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Christian Cafe Review 2021

Christian Cafe Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 36%
Reply rate 81%
Beauty 88%
Popular age 25-40
Profiles 2.250.360
About Site
Visit rate 9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Dating platform exclusively for Christian people.
  • Availability of a 7-day trial version.
  • Diverse options for meeting new people.
  • Availability of a mobile application for iOS and Android devices.
  • Relatively high premium membership prices.
  • Lengthy registration process.
  • No profile verification procedure.

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Introduction to Christian Cafe as the Best Christian Dating Platform

Introduction to Christian Cafe as the Best Christian Dating Platform

This Christian Cafe review aims to introduce Christian Cafe – an online dating site that connects Christian singles worldwide and allows them to find their significant other. The website has become the favorite of single Christians for two reasons. First of all, it targets only religious men and women. And secondly, the platform is owned by Christians who share the same beliefs and values as all users. Twenty-five thousand successful marriages and over 3 thousand testimonials published on the website are the best witnesses that the site serves its purpose. Having been launched in 1999, Christian Cafe has earned the trust of 2 million registered users worldwide and continues to offer a large diversity of features. These features and the website’s functionality will be discussed in subsequent parts of this Christian Cafe review.

Is Christian Cafe a Legitimate Website?

The Christian Cafe website meets all the criteria of a legitimate platform. The website is owned and operated by RealCafes.com Inc., registered in Mount Albert, ON, Canada. The Privacy page clearly states what information RealCafes.com connects, how it is used, what security procedures they apply, etc. If you require detailed information, you may contact the Christian Cafe team at privacy@christiancafe.com.

General Overview of the Platform’s Member Structure

General Overview of the Platform’s Member Structure

Since its launch in 1999, the member base of Christian Cafe has been growing, and currently, it has over 2 million registered users. Though the website welcomes people worldwide, the platform is predominantly prevalent in the United States. The traffic analysis shows that almost half of the users are residents of the USA.

The gender proportion of the Christian Cafe member base is homogeneous – 50% men and 50% women. Concerning their age distribution, a significant part of users – 60%, belongs to the 25-34 and 35-44 age categories.

As for users’ status, 100% of the Christian Cafe member base comprises singles, divorced, or widowed Christians. Many of them have joined the platform intending to find a marriage partner, but some users are interested in support and friendships. Connecting member for causal encounters or posting inappropriate pictures is strictly prohibited. Members that don’t comply with Christian Cafe user guidelines are removed from the community.

What Sexual Orientations are Welcomed on the Site?

It has already been mentioned in this Christian Cafe review that the website targets only religious people. Hence, it welcomes only straight men and women. Unfortunately, the LGBTQ representatives cannot register on the website.

What Age Categories Do Members Belong to?

The Christian Cafe dating platform has over 2 million active users that can be categorized into five age groups:

  • The percentage of young members aged between 18-24 years is relatively low – only 10% where the share of males and females is equal.
  • The 25-34 age group makes 30% of the two-million-user member base.
  • The 35-44 age category has the same amount of users as the previous age group – 30%.
  • The number of people belonging to the 45-54 age range decreases to 20%.
  • The last age category includes users over 55 years old. They make only 10% of the member base.

Detailed Description of the Sign-Up Process

Detailed Description of the Sign-Up Process

Registration on the Christian Cafe website is straightforward, but it may take quite some time because of the abundance of fields that need filling in. So, go to www.christiancafe.com and click the green “Sign up for a Free Trial.” You will be asked to provide your username and email address to confirm. Next, enter your country, city and postal code, gender, and date of birth.

Moving ahead, you will be asked to provide additional personal information: general info – marital status and race; appearance – height, body type, hair color; faith – denomination, church involvement. The “Children” section includes fields regarding the availability of children and the willingness to have. There are also “Schooling & Employment” and “Lifestyle” sections for inserting information about your education, salary, drinking, and smoking habits. Filling in all the fields is mandatory; otherwise, Christian Cafe will reject your registration.

After completing the previous steps, the website will auto-generate a username and password for you. From this page, you can either continue providing all the requested information or access your profile by clicking the “I’ll Complete My Profile Later” button. Next, you will be asked to provide a page picture, but you can skip that step and upload it at a more convenient time.

How to Complete the Profile with Additional Information?

How to Complete the Profile with Additional Information?

After completing all the steps described in the previous paragraph of this Christian Cafe review, you should start completing your profile before contacting anyone.

