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Smooch Review 2021

Smooch Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 12%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 74%
Popular age 18-26
Profiles 1 450 000
About Site
Visit rate 6.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site has a simple sign up process.
  • The site is simple to navigate.
  • The website features icebreakers or compatibility games.
  • The service is available both on computer and iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • There are no system problems experienced when using either the Smooch application or the PC website.
  • The Smooch review shows that there are so many dormant accounts on this platform.
  • To reply to texts, you need to subscribe.
  • The site has people from several places around the globe, thus making it hard to meet local partners.
  • Most geographical regions, especially the highly populated areas, have few people on the site. That is why the dating service might not be reliable for national and regional dates.
  • The dating service is costly compared to similar dating services.

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What the Smooch dating service is all about?

From this Smooch review, you will learn that the dating platform focuses on helping single people to find romantic partners. The site has been in operation for several years. Throughout its operation, it has always listened to its customers and adapted the service to ensure their dating journey is perfect. The platform has a simple registration process that is free and takes pride in being a secure, exciting, and simple matchmaking service. Members who join this website receive all the tools required to find a perfect match and communicate with him/her. Once you join, you will be only one step away from getting the partner of your life. From the Smooch review, you will also see that the site features advanced searching tools that enable individuals to find local, compatible partners. Searching can get done by place. If you are interested in a person with particular interests, this service offers a comprehensive interest filtering tool to help you get the individual that has what you want.

Getting a perfect romantic partner is not simple. But through this online dating service, you are guaranteed a safe place where you can meet genuine single people to date. The site also has an excellent customer support team that ensures that all users have a stress-free dating experience. Keep reading this Smooch review to learn more about the service.

What the Smooch dating service is all about?

Is Smooch matchmaking platform legit?

This matchmaking site is legit. It gets operated by the Venntro Media Company that develops matchmaking sites. If you have been using web dating services and hoping to try a different website, this site is a perfect alternative. Also, if you are new to web services, it is the most straightforward dating service to use. There exist more than one million members on the site. The website is very intriguing; there is so much to enjoy. Another good thing is that the Smooch matchmaking company takes the safety of its customers seriously. So, you are guaranteed a safe, matchmaking experience.

Site members

The Smooch review indicates that the dating website has more than one million people. The men make up sixty-five percent of the website population, and the women make up thirty-five percent of the community.

When it comes to the origin of website members, most of the people are from the UK, US, and Canada. The people from these three regions make up seventy-five percent of the community. The remaining percentage comprises of people from various places all over the globe.

There are no fake profiles on the Smooch dating website, but a third of the members are not active.

Sexual Orientation On The Website

This matchmaking service is for gays, lesbians, and straight people.

The Age Of The Users

This matchmaking service allows people who are above eighteen years to use its service. Users below eighteen years are not allowed to register on the website. Currently, most people you will meet here are between eighteen and thirty-two years.

The age of the usersf

Registration process

According to the Smooch review, the site has two methods of signing up. The quickest way entails connecting a Facebook account to the new dating account. Registering with Facebook happens with just one click. The website imports necessary details from Facebook. Nothing from the dating site gets posted on your Facebook page.

The second method of signing up entails providing necessary information manually. The data encompasses gender, name, the gender of the person you want to meet, birth date, and an email address.

After providing the required details, you will get a verification link via email. You must click on the link to verify your registration. You cannot skip this verification step because you will not access your new account on the site without it.

If you sign up using an app, your device GPS will get used in determining your location. If you sign up on a computer or you don’t turn on your GPS, your internet IP address will get used to determine where you live. It is important to also mention in this Smooch review that sometimes it might not be possible to get your location. Things that make it hard to get the location include firewall settings and other kinds of traffic blocks. So, you must provide your area manually.

Creating a profile is not included in the signing up process on the Smooch dating platform. You can list your physical and personality attributes from the settings menu after signing up and access the main website.

Creating an account through Facebook lets you sign up in less than a minute. The second registration process takes around three to four minutes.

Building a profile

Joining the Smooch dating platform is free. Once you join, you can access all the site users whenever you want. And the first thing you should do after registering is, create a profile. And if you wish to enjoy the premium features on the site, you can upgrade to the premium membership.

In creating a profile, you are supposed to provide details that can make other members know who you are and what you want. Mentioning what you like and what you don’t like can significantly enhance your probability of finding a perfect match.


Sending messages on the Smooch dating website is free. But you must upgrade your membership to reply to the messages you receive. Begin by going through people’s profiles to see if there is anything you have in common. You might find someone who likes the movies you like, or anything else that interests you. What follows after finding the person you like is starting a conversation.

The messaging feature on the Smooch dating site is standard. You can write a message to any person you like. And if the person you want to talk to is currently online, you can have an interactive online chat.


Dating platform

This dating service is available both on desktop and mobile devices.

Desktop Website

If you are using a laptop or a desktop computer to access your online dating account, the site gets accessed through the website Smooch.com. The layout of the desktop site is not different from the app version. Both novices and experienced users will find it easy to use the website. You will not encounter any technical issues when using the desktop version.

The Mobile Application

The Smooch dating service can get accessed on iOS and Android mobile gadgets. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play. The app loads fast, and navigating through is fast too. Its layout and design are similar to those of the desktop site. It is clean and straightforward to navigate through. This dating app is suitable for both novices and experienced people in the online dating field. You will never encounter any technical issues when using the app.

