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Dating4Disabled Review 2021

Dating4Disabled Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 5%
Reply rate 93%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 780,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Many users and high daily activity rate;
  • Helpful customer support;
  • Well-developed search options;
  • The site is available for any device (PC, laptop, iPad, phone).
  • Access to advanced communication features requires membership.

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What is Dating4Disabled?

Since 2005, Dating4Disabled has been one of the leaders on the market of niche dating websites for the disabled. It managed to win many users’ hearts and minds with a rich set of features and high-level standards. The platform serves as a safe space for singles with any type of disability to find love, friendship, have fun, and socialize. There is no doubt that people feel a lot of insecurities when it comes to dating online and are afraid they have a low level of Internet literacy. Dating4Disabled review looks into how the site functions and how user-friendly its services are. As it seems, the site is not limiting the userbase in age, so it should be suitable for any age category, whether it is a 60-year-old or 18-year-old person. Dating4Disabled review focuses on comparing the costs with the quality of services provided.

This site proved that a dating website for people with disabilities should not be any different from a regular one. All the features that standard platforms have combined in Dating4Disabled. You can find advanced filters for searches, blogs, and any other tools for interaction. It emphasizes the aim of the site, which is not helping people with romantic relationships only but to help them establish new friendships and communication circles. It is hard to find like-minded people who understand your life’s aches and pains and can talk to you with sympathy. The site is a place where people taste the joy of real, funny, and at times naughty conversations.

What is Dating4Disabled?

Is Dating4Disabled legit or scam?

Dating4Disabled has been on the market for about two decades. Within that period, the site managed to get all the permissions to work internationally, so its policies correspond to all the laws of countries it operates in. Apple and Android, acknowledge the site, and it is available in their licensed stores. So, there is no reason to think that Dating4Disabled is involved in any illegal activities.

What members on this site?

Dating4Disabled is based in the USA. So, most members come from the States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and the UK. It is well-advertised in the UK and got popularity quickly. Some other European countries are represented but scarcely (Italy, Germany, France).

Dating4Disabled What members on this site?

Sexual orientation

The site welcomes users, regardless of their sexual orientation. Sexuality is indicated on the stage of registration, and the site allows asexual dating, devotee, gay, lesbian options, and even ‘Rather not say.’ So, a fair share of users is keeping their sexuality private. From the available stats, the conclusion is that about 40 % of users are straight.

Age Distribution

Dating4Disabled requires you to be an adult (meaning 18+) to join the website. The biggest age category of users of both genders is 25 – 35 y.o. The other large age group is people of 45- 55 y.o.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

The views on the registration procedure vary. Some prefer the longer process where you fill in most of the information for the profile and save time doing it later. However, the marketing analysis of the sites states that the shorted registration procedure attracts more customers. With Dating4Disabled, the registration is designed in a way to get as much information from the user as possible to create a fulfilled profile. So, there are numerous questions about ethnicity, preferences, appearance, etc.

Dating4Disabled Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Profile creation

The overview of profiles on the site shows that about 60% of them are filled in quite well. It means they have at least three photos and a full ‘About me’ section. The users tend to take the profile seriously, so if you want to attract more attention to your persona, take care of the profile updates. On the other hand, you might have a blog where you share most of the info about yourself.


User interaction on Dating4Disabled happens via a couple of channels. First of all, these are private messages and emails. These are standard options that exist on every site.

The other tool for communication on the site is a blog. Every user can have a blog where they share personal experiences, art, interest, discuss hobbies, or anything of that kind. The blog gets the attention of users and finds like-minded people. Without actively looking for someone, you get matches. It is not necessarily someone who wants romantic relationships, and it can be a future friend.

As to the matching of the users, the site does not possess any specific or unique algorithm. The users have access to the search bar. For the premium members, the search bar offers more filters.

Platform for use

Dating4Disabled is a modest platform with good-quality functions. The site loads well, and it allows users to upload photos of various sizes. It also handles a high user activity well. In general, the platform is user-friendly, although it is not the most modern one.

Dating4Disabled Platform for use


The desktop version has a good amount of useful information. Since it is not solemnly a dating platform but closer to social media, it has all kinds of educational materials on the site and forum where users share their interests.

You can find the link to download the app in the store, depending on what OS you use. The app is as functional as the desktop version. It has notifications that are easier to see on the mobile device. To get notifications, you need to check your settings and let the app send them.

Design and Usability

The main functions of the site are interaction ones. The site does not give you a chance to video call. It is all based on texting or emailing. There is no outstanding matching algorithm or personality test. It is a simple but effective dating platform with a standard set of functions that come for a quite affordable price.

Dating4Disabled Design and Usability

First of all, the site has a welcoming bonus for the new users, and it is presented in the Dating4Disabled review of the sections. The guide on how to use the site for your benefits is located on the bottom menu. It has all the necessary information on how messaging works and provides links to users’ questions.

