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Raya Review 2021

Raya Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 4%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 107 562
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Exclusivity: The Raya app is a very exclusive and spectacular online platform that provides friendship and dating related solutions with celebrity profiles on board. If you are lucky enough, you can get matched with a celebrity. Not just that, if things work in your favor, you may even land a date with them.
  • Thorough admission process: The app follows a comprehensive and subtle admission process. No one can join the website by simply registering with their email address or a Facebook account; the committee members review your application to join the platform. It is only after obtaining approval from the committee members that you can successfully join this platform.
  • Celebrity profiles onboard: Some very renowned Hollywood celebrities and singers are members of Raya. Joe Jonas, Ben Affleck, Channing Tatum, Demi Lovato, Emma Watson, Tom Felton, Matthew Perry, Whitney Cummings are some names in a massive list of celebrities you may get your paths crossed with on Raya app.
  • No fake profile on the platform: The procedure to join the Raya platform is not like entering an ordinary online dating website. Interested people need to submit an online application form to join the app, and the members are only admitted upon getting approved by the committee members. The process stated above is one hundred percent foolproof and effective in preventing fake users from joining the esteemed platform.
  • Not costly at all: All the online dating websites, including the not-so-good ones, charge its users a hefty amount of money to purchase a premium membership plan; Raya is very generous and does not bother its users with high amounts of premium charges.
  • iOS Only: The app could have covered more ground if it was available on the Android & Web platform as well; since this is not the matter, only the Apple device users can get access to Raya’s unique and special features.
  • Not for everyone: The chances for you to find a dating or relationship partner on Raya are meager. People on this platform emphasize on getting in contact with one of the celebrities rather than finding a partner. So if you wish to find a dating partner, it is better to switch to another dating website or app.
  • Nothing is free: The only free feature you can access Raya is submitting an application form to join the platform. Once your application to join the platform is approved, you will have to provide the monthly Raya membership fee immediately.

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What Is Raya: An Up and Coming Dating Website?

Raya is an online membership-based only community for dating, networking, and making new friends on the iOS platform. Raya dating app makes you more comfortable while providing enjoyment for your valuable connections. The app helps you be more socially active and explore for new friends and relationships.

This is an online dating app platform exclusively available on iOS devices; the app has been designed to enable users to find a partner and make new friends on a safe and secure platform. While other users may have a vast and diverse user base, Raya has a unique feature that has created a lot of noise on the internet recently. Still, the app has been trying to keep it highly discreet. This Raya review will also throw some light on this distinctive proposition offered by the app. No online dating platform is ever going to match you with a celebrity, except the Raya app. This app has brought stars on board on their platform! Moreover, they ask celebrities on board, not to mention the app anywhere. This app has been doing all this to maintain its element of exclusiveness and discreteness. The app does not even allow you to take a screenshot on its platform. Raya’s concept is all fun, and users can communicate with online members of the community. Raya is a private community app that is very trustworthy, safe, and comfortable to its users. This Raya review will guide you through prominent features and services being offered by the app.

What Is Raya: An Up and Coming Dating Website?

Is Raya a Legitimate Website for Usage?

The majority of Raya reviews suggest that the app is an authentic, reliable, and genuine online dating platform that allows its users to make new friends. While the app may not be the most exclusive online dating app, it certainly is the most popular one. The app has earned a tag of the dating app for famous and rich people. Many members of this esteemed dating app have stated that they have crossed paths with actors, musicians, and famous models on this platform. While the app may not be for every common folk out there looking for a partner, it certainly is for rich people trying to find a way to land a date with someone rich and famous.

What Kind of Members Are Present on This Site?

The app hosts profiles of wealthy elites and famous actors, musicians, models. People on this platform are very discreet and well-resourced, and some are very well-known as well. The website serves only a few thousands of its members since the application acceptance rate is around 8 %. Most users in the app are young and belong to an age group of 25 to 35 years. Male to female ratio on the website is very balanced, and there are almost the same numbers of male and female user profiles. While most of the users are from the USA, it doesn’t mean the platform is exclusively for US citizens. Anyone from around the world can join this platform, provided that their application gets approved by the reviewing committee. While the platform welcomes users belonging to various sexual orientations, the app is still dominated by straight males and females.

