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Waplog Review 2021

Waplog Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 79%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 3 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Users can register on the Waplog site or application for absolutely free. No subscription fee is required to sign up for Waplog.
  • Users who have not registered for a paid membership can also access unlimited communication for better match-making. It helps make the Waplog experience more immersive with any additional fees involved.
  • Users can view each other's profiles and pictures for free. No additional membership fee is required for this.
  • Waplog offers users a live chat room for more riveting interactions. It helps users bond and makes the Waplog experience all the more exciting.
  • Users are notified when someone views their profiles. These notifications allow effective and timely management of communication and chatting among users. One can immediately ping another user on being notified of a profile view on their behalf.
  • The Waplog site has unique, intuitive navigation. It is one of the significant pros offered by the website or application.
  • The website design is appealing and catches the eye of the users. It is both edgy and minimalist.
  • The Waplog site does not offer too many unique features. Most of its features are based on those derived from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It is a crossover between a dating app and a social media network.
  • The audience targeting could have been more intelligent. While some users are looking for serious relationships, others are looking for casual hook-ups, while the third set of users are probably just looking for a friend. It makes it confusing for matched as well as non-matched users.
  • The free version is riddled with way too many advertisements.
  • Some of the registered users on the site are minors or underage, making space of statutory exploitation, confusing expectations, and catfishing.
  • Safety is always a concerning issue on sites that allow free registration. There are possibilities of fake accounts and other suspicious activities.

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What is Waplog about?

In the constant hustle and bustle of modern living, finding and nurturing a romantic relationship sounds like a luxury, most people cannot afford it. It takes a colossal amount of time to meet a compatible partner or go on dates to get to know each other and establish a blossoming romance. It is a thousand times easier and more effective to sign up for a dating site that will match you with prospective partners. It is where the Waplog review comes in. This review will talk about a site where users can chat, date, or find like-minded friends. Waplog performs somewhat like Facebook or Twitter, where users can send messages to other people, comment on their profile, and share status updates on their walls to keep others informed of what they are up to. Users can keep their updates private or open them for others to access and see. The platform was launched in 2015; this basic date and friend finder sounds like a great place to socialize and look for romance. This Waplog review will detail all the major advantages and disadvantages of the app, special features, sign up process, and many more aspects.

Waplog Review: All you need to know!

Legitimacy of Waplog in the online dating industry

This Waplog review shall currently proceed to discuss the legitimacy of the site. Waplog has been a part of the online dating industry since 2015. It has amassed some popularity and goodwill since then, among users. The Waplog app has enjoyed a consistent four-star rating on Google Play. Users seem to enjoy the application. While there are abandoned and fake profiles on the site, they are simple to weed out. The navigation experience is smooth and reliable. There is a scamming tendency that goes on among users. However, all the social networking features make it super useful to connect and bond with a prospective partner or friend.

What kinds of people are members on this site

It is seen that nearly 65% of members on the Waplog site are men. It is unusual, considering women outnumber men in most dating sites. Waplog can also boast of twenty-one thousand unique logins daily. Approximately 6 million users sign in from the United States of America. There are 30 789 members in the United Kingdom. Both men and women are welcome to sign in to Waplog for absolutely free.

Sexual preferences of members

Members of the Waplog online dating platform are both homosexual and heterosexual. It means that both straight and gay men and women can register on the site to look for companionship, intimacy, or a full-fledged relationship.

The general age of members

Waplog is open to men and women of all ages for registration. On manual record, the app assigns the user the default age, 17. One has to go and manually correct this. Otherwise, the app automatically blocks several features and messages. Men and women from a broad group of ages come to Waplog to socialize or look for potential partners.

The general age of members

Registration and login process

The sign-up and login process on Waplog is straightforward, time-effective, and free. The whole process will take users less than five minutes. One can register for a free account on Waplog through the website (waplog.com), or on the mobile application version. Waplog allows users to register via their Facebook accounts, allowing the site to import their necessary personal information and pictures from basic. It makes the registration process all the more simple and time-effective.

Alternatively, users can register manually on the site if they don’t have a Facebook account. For this, users need to provide a valid email address, make a username and password, and select what gender they identify with. Once this is done, the user account on Waplog is set up and ready to run.

What are the profiles like on the site

Waplog does not require in-depth knowledge of the user to create a profile. Once a person registers on the site, Waplog allows them to expand their profiles but not in great detail. One can fill in fields for their relationship status, the gender they are looking for, a few physical attributes, and their favorite movie, television shows, and book. The details are relatively superficial for a platform that claims to be an online dating forum. However, users can upload several pictures of themselves, which others can browse through. Editing your profile, changing personal information, or adding new photos can be done at any stage of using the application or website.

The only real downer is that the user profiles don’t mention if they are looking to hook up or looking for a relationship or if they just want companionship. Users have to initiate a conversation to find out such details.

How to message a member of the site

The messaging options of Waplog are very useful. Members are allowed to chat with other members through Waplog’s live chat feature.

Waplog functions a lot like Facebook or Twitter when it comes to messaging or chatting. Users can either initiate a conversation with a member by clicking on the call-to-action button in the form of stickers or simply click on a user’s profile picture and send a message via the messaging option that shows on each user profile. Members are not required to pay any subscription fee to chat with other members on Waplog.

How to message a member of the site

Platforms in which the dating forum is used

Furthermore, this Waplog review will deliberate upon the platforms in which Waplog can be used. Waplog is a relatively popular online dating forum which is used in multiple online platforms. Users can access the website on a desktop or download the applications on their Android or iOS phones.

The desktop version

  • The Waplog website on a desktop is quite eye-catching and intuitive.
  • The relevant tabs and buttons are exactly where the users expect them to be, so they are hard to miss.
  • However, the Waplog website does make revenue from advertisements. In case you’re not a paying member, the ads become frequent and obstructive after a while.

