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Squirt Review 2021

Squirt Review 2021
About Boys
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 22-27
Profiles 1.500.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There is a large database of users around the world.
  • The profiles you see on the website are extremely informative.
  • It offers a convenient location-based search function.
  • It is not the best choice for serious relationships.
  • There is a lot of NSFW imagery.
  • The dating platform does not provide a mobile application.

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What You Should Know About Squirt

Squirt Review – Why You Should Choose It

This article happens to a Squirt.org review, and it is the full one. Having read it, you are going to learn a lot of useful information about one of the oldest dating platforms for gays. Although it is not the only one, it is still extremely popular, and you will understand why, thanks to this Squirt.org review.

The dating website was founded by Pink Triangle Press in 1999. As mentioned above, it is one of the first online dating service developed for gays that has managed to survive until today. It is also a Canadian platform that claims itself to be a place where males can find males for sex, hookups, cruising, fun, dating, and friendship.

Squirt.org is based in Toronto, Canada, but people from different countries around the world can access it. Another good part is that the dating website includes user-generated listings for saunas, parks, public toilets, and popular sex locations for gays. The Squirt.org dating service is also described as outstanding and perfect for cruising globally due to the 2006 Spartacus International Gay Guide. At the same time, the dating platform has some flaws, such as lack of functionality and design. That is why you need to read the Squirt.org review before you decide to get registered. This way, you can avoid all kinds of inconveniences.

Is Squirt a Legitimate Service?

Squirt.org happens to be a legitimate service because it has existed for more than twenty years so far, while scam dating websites are rather short-lived. In addition to that, there are numerous positive reviews shared by people who have used this platform successfully. Hence, there is no need to worry about this aspect.

Who You Can Meet

Squirt Review – Why You Should Choose It

The Squirt.org caters to men who are willing to find someone for sex dates, hookups, and other kinds of erotic adventure. That is why if you are looking for long-term relationships, this dating platform is not for you. The dating website does not provide on how many members it has, but the number must be impressive. Furthermore, these people come from different countries around the world, which is great. The thing is that its members are not limited when it comes to location, and they can meet their perfect partners anywhere.

What Sexual Orientation Does It Cater To?

The Squirt.org dating service caters to gays. It means that you are not going to meet people with a different sexual orientation here. It is rather convenient because its users do not need to explain what they are looking for.

How Old Are the Users?

According to the Squirt.org review, you must be at least 18 years old to join the community. At the same time, individuals of all ages are welcome. Most members, though, belong to the younger generation, so they are 25-34 years of age.

How to Get Registered

The good part is that you will not spend too much time to sign up because the registration process is easy. Moreover, you can get a complete understanding of the dating platform`s nature as soon as you visit the home page of Squirt.org. It is thanks to the suggestive descriptions and graphics, but you can browse through the user database only after getting registered. Note that although the process is simple, it can take more time than you expect due to numerous fields you must fill in.

The signup process on Squirt.org starts with providing basic information, such as your username, password, and a valid email address. After that, you need to verify the process. You need to follow the link you receive in an email. It will lead you to a lengthy questionnaire you need to complete. It will require information regarding your physical appearance and sexual preferences. You need to consider that some questions are compulsory, while you are free to skip other questions. The last thing you need to do is to upload a profile photo, and you should make sure that you choose the best one.

Are the Profiles Informative?

Squirt Review – Why You Should Choose It

According to the Squirt.org review, the list of questions you need to answer when getting registered happens to be extensive; consequently, the profiles you can view are rather informative. Thanks to these detailed profiles, you can find out everything you need to know about a potential partner before you start communicating. Thus, they contain details about a person`s physical appearance, tastes, and sexual experiences. It means that you can find what you are looking for if you are ready to spend some time researching the Squirt.org profiles.

If you want to start interacting with another user, you can use one of the available actions. For example, you are free to add him to your Buddy list and come back to this member profile after some time. It is also possible to request the user`s private pictures, or you can share your own private pictures. In addition to that, you can send a letter through the Squirt.org dating platform`s mail system. The good part is that you can attach pictures in these letters. Consider that free members cannot enjoy unlimited messaging, so you may want to pay for a premium plan.

How to Start Communicating

The first thing the new users of Squirt.org usually do is searching for potential partners. For this purpose, they can use the basic search and filter users by:

  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Online now;
  • With photos only.

Meanwhile, you can use extended searches that use more specialized criteria, such as height, hair color, and more. When it comes to regional searches, they help to identify the Squirt.org members who are in your location. In addition to that, you can create a profile video that can make you stand out and be more attractive to potential partners. You can also block those members who behave in a suspicious or abusive way, and they will not be able to contact you. It can also be helpful if you are getting too many messages from the Squirt.org users you are not interested in.

The dating website provides a Group Chat feature that allows members to chat with other users. Furthermore, you can invite or enter private chats with the Squirt.org members. Another good news is that there is the webcam chat option, which happens to be a safe and nice preview for a first date.

Is the Dating Platform User-Friendly?

Squirt Review – Why You Should Choose It

The developers of every dating platform do their best to offer a user-friendly service to attract more people. The thing is that it does not matter how great the features provided by you are if they are hard to use, people will leave your website. Hence, navigation must be as easy as possible. Keep on reading this Squirt.org review to find out what this dating website is like.

A Few Words About the Desktop Version

The Squirt.org dating website obtains a fully responsive design. It means that you can use it on any laptop, computer, or mobile phone. It is rather convenient because users do not have to do any extra actions.

