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FitnessSingles Review 2021

FitnessSingles Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 96%
Popular age 25-45
Beauty 88%
Profiles 26 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The very first thing you'll notice is the registration process on this dating platform is free. It is free for all users worldwide. Getting started is easy and free.
  • The FitnessSingles is specially designed for fitness enthusiasts to meet other fitness lovers out there.
  • Here on this platform, you'll find all the young fitness singles who are looking for people to get together with.
  • The user interface is so simple yet so attractive.
  • All the users are verified through email and phone verification processes.
  • The platform is designed for like-minded people and encourages them to engage in meaningful conversation.
  • Almost every payment method is accepted on this platform to buy the full version, unlike other dating websites.
  • It is mainly designed for fitness enthusiasts, so most of the people you'll find here are from the fitness industry only.
  • The registration process is quite long, though they ask questions to get some information and find you the right match. But still, it's quite a time taking.
  • Website frequently crashes after the last update.

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What Is FitnessSingles: A Unique Dating Platform?

FitnessSingles is an online dating website that will save you from endless and pointless scrolling and help you find your dream fitness partner who may turn into your soulmate. This FitnessSingles review will give you an insight into the dating app that is specially crafted for fitness enthusiasts, unlike other cliche dating websites. In our survey, many users complained about different dating websites’ inability to find real matches and authentic users. Many reported the issue about privacy too. While designing this fitness dating platform, developers paid attention to all those things that users complain about. They spent a lot of attention to the security and privacy of the user. The platform helps you find your fitness date in a fun and creative way. You’ll meet all the fitness enthusiasts, fitness freaks, and exercise friends at this one place irrespective of any age, gender, or location. In this well explained FitnessSingles review, you’ll come across many extraordinary features and how this dating platform is way better than any other dating website in the market.

Is FitnessSingles a Legitimate Website to Use?

Is FitnessSingles a Legitimate Website to Use?

Yes, FitnessSingles is legit. Here in this detailed FitnessSingles review, you’ll get enough reasons to trust this dating platform. The website has a column of success stories that will blow your mind; thousands of thousands of users find their fitness friends and lovers on this website. The FitnessSingles gives you a recommendation based on your information and helps you to find like-minded and relatable people only. The complete system is based on artificial intelligence and modern computer languages, which works like a charm for finding the most appropriate fitness date.

What Kind of Members Are Present on This Site?

People from all around the world use FitnessSingles to find the right date for them.

In 2019 the website recorded 5 million users from Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. Most of them are into fitness, not only into the gym or exercise routines but also in hundreds of different activities like hiking, bowling, and many other sports.

Most of the users on this platform are from a fitness background. You can connect with them to share an enormous amount of knowledge, and maybe that genuine conversation takes things further to a fitness date and then a serious relationship.

Is There Any Sexual Orientation Barriers in the Site?

The FitnessSingles is not one of those double-standard websites. The platform doesn’t favor any sexual orientation. It is open to all users, irrespective of their sexual orientation.

You’ll get suggestions in the suggestion column according to your sexual preferences, which helps you find the right fitness partner for you. The platform promotes equality, so they don’t favor any user over another under any circumstances.

What Is the Age Distribution Pattern of This Platform?

FitnessSingles is designed for fitness enthusiasts, so most of the users are young on this platform. Most of the users are anywhere between 21-32 years of age, but surely, that doesn’t mean you can’t join if you are older than that. You can join at any age; there is no age to find love and improve your love life. You need to be a minimum age of 18 to be part of this fitness community; besides this, there is no age barrier.

Sign Up Process & Login Info About This Website

Sign Up Process & Login Info About This Website

New to this only dating thing? Here is the news of the day for you. The sign-up process on FitnessSingles is a cakewalk for anyone. It is effortless and easy to sign up here.

You can quickly complete your registration following these simple steps:

  1. The first is to fill in your information like your full name, country, job, and email address.
  2. Secondly, choose your unique username (unique because the platform will recognize you from that) and put a strong password. Make sure you memorize your password because you’ll need this information to log in to your account from any other device.
  3. In this step, upload your profile picture.
  4. The next step is to answer some questions to help other users know about you, like which fitness regime you are into, what kind of adventures you follow, your sexual preferences, etc. Make sure you are honest because honesty attracts everyone.
  5. In the last step, write a 1000 character bio about yourself, your fitness, etc. The platform will use this information to help you find the right partner. So be authentic and real.

Use your username and password to login to any device.

Profile Creation ㅡ How Long Does It Take?

Profile Creation ㅡ How Long Does It Take?

Profile creation is a crucial step in the registration process because it will help others know about you and vice versa. FitnessSingles platform created very thoughtful questions, which allows us to find insights about the personality.

Profile creation hardly takes 5-7 minutes. The more you’ll be spontaneous, the more it will spice up things.

Understand the platform works based on artificial intelligence, so the more accurate information you provide, the more precise and relatable suggestions will be there. Authenticity always wins in the end, so make sure you fill in authentic information; real attracts real.

Messaging and Talking to Fellow Members

Messaging is the tool that helps you communicate to potential dates, so FitnessSingles makes sure that it must be a fun and enjoyable experience. The chat section is designed very beautifully, and they gave so many new features, unlike other dating platforms. In the chat section, you can send gifs and media, which is very fun to use. Send your exercise videos to your loved ones.

Platform Via Which You Can Use It

Platform Via Which You Can Use It

FitnessSingles is available in both versions, a desktop website version, and a mobile version also. Unfortunately, the app isn’t available on both Google Play Store and iOS store.

