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Willow Review 2021

Willow Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 95%
Popular age 26-32
Beauty 80%
Profiles 142 000
About Site
Visit rate 4.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The application prefers personalities over appearances.
  • The app has a user-friendly interface. It can be easily used by anyone having a basic knowledge of smartphones.
  • Willow is a hassle-free application. It does not have any bugs and glitches.
  • The number of fake profiles over this application is quite less.
  • The boundary of aggression is not so high when compared to other dating applications. People do not abuse one another.
  • The application is best suited for users who are shy and introverts.
  • The software team continuously updates the application according to the latest technologies.
  • Some users may find the interface amateur, which may take away the interest.
  • The list of users you have to select is limited to those who have answered your question.
  • The application does not have a live team to interact with. Therefore, you may have to wait for quite a while to get your queries resolved.

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What is Willow

All the dating websites across the globe are based on a simple algorithm where people have to find a partner based on the profile details and physical appearances. Looks may be deceptive; it is a known fact. Hence, Willow has brought a platform where you can find your perfect match based on your interest. Yes! You heard that right, and this dating application is different from the other stereotypical ones. Creating such an app was to bring people with similar interests together to spend quality time together. This Willow review will try to impart significant highlights of the platform, along with its benefits and drawbacks. The survey will also educate you on how to get along with the application and find yourself a partner worth your time. People who register on the stage are hunting for long-term relationships or genuine love. This Willow review will further educate you with the necessary details about the platform.

Is Willow Genuine or Fake?

Is Willow Genuine or Fake?

Willow is a genuine mobile dating application. Micheal Bruch, the mobile app creator, wanted to make a platform where people may feel conversing in a real environment. He believed that it is the communication that drives the wheel of any relationship. Nearly every Willow review on the internet will let you know that it is a genuine dating software. Most users that are present on the website are searching for love and long-term commitments.

The application does not allow users to share images directly. The interaction has to begin using questions and answers. Only after a certain conversation stage is that the users are allowed to share their photos with each other.

Member Composition

A substantial base of the Willow application consists of users based within the age of 24-35. The software maker wanted to band the crowd of youngsters in a stage where they can have an offline dating experience but through the internet. Willow is available for people across the globe. Anyone can download the mobile application and start hunting for their partners.

Sexual Preferences

The software is based on conversations and communication, so there are not sexual orientation restrictions. The ratio of men and women is nearly the same.

Age Composition

Willow was brought into existence to group young and energetic individuals to interact in a conversational environment. Although anyone across the globe can register on the app, the users’ primary age composition is between 25-35. The brand does not allow users below 18 years of age to register on its platform.

Registration Process

Registration Process

Willow is based on a simple algorithm so that people find it easy to get on board. As a user, you need to have an active mobile number or a Facebook account. If you are getting on board using your mobile number, you will receive a text that you need to enter on the website’s verification page. If you are using a Facebook account, the application will ask you to sync the details present in your Facebook ID. You do not have to upload any profile picture after creating your profile. The website also does not encourages users to upload their photos on their profiles. But to keep it interactive and exciting, the app allows you to architect your avatar.

You may or may not provide your last name and email address. Moreover, the notification settings of the app can be customized according to your preference. Unlike other dating applications, Willow does not ask for email address verification.

How To Create Your Profile?

How To Create Your Profile?

Creating a profile on this dating application is effortless. You do not have to go through any kind of complicated technical process. As a user, you need to have a working mobile number or a Facebook account; both will work. In this Willow review, you will now learn how to create a profile.

It is essential to bring to your notice that the brand only has a mobile application. So first, you need to install the software on your mobile handset. Now you need to follow the steps which are mentioned below:

  1. Open the mobile application and select one of the options given on the screen, i.e., log in via phone or via Facebook.
  2. If you select the “Login via phone” method, you need to pen down your necessary details and your phone number. Providing the last name and email address is optional. Once you are done with the details, you click on proceed. The next screen will ask for a verification code that will be sent to your mobile number. Once you write down the code, you are ready with your profile.
  3. If you have chosen the “Login via Facebook” option, you need to either log in to your Facebook account or have a Facebook application. Willow will now ask your permission to sync in the information from your account. Once you have allowed it to go through the same, the app will automatically update your information and create a profile.

The platform does not encourage the user to upload their profile pictures. On the contrary, you can customize your avatar and keep your profile attractive.

Communication Methods

Once you are done with your profile, you can start hunting for your perfect match. Now, Willow is not the same as that of other usual dating websites. You need to answer a particular set of questions asked by other profiles to find your perfect pair. The profiles on the app do not have a comprehensive collection of information. People are matched based on their interests. It is the quality and the sensibility of your answer, which will gift you your partner.

As a user, you need to pen down a short bio and select a list of traits that suits your character the most and the school from where you have got educated. The software will then present you with a list of profiles that match your traits, ages, and schools. You can then visit the ones you like and answer the questions present in the “Question” tab. There is also a “Photo Gallery” section, but it remains hidden until the other person has connected with you.



