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Gaydar Review 2021

Gaydar Review 2021
About Boys
Date with older guy 12%
Reply rate 70%
Beauty 75%
Popular age 18-25
Profiles 6 600 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • 1. It is one of the most established gay dating apps and has more than 20 years of experience.
  • 2. Free users enjoy the essential features of the app without incurring any extra cost.
  • 3. It believes that the customer is the king and strives to provide excellent customer service.
  • 4. Gaydar has an app version and a desktop version for maximum accessibility.
  • 5. It has a good user base of more than 6 million users spread across 140 countries.
  • 1. The app may look disturbing for its sexually explicit content.
  • 2. The app has photos with nudity, which affects the experience of a user negatively.
  • 3. The site is not meant for gay and male bisexuals who are looking for a serious long term relationship.

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About Gaydar

Gaydar is an online gay dating site exclusively for gay people and bisexual men. Gary Frisch and Henry Badenhorst started it with a very new and noble idea at that time. The platform was launched in 1999, which shows the platform’s progressive attitude as the 90s was not a good time for gay and bisexuals. This Gaydar review will cover everything about this site and bring before you the best and worst of this site. Gaydar serves those gay and male bisexuals who are looking for casual relationships. It is more for people who are looking for a fling rather than a long serious relationship. Since its start, it has now spread to 140 countries and has 6 million users under their name. Read the rest of this Gaydar review to know what this dating platform is all about.

About Gaydar

Is Gaydar Real or Fake?

This Gaydar review does not find the app to be a fraudulent site in any way. When the whole world was opposing the LGBTQ, the founders of this platform took the bold step of coming with an online space where gays and male bisexuals felt safe to interact. It only aims to develop a community exclusively for gays and bisexuals, where they find it easy to communicate with similar kinds of people. The app is free for download, and there is also a website version of Gaydar. However, you can enjoy additional benefits by paying to become a premium member. The app is committed to providing its members with a safe experience and excellent customer service. Everything about this app shows an honest intent, but the explicit images and content may look a little disturbing to many.

Member Composition

As mentioned before, Gaydar has more than 6 million users, which is quite impressive. The site is exclusive to gays and bisexual men. Most of the members on this platform are looking for casual flings and hookups. You will leave with a heavy heart if you are up for a serious relationship. Members have an option to blur their images if they are not comfortable showing their faces. The site also educates about how to practice safe sex to prevent STDs like HIV and AIDS. It is an excellent platform to know about gays and bisexual men. It works as a dating and informative app/site.

Sexual Preferences

You will find members spread across four sexual orientations- gay, bisexual, curious, and open-minded. The site and app act as an informative platform for curious and open-minded members. They get to know more about gays and bisexual men. It is a good way to create awareness about them.

Age Composition

Gaydar has a mix of young and old members. 30% of the members fall under the age category of 25-34. It is the age group with maximum members. It is followed by 28% in the age category of 35-44. The rest is distributed between age groups above and below these two age groups.

Registration Process

This section of the Gaydar review will provide light on how to sign up as a user of this app. You can sign up for this by either using the app or the desktop version. The process of signing up includes two simple steps. The first step is to upload a photo of you. The picture will be visible only after it gets rated. With this, the first step is complete. The second step involves providing some necessary details like your name, date of birth, profile name, password, and email address. To avoid spamming from the site in your home or work email ID, it is better to create a separate email ID. It is mandatory to verify your account to access all features that are available to a free user. With this, the second step is complete, and you can move ahead and find matches.

Registration Process

How To Create Your Profile?

After completing your sign up, you can set up your profile to get a more refined search result later. You can specify your sexual orientation out of the four given options. The app offers its users total control of what they want to display and hide in their profile. You can even blur your profile photo if you are not comfortable with making it public. You can provide your PlayStation ID and Xbox ID to play with other members. The app lets you decide if you want to make your HIV status public or not. All of this shows that Gaydar provides a lot of freedom to its users while setting up their profile.

Communication Methods

The app has a one-on-one messaging feature that lets the user talk in private with other users. There is no restriction as to sending and receiving messages. Gaydar does not limit free users from accessing the messaging service of the app. Another method to make conversation is to join chat groups, which are presently based on the location. The platform is very strict about proper conduct in chat rooms, and any kind of rude or foul language is not entertained. You can even send private messages to people in the chat rooms. There have been some complaints that a lot of time goes into loading the app’s chat facilities.


Now, this Gaydar review will look into the technical aspects of this platform. The smooth and efficient running of app and websites is an essential feature of any dating platform. The pleasing design and simple usability are also important aspects of the technical side. On the plus side, Gaydar has a website and an app that ensures maximum accessibility. Two options provide that the convenience of all potential members has been taken into account.


The website of Gaydar looks very impressive. Everything is well placed and well organized on the site, which makes it very convenient for the users. The primary color scheme of the website is blue. The text is written in white, which ensures that the text is visible to the users and does not put a strain on their eyes. The platform started with a website only at first, and the app was introduced later. However, the simple yet appealing doesn’t give away the fact that it is more than 20 years old. It means the website is continuously updated to fit the trends of that generation. You may notice some explicit content, which is the only negative about the site.