Website design and functionality

The Smooch online dating service has a decent user interface and technical design. The website is simple to navigate through, and it loads fast. Both the desktop and app versions have the same design. Whether you are new to online dating or used to it, you will never have any challenges using this online matchmaking website.

Both the experienced users and novices can navigate through this dating platform easily. All features on the site can be accessed quickly, and the interface is not congested. The text and symbols also are clear, making it easy for people to use the site.

Navigating the website

Smooch dating service charges

The cost of the service.

  • One month: 10.00 dollars
  • Three months: 6.67 dollars per month.

This online dating platform presents itself as a free service. You can download the app, install it, and create an account for free. You can even write messages to anyone you like for free, but you still need to pay to enjoy all the features on the site.

Other features that free users enjoy on the Smooch service are below.

  • Building a profile.
  • Sending winks.
  • Adding the people they like into their favorite list.
  • Searching for matches as per the location.
  • Getting email notifications when other people message them and add them to their preferred users’ section.

It is necessary to upgrade your membership because that is the only way you will be able to reply to the messages that you receive. Having to subscribe significantly limits the extent of engaging on the Smooch dating site. There is no way you can meet someone from the website in person if you have not had a conversation. So, this makes it necessary to upgrade your membership.

Other features that premium users enjoy include.

  • Chatting through instant messenger.
  • Seeing the people who visit their profiles.
  • Upload many photos on their profiles.
  • Creating and reading matchmaking diaries.

Making payment

The process of making payment in the Smooch dating platform is simple, and the site keeps customers’ financial details safe.

Payment Options

Users can pay for the online matchmaking service through a credit card. Once you subscribe, the payment will get renewed automatically every one month or every three months, depending on the plan you choose. The automatic renewals can get canceled. But make sure you cancel before the following payment time by contacting the site.

Payment options

Safety and security features

The smooch online dating company respects customers and is committed to keeping them safe. Everyone who wants to use the service must provide login details. Every user must also identify himself/herself before accessing the site.

The matchmaking platform also ensures that no individual on the website gets connected to an inappropriate person. The site does this by applying the classifications to related sites that offer access to the dating service. These classifications can restrict the things below.

  • Interactions between you and other site users.
  • The information of other people on the site.
  • Your information to other members.

Using password

The Smooch dating website encourages users to create a strong password so that they can protect their security and identity on the web. Below are the site recommendations for creating, maintaining, and keeping the password safe.

  • A password should have at least eight characters.
  • The password must be unique, and you should not be using it in any other system, app, or personal account.
  • Do not use obvious passwords like your name or private information.
  • Do not share your password with anyone.

The Smooch dating site also shares safety tips. Dating online can be safer than even dating offline if you adhere to the safety tips. Online dating also provides a broader scope of options, and you can stay away from people until you are ready to see them in person. The guidelines that can make your online dating experience safe are below.

  • Never ignore your instincts. Whenever you feel that something is wrong, do not take a chance.
  • Remain real. Do not provide false information when creating your profile. If you are serious about finding the right romantic partner, you can never give misleading information. Also, you will not want anyone to mislead you on the site.
  • Ensure that the pictures you upload do not contain your family members, vehicle, home, or any other item that can reveal your identity.
  • Never share your private details with other site members or show private data to the public on your dating profile.
  • Keep your identity safe. Ensuring identity safety is easy because the Smooch dating website hides people’s contact details.
  • Do not engage in talks related to finances. You have no reason to reveal anything about your money on a dating platform.
  • Do not be lured into sending anyone money. If a person requests you to send him/her money, even if you have already built trust, that is a scammer.
  • Be careful with people who say that they are madly in love with you, yet you have not met in person.
  • Do not share your details or photos if you don’t feel like sharing. Also, do not meet anybody in person if you are not ready.
  • Ensure that what you write on your profile or in your chats conveys the right tone and intention.

Safety and security features

Is this platform a scam?

There are no scams in this online matchmaking site. There has never even been any negative Smooch review that can discourage users from joining the site. Users are guaranteed a safe dating experience. The site shares safety tips, which, if adhered to, will protect everyone using the service. So, ensure you read and understand all the safety guidelines to protect yourself. And in case you encounter any issue on the site, there are excellent customer support representatives who can assist you.

Top features

The best features of the Smooch online dating company are below.

  1. Discovery
  2. This site provides a feature referred to as the intuitive search, which is a primary discovering tool. This feature uses people’s profile data to recommend partners. When a person gets recommended, you may either like or ignore him/her. And since the account information on this website might not be extensive, the feature won’t offer you the perfect match suggestions.

    The platform again offers a feature that lets you search for people that live close to where you are and those that are presently active. These features are more useful than the interactive search feature.

  3. Games
  4. The games on the Smooch matchmaking site get played as a way to break the ice and meet a suitable match. This feature is excellent. Unlike most ice-breaking offers on similar websites that often lead to nothing, gaming on this site brings genuine partners.

  5. Communication
  6. The chatting feature on this online matchmaking platform is standard. You may send a text to any person you like. And if you find active users, you can have an interactive online chat.



The Smooch review shows that this website has proved to be a perfect place for singles to meet. If you are tired of being single, the platform has thousands of people like you who are dying to meet a romantic partner. Whether you want to have fun, meet new friends, go on a date and meet the love of your life, this site is ideal for you. Joining the website is free, and after you register, you can upload pictures and build your profile. The site has a searching feature that can help you find singles close to where you live. And when you upgrade your membership, you will be able to have conversations with anyone you like on the Smooch dating site.

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