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FDating Review 2020

FDating Review 2020
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 77%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 20-28
Profiles 1 700 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is free to register and use all the features.
  • The site has a diverse user base.
  • The user interface is friendly and easy to navigate.
  • The platform does not have harsh rules.
  • The registration process is straightforward.
  • The site's matching algorithm is accurate.
  • The platform has several fake profiles.
  • The website does not have a corresponding mobile app.

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What is FDating?

FDating.com is a free dating platform. You can create an account, fill your profile, and send and receive messages for free. The proprietors established the site in 2009. Currently, they have a substantial international membership, which continues to grow daily. On FDating, free does not have a catch. Unlike other dating sites, FDating does not reserve special features for premium members. The site offers all its services at no cost. When you browse through any FDating review by current and former users, they all confirm that they used the services for free. If you are looking for an international partner, mainly from Eastern Europe, to start a family with, this site will serve you well. The diversity of the membership ensures that there is something for everyone regardless of their age, location, interests, or personalities. In this FDating review, you’ll learn the essential features of the site: how to sign up and create a profile, its usability, and its primary functionalities. At the end of the review, you will be equipped with enough information to make a clued-up choice.

What is FDating?

Is FDating legit or scam?

FDating is a genuine dating platform. The site administrators have put in place measures to ensure the site remains trustworthy. For instance, they have a section of their staff dedicated to handling fraud and probable scams.

When you create an account, your profile is not posted automatically. The anti-fraud team verifies the information you provide. Using their own means, they’ll check whether your marital status and parenting details are accurate. They deal with any suspicious profiles mercilessly.

However, being a free dating site, FDating has a few reported scammers. As you look for your perfect match, kindly proceed with caution. There is a likelihood of encountering a scammer on the site.

Another sign that the site is real is the nature of the user profiles. When you browse the profiles, you’ll notice that they belong to women and men from diverse backgrounds with diverse physical attributes. One sign that a site is a fraud is profiles of supermodels only.

What members on this site

On FDating, you’ll encounter users from all over the world. But most of the women are from Ukraine and Russia. The site is a platform for people from Eastern Europe looking for long-term monogamous relationships.

All users are single and are interested in finding someone they can start a family with. If you conduct a small study on Ukrainian and Russian women, you’ll discover that they delight in the conventional roles of men and women in relationships. If you are from a similar school of thought, you’ll have a splendid time on FDating.

Sexual orientation

Most of the members of FDating are heterosexual. When you browse through the profiles, you’ll hardly see a user belonging to the LGBTQ community. A quick look at any FDating review online will reveal that all the success stories are from straight people.

Age Distribution

FDating has users from all age groups. On the site, you’ll find people from 18 years to 55 plus years. Most of the members are mature men and women who are looking for serious life partners. Your age will not limit you on the platform; there is something for everyone.

Age Distribution

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Creating an account on FDating is clear-cut; you will not use over five minutes of your time. To register, you must be 18 years and above. Provide the following information to complete the registration process:

  • Provide your gender.
  • Select your country.
  • Create a username for FDating.com.
  • Provide a valid email address.
  • Consent to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

Profile creation

Being a platform that connects people for long-term relationships, FDating users’ profiles are detailed. On any dating website, user profiles are essential. To increase your chances of finding a mate on the platform, fill your profile details appropriately.

You’ll provide the following details:

  • State your name.
  • Provide your location country, state/region, and city.
  • State your marital status.
  • Provide your date of birth and zodiac sign.
  • Provide your physical attributes like hair and eye color, height, and weight.
  • State whether you have any children.
  • Describe your lifestyle – state whether you drink and/or smoke.
  • State the languages you speak.
  • Upload a profile picture.

The site does not condone pornographic photos. To avoid termination of your account, use decent pictures on your profile. The images you upload should contain your smiling face, and you should be alone.

Be as truthful as you can when filling your profile. For example, don’t state that you can speak several languages while you only know one. If the anti-fraud ever detects your lie, your account will be terminated. Furthermore, if you are expecting to form a long-term relationship with someone, it is good to be upfront with them.

You should also ensure that your profile is complete. One common thing about all the success stories on any FDating review is a full profile. When you fill your details completely, you give the matching algorithms enough parameters to get you the most accurate matches. You’ll get your perfect match within a brief time.

Profile creation


Once your profile is ready, it’s time to search through the user base to find your perfect match. Using the details you put on your profile, the platform provides you with daily matches. As you browse through the regular matches, you have several options you can use to reach out to someone you like.

When you encounter someone you like, you can send them a private message. If the users are online, you can chat with them using the instant messaging feature. The site also allows you to use video messaging if that is your preference.

You can also show another user your interest in them by adding them to your favorites list. FDating will notify the user that another user has added them to their favorites list.

As you communicate with your matches on the platform, ensure you are kind. You should also avoid sounding very desperate as you might scare away potential matches. To avoid being blocked or reported by other users, you should not use abusive language even when you disagree with someone.

Platform for use

This free dating site can only be accessed via a desktop version website. This access limitation has led to many complaints by users on reviews lamenting the lack of a mobile platform. The current generation of users is more mobile-oriented regardless of their age.


You can only access the site via your desktop. The desktop version of the website is old-school making it easy for older users to interact with. The user interface is simple, and as you’ll find out in the next sections, it is usable and comfortable to navigate.

