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Sugarbook Review 2021

Sugarbook Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-35
Profiles 700000
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Members with verified income and photographs;
  • Facebook signup;
  • 100% anonymity;
  • Great customer support.
  • A lot of inactive members;
  • No video chat.

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Sugarbook: It’s Time To Become A Sponsor

Perhaps, you relish a thought of becoming a sponsor for a hot babe or a princess for a prosperous man and it makes you greedily look through this Sugarbook Review. These days a great number of singles stick with sugar dating. Sugarbook caters to this popular need of contemporary singles. With more than 700, 000 users, the online resource occupies a decent place in the dating industry. The website successfully connects sugar guys and babes from different parts of the world, including Canada, Thailand, China, and the United States. We offer you to continue exploring the Sugarbook Review to learn enough on the subject.

Sticking With The Legitimate Site For Sugar Dating

Sugabook is one of the most respected resources in the industry. Therefore, its legitimacy can’t be questioned. If you want to get more evidence of it, look up user reviews online. To get more information about the site, get back to the Sugarbook Review.

Sugarbook: Sticking With The Legitimate Site For Sugar Dating

Sugarbook: Key Visitors of The Site

As you might have guessed, such a dating site can’t cater to anybody. Only those associated with the social elite and possessing sufficient financial resources can make the most of it. Sugar dating is a costly thing, so give up an idea of joining this community with a tight budget.

Just like many other dating resources built around sponsorship, Sugarbook also hosts a rich choice of sugar women and a relatively small pool of potential sponsors. Some people may be irritated by this imbalance, while others find it reasonable enough – sponsors should have enough babes to choose from.

The site strives to make its members’ sugar dating experience unforgettable regardless of the role taken – either sugar daddies or sugar babes.

The dating platform boasts up to 700,000 active users, of which about 55,000 are Americans. On a daily basis, the site is visited by up to 500 members. It feels like being a sugar girl isn’t so easy, especially considering the fierce competition on the site. On the other hand, if you appear to be a sponsor, you can enjoy a huge selection of sugar babes.

As a matter of fact, sugar girls dominate the dating project, occupying about 65% of the site audience. By the way, the vast majority of the female members came to the website via the project’s free Student Program. Respectively, the bulk of sugar girls on the site is represented by college students.

Sugarbook: Key Visitors of The Site

Sexual Orientation On The Dating Site

The very name suggests that the dating project has to do with sugar dating where men and women are involved. Respectively, it’s a solely heterosexual website. If you follow this Sugarbook Review, you’ll learn about its audience.

Sugarbook Users: How Old Are They?

The Sugarbook female users are mostly represented by women aged 20-35. As for sugar daddies, here we can observe a wider age span – 20-50.

Registering An Account With The Dating Site

There’s nothing difficult in creating an account on Sugarbook. There are two ways to do it. First, you can opt for making an account on the platform from scratch. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Facebook account.

If you choose the first option, specify your gender and that of a partner you are going to meet. It will automatically grant you a definite role on the site. You are also expected to provide your email and name. If you have a referral code, add it too.

Your email address needs to be confirmed. Once you do it, you can get down to personalizing your page and surfing. Don’t forget that without verification, messaging will be unavailable to you. The same is true for sharing private snapshots. As a rule, it takes the site administration 24-48 hours to have your profile approved. To register an account with Sugarbook, you should reach the age of majority.

Sugarbook: Registering An Account With The Dating Site

Creating A Profile On The Dating Platform

To have your profile on Sugarbook personalized, you require adding private as well as public pictures, personal information, your place of residence, to say nothing of a detailed description of your personality.

As for your personal data, you are expected to disclose your body parameters, ethnicity, kids, bad habits, spoken languages, occupation, and also your marital status. The dating platform automatically detects the member’s location. However, you are welcome to choose the desired one.

Contacting The Site Users

Sugarbook paid users can send messages and look through all the profiles. On the contrary, free users can only browse profiles and bookmark them. The site users are notified each time somebody likes them on the platform or sends them a message. Only premium users can access the live chat feature.