Dating4Disabled Costs and Prices

Dating4Disabled review of prices gives the platform status of affordable. The prices are average or medium. It is not an expensive source. The membership packages it offers can last from one to twelve months. The fees for each package vary and decrease in price with an extended duration. So, one month, for example, costs $14.95. Meanwhile, three months come for a price of $13.30 per month and in total $39.90. Note that the full amount is charged in one payment. Although people get confused by that fact, it actually saves you on commission. The six-month package comes for $11.65 ($69.90), and one year with Dating4Disabled costs $10 for a month or $120 in total.

Dating4Disabled Costs and Prices

There is a treat for everyone on the site. If you decide to opt for a free account, there will be a lot of restrictions. You will encounter the messages that you cannot open and users you cannot text. The free account is limited in communication with others. However, as a bonus, every month, the user gets one coin that can be spent on opening a message. It is not much, though.

Dating4Disabled review of paid membership packages shows a lot of privileges. In general, the premium users know no limits on the site. They can send and read the messages from any user and in any quantity. With that comes the access to viewing the list of people who visited your profile, liked it, or added to favorites, sending unlimited winks and flirts and posting in forums and blogs.

How to pay

When you select a membership package, you can set it to renew itself automatically. If you want to get a different package or cancel the existing one, you can address the support for help or do it via your profile. Also, note that the platform works internationally, and the default currency is the American dollar. If you pay with the other currency, count the conversion rate.

Dating4Disabled How to pay

Payment systems

Dating4Disabled review of payment options shows credit and debit cards or online payment via PayPal. In any case, the payment systems are secured, and Stripe authorizes the card payment. The site does not store or use your details for any other purposes. The payment is processed by PayPal or your bank institution. Hence you can address them for refund or any details if needed.

Safety & Security

Note that the site does not require much information to set up your profile. Hence, nothing more than an email is needed from you. Also, when you purchase the membership card details are required. Your payment is processed by the system you use, so refunds and other issues should be directed to them. If at any stage questions regarding the payment appear, you can address the support of the site, and they will direct you or give instructions on how to sort it.

You can contact the support to report a user, but do not expect the support to share any information about it. If you want to send in your complaint, the scam prevention team will look into it and terminate the account. However, no information about the user can be shared with others since the privacy policies protect everyone. In case the offense is serious, the site’s team will report it to the corresponding law enforcement bodies.

Dating4Disabled Safety & Security


Dating4Disabled review of safe online behaviors, tips, and recommendations are located in the bottom menu sections ‘Safety’ and ‘Privacy policy.’ Every user needs to understand the ways of approach that scammers have. As much as the site strives to verify and check every account, the scammer can pretend. They might come across as average users, create a profile, and display violent behaviors later.

It does not mean that you should avoid online dating completely. You can stay on the safe side by protecting your privacy. Use simple rules:

  • Never tell any user your billing information and address;
  • Never share your full name via the site and your ID;
  • Never share your social network accounts and contact details with others.

The site can protect your identity as long as you want it. If you decide to share all the information with the other user, they can potentially find you on other social networks. Dating4Disabled has a report button that hides your profile from the user, but if you shared your name and surname, you could potentially see them on Facebook or any other platform.

Special Features

  • Forum. It is very similar to a large chat room with an unlimited number of members. Forums have all types of conversations you can think about, and every user is free to start a new one. With the use of a nickname, you can stay private when expressing your opinions. All opinions are welcome, even if they are unpopular.
  • Blog. It is a space for you to let it all out. Your blog will have more followers if you remain honest and sincere. In general, your blog might contain anything, like your poetry, novels, or any type of art you want to share.
  • Guide for new members. A valuable piece of writing is a manual for the newly joined members. To be fair, the site is densely filled with information. There are a lot of sections and features. To find out how to use them and benefit from each feature, the guide was written. It contains an explanation of how the chatting functions work and reference to some frequently asked questions.

Dating4Disabled Special Features


Dating4Disabled review identified a set of features that stand out compared to the competitors. Among the main privileges of the platform is a universal purpose. Unlike other sites, it does not restrict people to only romantic conversations and intimacy. Its purpose is to establish the bridges of communication. With the blog and multiple messaging tools, the users can interact and share their thoughts on various intellectual topics. It is a platform where you can have a serious conversation about the recent political events and discuss your ideal perfect date. Whether you feel naughty or sad, the site knows how to entertain you.

One of the hardest things to acquire is a membership base. At times, the service is cool, but for some reason, it is not well-advertised, and users just do not know about it. It is not the case with Dating4Disabled. The users keep coming to the site. Besides, there is a fair share of people who registered long ago when the site was launched and remain loyal nowadays. When you get used to the site, it replaces the social networks since it has a lot in common. It becomes a platform you check every day for updates from users and new posts or messages from your crush. Dating4Disabled can become your wingman in a second.

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