Desktop Access to This Dating Website

Whether you are on Mac or Windows PC, you can access the platform’s desktop version from anywhere. Safari, Edge, and Chrome support the FitnessSingles platform. The desktop version is freely available and is ready to use always — the desktop version stores cookies for their purposes.

The downside of the desktop version is you have to log in every time you try to login to a different browser.

Can You Use This Dating Platform on Mobile

You can use the FitnessSingles application for free. Just download it from the play store or iOS store. The mobile app is quite handy than the desktop version these days; it is easy to carry in the mobile device. The desktop version and mobile version are a mirror image of each other; both operate in the same way and work efficiently.

You can set a notification alert on the mobile application but not on the desktop version. Notifications are one of the most helpful features when you are frequently communicating with those you liked.

Design and Usability of This Dating Platform

Design and Usability of This Dating Platform

Now, let us talk about the interaction between the platform and the user. Once you click on the FitnessSingles interface will blow your mind. The design is straightforward and easy to understand; the color combinations they use are eye-pleasing and create a calm ambiance. They use fitness-related icons and images to motivate fitness enthusiasts.

From the usability point of view, it is impressive, to be honest. Anyone new to the internet can get familiar with this platform in a day.

Imagine if you get your soulmate, fitness partner in your surroundings, and you can go for adventures together or try different exercises together, sounds unreal, right?

In this FitnessSingles review, you’ll get to know about all the amazing features here. The navigation feature is one of the best tools because it makes it easy for all users to find others using GPS. Inevitably, it increases the chances to find people near you and share the fitness regime with them. With this feature, everyone can meet and experience different things together.

FitnessSingles Costs and Prices Packages for Subscription

FitnessSingles Costs and Prices Packages for Subscription

The platform believes in giving value to all the users, and their motive is to help people fill their lives with love and romance. So, they provide a free registration offer to everyone who signs up. After signing in, you can access free features, and some of the features are paid, as quality always comes with a price tag. But still, the platform offers its premium services for meager prices in comparison to other dating websites.

The paid version of the FitnessSingles offers so many exciting features, which surely gives you an edge over the free users and helps you find your fitness date.

Like any other online dating platform, FitnessSingles gives free access to limited features on the platform, the free version is available to everyone and is useful in unique ways. But the paid version of the platform surely has the edge over the free version. It provides you with so many premium services that will help you form meaningful connections on the platform or even find the right matches.

The paid version is a lifesaver thing for beginners or even people who are eagerly looking for something serious.

How to Pay for a Premium Account on This App?

The platform is about bringing value to the customer and making all the processes easy for everyone. When it is about features, FitnessSingles brings essential elements to the table. When you are ready to buy the premium membership plan, you have to make payments frequently or according to your chosen program. To make the process smooth, the platform accepts almost every mode of payment like debit/credit card, PayPal, bitcoin, etc.

What Are Various Payment Systems for It?

Payment methods are straightforward and straightforward to use. Most of the time, transactions are error-free and platform guides at every single step, so payment made through various payment methods is disturbance-free.

Safety & Security Aspects of This Platform

Safety & Security Aspects of This Platform

The primary objective of the FitnessSingles platform is to help the fitness industry people to get close and form a meaningful relationship. It is not designed for any kind of scam or fraud, like other dating platforms. It is for singles who are seeking love in their life with people like them only. But still, under the platform guidelines, you need to be aware and careful of any kind of fraud. The platform provides features like report and block to make it easy for users to get rid of any spammer. Platform policies are stringent against underage users and people who have the wrong intent on the platform.

FitnessSingles takes care of all the activities on the platform; they eliminate frauds, scammers, and underage users regularly. They verify users from time to time to make the platform flaw-free and secure.

Is This Website Just Another Scam?

Now the platform is ruling the online dating world for ten years, serving millions of fitness lovers every day. Standing strong or even just surviving for that long period brings enormous trust and value to the table. The FitnessSingles platform is one of the most secure platforms out there; all user data is encrypted and kept safe.

They update and improve their platform in every aspect, especially the security and privacy sectors. All the accounts are verified automatically by the system itself to make sure the safety of all the users.

Special Features of This Website Making It Different From Others

You must be thinking about what is making this platform so special or how it is different from thousands of other online dating platforms. What are those features or services they offer that you should consider this website? So here are those special features which will blow your mind:

  1. Like-minded user base: One of the essential things is user base; what if you’ll get all the like-minded people and people from the same industry.
  2. Fitness dates: Imagine the date with a fitness lover; you’ll get to do exercises and follow your routine while sharing the protein shake with your partner. The fitness date is one of the features that makes this platform unique.
  3. Getting started is easy and free: Getting the easy sign-up process is impressive, but getting it for is cherry on the top. You can sign in for free, irrespective of gender, age, or location.
  4. Chat section: You can share anything in the chat section, like literally anything from gifs to links to videos.
  5. Customer care: Customer care is available 24*7 for premium membership users; you can contact the dedicated team anytime; they respond in 12 hours. You can shoot an email for free version users and get back to you in 48 hours.

Conclusion of This FitnessSingles Review Article

After going through the FitnessSingles review, you must have noticed the brilliant features and so pure intent to help people make their love life better. The platform tries to satisfy its users entirely, and they are very transparent about the processes they go through.

Overall, FitnessSingles is one of the most secure and genuine online dating websites. Anyone who is a real fitness lover and is single, wanting to start their love life and add some romance and flour in their life, must join this platform.

Your perfect match is waiting to hear from you, don’t wait. Just join the world’s largest fitness community of FitnessSingles.

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