Illustrating The Basic Version Of The Dating Site

When reviewing any dating site, one needs to mention its major versions. As a rule, contemporary dating platforms are available in two basic formats: a main desktop version and its light alternative for reaching the site content on the go – a mobile application.

Sugarbook: Illustrating The Basic Version Of The Dating Site

Getting Familiar With The Desktop Version

Despite Sugarbook users are expected to make the bulk of the matchmaking process on their own, the site also offers a bunch of worthy tools to assist in finding a sweetheart. Unfortunately, only paid users can take advantage of it.

Having registered an account with Sugarbook, decide whether you are going to be a sponsor or a babe waiting for generous gifts from a prosperous man. With a premium package at hand, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find the best partner. While free users can rely only on a few search criteria, such as their potential partner’s lifestyle and ethnicity, paid Sugarbook members can use such advanced filters as body parameters, keywords, age, zip/city, income, education, etc. It’s clear that without these advanced search filters, you will have to spend endless hours browsing through profiles. After this, you will need to exclude some profiles from the already chosen ones. The site premium features enable you to perform your search much faster and easier.

Courting Sugar Babes From Your Smartphone

It’s a very pleasant thing to use a mobile app with a catchy design рoffered by Sugarbook because it’s well-thought in terms of design. With this application, you can access the dating platform using your actual password and login.

You will be especially delighted by its search filters. They enable you to seek partners taking into account such nuances as who’s currently active or close to you or who graduated from the same college as you. The app will also timely inform you of newly-received messages and who has viewed your page for the last time. Extra details are waiting for you in this Sugarbook Review.

Sugarbook: Courting Sugar Babes From Your Smartphone

Assessing The Site Design

Both the desktop version and the app are good in terms of design. You will appreciate the outstanding ease of navigation while enjoying the strikingly appealing visuals. Given that the site audience consists of sugar babes and sponsors, the design of the dating platform is a combination of elements that cater to both young and mature people.

The design of Sugarbook can be characterized as fairly straightforward. So, here you can discover several clickable elements that can hardly confuse mature users. On the other hand, the white color scheme, minimal background, and sophisticated fonts will not scare away the young generation. In general, the site visuals drop a hint at maturity and wealth. That’s all about sugar dating, you know.

Surfing The Dating Site: The Ease of Navigation

There’s nothing to complain about the site usability. Sugarbook doesn’t expect you to be tech-savvy to make the most of its features. It’s very easy to register, surf on the site, and socialize with users. The pages are loaded very quickly and we can attribute it to its simple layout.

The site elements are arranged rationally, so nothing could distract you from your sugar dating. The pictures on the platform are large enough to quickly find out whether the potential partner’s appearance suits you or not.

On the website, each user profile offers enough information about a Sugarbook member. It’s presented in a left vertical bar. If you go to the right, you can see a section About Me and a photo tab.

Sugarbook Surfing The Dating Site: The Ease of Navigation

How Much Are You Expected To Pay?

In contrast with other dating platforms, Sugarbook’s cost-efficiency is above average.

  • For $130, you can purchase up to six months of a premium subscription;
  • For $43 per month, you can buy a three-month premium package;
  • To test the level of the site premium service, purchase a one-month package for $50.

Sugarbook: Paid Services Versus Free Ones

On the dating platform, free users are allowed to:

  • Register an account;
  • Fill their profiles with personal information and photos;
  • Use the basic search feature;
  • Bookmark Sugarbook users;
  • Send messages (however, this feature is limited for free members).

As for Sugarbook paid members, they can:

  • Learn who had their profile bookmarked;
  • Enjoy unlimited messaging;
  • Hide their online status;
  • Be notified of the read message.

The site bills users for six- as well as three-months packages upfront at the time of the transaction. You’ll be notified of it on the payment page before you give your consent to the operation. The payment bill will show the total amount of the fee as the “sum charged today”. One should note that the dating platform doesn’t provide partial or full refunds. Keep in mind that once your subscription is over, it will be renewed. Even with a newly-deactivated account, have your subscription canceled with the corresponding payment merchant if you don’t want to be unexpectedly charged in the future.

Sugarbook: Paid Services Versus Free Ones

Sugarbook: How To Pay

Of course, you are eager to know how to pay for the services provided by this dating platform. Continue reading the Sugarbook Review to learn it.