What Kind of Members Are Present on This Site?

Is There Any Sexual Orientation Barriers in the Site?

There are no sexual orientation barriers on this app. Critical factors in the Raya app are trust, safety, and security. Different people having different sexual orientations are welcomed on the website to find a preferred partner or friend. Despite being a platform open to all sexualities, the majority of the Raya population is straight.

What Is the Age Distribution Pattern of This Platform?

Anyone who is at least 18 years old can join this elite and esteemed platform provided that their application gets through and approved by the reviewing committee. The age of users on this platform varies between 18 and 55+ years, but the majority of the app members are between the age of 25 and 34.

What Is the Age Distribution Pattern of This Platform?

Sign Up Process & Login Info About This Website

When you come to be a part of the Raya community, you are quired to fill and submit a brief online application for the registration. The details you provide should be true, accurate, correct, and complete about yourself. Your application’s acceptability to join the website relies entirely on the algorithms, values, and reviews of hundreds of committee members worldwide. Later, if your application to join the platform gets approved, you will be requested to pay the monthly membership fee to create your user profile. You have the option to pay the membership fee through in-app purchases on Apple iTunes. And you also need to agree to the terms and conditions of using the application too. What takes time to sign-up on this platform is the lengthy reviewing and screening process; the screening of your app may require a time of anywhere between a few days to a few months.

You can expedite the whole registration process on the app if someone from your contact list is already a Raya member. The existing members of the app can refer you to support your application privately. To seek a referral from a current Raya member, you need to allow the app to access your contact list. The app also scrutinizes your contact list and will enable you to seek a member-only referral if they are present as a contact on your contact list.

You cannot skip any step while registering and creating a profile on the platform; the additional information app requires to include:

  • Your name
  • Your gender
  • Your birth date
  • Your email address
  • Your location
  • Your occupation

You will receive an email in either case, i.e., if your application to join the platform gets approved successfully or rejected.

Profile Creation ㅡ How Long Does It Take?

Once your application to join the app gets approved, you can proceed to create a user profile. An active Instagram account is mandatory to create your profile on the platform. All the profiles on this platform are detailed, and you will not find a single profile without pictures of its owner. While creating the profile, you can select your profile’s status between “Social” & “Work” modes.

Profile Creation ㅡ How Long Does It Take?

Messaging and Talking to Fellow Members

The platform allows its members to connect and interact with other members instantly by enabling them to:

  • Send private messages.
  • Use chatting functions.

You can find the nearby online users on your screen under the app radar. The application uses location-based services such as GPS to find you matches in the proximity of your location, which means you need to keep your phone GPS turned on while you are using the app. However, the members may opt to disable the visibility of their profile.

Platform Via Which You Can Use It

The application is not available on any platform aside from the iOS-based devices. The app has not launched its services on Android and Web platforms; no indications are suggesting that the app may be extending its services to platforms other than iOS. Raya reviews conducted to assess the app’s requirement on Android and Web platforms suggest that users from these platforms show a keen interest in availing the unique services of the app.

Platform Via Which You Can Use It

Desktop Access to This Dating Platform

Although Raya does not provide its services on web platforms, it has an official website where you can find details about the app, its membership guidelines, and the application procedure. You can also reach the app admins from the “Contact Us” option on the website.

Can You Use This Dating Platform on Mobile

The exclusive iOS app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and iTunes. The app has been downloaded several thousand times and has an impeccable user rating of 4.5 stars on the App Store. The app has been labeled as appropriate for audiences over 17 years of age. The app requires 109.3 MB free space on your device along with the iOS version 12.0 or later. The app is compatible with Apple iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone.