Does It Offer a Mobile App?

Unfortunately, there is no mobile application you can install on your smartphone at the moment. Thus, you can only use a mobile browser version, and you are free to open it on any iOS or Android device. It is also possible to add the Squirt.org icon of the desktop version to your widgets. This way, you can easily access it at any time. At the same time, the company explains why it does not offer any mobile application. The thing is that no apps with nudity are allowed according to the rules of the Google Play Store and App Store. Hence, the founders of the Squirt.org dating website are not ready to sacrifice nudity for the chance to provide the mobile app.

What Is the Design Like?

Squirt Review – Why You Should Choose It

This dating platform is not the most modern-looking gay website you can find these days. At the same time, it is not too outdated. It means that Squirt.org obtains a contemporary design, but there are ads that can be very annoying. Furthermore, you cannot get rid of them until you upgrade your account. Note that this dating website is quite hard to navigate because the top menu has a lot of sub-menus; consequently, you may find it difficult to spot what you are looking for. With the help of this Squirt.org menu, you can find the search for user profiles, live chat, view message boards, access the cruising details, read erotic tales shared by others, and check out videos.

If you are using the Squirt.org online dating service on a smartphone, you are free to switch to the mobile version while logging in or browsing through the website. You need to consider that the mobile version provides limited functionality compared to the desktop version. Meanwhile, it is possible to use it for sending messages and several other features, while you are on the go.

Is the Website Easy to Navigate?

As discussed above, you may find it a bit hard to navigate the Squirt.org dating website. It is due to the main menu that has a lot of sub-menus. Still, you can manage it after some time.

How Much Does the Online Service Cost?

Squirt Review – Why You Should Choose It

When you open a new account on the Squirt.org dating website, you automatically get a basic membership. Thanks to it, you can access some of the available features, such as adding pictures to your account and browsing through the user database. At the same time, if you are willing to get most out of Squirt.org, you need to pay for a Fan membership.

Hence, this subscription is the only way you are free to spend money on this dating platform. It can unlock various features, like unlimited messaging, cam chat, access to videos and pictures, removal of ads, and etc. You may purchase a Fan premium plan for anywhere between seven days to one year. Interestingly, the cost per day happens to be dynamic, so the longer the subscription is, the less you must pay.

In this table, you can find the prices Squirt.org requires for its Fan membership:



7 days 

3.97 dollars 

One month

8.97 dollars

Three months

22.97 dollars

Six months

36.97 dollars

One year

55.97 dollars

How the Paid Membership Is Different From the Free One

Squirt Review – Why You Should Choose It

Basically, free users of the Squirt.org dating website can access almost all features, but in a rather limited way. The table below introduces the features free and paying members can use:

Fan Club Features



Initiate IM



View profiles 



See who has viewed your profile 



Send email 


Stored saved email 

Ten days 

180 days

Access to chat history 



Buddy list limit 



See banner ads 



View non-primary pic full size



View primary profile pic full size



Watch member videos 



Enter group video chat rooms 



watch webcams in private chat



Access cruising listings 



Payment Process

If you are willing to pay for a Squirt.org premium plan, you can easily do that from your account. For this purpose, you need to find the “Select your payment method and package” option, set the necessary method and click “Continue.” After that, you are to confirm the action.

Available Payment Options

Squirt Review – Why You Should Choose It

The Squirt.org dating website offers a sufficient number of payment options you can use. Hence, you are free to pay for a premium plan via a credit card, gift credit cards, direct debit, or mobile pay. It is great because all the available methods are frequently used.

Is the Online Dating Website Safe?

Although the bigger part of the Squirt.org users share a lot of personal information, such as their private photos and location, the dating platform is relatively safe. The members of the online service can access detailed guides on how they can stay safe while enjoying their hookup experience. In addition to that, every Squirt.org member can report any suspicious activity or users to the website moderators.

Are There Any Fake Profiles?

According to the Squirt.org review, it does not look like a scam. This dating service has been around for more than two decades, and there have been no scam claims so far. Just like most similar websites, this dating platform has some problem with fake profiles from time to time. Still, it is not a big issue if you follow basic safety rules.

Does the Dating Platform Offer Special Features?

Along with some basic features, the Squirt.org dating website provides some special ones as well:

  • Cocktales

Thanks to this feature, the members of the online service can share stories. The website`s team and Dick Hunter approve them before they are posted.

  • Score cards

This feature allows you to leave a comment on a user profile. When you do that, the user will get an email saying that he has got a new Score card comment. The member can approve it, and you will receive an email back notifying about the approval.

  • Buddy list

It is an alternative to the common favorites list feature. Hence, it is a place where you can see all your Squirt.org contacts, and you can easily access any of them thanks to it.


Squirt Review – Why You Should Choose It

As you can see from this Squirt.org review, this online dating service happens to be a worthy one. It caters to gays who are willing to find someone for casual dating and hookups. Hence, you are not likely to find someone for long-term relationships here. The dating website has some significant advantages, for example, you can access many features free of charge. Still, you will have to pay for a premium membership plan to improve your online dating experience. Unfortunately, Squirt.org offers no mobile application, but there is a desktop version you can use on any computer or smartphone. The design of the dating website is not too modern, but it is not too outdated as well. Another great thing is that the service provides a lot of useful features that should help you find a perfect partner. To sum it up, Squirt.org is not only the oldest gay dating platform, but the best one as well.

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