Selecting The Right Payment Option

Sugarbook supports the following payment options:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Credit cards;
  • Bank transfer.

Assessing The Safety Of The Online Platform

Sugarbook implements the latest safety solutions to protect its users. Its members are protected with the latest encryption methods, so scams don’t have a good chance to steal your personal data on the site.

Despite the site strives to create a secure dating environment, as a Sugarbook user, you are expected to be cautious not to compromise your confidentiality on the website. We strongly advise you to stick with the following safety recommendations:

  • Trust your instincts: When it comes to communicating with other Sugarbook members, listen to your instincts. For example, if someone asks you to purchase a plane ticket to go on a date with you, stay away from this person. That’s a typical scam trap.
  • Avoid providing your personal information to other site users: No one guarantees that this particular user isn’t a scam. You need to 100% trust the person to disclose your contact details.
  • Choose a public setting for your first date with a Sugarbook member: It’s just a matter of safety. If your potential partner refuses to meet in a public setting and offers another place instead, then you may endanger yourself. The partner you aren’t familiar with in person yet may appear to be anyone, even a criminal.

Sugarbook: Assessing The Safety Of The Online Platform

Are There A Lot Of Scams?

The administration of Sugarbook strives to make the dating platform as safe as possible. As follows from this, flocks of scams don’t threaten you on this website.

Let’s Benefit From The Site Special Features

These days any dating online resource offers a slew of exclusive features. Sugarbook also has a bunch of worthy innovations that can make your dating a memorable and pleasant experience.

  • 24-hour Approval Scheme: That’s a good verification solution. In this case, Sugarbook users aren’t kept waiting for a long time. The feature guarantees the 100% verification of any member. Therefore, once you see user profiles marked with this feature, you can be assured that you are dealing with a real person. It’s very important for sugar daddies since they are afraid of spending their hard-earned money in vain.
  • Student Program: Sugarbook creates special conditions for its female users. To get a premium package at no cost, a sugar girl needs to provide her university email when creating an account on the site. Alternatively, she may provide any other proof of her enrollment in a higher educational institution.

Sugarbook: Let’s Benefit From The Site Special Features


To sum up the Sugarbook Review, we’d like to remind you that many people believe that there’s a place in the world where funds meet romance. Of course, it’s about a sugar dating website and Sugarbook appears to be one of the best representatives of this lineup. Those coming to this dating platform know for sure what they want to get from this type of relationship. They see nothing bad in dating built around financial support. The site lets both sides to mutually benefit from sugar dating. What’s more, Sugarbook tries to make it easier for female members to get started on the platform by providing them with premium accounts for free. The only requirement is that they should prove that they are students.

Sugarbook also caters to those users who prefer to date on the fly. The dating resource comes with one of the best apps in the niche. Its intuitive and catchy design ensures the most convenient navigation ever.

Once you start your acquaintance with Sugarbook, you will realize that you lack a premium package because without it you can’t enjoy messaging and other useful features of the site. It would be weird to stay on the sugar dating site, the very idea of which is built around money, without a premium subscription. If you are still unable to afford to be a sponsor for a sweet girl, you’d better give up an idea of staying on such a website. Many people forget that sugar dating is when someone is ready to take responsibility for supporting a partner financially. So, it’s more than a vivid game often shown in Hollywood movies. Sugarbook is for those who can afford to spend money all the time they spend on the website. Apart from the premium subscription, sugar daddies have to shell out money on a variety of gifts as well as extra features.

Sugarbook is the place where scams feel uneasy because the site administration does its best to prevent them from entering the platform. It’s hard to imagine the opposite since sugar daddies have the right to demand the safest place for their money.

The site offers more sugar babes than their potential sponsors. However, such a proportion is an absolutely normal thing on all sugar dating web resources. So, here sugar daddies have more options to choose from compared to babes seeking generous partners. If you come to Sugarbook as a sponsor, you will be amazed by endless opportunities to get laid for your money on the first evening of your stay there. On the other hand, being a sugar girl on the website isn’t bad too, especially if you know how to attract the attention of wealthy men.

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