First of all, Christian Cafe recommends adding at least three pictures – a main photo and two additional ones. Website administrators review users’ photos to make sure that they comply with Christian Cafe photo guidelines. According to them, users’ pictures shouldn’t be blurry or show excessive skin like the ones with bikini; otherwise, the administration has the right to remove them.

Suppose during the registration you have skipped the step of completing your profile. In that case, you can do it now by clicking the “Profile” tab on the Christian Cafe navigation bar and selecting “Edit Profile” among the options. Scroll the page down, and you’ll notice several fields. Here you should describe the type of relationship you are interested in, your personality traits, your Christian faith, the perfect setting for the first date, favorite activities, etc. Filling these fields is a lengthy process. But once you provide comprehensive information about yourself, you are ready to browse potential matches and start communication.

Finding Potential Partners and Making Contact

For contacting someone, you should know where and how to find them. Christian Cafe offers several functions that may help you identify compatible candidates. By clicking the “Search” tab located on the upper part of the website, you’ll see several options. On the “Search” page, you can edit search criteria and apply the filters you want. The “Quickmatch” feature is the leading matchmaking feature where the Christian Cafe algorithm lists all the compatible partners. Here you can see their username, gender, age, country, as well as the match percentage. The higher the percentage is, the higher your compatibility is. Besides these two options, you can also contact new members or search users by their birthday and username.

Once you have conducted your search by any of the options mentioned in this Christian Cafe review, it’s time to contact them directly. For doing that, visit the user’s profile, click the “Send Mail” green button, enter your message and send it. If you prefer indirect interaction, add the user to your favorites or send a wink.

Options of Accessing the Platform

Christian Cafe connects over 2 million users worldwide and cares about the quality of its services/features. The platform has a fully functional web version accessible from laptops and personal computers via a browser. Besides the web version, the site is also optimized for mobile devices, and users can access their accounts via browsers without any difficulty. However, those that appreciate comfort can download mobile applications compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Web Version: Accessing the Platform from PC

It was mentioned in the previous paragraph of this Christian Cafe review that the platform is available in three versions – a website, a mobile site, and a mobile app. The Christian Cafe website –www.christiancafe.com, is the fully functional version that contains all the features and functions of the platform. It can be accessed from any browser of your PC or laptop.

Mobile App: Accessing the Platform via Mobile Device

Christian Cafe has both a mobile application and a mobile site. The site is well optimized for all mobile devices and can be accessed via any browser.

As mentioned in this Christian Cafe review, the mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It was released on the Google Play Market in January 2019 and has been downloaded over 50 thousand times. The iOS version became available for users earlier – in 2018. It can be downloaded free of charge unless users’ device has iOS 8.0 or later versions.

Unlike the Christian Cafe website, the application has fewer features; for example, the “Forum” and “Prayer” features are missing. Unlike the website, the app allows receiving push notifications when you receive an email.

Design and Color Solutions of the Website

Some people find that the Christian Cafe website’s design is outdated because it doesn’t have modern effects, design, and color solutions. However, others find it simple and elegant that caters to users of all ages.

The website design is based on four primary colors- white, black, green, and brown. The background is white, which makes the black text easily legible. Essential parts, including the navigation bar, are highlighted in brown. And finally, some icons and buttons like sending a mail or saving profile changes are green.

Straightforward Navigation for Users of All Ages

Straightforward Navigation for Users of All Ages

Developers of the Christian Cafe platform have put much stress on user experience and user interface. They have made sure that the platform’s navigation is pretty straightforward for users of all ages.

The navigation bar is located at the top of the page. It contains several tabs – Online, Search, Mailbox, Profile, Community, Membership, and Help. Some of these tabs contain dropdown menus with several options. If you want to see all online members, you should click the “Online” tab and choose “All Online”. There are also other options like online males, females, and people in your region. The dropdown menu of “Search” contains options like “Quickmatch,” “New Members”, “By Username”, etc. By clicking the “Community” tab, you can choose to go to “Forums,” “Prayers,” “Blog,” etc. “Mailbox” and “Membership” tabs don’t contain dropdown menus. If you have troubles with any feature, you should click “Help”, choose the corresponding section and read support articles there.

Christian Cafe Premium Membership Types and Prices

Christian Cafe Premium Membership Types and Prices

Christian Cafe offers two types of memberships – free and paid. After creating an account on the website, you receive a free 7-day trial that includes all the features, including premium ones. When the trial period is over, your account expires, which means that most features get blocked, and you should purchase a subscription plan to unblock them. Overall, Christian Cafe offers four subscription plans:

  • The one-month membership costs 34.97USD.
  • Subscription to the three-month plan costs 49.95USD.
  • For purchasing the six-month plan, users should pay 79.94USD.
  • The one-year membership’s price is 99.85USD.

