while men get more restricted rights. Also, the services are free for women and paid for men. Ohlala managed to set up about twenty thousand dates across Europe within the first six months of work. There were no complaints from the users. So, the platform is doing well in protecting privacy and safety.

The website is also working on GPS improvements to be able to track users when they meet up. In this way, both will be able to check in and inform the website about their location.

The website provides the platform for meetings online and does not take responsibility for the events that occur after the users meet. So, using common sense, the users can stay out of trouble.

Database of Members

Ohlala review of user-profiles shows the diversity of genders, age categories, and preferences. The site attracted about 1 million users. They come from Germany, France, the UK, and even the USA. The other countries are represented as well. The app is used not only by people who look for a partner near the place of residence but for those who travel a lot.

What About the Sexual Orientation of Members?

Ohlala is currently working on introducing a variety of sexual orientations. So far, on the stage of registration, the users are offered to select the gender man or woman. It is a women-oriented app at the moment, and women earn on it. The prevailing sexual orientation is heterosexual.

Age Categories

No wonder the website has a variety of age categories as users. The service of buying and selling dates is popular among all generations. When it comes to females, these are the users of age category 21-35 y.o. They find this platform convenient to find their customers and earn money. The male population is equally represented from 21 to 80+ y.o.

How to Register & Log In

How to Register & Log In

To set up the account with Ohlala, the user needs to have valid contact information. It includes providing the phone number and email address. Also, you need to have a PayPal account or card for the billing details. Note that it is vital to indicate the correct information to be verified. In case the user is not providing the phone number or email, the account is treated as suspicious. The site pays particular attention to security and safety procedures. The overall Ohlala review of the registration shows a quick and safe process.

How to Set up the Profile?

Upon finishing the registration, the user is taken to the profile page. There are not many fields to fill in. The information on the profiles displays age, gender, smoking habits, and photos. There are no limitations to the number of photos you can upload, so feel free to create a gallery. Since the profile is not very descriptive, the images play a vital role. Besides, the photo gallery of the user is verified by the website risk assessment team. You will see the marker on the verified pictures.

How to Make Contact?

Ohlala review of the rules of interaction on the website shows a complicated scheme. At first glance, it seems confusing, but if you think about it, it does not take a rocket scientist to understand the reasons behind it.

First of all, the options available to men are limited. The male part can only post dates and talk to women if they agree. The man can publish the date and then have a list of women who applied for these dates. A next step is a man texting one or multiple candidates from the list and waiting for them to reply. If a candidate does not respond in twenty-one minutes, she is gone from the list. If, within this time, she answered, they can negotiate the price and set up the date. A man also has to pay to open the chat with a lady. As to the women, they can look through the accounts of men without limitations.

Platform Versions

Platform Versions

There is no Ohlala app that can be downloaded for the mobile device. The website is adaptive to any type of browser, so every mobile device is compatible with it. Ohlala does not impress with the cutting-edge design, but it is contemporary since the company is relatively new.

The app is not available for download on any popular operating system stores. So whether you have Apple or Redmi, use the browser instead of the app. There should be no difficulties since the mobile version represents the same functions.

Website Design

The main page of the site uses pleasant visuals and plain pink and white colors. It also has introductory videos in addition to the useful functions. Ohlala received numerous accolades and feedback from the media, and the main page contains the links to these sources. The site also offers the users a blog with tips on dating, in particular safe dating.

Platform Usability

The website does not have any confusing instructions on usage. It is plain and straightforward in design and functionality.

How to Use the Website?

To start using the website, register, or log in following the link on the main page. After that, start posting dates or applying for the available ones. There is a limited number of options on the site, so you cannot go wrong.

Ohlala Prices

Ohlala Prices

Although you do not need to pay for the profile, the messaging options are locked if your balance is zero. To talk to a woman, a man should have coins to unlock the chatting options. It charges for every open chat individually. The balance is topped up with coins that cost $0.11 per one if you get 100 or 250 coins and $0.10 per one if you get 500 coins. So, 100 coins cost you $11, 250 coins cost $26.50, and 500 coins cost $47.50.

What Perks Come With the Free and Paid Account?

Ohlala review of features shows that women enjoy free benefits more than men on the site. Since the website is protecting women and helps them make money, they get to see the profiles for free. Meanwhile, men have to pay for the conversations and access to full profile photos. Without payment, they get to set up their profile, post and apply for dates.

The pricing policies differ for the two genders represented on the website. While for women, the services are entirely free of charge, men have to pay for everything. They pay for chatting, and for the actual date. However, all the users know the rules of the game. The site does not have any hidden commissions, and every payment is processed transparently.

Payment Process

Ohlala takes care of processing the payment safely and making sure the user indicates the correct billing details. These details are also a guarantee for women’s security.

Payment Options

Ohlala accepts credit/debit cards and PayPal payments. You can buy coins to unlock chats and also pay for the dates. The price is negotiated with the candidate.

User Safety

User Safety

Ohlala review dedicated special attention to the safety of using this service, since many critics voiced concerns about it being an escort service and not a dating website.

The working scheme of the website is to create favorable conditions for women to register and find partners and benefit from it. As the CEO claims, it is safer than a bar or a party where women usually find partners. How is it a safer place? First of all, all users who want to make contact have to pay for the subscription. Hence, the website holds the real name from the billing details. This way, they can identify the person. The second thing is that the accounts are being monitored, and the users are not obliged to sign up for intimacy.

Ohlala users are not coming to the website to fool someone. They come with specific intentions, and women, in particular, are aware of what is happening. It does not mean that men pay for sex on the website. The users get in touch and can discuss the course of action when they meet as well as the price of the date. The founders of the app are ambitious and want to create a check-in system to keep track of users and their locations when they go on dates.

Ohlala has age restrictions, and all the users must be 21 and older. If the account gets complaints and warnings, it is deleted from the website instantly.

What Measures of Scam Prevention Are Taken?

What Measures of Scam Prevention Are Taken?

The website verifies every account. It asks for billing details and instructs on the safety of online dating. The accounts that receive the slightest suspicion from the risk assessment team or other users get suspended and terminated.

For sure, the website cannot guarantee that the person will behave politely during the meeting. However, everything that the site can do when online communication is happening is done safely. So, have common sense, take care of your data, and be on the safe side.

Additional Features

Ohlala is not a website that tries to hold the user online as long as possible. It seeks to close the deal quickly. So, the users are given limitations and forced to make their decisions immediately. The messaging between the two will only happen if the woman replied within less than half an hour. The website creators claim that in this way, the website attracts the people who are ready to take action and want to meet, unlike other platforms that entertain years-long conversations that leave the users heartbroken.

Post a date. Women can post dates, and men can post a date request. Instead of looking for someone, the user can wait for someone to apply for the offer.

Apply for dates. The user can open the list of date requests and apply for them. The user then has to pay to message the woman who replied to the request. The woman has about twenty minutes to answer. If she doesn’t respond, the date will not happen.

To sum up

To sum up

No doubt, the website became a breakthrough in the modern dating world. It is just spreading globally and receives various feedback. If you want to make up your mind on it, you need to know that this is a place that works primarily to find fun, not commitment. If you feel like starting a family, you will not go to Ohlala. On the other hand, if you feel exhausted and the personal life has been letting you down lately, get control of your destiny and set up a date for yourself. With Ohlala, the user is destined to get the match with the 100 % guarantee. If you are a person of a pragmatic worldview, this place is created for you. It is a platform that sets up the dates quickly and effectively. So, visit Ohlala for the type of fun you are ready to pay for.

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
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