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Tantan Review 2021

Tantan Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 12%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 2 650 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Tantan helps you to meet new people and have a perfect date.
  • The registration process for this particular dating site is so easy that it just takes around 4-5 minutes.
  • It is easy to register if you already have a Facebook account.
  • This dating app has a significant number of young users.
  • Even free users can see other users' photos and information.
  • Users can send recorded videos to other members.
  • Even free users can play a game called getting-to-know-you quizzes with your matches.
  • There is a voice record option.
  • It is a free dating app, and that can be installed from Google/Apple play store.
  • It does not have any country restrictions. It can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
  • Users below the age of 18 are restricted from using this app.
  • A list of match suggestions will be shown after completing the registration process.
  • Free users can also send instant messages and text to other users.
  • Only available in the application platform and not available as a website.
  • The possibility of having fake users is quite high.
  • You must keep in mind that your profile is visible to your contacts if they logged in.
  • Profile information is not much detailed.
  • Tantan app does not have a personality test to find the most compatible partners.

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What is Tantan?

Tantan is the most popular and high rated dating app with millions of active users. Thinking of how to find the perfect partner, draw your attention to this ideal platform. This Tantan review will give you all the information regarding the website and app in a well-defined way. Tantan app launched in China then later it was launched worldwide. At first, it has a significant number of Mandarin users, then being made as a worldwide platform, Tantan dating app has gained massive popularity in India. Now it has more than 250 users globally. Compared to other dating apps, Tantan has an enormous number of downloads. Now it has recorded more than ten million-plus of them. Its popularity has been rising very fast at higher rates nowadays. The dating platform has more extraordinary features, and it is the world’s third-largest earner from the dating application platforms. Don’t miss this fantastic chance to enjoy the world of dating, and don’t forget to read this Tantan review to get detailed information.

Tantan now has more than six million active users globally. It serves as a platform to meet new people and date. Tantan will help you with finding new people according to your preferences. It has a notable number of Asian users when compared to western users. The biggest part of its members comes from India and China.

What is Tantan?

Is Tantan legit ?

It has gained only positive comments and very high ratings from the users. When compared to other dating apps, it has a massive number of downloads. It provides excellent customer service to all its users. This company administration takes stringent and immediate action against the users who violate user agreement policies. Based on users’ feedback and average Tantan review, it can be said that Tantan provides its users with legit services.

What members on this site

This app was firstly launched in China, so it has many Chinese users. After introducing Tantan as the worldwide dating app, it has gained a greater number of users from various countries. But most of the users are from Asian countries, especially from India and China. This app has more than 10 million downloads. It has 65% male users and 35% female users. Users below the age of 18 are not permitted to get access to this dating app.

Sexual orientation

Tantan does not have a specific or particular sexual orientation preference for its users. Most of the users from this dating app are willing to have a bisexual relationship. If users are eager to have homosexual relationships like gay or lesbian, they can find users similar to their sexual preferences. Tantan serves as the best dating platform to find perfect partners based on your preferences and sexual orientation.

Age Distribution

Tantan’s most significant group of users is young people between 18 – 28 years of age. Unlike other dating apps, this app has a considerable amount of male users compared to female users. It has approximately 65% of men and 35% of women. Most of the users of the Tantan dating app are willing not to involve in a serious relationship.

Age Distribution

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Sign-Up Process:

Compared to other dating apps, Tantan has quite an easy sign-up process. It just takes around 4-5 minutes to complete the entire procedure. Since this dating platform is only available as an application so, it can be done only through the app. Tantan is an entirely free application that can be installed from either Google Play Store or Apple Store. After installing this application, you can proceed with the registration. If you have an existing Facebook account, you can directly register with it. You may also use your mobile phone number for that. If you decide to go with a mobile number, your mobile will receive a one time password (OTP), and you must be ready to enter that. After this step, you will be asked to provide your name, age, location, and gender. Ensure that you enter the accurate date of birth, or you may have your zodiac sign generated in a wrong way. After completing the sign-up process, you will see the list of suggested matches.

Login Info:

After completing the sign-up process, you can easily log in to the Tantan dating app just by providing your registered mobile number and password.

This Tantan review will guide you through more details about the site.

Profile creation

Tantan dating app doesn’t have access to detailed information about you. So, profile creation in this particular app is simple. You need to fill in your necessary information like name, age, gender, date of birth, and gender preferences. You may also upload a maximum of six photos in your profile gallery.


All the messaging features in the Tantan app can be accessed by both free users as well as the premium users. You can send instant texts to other users. If you are a shy type, you can break the ice first by using getting-to-know-you quizzes. This game can be played if you get permission from other users only.

The app has a unique feature of sharing multimedia messages with other users. It has a separate audio recording option, too. By using this option, you can send audio messages to your friends in the app. You can also share videos with other members.