FDating does not have a mobile application disregarding the current trends in dating platforms. FDating reviews show that more users prefer a mobile platform to a desktop platform because of portability issues. Most people prefer a service they can access from their smartphones the way they access other services.


Design and Usability

The website design is simple and old school. It does not incorporate the modern flashy graphics and functionalities. The designers decided to keep things simple but functional.

The site developer did not try to reinvent the wheel. They went for a conventional design that does not require users a lot of time to learn. They use terms, icons, and structure that is similar to other sites. Therefore, a user can quickly locate a feature they are interested in.

The website has modal integrity. The interface for the different features is appropriate for the feature’s tasks. For example, when using the search feature, the search page displays potential matches with conveniently placed filtering options.

You’ll also enjoy the simplicity with which the elements are presented. The design of the pages and features is uncomplicated, making it easy for people of all ages to use them effortlessly. The site is also translated into several languages making available to non-English speaking users.

Users on any FDating review online rate the usability of the site at 8 out of 10. This rating shows that users are satisfied with the overall design of the platform.

Because of the straightforward design, the site is easy to navigate. On the platform, you’ll find a primary menu that grants you access to the site’s main features. This design makes it easy for users to quickly access these elements without following a sequential route.

You’ll also find footer at the bottom of each page containing links to individual sections on the site. On each page of the site, there is a sidebar containing quick links also. These quick links ensure that users can access specific sections quickly.

The site also makes it easy for users to navigate through profiles. First, it provides you with daily potential matches. Then, it gives you the ability to use specific parameters to refine your matches.

Navigation Site

FDating Costs and Prices

FDating offers all its services for free. All you need to do is create a valid account, and they will grant you access to all the facilities. It is not like other sites that promise users free services with a hidden catch. On this site, free means free!

When you scan through an FDating review by a real user, it reveals that none was asked to pay for any service. Despite the challenges that come with free dating sites, the platform has adopted measures to mitigate these challenges. As a result, the platform meets its objectives.

All services on the site are free. When your profile is approved:

  • You can send and receive messages.
  • You’re allowed to add users to your favorites.
  • ou can also add users to your blacklist.
  • You can report abusive users.
  • You can search and filter your searches.
  • You can also chat live with other users.

How to pay

Since all the services offered are free, you’ll not require a payment method.

Payment systems

All the accounts on the platform are free. You’ll not need to cancel any subscription or pay any money.

Payment systems

FDating Safety & Security

You can rest assured that FDating is safe. When you register an account, the site admins manually review each new picture and profile to ensure that they are appropriate and complete. This verification process assures you that when you find a match, it is a real person.

The FDating site has an anti-fraud team that works round the clock to watch for prohibited activities. When they encounter fake or abusive profiles, they immediately terminate them. The platform also gives users the ability to control their security. For instance, when you come across someone you suspect to be a scam, you can either report or block them.

When you report a user to the site admins, they’ll take appropriate action to ensure that your concerns are addressed. On the other hand, when you block someone, you’ll cut communication with them.

All users of online dating platforms should be in charge of their security. Since FDating is a free dating platform, your guard should be up. Proceed with caution as you interact with other users. Above all, always listen to your guts.


The platform has a team committed to detecting and eliminating fraudulent profiles and probable fraud. For example, the team checks your relationship status and parenthood status, whether it’s true or false.

Despite these measures, users should consider the fact that FDating is a free dating website. As a result, few scammers will evade the verification system. You should not let your guard down just because the anti-fraud team verifies profiles.

When you browse through an FDating review, you’ll find users claiming they encountered scammers on the site. You should read such reviews to understand the ways of the scammers to avoid them.


Special Features

All the features on the platform are free. To access them, the anti-fraud team must approve your profile.

  • Search – the search feature allows you to search for potential matches from the vast user base. To refine your search, you should use the site’s filtering parameters like age, country, and physical attributes, among others.
  • Real-Time chat – you can communicate with other users on the platform one-on-one using the chatting feature. The site allows you to search for online users with whom you can chat.
  • Video chats – you can also initiate video chats with members that interest you.
  • Daily matches – the site provides you regular matches based on the details you provided. When you fill your profile, you must provide information on the attributes your ideal partner should have. The site’s matching algorithm uses these details to get you matches daily.
  • User support – when you encounter problems on the site, a support team is available to help. The support team can help you with navigation issues if you have any or whenever you have problems with other users.
  • Profile verification – before the site posts your profile, it is verified. The verification process flushes out fake profiles and scammers to ensure site security.


FDating is a free dating site in which the word free has no hidden catch. You can access all the features on the platform without paying a single coin. If you read a random FDating review by real users online, you’ll confirm this.

The site offers excellent features despite having free membership only. Users on the platform can communicate with others using modern communicating tools. For instance, you’ll enjoy video chats and live one-on-one conversations. You don’t have to worry about missing out on some features.

You’ll also love the security measures taken by the site. The site admins have a dedicated team that verifies profiles and scans user activity for any impropriety. When they find unbecoming behavior, they deal with it ruthlessly. However, this does not mean that you may be careless. All rules of safety on online dating sites apply here, beware!

If you are interested in long-term relationships that could lead to marriage, especially with Eastern European women, consider FDating. Also, if you subscribe to the traditional model of relationships, you’ll love the Russian and Ukrainian women.

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