The mobile application version

  • The Waplog application is free to download on both Google Play and iOS.
  • On registering from Facebook, the application automatically transfers the user’s personal information on the app.
  • The application version also notifies users when someone has either visited or liked their profiles.
  • The application interface is user-friendly, simple, and appealing.

The mobile application version

The website design and serviceability

The usability of the forum is discussed for your convenience in this Waplog review. The Waplog website is both appealing and attention-catching. The search filter is exceptionally versatile and can do location-based searches. The tabs and buttons are conveniently placed, making it super simple to navigate through them. The interface is user-friendly and straightforward to follow. The magenta and pink color palette look quite aesthetic and apt, given it is an online dating platform. However, it is true that if you’re not a paid subscriber, you will be plagued by endless advertisements both on the website as well as the app.

The website navigation

The Waplog website flaunts very uniquely intuitive navigation. Social media users will find it easier to navigate the Waplog site interface. It is super simple to chat and connect with other members and post personal updates on one’s wall with a single click. The website interface itself is clean, minimalist, and simplistic. A transparent navigation system guides users where they need to go. Even though free members have ads to deal with, website navigation is smooth and user-friendly.

Subscription fee for Waplog

While users can register for free on either the Waplog application or the website, there is a subscription fee for those who want premium membership.

  • The one-month subscription fee is 9.49 USD per month.
  • The three-month subscription fee is 8.00 USD per month, making it a total of 23.99 USD.
  • The annual, twelve-month subscription fee is 4.75 USD per month, making it a total of 56.99 USD.
  • The Waplog platform offers users an option to buy personal credits that allow users to pay for quite a few premium features. There are credits available at 1.39 USD for 100 credits.

Comparison between paid access and free access

While users can access many Waplog features for absolutely free, there is a difference between the experience reported by premium members and that reported by free users. This Waplog review shall discuss these differences and prepare a comparative analysis between paid and open access to Waplog.

  • Users can register for free on Waplog. However, only premium members can opt for a profile boost for greater visibility on the site.
  • Users can create profiles for themselves on Waplog for free. However, only premium members enjoy an advertisement-free brewing experience. Free users have to deal with a lot of ads in the middle of browsing.
  • Free users can access member search filters and send a limited number of outgoing messages. Premium users can send unlimited messages to other members on Waplog.
  • Free users can access the live chatting feature. However, they cannot see if their messages have been read. Only premium users are notified when someone views their profiles or reads their words.
  • Comparison between paid access and free access

    Payment procedure

    The payment procedure for becoming a premium member of Waplog is quite simple.
  • Simply install the Waplog application and log in to your account.
  • Go to your profile indicated on a dashboard at the bottom.
  • Your profile will show a VIP membership option.
  • On selecting the VIP membership option, the payment methods and membership plans will show up for you to choose from.
  • Once you select a membership plan, you only have to select a mode of payment and proceed to become a premium member of Waplog.

Modes of payment

The Waplog paid services can be purchased via user accounts with specific third-party applications. Apple users can use their iTunes account while Android users use their Google Play account to make purchases on Waplog. On making any purchase on Waplog, the billing will be shown via your third-party app account.

Security measures

Security is a primary concern when it comes to online dating forums. This review will analyze the security measures taken by the site’s management. Waplog does put in place quite a few security measures. Like any other website, Waplog is not supposed to share user information with third-party applications, repost the data without explicit permission, or benefit another way. Waplog, having a pretty standard privacy policy, has not been involved in any internet privacy scandal. It means that application management is relatively proficient with their job.

However, just like many other dating sites, members can register without having their identities verified. It leads to the online floating of many fake profiles and scammer accounts. While most profiles are genuine and authentic, some accounts do turn out to be fraudulent. Users can report suspicious profiles or activity and block messages from people if they don’t know them personally. Also, it is simple to delete one’s account on Waplog.

Security measures

Is the site legitimate or scam?

The Waplog site is entirely legitimate. Even though some of the accounts may be fraudulent, it’s easy to report them for scamming. The Waplog team is quite efficient in dealing with these reports. Free registration on the site allows for just anyone to register. It causes some scammers or underage members to sign up for the Waplog site. It might lead to conflicts and personal dilemmas for users interested in socializing and finding potential partners.

Other than these little security concerns, which are expertly handled by the Waplog team, Waplog happens to be a reasonably legitimate website for people to join and socialize in if reported.

Special characteristics of the site

To make the Waplog experience more immersive and effective, the site has some special features that users can fiddle with to have more fun. Some of these features are discussed in this Waplog review.

Waplog story: This feature is quite similar to Instagram’s story feature. Users can take pictures or 15 second long videos and upload them as stories. These stories stay on a person’s profile for 24 hours, after which they disappear. Users can add as many Waplog stories as they wish to. This feature allows users to share their day with other members on their lists.

Live chat room: Waplog has a live chat room option. As the name suggests, users can use this feature to interact with one another. Even free users are allowed to use the live chat room feature without paying an additional subscription fee.

Personal status updates: Members can share personal updates on their walls, just like Facebook users. These updates can be posted for public viewing, giving users more details about the application’s other members.

Waplog boost: Waplog boost is a special feature using which members can boost their profiles to maximize search visibility. It means that their chances of showing up on other member’s search filters are increased.

Final verdict

Final verdict

Finally, this Waplog review finds that Waplog is a solid and reliable online social platform. It can be used for finding partners, socializing or networking, and simply finding companionship. Even though there are not many special features, it is quite popular among users in the United States and the United Kingdom. The pros balance out the cons of the site. One can easily check this site out simply because the registration is free.

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