Features Available for Paid and Free Accounts

It has previously been mentioned in this Christian Cafe review that the platform offers two types of services – free and paid. After the expiry of the free trial, most functions get blocked. Only the following free features stay available:

  • As a free member, you can search by applying filters.
  • You can participate in forums and group discussions.
  • You have the right to access the “Prayer” section and post prayers there.
  • If someone is interesting to you, add them to the list of your favorites to save their profile and contact them after the account upgrade.

Once you decide to purchase a Christian Cafe premium membership, all features become accessible for you. On top of all the features listed above, you can also use the following functions:

  • The most desirable function – messaging is available for premium users, and during the trial period.
  • Sending winks is also the advantage of only subscription owners.
  • Premium users can see whether the receiver has read their email.
  • Paid members can exchange contact information, unlike free users for whom the contact info of other members is hidden.

Step by Step Instructions for Payment

To pay for a membership plan, click the “Membership” tab on the navigation bar. On the opened page, you’ll see all four subscription plans of Christian Cafe. Click the “Buy Now” button of the plan you want to acquire. On the “Upgrade” page, you’ll be notified that by paying only a little bit more money, you can acquire a membership for a more extended period. If you want to acquire the offered plan, click “Yes, I would like to take advantage of the savings” option. If you want to stick to the plan you have chosen, click “No, But thanks for asking” to proceed. The website automatically opens the page of paying via credit card. If you prefer other payment systems, click “Other payment options” link to view all options and choose the most suitable one. After selecting the payment system, enter the required information and confirm the payment. On the payment page, Christian Cafe will notify you that your credit card and PayPal account will be charged at the expiry of the current billing period until you decide to cancel the auto-renewal.

Payment Options Available on the Website

Christian Cafe offers a large diversity of payment options. For choosing the most suitable one, click the “Other payment options” link on the Upgrade page. Here you’ll see the following options:

  • Credit Card – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • PayPal
  • Check/Money Order
  • Moneygram
  • Western Union

In case of paying via credit card, you should enter your card and billing address details. While paying via PayPal, you should access your PayPal account and confirm the payment. Payment via check/money order is perhaps the slowest option, which may take over two weeks. After paying via Moneygram and Western Union, you should email the Christian Cafe team to apply the payment to your account.

Security Procedures Applied for Ensuring Safety

Security of users’ data is a number one priority for the Christian Cafe team. The website has been designed to provide a safe and secure platform for people who want to find their soul mates without worrying. The website has an SSL certificate that encodes users’ sensitive data like credit card information. The platform offers a diversity of safety features. Some of them will be introduced in this Christian Cafe review:

  • Private mailbox that allows communicating anonymously.
  • Hide location for safety purposes.
  • Apply mail block to the profiles that seem suspicious.
  • Report about fake profiles and spammers to protect yourself and other users.

Availability of Scam on the Platform

Christian Cafe claims to apply a filtering technology that scans the member base and discovers fake and fraudulent profiles. They are checked by the administration and banned or removed permanently. The platform regularly updates this technology to ensure that it works appropriately and cleans the platform from scammers.

However, regardless of the Christian Cafe team’s efforts, it’s essential to be careful. Protect yourself by keeping your password private and signing out of your account every time you don’t use it. Take your time to know the person before entrusting them with personal details. Meet in public places and always choose your vehicle to arrive at the place of meeting. For additional safety tips, check the “Safety” section of Christian Cafe.

Availability of Additional Features

Availability of Additional Features

In this Christian Cafe review, you can find a detailed description of several features, e.g., messaging and search. Besides them, Christian Cafe has the following additional functions:

  • In the “Forums” section, users can participate in discussions of exciting topics.
  • The “Prayer” feature allows posting prayers or verses from the Bible.
  • In the blog, the Christian Cafe team posts articles about Christianity.
  • On the “Dating 101” section, users can find dating advice.
  • The “Testimonial” page includes stories of couples that met on the platform and married.



Christian Cafe is a reliable and safe niche dating site designed for connecting single, divorced, or widowed Christians. The platform is marriage-centered, but users here can also make friends, look for support and advice. Those wanting to find their most compatible candidates can rely on the Christian Cafe algorithm’s suggestions, which also mention the percentage of compatibility. Overall, the platform offers a large diversity of features and tools to help users find their best match on the Christian Cafe dating platform.

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