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Trueview Review 2021

Trueview Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 86%
Beauty 74%
Popular age 22-39
Profiles 1 100 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free registration
  • Detailed profile creation
  • Mobile verification
  • Trust score
  • Strong community-led platform
  • GPS helps set up nearby dates
  • Feed system for building personality
  • Spark allows more personality-based interaction and easy icebreaking
  • Social integration helps with the personality building process
  • Spotify integration for music sharing
  • Video and audio calling along with text for communication
  • Messaging not free
  • Frequently affected by bugs
  • No website

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About Trueview

Trueview Review talks about a dating app that, despite having a modern interface and format, is unlike the new dating platforms available on the internet. The dating platform clears the way for love and serious relationships, instead of following the trend of popular dating platforms existing currently. While most popular names in the online dating industry are home to casual relationships and hookups, Trueview disregards the approach. The dating app tries to make its members fall in love with real people and set them up for real dates and hope for a real future. However, false claims are not new in the dating industry, real people, real dates, and real relationships are three big, heavy, and very strong words for an online dating platform. While making claims such as these is easy, the real test requires the platform to be true to the words. The Trueview Review digs in the app and evaluates it to find the truth behind the claims in the following sections.

About Trueview

Is Trueview A Legit Dating Platform?

The Trueview Review confirms that the app is legit because of many reasons one can use as factors. To start with, one cannot just simply avoid the fact that the Trueview dating app is an award-winning dating platform that not just has won a single but many titles to itself. Prestigious media houses such as The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Metro, and many more have reviewed the app and given it amazing ratings for its uniqueness and, of course, genuineness. Along with the great reviews from known sources, it is the very branding of the Trueview dating app that gives it credit for being legit. Unlike any other dating platform, Trueview is one of the rarest apps that clearly boasts of finding it’s users real dates and saving them from scams and bots. And while the confident claim and the reviews are enough, the fact that Trueview is available on the App Store just adds to the trust. Suppose you can’t understand why it is such an important factor to consider. In that case, you should know that Apple has a strict list of conditions for the app makers, which is why the iOS apps available on the App Store are much more trustworthy than Android apps as the Google Play store is much more lenient.

What Kind Of Users The Dating App Has?

Trueview Review reveals that the app is a UK based dating platform. However, ever since its release, it has been available worldwide for anyone to register. One needs to understand that the dating platform uses the GPS to connect people who stay nearby for possibly easier dates. Imagine falling in love with a person who stays in another country. How impossible would it be to meet them in real life?! It doesn’t make online dating easy. And that is the very reason, connecting people based on their GPS location is considered one of the biggest revolutionary ideas in the world of online dating. This piece of information plays an important role while considering the audience distribution on Trueview because the profile quality and number vary from location to location. As a user, it is best to judge the quality of the app by signing up and finding out the popularity of the app in your area. Trueview Review finds that the popularity of the app is found to be more in and around the big cities of the USA, UK, Canada, and a few other countries. The user base is distributed across the globe.

What Kind Of Users The Dating App Has?

The Sexual Orientation Of The Registered Members On The Platform<

One of the highlights of the dating app is its acceptance towards all sexual orientations. Trueview Review finds this point worth highlighting because there are not many dating platforms that are cool towards all sexualities. It is why the niche dating websites have recently gained so much popularity and acceptance over generic ones. However, Trueview allows its new users to choose the gender of their date and customize their recommendation for the user accordingly. It is one of the reasons why the dating platform is considered as a dating app created truly for the modern-day.

The Age Distribution Of Members On The Dating App

Considering the age distribution of the members is also a very important factor to judge a dating platform. The factor helps in understanding the app’s mood and helps new users know whether the place is for them or not based on their age. Unlike niche dating platforms that are self-explanatory, generic dating platforms like Trueview requires user reviews to confirm about the age distribution.Trueview Review reveals that the dating app unlike most popular platforms shows great variety when it comes to the age distribution. While the minimum age to register is 18 yrs, there is no upper limit of age on the app. However, serious relationships and long term relationships are words that attract people of a certain age only. It is mostly the age group of 25 and above who wants to settle down and make a family. That is why they are the people who connect with these words the most, and it shows. However, the cool interface and features are reasons that attract younger age groups along with the older ones. Strikingly Trueview shows impressive numbers in the age group of 40+ as well, which is rare to see on most dating sites.