Mobile Application

Gaydar also has an app version. It is again a plus that the app is available to both Android and iOS users through Google Play and the App Store. The app is free for download, which allows many users to download the app free of cost. The app looks very aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes. All the features of the website have been translated well into the app. Most members tend to like the app for its design. However, even the usability of the app is effortless and straightforward. Even a beginner in smartphones can operate the app without any assistance.

Layout and Convenience

Both the app and website of Gaydar works well for most of the users. There is no doubt that both the version looks very appealing, and a lot of detailing and care has gone to get the right design for the website and the app. The design complements the app and website’s usability as everything is arranged correctly to avoid any confusion.

Layout and Convenience

Ease of Use

It is effortless to navigate through various aspects of the site or the app. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to operate the website or app. Everything about the app/site is minimum and straightforward to ensure maximum user experience. You won’t find any difficulty in working your way through the website or the app.

Gaydar subscription types and price

The premium members of the platform are known as Gaydar VIP members. You can become a VIP member for one month, three months, or 12 months. The cost varies for all three options, and the per month cost comes down as you increase the number of months of VIP membership. VIP membership for a month will cost you $7.99. The price increases to $16.98 for three months. You have to pay $45.96 if you want to be a VIP member for 12 months.

Months Cost per month Total cost
VIP Membership
1 Month $7.99 $7.99
3 Months $5.66 $16.98
12 Months $3.83 $45.96

Features of Free and VIP Membership

Gaydar lets its free users enjoy a considerable number of features for free. However, many features are still not unlocked until they pay to become a VIP member.

Free Membership

  1. Free members can register without paying anything.
  2. Free members can upload a photo as the profile picture.
  3. They can send winks to other users to show their interest in them.
  4. Members can use the one-on-one messaging facility without any restriction for free.
  5. Members can join chat rooms for free.
  6. You can make a list called ‘Favourites’ to keep a tab of users you like.

VIP Membership

  1. Premium members can see which profiles viewed their account.
  2. You can know who has added you to their ‘Favourites’ once you become a VIP member.
  3. You can upload up to 100 free pictures and 50 private photos.
  4. A VIP member can use many advanced search filters.
  5. You can view the profile of other users in incognito mode.

The VIP plans for this platform is very cheap compared to its peers. However, it does not provide enough incentive to its VIP users to give them their money’s worth.

Features of Free and VIP Membership

Payment Options

You can make payments through multiple methods. The membership gets automatically renewed at the end of a subscription period. You can cancel this subscription anytime you like. You can make payments for VIP membership in three ways:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Cheque

Steps to Pay

To pay for the VIP membership, the following steps have to be followed:

  1. Click on the thumbnail of your profile picture on the right side of the menu bar.
  2. Select the My Profile option. It will lead you to many sub-options.
  3. Click on the ‘Membership’ option.
  4. Select PAY ONCE to avoid auto-renewal or click on PAY MONTHLY to enable auto-renewal.
  5. It will be followed by selecting the payment method and finally making the payment for VIP membership.

How Safe are the members?

Gaydar is very serious about providing a safe and secure experience to its users. As far as the payment is concerned, they are made through secure encrypted channels, and you don’t need to worry about it. The app/site does not restrict the users and allows them to operate freely. The users have all the freedom to decide what to reveal and hide in their profile. It shows that it respects the privacy of its members. You can even blur your photo, and also the VIP members are allowed to see the photo. The chat rooms are a safe and secure platform. A lot of constructive discussion takes place in these rooms. Every member needs to use decent language in the chat rooms, and the ones who don’t follow this are chucked out of the room. You have the option of reporting members for inappropriate behavior. You can even block users you don’t like.

Fake Profiles

The members can use the features of the app/site without verifying their email ID. However, chat features cannot be unlocked without verification. So there is no doubt that it has got a considerable amount of fake profiles. However, these many numbers of fake profiles are found even in sites like Tinder. Gaydar has kept a very clean image over its more than 20 years, and members usually have good things to say. The number of fake profiles is small enough to let you enjoy the features of this platform at peace.

Fake Profiles

Exclusive Features

Gaydar has the following special features that keep it ahead of other platforms in the same niche market:

1.Cupid Search

It is the search system of the platform. There are several filters and preferences, which you can use to specify the kind of person you want to meet on a date. VIP members have additional filters that allow them to search with some more specific qualities.

2.Power Search and Area List

These two features enable users to see profiles that are near them. The power search allows users to use location as criteria to find users who are online and close to their location. The area list shows the gay members near your location in real-time. These features help you to connect with the local members.

3.Travel Plan

It is a feature where you can update your travel plans. Other users can use this to join you on your vacation. You can see the travel plans of other members and plan a trip with them.


It is a gay-friendly radio network of Gaydar. It allows gays and bisexuals to stream and uploads music. You can listen to the radio irrespective of whether you are a member or not if you have the key in their UK-based postcode.

5.My Guys

This feature has been introduced to make the platform a little bit more fun. This feature allows you to list people that you love and hate.



This Gaydar review makes it very clear that this platform is a great platform for gay and bisexual men. The app/site has an excellent customer service complimented with a safe and secure space to allow its members to interact freely and connect with others. It has loads of experience under its belt and is one of the ideal platforms for gay and bisexual men. It has an honest motive, and it can be witnessed in their service and features. This Gaydar review concludes that you should try this platform to find a match if you are gay or to gain information as a curious or open-minded person. Give Gaydar a pass in case you want something more than just flings and hookups.

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
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