Platform for use

Tantan is a dating application that offers a platform to meet new people. It will match you with perfect partners who share the same interests. If you are willing to meet new people from various countries and ethnicities, then the Tantan app might be the ideal choice. It has a significant number of people from different countries. If you are a person wishing to have long-distance relations, this will be the best option. It has so many user-friendly features when compared to other dating sites. Most of the young people started to try out this dating app to enjoy dating and meeting new people.


The Tantan dating platform can be accessed only through the mobile application. It is not available on a website platform. So, it is not accessible through the desktop. They have a presentable page on the Internet, though, which contains “About Us,” contacts, and download button. The application can also be installed from Google Play Store or Apple Store. It doesn’t occupy much memory space. By typing its application name in the app store, you can directly download it on your mobile.

Design and Usability

Tantan app provides an excellent user-friendly environment for all its users. The only drawback of using it is that it is not available on the website platform, so it cannot be accessed through the desktop. It must be obtained only through mobiles. It is full of up to date amazing features to satisfy young users. And these features can be accessed by both free users and premium users. Free users are limited to specific features only. Compared to other dating apps, Tantan has many options that are accessible to free users. This Tantan review will give you more information about them.

The service gives you a proper navigation system and user-friendly interface, which enables the smooth running. It provides you with icons and buttons that are understandable and clear. You can get your match easily browsing other profiles on the go.

Navigate Site

Tantan Costs and Prices

In comparison with other dating apps, its plans and prices are more economical. There is no payment for the installation; it is entirely free to download the app. Both free users and paid users can make use of this dating platform. But the only difference is that unpaid members are limited to certain features, whereas the premium users have no limits. Paid users can enjoy all the fantastic options of this service. The following price table will give you the information about the available subscription plans.

Duration/Month Price per month Total Saving
1 month 8.99 USD/month 8.99 USD ———
3 months 19.99 USD / Month (save 34%) 16.99 USD 37%
12 months 4.58 USD/month 54.99 USD 63%

If you choose a 3-months plan, you can save up to 37%, whereas, if you are choosing 12 months plan, you can save up to 63%.

Both free users and paid users have many standard features. But unpaid members cannot have access to certain special ones. This Tantan review will show you the difference.

Paid access:

  • You can avail unlimited swipe option.
  • Your user name will display higher in other users’ search bar.
  • You can get five super likes per day.
  • You can have access to change the location filter.
  • You can receive exclusive badges.
  • You can see how many times you have passed the other user’s profile.

Free access:

  • You can see other users’ profile pictures and information.
  • You can apply all search filters.
  • You can send instant messages and text to the other users.
  • You can also send audio and video messages.
  • You can view photos from other members’ profile gallery.
  • You can get access to up to a maximum of 150 swipe options every day.
  • You can play games and quizzes with your matches.
  • You can change the profile details after creating it.

Paid vs Free access

How to pay

You can make a payment only through online transactions using any of these following options:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Master Card/Visa
  • PayPal
  • Mobile Pay/G-Pay/Phone Pay

Payment systems

Before payment, you should know the information about available subscription plans and offers. You must choose any available plan and proceed with the payment process. You can easily make an online transaction using Debit Card, Credit Card, and G-Pay. The more extended period you choose, the less will be the sum.

Safety & Security

The main aim of this app is to ensure the safety and security of its every user. If users violate their agreement conditions and policies, immediate and stringent actions will be taken against them. Their account will be blacklisted and blocked. Sending unwanted or sexually explicit messages to others, inappropriate audio or video content, or blackmailing other users with their profile pictures and information are considered the violating activities. You can also directly report and block those users.

Safety & Security


Tantan dating app doesn’t seem to have many scam profiles. It gives a user-friendly environment and amazing customer support to all of its members. Among all dating apps and websites, this has millions of daily active users. It has always received positive feedback. Based on customer satisfaction and high ratings, it is a scam dating app. Nowadays, its popularity and ratings are reaching peak among the users.

Special Features

Compared to other dating applications, Tantan dating app is designed in a way to satisfy the young users with its advanced application features. Some of the unique features of this dating app are:

  • You can play games to find the most compatible matches.
  • You can share multimedia content like audio and video with the other users.
  • There is a separate option available to record audio.
  • You can upload a maximum of 6 pictures in your profile gallery.
  • You can get access to view all other user’s pictures and information.
  • You can get perfect matches by applying match filters.
  • You can easily do the sign-up process if you have an existing Facebook account.

Special Features


This Tantan Review has all the information on the app you need to know. If you are trying to meet new people to have a date, then the Tantan dating app will help you find the perfect soulmate. You can also enjoy this online dating platform just by installing this application. So, don’t waste your time and use this platform to experience the world of dating. And don’t forget to read this Tantan review before signing up, you might miss some critical and essential information. Join the Tantan friendly community now and get yourself in an exciting world of online communication.

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