Steps To Signing Up And Registration

Trueview has a unique setup that makes the dating app real fun. The dating app has a multi-social integration. However, for signing up, one can only use their Facebook account to quicken up the signup process. Alternatively, one can start the registration process with an email id that requires the new user to first identify their gender and date preference type, in short, reveal their sexuality. Next up comes the selection of username, email id, password, date of birth, and of course, the location. The location can either be selected by allowing the app to use the GPS of your phone or manually entering their area Pincode. The entire process in, either way, takes less than a few minutes to complete.

Profile Creation And Quality

The very next step of registration is setting up a profile on Trueview. The app offers an extremely detailed profile template for its users, although none of it is compulsory. But, the Trueview Review highly recommends the users to fill up the profile as soon as possible in detail. It may seem time taking, but it fetches great results on the app. One has to remember that Trueview is a platform for finding real dates, real people, for serious relationships. While the intention of a person always shows through the efforts put on the profile, it also helps the algorithm of Trueview to find and recommend good matches.

Making Connections

The award-winning dating platform is not anything like the typical dating apps that you popularly get to see on the internet. Trueview is more like a social networking platform that encourages dating. It is a very big reason why the platform allows social integration. Trueview encourages its users to share content, be it in the form of text, video, or image. It helps other members understand the personality of the user and confirm their real identification without doing much. The dating platform’s format removes the common practice of swiping left or right and replaces it with Sparking, which means interacting with a potential partner. Sparks can happen by liking or commenting on the content shared by a user. The practice increases the chances of real conversation and easy icebreaking for people not very outspoken. Also, unlike other platforms that require two people to match for a chat box to open, anyone on Trueview can text, video call, or audio call anyone they like. It is just like using any social networking site with an intention to date.

Making Connections

Platforms The Dating Site Can Be Used On

In general, dating platforms are available on various platforms to increase user experience and be widely available. It is a common practice for most big dating platforms to have a website and app version for all types of users. While many users may be comfortable with going mobile with the app version following the trend, many users still like to keep using dating sites a secret. Using the browser version of the dating platforms helps these users from keeping their phones clean of all traces. However, recent times have shown mobile apps’ growth considerably without a website version for browser users. But the question is, is Trueview available on both platforms? The answer to that gets revealed in the sections below.

Dating Website For The Desktop Version

It is sad news for the users comfortable with browser versions. Unfortunately, Trueview does not have a website that one can use to log in to the dating platform. However, it does have an official website that shares all the information about the app and redirects users to the right platform for the app download.

Dating App For The Mobile Version

Following the current trend, Trueview is available as a mobile app. The app versions are available for both iOS and Android users. The apps are available on the official app stores of both the operating systems, which are the App Store and the Google Play store. And while the absence of a website version may seem disappointing to many users, free download of a great performing regularly updated dating platform can be considered as good news.

Dating App For The Mobile Version

Design, Interface, And Utility

The design of Trueview is truly one of its biggest highlights. The interface is the definition of cool and yet not complicated for the users of different age groups. The app design for both Android and iOS platforms is kept similar and is optimized for quick adaptation on differently sized devices of users. The performance of the app is generally good, although there seem to be many complaints of bugs that keep coming up with the updates. However, the Trueview support has a dedicated team to revert to the complaints and work rigorously to come up with a solution real soon to solve the issue.

Ease Of Navigation On The Platform

The navigation on Trueview is very organized and simple. Although the app interface doesn’t give the vibe of simplicity with its design, the structure keeps the navigation clean. Instead of stacking it together in the top or bottom bar, it lists all its features in the options. The options button is always available on the screen, thus making navigation an easy and quick process. The app also uses a lot of white and a particular shade of green as background colors with minimalistic elements to keep the look of the app clean and classy.

Trueview- Premium Version

The new users planning to use the platform may not be very happy to find out that Trueview has been an absolutely free dating platform for five full years. The app has been a free dating platform until 2019, but things changed. The team clearly stated that the company could not run on a good image, it needs money to survive, and after all the hard work they have put in, they deserve that much.