The algorithms used to design the application were kept simple so that people using the same has a hassle-free experience. This Willow review will now talk about the accessibility of the app. It has a realistic and easy to use design. As you click on the app’s icon, you are presented with the software’s home page. The homepage consists of three different tabs, namely “Global,” “Local,” and “Popular.” Each of these tabs has a set of questions asked by the users on the website. You can select the question and answer the same. The tags help you to sort out the users based on geographical locations.


Willow does not have a proper website for communication, but it has a landing page. The brand’s landing page tells the audience about the application, its terms and conditions, an option to connect with the support team, and a link to download it.

Smartphone Application

The smartphone application of Willow can be easily found on the App Store. Once you enter the software’s home screen, you will see a variety of options present. On the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you will see a “plus” sign. You can click on this sign to ask a question or initiate a conversation. On the opposite end of the screen, you will find the “Settings” option, where you can control the different settings of the same.

The bottom bar of the screen consists of five different icons. The first icon represents “Home,” which will direct you to the application’s home screen. The second icon consists of “arrows,” pointing in the opposite direction, which helps you track down the chat history. The third one is in the form of a “magnifying glass,” which allows you to search users. The second last one is a bubble in which you can track down questions you have asked, and the last is the option to your profile.

The application can be easily downloaded from App Store or iTunes.

Layout and Convenience

Layout and Convenience

This Willow review will now speak on the design and the user-friendliness of the app. Micheal Bruch, the application owner, believes that communication is the key to any successful relationship. In a world where other dating applications match users using their physical appearances, Willow allows users to interact using your sensibility and personality traits.

Hence, the design of the software was kept simple and intuitive. You can get registered on the website through an unchallenging process. You need to have a Facebook account or a working mobile number. You can connect with other site members by answering a set of questions that they have asked.

Ease of Use

Navigating through Willow is an undemanding process. Every icon is placed precisely in a place where the user can find it easy to track. Moreover, the home screen of the software has all the options which you will require. You can select the set of questions using the “Local,” “Global,” and “Popular” tabs. You can ask a new query using the plus sign available on the upper-right corner of the screen. You can keep track of your past conversations and a list of questions that you have asked. The application also allows you to customize the notification of the same. You can select the time when you want to receive the information.

Willow subscription types and price

Willow subscription types and price

This Willow review will now guide you on the pricing and subscription of the application. The software was designed with the sole aim to provide a better dating platform for the audience. The maker of the software wanted to enhance users’ online dating experience and break the stereotype. It is why Willow prefers personality over appearance.

Micheal thought of making it available for a vast audience; the application does not have any paid membership. You can register yourself for free and access all the features of the app.

Features of Free and VIP Membership

The software has a single free version for all users. It does not support or advertise any kind of paid membership from its customers. As a member of the app, you can ask and answer different people across the globe. The questions you ask and the answer you give should belong to a particular train matching your personality. This way, you can find a person matching your inner self and not pleased by your outer existence.

Payment Options

Willow does not support any kind of membership. Every user who gets registered on the site can enjoy the features of the software free of cost. That’s why it stands out from most of the other applications there in the market.

Steps to Pay

As the platform does not demand any payment from its members, you can enjoy every attribute for free. You can find yourself a partner based on geographic location, interest, age, and schools. You can also see which questions are trending and then create your questions on the same niche to trend in the popular section.

How Safe are the members?

How Safe are the members?

If you want to get registered on Willow, you need to either provide a working contact number or your authentic Facebook profile. All users who get themselves registered by giving a contact number have to authenticate the same verification code. Hence, nearly ninety-eight percent of the user base of the platform is genuine.

As the website does not support or encourages users to upload a profile picture, one can not misuse anyone’s photos for their vengeance. Also, the “Photo Gallery” section of any member can only be viewed if connected with that person. Also, the team is stringent regarding their terms and conditions. Any member who is found violating the same are banned from using the services of the application. On the contrary, the support team is not responsible for any kind of violation or malfunction that occurred through a third party.

Fake Profiles

The team at Willow works tirelessly to ensure that genuine users do not have to bear fake profiles. Moreover, as the app matches the individuals using their sensibility and intelligence, there are nearly negligible counterfeit profiles. You can have genuine conversations with people having similar interests. Moreover, the members are hunting for real long-term relationships.

Exclusive Attributes

Exclusive Attributes

It is time to discuss the exclusive attributes which this software imparts. Here, the Willow review will inform you of the features of the platform.

  1. You can contact people across the globe using the “Global,” “Popular,” and “Local” tabs.
  2. The application has an easy to use interface and is intuitive.
  3. Willow allows its member to search using its discover feature.
  4. You can sort your match using your personality traits, thereby connecting with people with similar tastes and interests.



Willow, when compared to other dating applications, has a standout concept. The connections on this software are purely made through energetic and engaging conversations. A true definition of a soulmate is a person who understands your soul and not only physical existence. The application’s founding idea was to match people based on their characters, traits, and personalities over physical appearance. This platform, therefore, connects you with real people who share the same interests and opinions. Hence, the connection you made on this platform is truly genuine and pure by heart. This Willow review has outlined a detailed analysis of the software. It’s upon you to decide if you want to find a perfect partner or not.

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