Design and Usability of This Dating Platform

The app follows a color theme consisting of blue and pink colors; the colors most probably symbolize the male and female genders. The app follows a simple design layout and allows users to find all the necessary functions in just one place. The interface is user-friendly, and a new user can get hold of the app operation and navigation within the moments of starting to use it. A non-tech savvy person can quickly learn to operate the website and its tools and features without any problem. The labeling of options and placement of menus and tabs is very appropriate, and all these things together provide a tremendous and engaging user experience.

Design and Usability of This Dating Platform

Navigation around the application is very swift. The app launches and loads very quickly and does not lag and does not cause glitches while operating. The app is very friendly with the operating system and never causes your device to hang or freeze.

Raya Costs and Prices Packages for Subscription

Nothing on this app comes for free. You will have to pay them the monthly membership fee right after the platform’s anonymous committee approves your profile. The monthly membership of the platform costs you $ 9.99. The Payment will automatically renew until it is canceled manually from the Apple account. The app does not provide multiple membership plans, but it does allow you to pay a monthly membership for the coming three months, six months, or one year in advance. You can pay for the purchases made on the app through a Credit Card or PayPal account. The app’s membership prices are not high, and members usually stay longer on the platform despite being a premium-only app. Raya reviews gathered from various users suggest that they do not find monthly membership prices costly at all.

The app is a premium-only online dating platform. Nothing beyond applying to join the app can be accessed for free. The website has opted for a thorough screening process of the information provided by the applicants. It denies free membership even after your application is approved by the reviewing committee and requires you to pay a monthly membership cost upfront when joining the platform. The app has adopted such strict measures to ensure the online safety and security of its elite and famous members; these stringent measures also help the platform eliminate the risk of fake and scam profiles on the app. The only free things associated with the app are:

  • Download the application.
  • Submit the online application to become a member of the platform.

Apart from the two functions stated above, everything is paid on the platform. However, you can only access these paid services if your application to join the app gets approved by the committee. The paid services will enable you to:

  • Send and receive unlimited messages.
  • Browse the profiles of all the members.
  • Turn on and off your profile visibility.

How to Pay for a Premium Account on This App?

The platform does not allow a variety of flexible payment plans or hosts various membership plans. The membership cost is constant, i.e., $9.99 per month; however, you can pay in advance for the next three months, six months, or a year.

How to Pay for a Premium Account on This App?

What Are Various Payment Systems for It?

You can pay for purchases made on Raya using your Credit Card or PayPal account.

Safety & Security Aspects of This Platform

The app emphasizes and strives to provide safety and security to its elite and famous users all around the world. The thorough application assessment system, application reviewing committee, and monthly membership access are few of the measures taken into account by Raya to eliminate the threats of fake profiles and strengthen its users’ security. Given that many celebrities also use this app, the platform is under the continuous threat of cyber attacks. Still, the skilled and expert staff, using modern tools and technologies and following the necessary protocols, ensure the safety of users’ personal information from any hacking attempt and brute force entry into the app’s servers. Raya reviews from various cybersecurity websites suggest that the app is entirely safe and secure to use.

Is This Website Just Another Scam?

Raya is not at all a scam! It is an exclusive, elite, and premium online platform used by famous models, musicians, actors, and many other influential people. The app follows a rigorous screening procedure to ensure that no unwanted person can get on board. No review of Raya on the internet questions the authenticity and genuineness of the platform. The wealthy and elite users of the platform deliver a high-trust statement for reliability & truthfulness of Raya.

Is This Website Just Another Scam?

Special Features of This Website Making It Different From Others

  • Work mode: You can put on the work mode profile to get more professional connections.
  • Social mode: The social mode allows you to connect with members to make new friends and find a dating partner.

Special Features of This Website Making It Different From Others

Final Words About This Dating Website

This Raya Review is intended for those who are not sure about the app’s functionality and who do not know what this app has up its sleeve to offer its users. Raya is one of a kind, exclusive, and an elite online dating application.

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