Trueview- Premium Version

Feature Comparison- Free Vs Paid

Similar to all premium dating platforms, Trueview does not allow all its features to users for free. The app makes them pay for using the special features on the platform. Below is the comparison of the features that one can avail with a free membership against the ones that come with a subscription plan.

Features With Free Standard Plan

  • App download
  • New user registration
  • Profile creation
  • Upload photos
  • Browse profiles
  • Spark
  • Comment and like on content

Features With Free Paid Plan

  • See trust score
  • Message
  • Add music, images, and videos
  • Access all content
Feature Comparison- Free Vs Paid

Subscription Plans & prices

The subscription plans on the Trueview dating app is optional for the users. However, with the app limiting the usage for the members without a subscription plan, it leaves with no other option. The unique experience becomes out of reach without the Trueview subscription plans. Thus, indirectly it becomes a must for the users to purchase a plan to experience the complete app to its highest potential and find a real date. Trueview offers various schemes for its users in various lengths for varied users with varied budgets. While the smallest pack is a month-long premium plan, the premium subscription plan can be bought for as long as a year. However, one should remember that similar to other dating platforms, the rates of subscription plans decrease considerably with the increase in the size of the plan. The price varies from country to country, so one has to log in to Trueview to learn about the price rates of the Subscription plans for their location.

Processing The Payment

Given how the Trueview dating app limits the platform’s usage, it keeps on prompting its users to upgrade their accounts. A user can either hit the prompts to check out all the available plans or navigate to the option and find membership to reach the plan page. On the page that enlists all the available subscription plans of Trueview, users are required to select the most suitable plan for themselves and move forward by hitting the proceed button. The next page gives them the option to select the most appropriate payment method to pay for the plan. Trueview offers credit cards and wallets as payment options to its users. The users are then required to follow the instructions on the payment gateway to complete the process and start enjoying exclusive locked up features on Trueview.

Safety Of The Dating App

Trueview claims to have real people and promotes itself for people who are tired of fake profiles and scams on dating platforms. So while the brand message clearly states that the dating app is safe to use, it can’t be enough for a blind trust on a dating platform. It is the very reason why Trueview introduced a system of Trust score. It allows members to rate registered users on their profiles about how real they find them. Also, every user is required to go through a mobile verification process before registration. And not to forget the presence of the video calling feature can be a great way to confirm the person’s identity. However, despite all the steps taken by Trueview for its users’ safety, it always recommends them to be careful around strangers.

Is The Dating App A Scam?

Although Trueview does run on a subscription plan and is pretty useless without it, there is no reason to believe it is a scam. The platform has run for free for the first five years, and then instead of choosing annoying ads, it moved to monetize the app through subscription plans. Trueview does keep the user experience a priority and thus continues to keep the platform ad-free.

Is The Dating App A Scam?

Unique Features On The Platform

The award-winning dating app comes with quite a few unique features for its users that truly sets Trueview apart from the dating sites. Some of them are listed below:

  • Trust Score

    Rating users on their trustworthiness based on the profile, video calls, and dates.

  • Feed

    The feed is similar to a social networking site where users are encouraged to create and share content. The feed increases trust in the user and gives more reasons and topics to talk about.

  • Social Integration

    One of the platform’s highlights is that Trueview allows social integration with Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The social integration lets you easily sync your activities with Trueview and helps you to build your personality on the platform.

  • Advanced chat

    The chat screen is more advanced than most dating platforms. Along with allowing texts, Trueview adds the features of connecting with members using video and audio calls as well.

  • Search Filters

    Apart from match recommendations, Trueview lets its users filter out potential dates based on their desires using the search bar and various filters.

  • Spark Not Swipe

    Trueview with the Spark button tries to push users towards breaking ice and communication than swiping left and right for dates.

Summing Up

Trueview is a unique dating app that gives priority to finding real dates instead of fake profiles, which are a common sight on dating platforms. The premium app comes with quite some unique features and a cool interface to create an amazing user experience. While the world is moving towards casual relationships and hookups, Trueview makes an effort towards developing serious and long term relationships. The app’s efforts to help users find real people online and set them up for real dates offline has gained itself a lot of recognition, including awards. The unique social integration that allows building personality and the Trust Score on Trueview are definitely the Unique Selling Points for the app.

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